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  1. USA cell phone in Mexico

    When you get MJ you acquire a US phone number using the area code of your choice. You plug the device into a router and the other end into a telephone and you have US dial tone. MJ has an app for Apple/Android that can be installed and initialized to the US phone number. When you get a MJ call the cell phone as well as the phone attached to the router will ring. You can also send and receive texts using the MJ app using the same US phone number.
  2. Car key cutting

    I got a new key cut & programmed along with a new fob at the key store in Chapala. It's in the second block past the stoplight on Morelos on the right. There's a sign hanging over the door in the shape of a key that says llaves and a really little carport next to the office.
  3. My thanks also go out to Tom for his efforts to this point. This is an extrordinary opportunity for all Internet users from Joco to perhaps Chapala. As is often the case, the best opportunities come with a certain amount of risk. The successful introduction of a new player along the lake will not only make life easier for early adoptors but would most likely affect Telmex and Telecable/Izzi who have been complacent for a long time, neither having a compelling reason to do better than the other. More competition is always better for the consumer. The monetary risk is minimal compared to the potential reward that we'd see with successful implementation.
  4. Telcel Wifi When in the US

    T-Mobile will give you 4G if you're in an area that supports it. Same as here.
  5. Want to buy a new IPad

    You can buy one online on the Apple store Mexico.$11,299 for the 32gb 9.7" model. Free shipping and no tax. Apple store US sells the same model for $459.
  6. Sky Satellite TV

    I just installed Sky HD in Ajijic Tom. Signed up at the storefront in Riberas just east of the Pemex. A couple of guys came out a few days later, installed the dish and ran cables for 3 receivers. One has a PVR and 2 are without recording ability. All are HD capabable. Stop by anytime to check it out. http://www.sky.com.mx/suscriptor/paquetes/residenciales/?package=resHDSkyPlatinium
  7. Huawei HG658D Telmex Modem

    Patience and persistence are necessary when dealing with Telmex. If you are not getting what others near you are, calling DF over and over again making report after report is about the only solution. I have a house in Guayabitos that 3 years ago topped out at 1.5mb down while a neighbor was getting 5 or more. It took almost a year of phone calls to get relief. I actually got to know one of the English speaking call center guys well enough that he recognized my name. The long term solution to the woes of Telmex and Telecable is a company like Ilox promising really high speed Internet. While the offering posted on this board carries a fair amount of monetary risk, success can totally change the dynamics of Internet along the lake, finally forcing non-incentivized companies to compete. There's no reason to do that now as both ISPs fight for last place.
  8. advice for TV service

    Theater of the absurd. I get Sky installed and bring the 2 (old) digital receivers to the Telecable office to cancel service. In order to cancel digital service I would have to bring my modem in, cancel the contract and set up a new one with Internet and basic cable. But if I do that I can only get 5mb service even though I currently have 10mb because 10mb is not available on new contracts. Catch-22. In order to retain the 10mb service which hasn't been great lately, I'll have to pay for the receivers that will be sitting in a drawer until another Internet option surfaces. Telecable admits they're having Internet problems. Theoretically the receivers should work in any house that has Telecable service. If anyone looking for a digital receiver wants to test the theory send me a PM. Maybe we can work something out.
  9. cell phone--buy here or in US?

    If you are living in Mexico it would make sense to have a Mexican number. If you want someone locally to call you it could be challenging to get them to call a US number. I bought an iPhone 6s using Ana at the Telcel store near El Torito. It was unlocked as I believe most phones in Mexico are. I took it and my old flip phone to the Telcel office. They gave me a new SIM card and ported the old number. At the time I signed up for the Sin Limite 1500 monthly plan for $239. It disappeared for a long time with the 2000 (2mb) plan being the lowest level. I'm not talking Amigo which has a whole set of different options. The all the plans give you unlimited calls and texts within Mexico and to the US and Canada. As has been stated, once crossing the border to the US you automatically switch over to T-Mobile. The megabyte level is the amount of data you can consume in a month. I don't stream but often check emai, use iPhone apps and rarely consume over 20%. If you stream music or video the data usage increases dramatically.
  10. advice for TV service

    I was incorrect saying you have to call Sky to subscribe for new TV service. The Sky office in Riberas just east of the Pemex set up the new account this weekend. One more trip to Telecable confirmed no one there has any idea what's happening with Telecable's digital service. The Internet has been less than stellar too with widely fluctuating speeds.
  11. Place to purchase Hiking Poles

    Amazon Mexico has several choices. Search for hiking poles or trekking. Some are imported while others are shipped from Mexico with free delivery when you have Prime.
  12. You'd have to try it but I suspect asking to bring any sort of animal to a home exchange house would be a deal breaker. Many times the owners of the exchange property will ask if you'd look after their animal. We had that situation with an exchange in Guatemala. We traveled with friends who offered to take that responsibility. If it was just us I would have punted the exchange. The more flexible you are the easier the process is. If on the other hand you're looking for a specific location and time it gets a lot more difficult. In England for example, trying to locate an exchange in May was tough because vacations occur during the summer months when kids are out of school. I happened to find a retired couple that was willing to make the swap.
  13. We've done over 10 exchanges using this site over the years. About half of the people we've swapped with have actually come to Ajijic but for those that did, we had absolutely no problems. Most people left our house in better shape than we left it. We've traded for several locations in Mexico, Guatemala, a few in the US and Canada and 3 apartments one summer in Vienna, Budapest and Prague. Of there was a small negative it was that we never had an even exchange. By that I mean we traded a large house for a small apartment and in one case a tiny duplex outside of London. In those cases however we found a place where we wanted to be and at a time we wanted to travel. It takes a lot of time to work out an exchange if you are the initiator. You must send inquires to many possible owners. In our London exchange I probably sent out 100 inquires for England, Scotlant, Ireland and Spain. We needed a specific 10 day period one May prior to meeting up with other couples in Lucca Italy. If you want to travel this site provides a great opportunity to locate a place that allows you to experience home living as opposed to a costly hotel. Often a car is possible but in the end everything is negotiable.
  14. advice for TV service

    I have Telecable in Ajijic and Sky HD in Guayabitos. The programming is similar between the 2 but Sky has far more HD content. Sky's equipment is also much better actually supporting HDMI output. You can set up channels to be recorded on Sky using their app. They also have a channel guide available on your phone or tablet that can be filtered by the kind of programming you're looking for. Dish Mexico didn't seem to have near the channel selection as either Telecable or Sky.
  15. advice for TV service

    The US networks were on the Telecable SD feed, never on digital. My guess is they were siphoned from the Dish Network New York Conus brodacast having subscribed until busted many years ago. The lady on the phone seemed convinced something was up with Telecable's TV service. Nothing was mentioned about Internet. It is curious that the Telecable web site has changed completely with almost no information available. More curious is that if you change locations, let's say to PV, the screen changes to Izzi. Previously one could look at packages, channels, devices and prices. Telecable/Izzi is up to something but it's a big secret kept even from employees. Brilliant marketing move.