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  1. Are you talking about Lakeside, or another area of Mexico? Often what you say doesn';t seem to apply here?
  2. Hud

    san miguel de allende

    That is one thing that SMA is definitely not. If you have the funds and are into that type of scene, no place in Mexico can beat it as a retirement place close to the US, IMHO. It is all that Ferret says and more. You need to experience it for a while, if you think you will like that scene. For me, I loved it, but loved being near Lake Chapala more, so I gave up all that SMA offered me that Lakeside does not to be near the water. Lake Chapala is MUCH more Laid-Back than SMA, and offers much less, IMHO. Each to his own. Go Good people in both areas, and also "turds".
  3. Mexicans expect the President to solve all of their problems when they elect him. They do NOT want to sacrifice to get to where they want to be. That is why they will always come up short. They are not prepared to give their lives so their children and grandchildren will have a better life.
  4. Hud


    Racist: Anyone who wins a debate with a Liberal !
  5. Hud


  6. Hud


    Ditto that, Pappy ! Very similar in many ways. Check it out !
  7. Hud


    Fortunately, not over half of the citizens that were eligible to vote !
  8. Hud


    You are ABSOLUTELY correct, they did NOT intend to have a Democracy. THAT is why they created a REPUBLIC ! Too many people pretend to not know that the USA is a Republic, NOT a Democracy. Need to learn the difference.
  9. Hud


    EPN did that with 32% and you did not cry about it ! BTW, you live in Mexico full time, so why are you crying about NOB?
  10. Hud


    But, you forget, WE are hopeless and backward ! And, WE will get the same in 2020 ! Go cry me a river !
  11. Hud


    Yes, agree that has produced more "bad" than "good,, in the history of Mexico. Maybe, just maybe, this time will be different after the decades and decades of the most votes 'being the winner. Thank God that is not how it is done NOB in the US. Those founding fathers knew what they were doing. So, if AMLO is a winner, that makes one out of "how many losers" who had the "most" votes ?
  12. Hud

    Pemex Station To Avoid, You Tell Me.

    Funniest Thread in a long time !
  13. Hud

    Peso Rate Alert

    From a bench in Chapala Centro. 3 guys on the bench, I think his name was Larry, but not positive. Had a "pony tail"
  14. Hud

    Peso Rate Alert

    If that is a "joke" bubba, it was taken in Very Poor Taste. Go to Texas and offer that "joke".
  15. Hud

    Peso Rate Alert

    I was told to expect 25 to 1 by election day. Don't buy yet !