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  1. There's some additional background information about the (normally good) failed ISB Sola Basic Corrector de Voltaje units:that I did not mention ... They were badly abused before failing.... Before the voltage regulator failures, the customer had a year of a weak-failing neighborhood CFE transformer bouncing voltages up & down + another 6 months of occasional sparking of a poorly connected solar electrical system main feed into the home's main breaker panel. As a result of the months of power problems, both of his ISB Sola Basic Corrector de Voltaje unit's control boards had their internal relays burned (from actuating and shutting off 1,000's of times) => burned out from overuse. I hope your ISB Sola Basic Corrector de Voltaje units are fine - which would be proven by a simple voltage measurement out at the ionizer's electrical connection, to show that the voltages (on both L1 and L2 of your home) are between 115V - 128V. ... Yes, I realize that CFE standards are 127V +/- 12V, but when CFE's voltages sit above 130V, it can damage printers, microwaves & other poorly protected circuit boards, even when the owner has a lot of surge suppression, because surge suppressors do nothing to remedy constantly too high ,... nor too low CFE voltage. Your ISB Sola Basic Corrector de Voltaje units should be regulating any out of spec CFE voltages into a good range of 118V - 122V. Implied in the above discussion is to also test your incoming CFE voltages on L1 & L2, before they enter the ISB Sola Basic Corrector de Voltaje units.
  2. If the line voltage at the ionizer board is in spec (between 110V - 127V), and it is stable (does not droop when air conditioners or other motors like the pool pump are ON) then you may need to install good surge~spike protection at the ionizer to keep spikes from the pool pump kicking ON & OFF from damaging the ionizer control.
  3. Some voltage surges are spikes - like when your big pool pump motor kicks ON and then OFF - dumping noise & voltage spikes and dips onto the circuit. Your ISB Sola Basic Corrector de Voltaje whole house unit does have a big coil-transformer that damps out some spikes on the line into the house from CFE - and that coil and the ISB Sola Basic Corrector de Voltaje does give surge supression ... but that whole house unit on the CFE input ... does not give good protection to delicate circuit boards out in your house that are getting nasty spikes from the pool pump - damaging spikes coming not from CFE, but from your pumps & motors.. Going one level deeper: Are you sure that it was a surge or spike that cooked the pool-ionizer board? .... What voltage do you measure out at the ionizer? ... If that supply voltage out at the ionizer is above 133V or above 129V, or below 107V, that may be enough to slowly cook the board. .... Surge supressors and voltage spike protectors do nothing to protect from too high or too low voltage. http://www.isbmex.com/fichas/REGULADOR DOMESTICO.pdf I have recently had to replace two different ISB Sola Basic Corrector de Voltaje whole house units on a customer's house, because they both failed ... on both 127V legs from CFE ... both incorrectly lowering 122V from CFE down to a circuit board damaging 105V. The control boards in both ISB Sola Basic Corrector de Voltaje whole house units failed ... still producing voltage, but way out of spec. low.
  4. Spencer~Intercasa describes the requirements here, without adding any extra requirement of "pension income only", because some cities Mexican Consulates (like Portland OR) accept any monthly income, while other Mexican Consulates (like Boston) require only pension income. "VISA REQUIREMENTS AT MEXICAN CONSULATES OUTSIDE MEXICO:To qualify for the temporary visa they must show a monthly income of 300 times the minimum wage (for 2017 it is 80.04 pesos) or 24,012 pesos or $1,158 US dollars using an exchange rate of 20.73 to 1 (using December 28, 2016 exchange rate). This must be documented with 6 months bank statements. ... Please be advised that the consulates might have their own special rules. " http://www.chapalalaw.com/immigration-2/
  5. Residente Permanente

    Brits & Canadians in Mexico who do not want to trek back to Gr. Britain or Canada, just to apply for a Mexican Residente visa, have been going to Belize successfully for the last 5 years. The Mexican Embassy requirements are here: https://embamex.sre.gob.mx/belice/index.php/visas/visa-de-residencia-temporal

    Before relying on a small UPS to give surge suppression, find out it's surge suppression capacity - specifications. Most UPS units have only minimal surge protection (suppression) of just 300 mJ => equal to a cheap $5 dollar power strip. ... Decent surge protection starts at 600 mJ => twice the small protection that most UPS's offer. Notice that the surge protection of the Original Post is 1,200 mJ.
  7. INM is requesting that you take them a standard letter, formally describing your 1.name, 2.passport no, , 3.What you want (renew my Residente Temporal visa for ___ years, 4.. Residente Temporal isa number (back of card), finishing with the standard language that everything you're writing is the truth: Here's a simple request to renew an RT visa letter, requesting 2 years of renewal. I'm sure that someone out there has a more polished version, but if you print it out DOUBLE SPACED in the body of the letter, then your local INM office has room to cross out whatever they don’t like, and then they can add their handwritten changes in between the lines. * * * * * * * * YOUR CITY and State Fecha: (ENTER DATE HERE) Asunto: Re Extender la Estancia por Expedición de Tarjeta de Residente por Renovación Delegado de YOUR INM OFFICE Enter NAME OF YOUR INM Delegado Instituto Nacional de Migración Delegación de _____________ Address of your INM office Distinguido Delegado, Por medio de la presente, yo, (NAME OF APPLICANT AS SHOWN ON PASSPORT) , con pasaporte numero: (INSERT PASSPORT ID NUMBER), solicito extender la estancia por expedición de Tarjeta de Residente por renovación, para dos mas años, para mi INM tarjeta de Residente Temporal, Numero: (INSERT INM CARD ID NUMBER FROM BACK OF CARD). Adjunto copias de mis comprabantes solicitados para este trámite. Bajo protesta de decir verdad. Atentamente, APPLICANT SIGNATURE – sign here Type/enter APPLICANT NAME APPLICANT’S ADDRESS Tel. domicilio (ENTER HOME PHONE) Cel. (ENTER CELL PHONE) ================================ Happy Holidays
  8. Happy Thanksgiving !

    We're grateful for ... all of it ... Enjoy the festivities !
  9. Dual Nationals/Citizens

    Do you have a reference or quote that shows "the US is screaming about their rights" ? ... to get a flavor for how it fits your good question? In any case, when you get dual citizenship, the US govt. specifically says they will not aid people carrying Mexican passports when they are in Mexico. I'm guessing that you are asking about dual citizenship (as dual nationality is a slightly different thing**). For Dual Citizenship: Note that if you are a US citizen due to being born in the USA, when you become a naturalized citizen in Mexico, you now both sign a paper and say an oath that you renounce citizenship to all other countries. The SRE folks explain that they no longer take your US passport. They further explain that you must use only your Mexican passport when entering in Mexico, and they strongly emphasize that when you are in Mexico, you are bound by all Mexican rules, laws, regulations, with no more rights as a US citizen. The US State Dept and Homeland Security make the same explanations, that you must use your US passport when entering the USA, and that you are bound by US law, rules & regulations when in the USA. **Dual Nationality: (splitting one too many hairs?) If you were born in Mexico, say to US parents, and the US parents logged you as a US citizen, then when you apply for Mexican citizenship, you're applying for dual nationality - and you do NOT have to renounce your US citizenship. Oddly, The US State Department regulations officially distinguish between "Dual Nationality " and "Dual Citizenship" , and their web page explains how Dual Nationality is different from Dual Citizenship .... but US law does not specifically regulate Dual Nationality: " ... U.S. law does not mention dual nationality or require a person to choose one nationality or another. ... " https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal-considerations/us-citizenship-laws-policies/citizenship-and-dual-nationality/dual-nationality.html In any case, when you get dual citizenship, the US govt. specifically says they will not aid people carrying Mexican passports when they are in Mexico. or ... Is it all about the blustering coming out of Washington DC?
  10. You can qualify for a Resident Permanente visa at least 4 different ways. Each individual applicant has the option of meeting the INM & SRE "personal fiscal solvency" requirements: https://yucalandia.com/2017/11/22/mexico-city-minimum-wages-salario-minimo-going-up-dec-1-2017/ " … Average Monthly Balance of about $94,000 USD (exactly $1,767,200 pesos) at $19:1 MXN:USD for Residente Permanente ... EFFECTIVE Dec. 1, 2017 … per 10/10/14 DOF Lineamientos for Mexican Consulates. or Using Method of Regular Deposits of Income or Pension Receipts: (for Residente Permanente) ~ Have minimum monthly (investment account or work?) income deposits or pension deposits that are the equivalent of five hundred days worth of the current minimum wage ($88.36 for 2018) in the Federal District, for each of the previous six months – with original and copies of original bank statement. This translates to: … about $2,100 USD (exactly $44,180 pesos for 2018) a month of regular deposits for one Residente Permanente. ... EFFECTIVE Dec. 1, 2017 " = = = = = = = The more common route is for the spouse who has the financial accounts & income in their name, applies at a Mexican Consulate for a Residente Permanente visa, and then the spouse enters Mexico on a Visitante visa ('tourist' visa). When the Residente Permanente applicant gets their RP visa, they then use the INM's Vinculo Familiar program to get their spouse (or immediate family member) a 2 year Residente visa. Summary of alternate routes to Residente Permanente visas, that do not require meeting the SRE or INM personal fiscal solvency requirements:~ Be the spouse or immediate relative of a Residente Permanente or Mexican Citizen, qualify automatically for a Residente Temporal visa ... then complete 2 years of Residente Temporal & then automatically qualify for a Residente Permanente visa.or~ Complete 4 years of Residente Temporal, (lower $$ requirements), and then automatically qualify for a Residente Permanente visa. Vinculo Familiar program information is listed here: https://yucalandia.com/answers-to-common-questions/new-rules-and-procedures-for-immigration-visiting-and-staying-in-mexico/#Other Categories/Qualifications that Permit a Foreigner to Become a Residente Temporal
  11. That's a good update on the one (1) bit that was off. Rather than broadly trashing all the information, notice that all the important fiscal $$ values are correct. = = = = = = = Note that the $88.36 Salario Minimo figure is correct. = = = = = = = Note that these Residente Permanente Personal Fiscal Solvency requirements $$ figures are correct Financial Independence (Savings or Income or Property) Requirements for Permanent Residency / Residente Permanente Applicants … Average Monthly Balance of about $94,000 USD (exactly $1,767,200 pesos) at $19:1 MXN:USD for Residente Permanente = = = = = = = Note that these Residente Permanente $$ figures are correct: Using Method of Regular Deposits of Income or Pension Receipts: (for Residente Permanente)~ Have minimum monthly (investment account or work?) income deposits or pension deposits that are the equivalent of five hundred days worth of the current minimum wage ($88.36 for 2018) in the Federal District, for each of the previous six months – with original and copies of original bank statement. This translates to:… about $2,100 USD (exactly $44,180 pesos for 2018) a month of regular deposits for one Residente Permanente. = = = = = = = Note that these Residente Temporal $$ figures are correct: Using Method of Monthly Deposits of Income or Pension Receipts: ( for Resident Temporal) ~ Have minimum pension or salary deposits/income that is the equivalent of Monthly income of 300 days minimum wage of the current minimum wage in the Federal District ($88.36 pesos per day for 2018) … $26,508 pesos or about $1,400 US a month in deposits, reported for each of the previous six months – with original and copies of original bank statement for one Residente Temporal. Current 2018 DF general minimum wages of $88.36 MXN pesos per day, converted at the current exchange rate of 19:1 pesos to US dollars, for 300 days of wages: ~ About $1,400 USD (exactly $26,508 pesos) per month ~ in 2018 of regular Deposits ~ to qualify for Residente Temporal … per the 10/10/2014 Lineamientos for Mexican Consulates. = = = = = = = Note that these Residente Temporal $$ figures are correct: Residente Temporal Income or Deposits or Bank Balance Requirements for Family Members of a Mexican Citizen: Using average minimum required monthly Account balance for 6 months: 300 days x $88.36 MW = $26,508 pesos for Residente Temporal applicants. Using minimum required monthly pension or income: 100 days x $88.36 MW = $8,836 pesos of 2018 monthly pension income (or generic income deposits at some INM offices) for Residente Temporal applicants, documented by 6 months of Bank statements (about $470 USD @ 19:1). = = = = = = = Note that these Residente Temporal $$ figures are correct: Using Method of Owning Real Estate Property in Mexico: (Residente Temporal) ~ Own/have real property trustee rights, with a value equivalent to forty thousand days of general minimum wage in the Federal District, with original and copy of written proof from a Notario. At the current $19:1 MXN:USD exchange rate, this translates to: … About $187,000 USD (exactly $3,534,400 pesos) worth of property for one Residente Temporal applicant. = = = = = = = =
  12. The daily minimum wage for Mexico City is a special beast, generally used for determining various fees, fines, & personal solvency (INM & SRE) thresholds.It only applies to the entire country geographic zones that choose to use it, but it only applies to the lowest kind of work (like a trash guy or gardener- or ag. worker). Other occupations (like architects, engineers, teachers, et al) have their own higher minimum daily wages. ... Other geographic zones also have their own daily minimum wage tables.This webpage has the official Mexican Gob. links to all the various minimum daily wage values, nationwide:https://www.gob.mx/conasami/documentos/tabla-de-salarios-minimos-generales-y-profesionales-por-areas-geograficas
  13. Despite the early higher 'predictions' (aka rumors), the Mexican minimum wage for Mexico City is increasing to only $88.36 pesos diarios, effective Dec. 1, 2017. Note that this (Mexico City) Mexican federal government rate is the value used for calculating INM Resident visa income requirements etc. . Here's added info about how the Salario Minimo increases affect the INM and SRE Residente Visa personal fiscal solvency requirements. . https://yucalandia.com/2017/11/22/mexico-city-minimum-wages-salario-minimo-going-up-dec-1-2017/

    This Steren model one is not designed for fridges, washers or dryers. Notice that it specifies "electronics" devices ... not "electrical" devices. You want one designed for the surges & pulses & noise & demands of electrical motors for your fridge, washer & dryer. Look for the words "motores" ... "liñea blanca" ... or "electrodomésticas" in the manufacturer's design specifications. Here is an example of a cheaper Mexican-made Koblenz brand specifically for the special needs of electric motor devices ... but notice that these are an example of the cheap-ones that sometimes fail over time, putting out way to high of voltages ... models that later sometimes ruin your appliances. Again ... Lo barato cuesta caro. https://www.walmart.com.mx/Computadoras/Accesorios-para-Computadoras/Reguladores-y-no-Breaks/Regulador-koblenzpara-linea-blanca-2500-va-mod-ri-2502_00009905301572?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuJyq9bLI1wIVEdNkCh3oKAYcEAQYASABEgL0uvD_BwE

    The Tripp-Lite is a very good choice for the printers & monitors. Fortunately, all modern laptop power supplies are Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) designed to run on voltages varying between 105V - 240V, also with built in good surge suppression. Still, there's no harm in a belt-&-suspenders approach though, giving extra protection & $$ guarantee for the laptop power supplies. The $1000 peso Mexican & Chinese surge suppressors do not have Tripplite's very good 1200 mJ of surge suppression, a level that's important to protect printers, etc. The $1,000 peso Mexican & Chinese units can work fine. for a while, for refrigerators & clothers dryers, especially if they say they are designed for things with motors (fridges etc). Unfortunately, a friend bought 4 of these $1,000 peso (cheap) units for his house ... fridge & freezer and washer & dryer and Mosquito Magnet,. ... Within 2 years, 2 of them failed badly taking in 124V but bumping it up to constant 145 V, ruining his Mosquito Magnet ... and ruining his dryer's control circuits. If you choose some cheap protectors, it can be good to use a voltmeter to check their voltage outputs every month to avoid them ruining valuable circuit boards. There are times when Lo barato cuesta caro. 'The cheap thing ... costs us a lot.'