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  1. Just send a message to Mainecoons here with your email address and he will send you a copy of his personal driving route through Pharr. No hassle. Easy.
  2. One thing for sure is that when Left "Jackhole elitists" get their "panties in a wad" with something done by the current NOB administration, it makes the average USA citizen feel really good about that administration. You can take that to the bank.
  3. It "scares" me just the "potential" of it all ! Reminds me of the arguments against The New Tax Bill, NOB. Lots of "Fake News" put out there. One thing I can "guarantee" you is that those NOB who elected this new administration are not the least fazed by anything the Left puts out, as they are Extremely Pleased with things that have been accomplished daily by the new administration and their effortsd to return control and power to the People of the States, and The Supreme Court is right there backing the move.
  4. Really ?????????????????????????????????????????? That is to me, as I see it completely different !!!
  5. As I said, the people of each State can determine what is best for their State. Just as it should be.
  6. THAT is exactly the point: local and State governments best serve their citizens, NOT the Federal Government and their MASSKIVE regulations. Power BACK to the People to regulate as they deem necessary ! Often, what those who live in the Big cities on both coasts seek is NOT what is best for the rest of the USA. I'm so pleased that this new administration NOB has realized that and is seeking to return local control and power to the people of each State.
  7. No, the main danger is people like you crying ":wolf" when there is not one.
  8. I never had any fear before those "controls" were put in by the last administration. Why would I now? Government needs to quit it's regulation of everything and let "the people" decide what is best for them. Those who elected this administration NOB knew EXACTLY what they would get and that is what they wanted. Just more babies crying because they can't have their way. I love it !
  9. Kinda like Cable suppliers?
  10. Other than take her word, does she have some acceptable "proof" that is uncontestable? Too ,many know how to play "the Gringo Game" here.
  11. Traveling to France

    The "elitists" have crawled out from under their rocks again here. If you don't agree with them you are always in their sights. Sorry, that dog won't hunt anymore here. Elitists get respect ONLY from other elitist. They only read and hear what they want. Their futile attempts at putting people down now become "laughable". What a sad end they reap.
  12. Ajijic pronunciation

    All depends upon education: those with it pronounce them correctly; those without, butcher them. Your choice. Be educated or not.
  13. Traveling to France

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/official-4-us-tourists-attacked-acid-marseille-134411687.html Laugh at that rabbit man. Be sure to read it all. Some here need to engage a brain before their mouth, no?
  14. Traveling to France

    If you travel in France, be very aware of your surroundings. Since it is "not a Total Police State", there are frequent attacks on pedestrians with acid throwing and terrorist bombs. I just have a feeling those who have been attacked kinda wish they had gone to one of those "Police States" instead. JMHO.
  15. hotel

    San Pedro. Truck, car, restaurant, hotel. BIG.