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    And yet Cocinart charges nowhere near those prices and is doing just fine. And by your calculations, steak and shrimp would be astronimically out of range. I don't doubt your experience, but it is all up north, and really has no bearing on cost of living and wages here. BTW, using the word "horror" was unnecessary. Simply my opinion, not an earth-shattering statement.
  2. Ilox Subscription Update

    I have not tried these apps? Dozens, yes, and dozens of boxes. Have my own right here. But that makes me afraid of boxes, okay. Gee, and I forgot about Firesticks, Roku, Chromecast. Hey, thanks for reminding me. Oh, wait: have my own right here. I am denying customers? How? Are they not adults, perfectly capable of trying these things themselves? Since when did it become up to me? Why isn't it up to you? Once again you miss the point: I have said repeatedly these can all be great, and many people are using them. I am not stopping anybody. I'm just not going to charge them for a service, which will anger them when they discover its not perfect. I don't quite get your vitriol. And thanks, pappysmarket. One subject I didn't touch on is barcelonaman's own apparent consideration that the legality of it should not be part of the discussion.
  3. Ilox Subscription Update

    Then take it upon yourself, smart boy. Man, I guess the voice of experience isn't worth anything these days. So be it. Enjoy your hegemony. Just be aware that we all know you lost this one.
  4. had success with internet boosters?

    Ah, right, you are using cellular WiFi. So data caps are definitely in place on WiFi.
  5. Ilox Subscription Update

    You can write to Shaw yourself and they will tell you. Currently it behooves them to continue using Anik F1, where most English channels are located, for standard def. Why? Financial reasons, not the least of which being they want to use it until it dies. And since it works with their new 800 series boxes, they are in no rush. I'm not saying we won't lose channels. "Throughout 2017 and 2018, we will be converting channels from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4, without moving them between satellites. Therefore, you will not lose access to your current lineup if you have an older style satellite dish – only if you do not upgrade to an MPEG-4 compatible satellite receiver. In 2019, we will be performing additional network optimizations. At that time, standard definition MPEG-2 channels which are already carried in high definition MPEG-4 will be removed. Therefore, to continue to enjoy the entire Shaw Direct lineup you will need an MPEG-4 satellite receiver as well as access to all three satellites (as described above)." NOTE THAT you will keep the HiDef versions of removed standard def channels. By the time this all goes down, we will most definitely want streaming services.
  6. Ilox Subscription Update

    At least one of them was selling an Android box. And I've had direct experience with a number of their dissatisfied customers who are out money and have no service. You have not. I have no problem, but hundreds of my customers will, and that is not a move I am willing to make. If the guys doing this for a living can't make it work, what makes you think the average user can? You continue to confuse opportunity with ability here. I don't know how much more clear I can make it.
  7. had success with internet boosters?

    But you can't use Speedify anyway unless you combine two IP services. Neither TelMex nor Izzi have limits. Sea already pays a yearly fee for Speedify. As far as I know, you can only get a 30-day trial until you need to pay. So, let's recap: Speedify will boost your Internet speed by combining two different Internet providers (eg. Izzi and TelMex). It does have a subscription fee. The other devices mentioned in this thread are WiFi signal boosters, not Internet speed boosters. There are really no other ways to boost Internet speeds without paying for higher speeds.
  8. had success with internet boosters?

    Fast.com is notoriously more stringent than, for example, speedtest.net. So if you see a higher speed using it, that is something to cherish. Using Speedify, there is no data cap. And (knock on wood) TelMex and Izzi have no caps, either.
  9. Shaw TV

    Shaw will ignore you if you don't advertise where you are.
  10. Ilox Subscription Update

    You prove my piont: "There are many". You are a tinkerer, and you said yourself "... and helped people around here to install and operate." And there are hundreds of different boxes, and NO, they are not all good. In fact, many suck. Of course you said Kodi is a problem. Well, I will not introduce my customers to problems. Like I said, it's not ready for widespread use. People want point and click, and they do NOT want a tech visiting repeatedly. Case in point: two local guys, advertising this type of installation, one for a one-time fee, the other monthly. BOTH are close to being run out of town for lousy service.
  11. Ilox Subscription Update

    Lol. It will happen... someday. Oh, there are people all over doing it now, but as I said, they like to tinker. We have to take into account the many brands of Android box, whether they can be updated when the Kodi (or other) software changes, and the difficulty of some of the menuing systems. That doesn't even begin to consider the Internet speed and WiFi capability. Worse, most people want it for NetFlix, Hulu, and other non-licensed-in-Mexico services that require a VPN. And that would be fine, but NetFlix and others make it almost impossible to use their app on any device, outside the country, other than their website on your computer. Add to that the commercially availabe devices like Roku, Chromecast, smart TVs, etc., all of which require different setups. Keep in mind I am not at all against people doing this; far from it. But the Average Jane/Joe isn't a tinkerer, and just wants it done and done. And that isn't available yet.
  12. had success with internet boosters?

    Speedify simply combines the speeds of two incoming signals to provide a boost in speed. This is a concept that used to require special hardware; now it can be done in software. Speedify does use cloud servers and various techniques such as Prioritizing to do the job. And yes, as Sea can attest, you will actually see an increase in download speed.
  13. Ilox Subscription Update

    Shaw will be with us for at least 7 years. It may degrade from what it is now, but that's all. I won't debate your rationalization of its use in Mexico. But I will agree that we have a long way to go before "cord cutting" makes any sense. Not only is the Internet delivery speed not here yet, but the technology is rough and raw, and best left to people who like to tinker. I won't offer it as a service until it reaches a point that is reliable, to the extent I can set it up for a customer and leave, knowing I won't have to go back.
  14. had success with internet boosters?

    That is technically accurate, but using software like Speedify, as Sea is doing, will actually increase --or boost-- your Internet speed. (This does require two incoming Internet signals.)