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  1. The macrolibriamento is 90km point to point. Two toll booth stops and then clear sailing at whatever speed you're comfortable with.
  2. The Lazaro Cardenas route is very dependent on time of day and day of week. Ninety minutes to Tequila is the best possible time. I've also been stuck near Lopez Mateos where it took well over 2 hours. The macrolibramento provides a consistent time to Tequila and points west. You also don't have to dodge cars that are cutting in front of you attempting to jump one car length and as MC says, spend less time looking out for potholes on the Chapala highway. How about all those topes in Nestipac before the cuota begins. No thanks.
  3. On my drive a couple of weeks ago from Guayabitos to Ajijic the total time was 3 1/2 hours to the light at Walmart. The trip across town took another 15-20 minutes. It's about an hour and 10 minutes from the PV airport to Guayabitos but the time on Hwy 200 can vary a lot based on the number of slow moving trucks and $%&/()s passing on blind curves.
  4. Fiber optics

    Try info@mail.tvrey.com.mx, That's the email I used and it worked fine.
  5. Fiber optics

    I dropped mine at the Ajijic post office today. Twenty pesos for regular mail and $30 for registered.
  6. High Speed Internet Proposal

    Should this endeavor fail, those sitting on the fence afraid to make a financial commitment may end up on that same fence waiting for Telmex and Telecable to improve service. With no reason to do so why would they bother? The more I read the more I think the risk is minimal at best. Yes the costs are front loaded but once paid there's clear sailing for a year. I too wish ILOX was a little better organized but perhaps I'm projecting NOB expectations which don't necessarily apply here. I've made my payment and am encouraging all my neighbors to do likewise.
  7. Travel help

    The macrolibriamento sur exit sign at km 19 of 15D says Zapotlenejo but prior to that the signs say Chapala and airport. It and the Jala-Compostela bypass are both open. The new highway around Guadalajara is 90km from the 15D exit to the last toll booth just prior to the Chapala highway exit.
  8. High Speed Internet Proposal

    The email from ILOX says: Los contratos firmados en fĂ­sicos se deben de hacer llegar a la oficina de Gudalajara para cerrar el proceso como un cliente. HORARIO: Lunes a Viernes 9pm a 7pm y sabado 9am a 2 pm How is one supposed to comply when there is no information regarding the location of this office nor information about how to "deliver" the documents? A signed, scanned and emailed document should suffice, no? I would be satisfied if they take my signed document, sign it, re-scan it and email it back to me. ILOX has the money. The paper behind it doesn't much matter at this point.
  9. High Speed Internet Proposal

    My thanks too to NLU. Based on what was posted earlier today I resent my data from last month and got a reply within an hour with the contract and payment info. My neighbor never received a response so he too is sending the original response again both to Jessica and info. The instructions are a bit lacking however. The payment at Bancomer must be made in person which I too did today. ILOX calls it a referenced account, not one that has an account number (cuenta) which can be paid online or by the Bancomer phone app. In addition they want every page of the contract and payment info must be returned even though there are only 4 pages that have signatures.
  10. Fiber optics

    I did receive and respond to the Feb 12 email from Ilox. Perhaps I'll resend it...
  11. Fiber optics

    Interesting. I'm in Las Salvias which is a lot closer but so far no communication from Ilox. These days Telmex, as bad as it is, shines compared to Telecable/Izzi.
  12. Morelia Home Exchange - Summer, 2018

    I did an exchange with Linda about 8 years ago. The house is in a great location to explore Morelia. It's in Centro near the aqueduct and is an easy walk to the main square. If you're interested in checking out Morelia, living like a local is a great way to do it.
  13. Anyone having this CFE problem?

    I have a house in Guayabitos that is on monthly billing so you're probably right, they've corrected their internal system and are now exposing current bills for download. CFE changed the look of the statements which meant a program change probably leading to a screwup that broke online access to all old bills. A reputable company would go back and correct the statements posted for the last year. CFE will probably wait until January 2019 when all the broken bills will have been replaced by working ones.
  14. Anyone having this CFE problem?

    It seems like downloading the February statement is working again on the CFE site. Last week all I got was try later or a browser script error. Statement requests for January, December and older are still failing.