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  1. eSun Energy closed?

    I urge anyone reading this advertising ploy to think twice.
  2. eSun Energy closed?

    Advertising, plain and simple, and not allowed. You know better.
  3. Just curious is anybody has actually seen these cloths used for buffing silver, locally?
  4. TelMex and modems

    The story of TelMex just gets worse and worse. Now I have a customer who went in to the office last week to register that the Internet was out (I tested first with a spare modem, so we know it's not the modem). They perhaps took a report, and then told them to call Mexico City. It appears you have to forceful with these layabouts, because now they are ignoring Internet customers completely. Since I am willing to bet Internet contracts make up the bulk of their income, you'd think they'd focus on service just a little more than they are. Of course, I am also convinced it's just our office. Laziest SOBs I've ever met.
  5. New Pizza Place at 16 de Sept. and Donato Guerra in Ajijic

    That may be true, and I in fact do know of him and his cooking classes, but you can't assume that the same holds true for this board. This board holds only a picayune representation of the local community, and since some members have already posted they don't know him, that should be enough.
  6. Costco delivery

    Maybe a dumb question, but does US Prime automatically get you Mexican Prime?
  7. New Pizza Place at 16 de Sept. and Donato Guerra in Ajijic

    Perhaps not to you, but to this board. Maybe you've been to his cooking classes.
  8. Red crumbly garden rock

    Thanks. I will. So far I have found only red gravel at the place across from Food Container, but I haven't done a lot of looking.
  9. eSun Energy closed?

    I will PM you with the phone number for Nyah Walters, the main guy here. They are reorganizing and will announce the new situation soon. All installations and warranties are being honoured.
  10. Cannabis Tincture (Alternative medicine)

    Yes, fair enough. And learning how close you were to the suffering of someone else sheds a different light on your comments. So perhaps we can both offer insight from different angles.
  11. Cannabis Tincture (Alternative medicine)

    Disagreeing, not criticizing. Your words had the unfortunate affect of coming across as "sees all, knows all". And now you are assuming that those of us on this thread, and me in particular, know not of what we speak. Just because I don't belabour my posts with details does not mean I do not know, and it certainly does not mean I am describing a "one size fits all solution". As to the comment "If you don't like what I have to share, ignore it." That seems to me to be an overall dismissal of what I have to say, just because I disagree. That's tantamount to telling someone who doesn't like Chapala city hall to "then leave the country". In other words, it's okay for you to have an opinion, but not others. That approach won't win you any friends or influence any people.
  12. Cannabis Tincture (Alternative medicine)

    You are just over-complicating it for most people, as far as I'm concerned. A DNA variance test? That's even more worrying to the majority of people reading this thread than your reference to the "entourage" effect. None of us are actually stupid, I don't think. When it comes to medical marijuana, I'm pretty sure... yep, pretty, pretty, pretty sure... that they've done their homework.
  13. Cannabis Tincture (Alternative medicine)

    This is information that a: anybody can research if they care to, and b: won't matter a whit in the long run. You will buy your stuff at a dispensary or online, where the work is already done for you, and the uses laid out and explained to you, much like buying any other medicine. This is happening in my home town and many others right now. I can buy a vaporizer with, say, 100 hits of CBD, with ingredients listed on the refill package, in the right proportions of whichever strain or variation I choose.
  14. Cannabis Tincture (Alternative medicine)

    You'll find that CBD is the more widely-used medicinal variant of cannabis.
  15. Detect Credit Card Skimmer with free app.

    First let me say that computers, WiFi, and Bluetooth are my specialty, so I am more interested technically in this kind of information than probably most people. Second, and perhaps more importantly to quell your unhappy response... you DID notice the " tongue in cheek" icon in my statement, didn't you... .