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  1. advice for TV service

    If Telecable is not an option, is Sky the next best choice (forget Shaw for now)?
  2. Lobster Tail @ La Mision

    Food snobbery. I myself will eat only the finest hissing Madagascar cockroaches. I think Michael is to be commended for bringing in a lobster tail at a reasonable price (for lobster tails...).
  3. Garam Masala

    Yes, Casa Gourmet closed quite a while ago, unfortunately. Angie, you are trying to be funny, right? Garam Masala is a mostly sweet and low-key smelling spice, and is not used much at all in Indian cooking. MoreLiana, problem here is almost all those ingredients around here are expensive. And if you can't find them ground, you are going to be spending a long time at it.
  4. Garam Masala

    Got my bottle at SuperLake last year.
  5. Looking for Cheap Rentals

    Wow, Crazydog, good to know you're so happy here.
  6. advice for TV service

    Can someone clarify whether or not there are English language channels on Telecable anymore? Either SD or digital? Or is it only with SAP?
  7. I disagree. These are multi-billion dollar companies who scoff at settlements like this. They know perfectly well the issues, and the distrust, the user community has with their prices and products. So does HP. They need to be punished, and they need to be forbidden to do things like this. And I know that will never happen. "Check cartridge prices"? What good is that going to do? The market is a lock. Show your support by giving up on colour and getting a laser.
  8. Looking for Cheap Rentals

    One difference you may find here is a strong resistance to contracts in pesos. Landlords expect U.S. dollars; that way, they get more pesos quite often. I was lucky enough to get a place that agreed to pesos, otherwise over the last six years my rent here would have skyrocketed.
  9. I did hear that one printer company succumbed to a class-action suit... each of the registered defendants received $4 U.S. in reparations... no, not a typo. And recently, Epson was awarded a win against a class-action suit for some obnoxious technicality. Pipe dream: companies that give a crap.
  10. Bimbo Bollos Artesano

    Got them at WalMart, but I imagine Soriana and places that sell Bimbo... although it may be a "test" product.
  11. Superlake

    TOB is rife with rumours and innuendo. I am particularly intrigued with the claim that one brother got rich in the US and then came back here and set everyone up in the family...
  12. Bimbo Bollos Artesano

    For those looking to get a hamburger bun that doesn't disintegrate, we may be in luck. Bimbo has a new "line" of so-called artesenal breads, one of them being a six-pack of hamburger buns. They actually do have a different taste, but more importantly, I made a pretty sloppy melted cheese and juicy kielbasa sandwich with salad dressing and mayo... and the thing did not fall apart. Have not tried a wet, juicy burger yet, but I am now with hope.
  13. Superlake

    True. Sorry, modified my post. By the time I got through all the BS in this thread, even I was confused, and I did not mean to use the word "working". Pancho is a good friend of the owner of that place, so he could easily even have been behind the counter chatting. My point was that seeing someone at a business in no way is an indication of working there. Otherwise, I would be the manager at SuperLake myself. Some of the leaps of "logic" on this board are mighty hard to take.
  14. I posted about this last year. Shortly thereafter, due to numerous complaints, they pushed out a patch that disabled that blocker. Now they are doing it again, with a firmware update. So when you install a printer, make sure you look for the "Allow updates" and uncheck it. Should be able to find a similar setting in software that is already installed for HP printers, too. https://www.ghacks.net/2017/09/14/hp-pushes-third-party-ink-blocking-printer-firmware-update-again/
  15. Compensation

    Remember the old chestnut "Well, don't shout and wave it around, or everyone else will want one too!"