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  1. Traveling to France

    The "elitists" have crawled out from under their rocks again here. If you don't agree with them you are always in their sights. Sorry, that dog won't hunt anymore here. Elitists get respect ONLY from other elitist. They only read and hear what they want. Their futile attempts at putting people down now become "laughable". What a sad end they reap.
  2. Ajijic pronunciation

    All depends upon education: those with it pronounce them correctly; those without, butcher them. Your choice. Be educated or not.
  3. Traveling to France

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/official-4-us-tourists-attacked-acid-marseille-134411687.html Laugh at that rabbit man. Be sure to read it all. Some here need to engage a brain before their mouth, no?
  4. Traveling to France

    If you travel in France, be very aware of your surroundings. Since it is "not a Total Police State", there are frequent attacks on pedestrians with acid throwing and terrorist bombs. I just have a feeling those who have been attacked kinda wish they had gone to one of those "Police States" instead. JMHO.
  5. hotel

    San Pedro. Truck, car, restaurant, hotel. BIG.
  6. How do you pay for services - cash? check?

    Never pay any "TAX" unless you get a Factura, as proof you paid it. Lots of scams by Mexicans toward Extranjeros. You need to get advice from someone knowledgeable here before you start spending significant funds. Better be safe that sorry. This is not ":Kansas" and once it it gone, kiss it goodbye.
  7. Name just one thing...

    Small town peace and quiet.
  8. dr. juan lastra ...

    I knew one lady that claimed that he almost killed her. I know others who he has given incorrect meds to. I know one who had a neck problem (soreness) , went to Lastra who called in a Guad Ortho specialist and after tests (mri, etc) they read the reports and said that the person needed immediate surgery or they would become paralyzed. This person immediately went NOB to a specialist who could read Spanish and the report said "normal wear, nothing significant". When challenged, Lastra supposedly shrugged his shoulders. I believe his speciality is emergency room trauma.
  9. Thanks for that. Actually, I was looking for bmh to reply, but you did good, too.
  10. Didn't you check out the Veracruz area and some of those places nearer to Gulf side before settling at Lakeside? If so, share with us what you found and your impressions. TIA.
  11. Tell us if you lived in the Centro or outside that area, and how difficult it was to locate what you found. TIA.
  12. Travel route to Brownsville Texas

    Although we have only used that route maybe 5 times, we have never seen or encountered anything that remotely suggested possible security problems. Many use and have used that route for a long time and Ezzie is the ONLY one who has suggested that they encountered any type of problem. No matter which route you select, anything is a possibility, as there can never be a guarantee that your trip will be uneventful. We just feel that, for us, that route provides the least stress. YMMD. MC has done that route a lot, so his observations we find very helpful. Tamaulipas deservedly has a bad rap (Nuevo Laredo just had 10 bodies found in town), but we still go through there at times. COMMON SENSE will be your best friend, no matter which route you select. Sadly, that flower does not grow in some people's garden.
  13. US retirees in Mexico face being thrown out

    THat has been our experience exactly, gimpy ! Well said.
  14. US retirees in Mexico face being thrown out

    Actually, she does. She does not have the money to "register" them as Mexican, as there are several "hoops" they must jump through such as : birth certificates, getting her records in order (as she was not here for 13 years), etc. With 4 children, she has problems getting them into a school without proof they are Mexican. It is a mess, but my guess is that she is not the only situation like this. Remember, many illegals to the US have very limited education and exposure to life outside the home (as she is a woman).
  15. US retirees in Mexico face being thrown out

    You think she can do those things for free? They had 235 USD when they crossed the border. No money, no child care, no job, no house, no food, etc. Lives with sister, all in on room and outside toilet. Dirt poor. Any more suggestions?