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  1. The Cocktail Bar

    I love it: the "old Love and Fishes place". As if it lasted there longer than a toot in the wind.
  2. Chili cook off - is it free?

    My cleaning lady offered today that no way would she be attending. She has to think about food, clothes, and school money. All I did was ask her if she was going.
  3. Chili cook off - is it free?

    Okay, then let's start the discussion a different way, because going whole-hog gringo did not use to be the case. It has turned into something else from when I got here, and I don't like that, either. While my intent was not to take aim at that, so be it.
  4. Lawn Aerator Service?

    I have yet to meet a service or a guy here who knows anything about lawn care beyond water and ant powder. The general approach is to mow it with a weed-eater; failing that, if they are forced/have chosen to use a mower, give the lawn as close a cropping as you can without hitting dirt. This of course causes all kinds of problems, the least of which is sunburn, but then most grass here is Florida or Creeping or something else that just seems to "carry on".
  5. Whole house surge protector

    Yes, fairly typical. Check at WalMart first before going through the online ordering hassle, though.
  6. Chili cook off - is it free?

    Now, there seems to be some backlash that suggests I am against the cookoff itself or the causes it supports. I already stated earlier this is not the case. Let me reiterate that. My point is simply concerning how the price prevents many locals from coming. Locals with whom I have spoken. There also seems to be a sentiment that the higher price brings in more money for charities, which of course is true, but you can't justify simply raising prices to make money while ignoring your prospective audience. Because that kind of thinking leads to things like the skyrocketing prices of epi-pens.
  7. Whole house surge protector

    Sorry, should have said "circuit breaker"... here's one of many examples: https://www.amazon.com/Universal-Outlets-Power-Circuit-Breaker/dp/B00KWLNPB8 You can get them at WalMart, some with USB adapters built in; also at Steren, of course. As you go higher up the price range, they also include basic surge protection. These are a far cry from "whole house surge protectors", and cost a lot less. I started using power strips after blowing several very expensive "battery backup surge protector" units, the kind with a digital display up front. These units also include fuses, which can be impossible to replace, depending on what you initially buy. The power strips have no fuse, just a breaker switch.
  8. Whole house surge protector

    Never use them, never had a problem, and believe me when I say I have a LOT of electronics equipment. I use breaker-switch power bars, that's it.
  9. Yes, but it is more like 500 these days.
  10. IMSS "Expediter" - looking for one

  11. Mexican Opium Towns

    Not really. Poppy growth is now a huge industry with the cartels, to supplant the loss of cannabis sales, and getting bigger. Another reason to legalize drugs. Pot gets legal, cartels lose. Heroin gets legal, cartels lose. Unfortunately, I see them simply turning to other lucrative crimes anyway.
  12. Chili cook off - is it free?

    I agree. I wouldn't pay an hour's wage from what I earned back home to get into anything except Disney. Why should a lady who cleans houses for 50p/hour pay that much? HOW could she? Unfortunately, I can just see the reaction if they charged two prices: some of the "haves" would complain bitterly that they should get the lower price: discrimination, they would say. They already do in Guadalajara, where there is a lower entrance fee for some attractions if you are Mexican.
  13. Don't hear about it often, even back "home". It is suggested to take it to a business store like Office Depot, or put it in the green recyclable trash bin on garbage day. Here? now that's a good question.
  14. Problems with ceiling fan remote

    Ironically, remotes do not use household electricity. So any problem is going to be in the electronics of the fan. And when I say electronics, I mean motherboards and switches. Fans themselves, like any other device here, are subject to the whims of the CFEs ineptness. And the countless "electricians", who are really just handymen. On a positive note, I have never had a ceiling fan die here... just make noise as they got older.
  15. How much do I pay my Cleaning Lady?

    Someone on the other board preciously said they call their maid by her first name. Well, who doesn't. The question being asked is how do you refer to your maid. Certainly not as "My Maria"... ... Mike, not a prof but still at large.