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  1. John Shrall

    Ilox Update

    Just received this email from ILOX: Estimado residente de la zona Jocotepec y Chapala, Ilox Telecomunicaciones se congratula en informarle que el proyecto de construccion de red de fibra optica en su zona es un hecho e iniciara con las instalaciones a finales del presente mes para poder brindarle los servicios contratados. Dear resident of the Jocotepec and Chapala area, Ilox Telecomunicaciones is pleased to inform you that the fiber optic network construction project in your area is a fact and will start with the facilities at the end of this month to be able to provide the contracted services.
  2. John Shrall


    Two day Amazon Prime Mexico deliveries often show up the next day. Guadalajara must have a huge fulfillment center. Even shipments to Nayarit come from GDL. Amazon US deliveries also tend to show up a day or 2 earlier than promised. I've had expensive pool equipment shipped Amazon US to Mexico. They included the duty and shipping in the price so there were no surprises.
  3. John Shrall

    INAPAM card worth having?

    You get kid's ticket prices at the GDL zoo and the thermal springs in SJC.
  4. John Shrall

    Need help calculating vacation pay, please

    The base 6 days referred to in the calculations is the weekly pay times 1.07 or 1/2 of the aguinaldo. For year 2 and up you use this calculation for the first 6 days. Any additional days are computed as the weekly pay divided by 7 (6 if you're generous) times the number of days due over 6. For example year 2 is 8 days so you use the base calculation for 6 and the second one for the remaining 2. This was one of the ways Rolly explained it.
  5. John Shrall

    CFE solar credit system update

    In an area like Ajijc where monthly electricity usage varies little of course that's the best plan and one pretty easy to compute. However in an area along the ocean where A/C is used only during the sweltering summer months and an electric pool heater for a couple of months in the winter, accumulating credits has to be factored into how many panels to install. For example in May I had a net +500 due to pleasant weather at our house at the beach. In June with family and A/C the net was -400. I still have 600 accumulated there but that balance could be wiped out with a few more summertime visits. Once summer is over or visits slow down the balance will go up getting ready for the next hit.
  6. John Shrall

    Need to get rid of leaking dishwasher

    If you call over to the appliance store 765-5653 and talk to Carlos or Jualberto. they'd probably come over and get the old one for parts.
  7. 33-1418-4307
  8. John Shrall

    Any results of Chapala Elections

    Evidently things got pretty hot at the Orange celebration overnight on the streets of Chapala. Guns and clubs were present as some PAN supporters insisted that the election was stolen from them. The friend also said there were stories of attempted robberies of the ballot boxes containing the paper ballots between the precincts and the main office in Chapala. That information was third hand and is not verified but he was in the middle of the party that got close to a riot until 5am. Having seen the election process up close, the paper ballots seem to be the only tool on the back end to change the votes. If not protected ballots could be added or deleted. This time there were more control at the precinct over voters participating multiple times. Each of the alphabetical sections had one person that marked the copy of the picture voter card (free) assuring that card could not be used again. This time there were also 8 people sitting nearby with the same book. As the card was taken in exchange for ballots (6 of them) the name was announced. Each person marked their book. The low tech version of redundancy.
  9. John Shrall

    Any results of Chapala Elections

    Moises Ayana AKA Moy.
  10. John Shrall

    Any results of Chapala Elections

    Moy is the candidate from the Ciudadano Party.
  11. John Shrall

    CFE stops solar credits

    You also have to realize that when it's cloudy, solar production is reduced, sometime dramatically. June was a particularly cloudy month. I normally average close to 18kWh per day but in June it was closer to 14. There was also that period of unusual rain in May. The only way to track down unexpected CFE bills is to read the inverter and meter daily or at least have some historical reference to what you'd consider to be normal solar production as well as normal usage.
  12. John Shrall

    Swimming Pool Heater

    To GoSolar's point, a 140,000 BTU heat pump consumes about 8kWh of electricity per hour. In a 16,000 gallon pool the water temp rose about a degree an hour.
  13. John Shrall

    Mexican Credit Card

    I have a Bancomer Platinum card that costs well over $2,000 pesos per year. It took a long time to build up enough of a credit line to make the card usable for large purchases like appliances, electronics and travel. While the fee is high the points system Bancomer uses gives you credit toward purchases. You can use the points to make purchases in many locations and if you charge a lot, the money saved by using points far exceeds the cost of the card. Credit cards are becoming more widely accepted in Mexico which also helps reduce the need for cash withdrawals. I got a microwave and a cold water dispenser for free and a discount on a refrigerator using points in the last year.
  14. John Shrall

    Swimming Pool Heater

    Any electrician should be able to wire up an electric pool heater. If it is a 220v unit they'll have to install a new double breaker but in any case the heater needs a separate breaker. They'll figure out a way to bring power from either the main breaker box or tap directly to the breaker by the CFE meter. I installed a large electric heat pump at a house I own at the beach. The water is quite cold in the winter months and passive solar just wasn't predictable. Plus we have excess solar capacity. My electrician there tapped into the main breaker box at the meter and ran #8 wire in conduit from the front of the house to the pool room. In the room he installed a breaker for the heat pump. They tried to save money by installing a 20 amp breaker but that popped in the first 5 minutes of use. Once they bumped it to 40 amps all worked well. Just make sure they use #8 wire if you're pulling a lot of electricity.
  15. John Shrall

    CFE stops solar credits

    An update on the solar credit balance situation. At the end of May I was carrying a 1,100 kWh credit balance. With grandkids visiting using a boatload of A/C (at the beach) the new June bill shows me using 400kWh more than I produced. The bill is for $20 pesos but nowhere on the bill or online does it show I now have a 700kWh credit. For those who have solar and are running a credit balance I'd encourage saving copies of all bills and setting up a spreadsheet to manage your own credit balance just in case CFE tries to pull a fast one down the road.