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  1. advice for TV service

    Interesting discussion. I don't know where Telecable got their Motorola HD receivers but they are ancient. There is no HDMI output but it does offer DVI. When was the last time you saw DVI? I have a 15 year old TV with that setup but DVI died quickly when the first iteration of HDMI was introduced. I have to use component video with the 5 cables to connect to my TV. The HD DVR hard drive is really small too. I have Sky HD installed at my house at the beach. It's a high tech DVR with a massive hard drive. The problem there is that the Sky installers (3 of them) were morons and had no clue about how to hook it up. You can schedule a recording of TV shows using a Sky app on your phone, assuming the receiver is connected to the Internet.
  2. Metal windows

    Juan de Dios Cornejo 33-1044-7092 did a wonderful job for us making both aluminum sliding glass doors as well as aluminum windows. If you're looking for iron he may not be your man.
  3. MiTelmex

    Telmex changed the access to MiTelmex some months back making it difficult to find. Are you using this link? https://www.online.telmex.com/servlet/ec_mt?T=2&_ga=2.30426365.316444631.1502285750-273163252.1470853807
  4. Telcel Calling in US to another US number

    This plan works all over the US. All of my US iPhone contacts carry a +1 so I can make the call from Mexico. I can call the contact while in the US the same as while in Mexico. Direct dial while there only requred the 10 digit number. Calling another Mexican cell while in the US required the extra 1 after the +52. I can't comment on any of the Amigo plans but this appears to be the cheapest non-Amigo plan available now. Under $17US/month is pretty reasonable. As soon as I arrive in the US and turn the phone back on I connect to T-Mobile immediately.
  5. round up

    Faena. It's available at Jara's and many viveros.
  6. CCleaner news: bad.

    I believe I'm correct in saying there is no longer any need to "clean" Windows registry entries. In the old days the registry had a maximum size and an archaic method to access those entries. Once the registry was full you were forced to clean out the dead in order to make room for new values. That's no longer true. The registry can grow as needed so unless you have limited space on your C: drive you won't face the bad news that was possible on XP and earlier versions of the OS. Anyone who has written programs for PCs knows that access to the registry is direct. All entries are what is called indexed so that if a program needs to get to required data, it gets it using a locater key. No longer is there a need to pass through tons of junk to find the needed values. As time goes by the registry grows and a lot of it contains data no longer needed to operate the computer but in the end the orphaned data has little impact on programs still needing access to the good stuff.
  7. Landlord Access

    Did you know the owner was going to sell the house when you signed the lease? Does your lease have a specific end date or does a sale terminate it? It is far better to negociate some sort of compensation for your inconvenience than taking a hard line approach. In a perfect world a tenant that is booted from a lease prior to termination has rights for compensation just as a tenant that bolts from a lease owes the landlord payment until the house is re-leased. If the house is for sale you need to make the best choice for yourself knowing where this story is going to end. Get out now or get out later.
  8. Iphone 6 no service repair

    When that happens to me in the US using my Telcel phone I put the phone in airplane mode, let the cell carrier ID disappear and then turn airplane mode off. The phone searches for a cell carrier.
  9. I believe the underlying problem with expats and brokerage firms lies with the onerous Dodd-Frank bill. Brokerage firms are scared to death of making a mistake and opening themselves up for scrutiny. I've had a TD Ameritrade account dating back to the pre-merger days of Datek. Never a problem. A few months ago the bloated compliance department took exception of an incoming transfer of funds from my BB&T checking account and then a "suspicious" ATM withdrawal 5 days later. These unrelated events raised a huge red flag with that department with threats of closing my account. If they had looked further they would have seen the same sequence of events spanning years. It's sad that rational people employed only to look for potential money laundering or some other nefarious activity cause us so much trouble. When I finally retired from my programming job for credit unions, compliance had grown to the biggest department of a small company. Useless government regulations sucked a lot of profit out of my clients and a lot of the banking industry. In order to satisfy Ameritrade I had to list my primary address as my home in Mexico although everyone I spoke to knew I lived here. The mailing address in Dallas remains the same. Apparently that little change was enough to ease their concerns.
  10. Painter Recommended

    Andres worked for me last year. I won't comment on his work at this time as the job he did for me may not be reflective of his current work. I would advise all to be wary and skeptical of his sad stories.
  11. Aguascalientes route update

    The last few times I went through AGS I took the inner ring Convencion 1914 to the west going north as well as returning heading south. The turnoff northbound is pretty well marked. Turn left after clearing the underpass. To catch 45 on the other end you have to stay in the right lane to avoid an underpass. On the SE corner is a Telecable/Izzi building. Go over the underpass and turn left. I've found that looking at Google Maps street view at critical turn points helps me recognize them when driving. The cell phone helps too using the Google Maps app.
  12. Anyone have Chilean Pesos

    If you are going to Chile and plan to use ATMs, check with your bank to make sure your card will work. We went about 7 years ago and at that time there was supposedly rampant fraud within the ATM networks in Chile and all requests for money were denied by banks in the US. I had to use a cambio for change and they too had rules. Only new bills were accepted. At that time the note had to have been issued within the prior 4 years so in 2010 only bills dated 2006 and higher were accepted. The same was true when paying for a temporary visa at the airport. New bills only. Things could be different now but it would be good to check before arriving.
  13. Two more hurricanes forming that may join Irma

    Our weather is affected by the mess out in the Pacific. I have family that just moved from Dallas to San Juan Puerto Rico 2 weeks ago and are having to face the big monster heading their way. They drove 2 hours in a rent car to Ponce on the south side of the island hoping to fare better than Old Town. Clear skies in a month? For now it looks like rain in most of Mexico.
  14. Telecable Out in Chula Vista

    Mine was out last week due to a cut cable in the neighborhood. It has been working normally since although I don't live in Chula Vista. When there is absolutely no signal then the only the power light on the modem is solid with the receive light flashing. If the receive and send lights are solid and the online light is flashing there is an internet problem somewhere down the line. You'll probably have to call to make a report 765-4550 or wait until Monday morning and make a report at the office. I've never spoken to anyone in English on the phone although it is possible there's someone there that can assist. I assume you don't have Telecable TV. In the situation where there is no signal TV is out too while in the other condition the Internet can be out but the TV functional. Kind of like Telmex where you have dial tone but no Internet.
  15. Paying TelMex bills at Oxxo

    If you pay the Telmex bill online you can choose the amount less the bogus charge. I did that for 4 months until I had time to take a number and wait to talk to the agent. No service interruption as the monthly Inbursa charges accumulated.