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  1. snowyco

    Seguro Popular Changes ?

    While surveying forums around Mexico, I came across this posting today: " ... There was a post written the other day on another site regarding Seguro Popular. We have also had issues, for the first time, in signing up clients for Seguro Popular. We would like to address this issue and enlighten others to the situation. Some changes are happening with Seguro Popular...spoke with them yesterday...the rules have changed for foreigners...SP is for the very poor population, individuals and families, who have almost nothing. SP is seeing more and more foreigners signing up who own homes here, who travel back and forth to their home countries, have no pre-existing conditions and in general have way more financially than what Seguro Popular was set up for. With that in mind, the govt has decided that foreigners who want SP must have a Permanente AND a Yucatan Driver's License to qualify for 3 years. A foreigner holding a Temporal will be given whatever months are left on their Temporal, in other wards til the expiry date or a year if they have a 3 year Temporal...no more. If they want to renew then they must have a Yucatan Driver's Licence. Seguro Popular is a Federal Program but runs on monies from the state. I believe there will be even more changes coming with the elections and new government. Please, if you have the monies to pay for IMSS, then pay for it. It is understandable that those who have pre-existing conditions and do not qualify for IMSS try to qualify for Seguro Popular. And we guess there are those who are taking advantage...WE DO NOT KNOW. We just want to inform those who were inquiring after that post about not being able to sign up. We did ask, "Well, what if someone does not drive? How would they get a DL?" A bit of a blank stare and "Those are the rules". We do sign up Expats for IMSS and Seguro Popular but please consider all your options before you sign up for Seguro Popular. Gracias and hope this clarifies things for many. , Carlios & Vikki "
  2. "So electrical appliances meant for the Mexican market are built to work at the standard voltages here" This is sometimes true., but note that clothes dryers can be exceptions to this. Clothes dryers that use thermistors to measure temperature, to determine when to turn ON the heater & when to shut OFF the heater, are particularly susceptible to shutting off too soon, when the voltage is too high - with the same problem happening with safety-appliance shut-off thermistor sensors. When Mexico's CFE voltage runs too high, the voltage output of the temperature sensor (thermistor) gives too high a voltage reading, even for the Mexican made dryers , like Easy brand: http://www.easy.com.mx/cuidado-de-la-ropa I've seen this problem on 2 different Mexican made clothes dryers, using thermistors.
  3. Q.Roo reports from Chetumal say that the ferry company is owned by a former Q. Roo governor & one of his relatives. This former governor is also reported to be involved in several 'disputes' with 'competitors'.
  4. Please note the title of the thread: US Dollar & Confidence in US Treasury at a 10 Year low Reporting Bloomberg's financial reports about the latest Treasury note auction results, compared to the previous 10 years does not seem "political" to me. "Bloomberg is reporting that the US Treasury Bills are at their weakest point in 10 years.Bloomberg also reports that due to a loss of confidence in the US Govt's ability to repay debts, free market confidence in US Govt economic policies is at its lowest point in 10 years, forcing the US Govt to pay the most interest in 10 years to get buyers to buy our debt.Bloomberg further reports that free-market "Bond Enforcers" (private buyers) are punishing US Govt's the excessive debts & profligate spending ($800 billion in new additional Military Spending +plus $1.5 Trillion in tax giveaways to the already wealthy) - criticizing the last 14 months of record deficit-growing US govt. economic policies." These are not my conclusions, and they are not my points: I simply pass along the factual reports from Bloomberg, from German financial reports, and the Nightly Business Report. Readers can draw their own conclusions, as the US dollar now buys significantly fewer British goods, significantly fewer German goods, fewer Japanese goods than it did in 2016. Financial experts in the USA, Gr. Britain, Japan (NHK news) and Germany are reporting that the US dollar weakness is due to Germans, Brits, Japanese, et al have been losing confidence in US economic policies during 2017 & 2018. These are Bloomberg, NHK, FT, DW, & NBR reports of fiscal data - they are not "my points". The US Govt. spending amounts I report come from the official CBO fiscal spending data. The facts on the weakening US dollar comes from the IRS-recommended XE.com 's official historical exchange rate charts. Notice how the USD has fallen 15% weaker vs the Euro since 2016: https://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=EUR&view=2Y
  5. Going with facts, the current US Military spending budget is the biggest item up at $780 Billion a year, which equals 61% of USA's Federal discretionary budget. Military spending was at at 53% under Bush~Cheney & Obama~Clinton to keep US troops in over 75% of the world's countries. In comparison, US Foreign aid has been down at $50 Billion ... 4% of the budget. If someone offered you $780,000 for your house ... and a second buyer offered you just $50,000 ... which offer would you take? The real US interest payments: Does it make sense to saddle our kids & grandkids with a fresh $1.5 Trillion a year of new public debt ... debt that is calculated to cost our grandkids 64% of their future Federal budgets on JUST interest payments on our Debt that our generation over-spent ? Does it make sense to bankrupt our grandkid's futures to pay for us to keep US troops in 75% of the world's countries? As long as people keep believing that ~ 4% spent on Foreign aid and ~ 7% spent on helping USA's poor people (80% who are elderlies, little kids & disabled people) are causing the USA's historic record economic problems, we'll never fix the real problems
  6. Note that the Mexican Consulates are part of the Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE) and are governed by the Ley de la SRE and the Reglamentos de la SRE. The 'INM' Instituto Nacional de Migración is a part of SEGOB 'La Secretaría de Gobernación' and is governed by the Ley de Migración and Reglamentos de Migración". For these reasons, the INM websites do not list the Consulates fees nor do they list the Consulates policies & requirements: Different departments & different laws. If you don't like Sonia's free offerings, then go to the D.O.F. and read the Ley de la SRE and the Reglamentos de la SRE for yourself. or Read Spencer's good posts above & read his website for accurate details on these things.
  7. Yeah, the "folks" often aren't up to speed with the current Treasury Department's official auction rates.** Bloomberg - especially their terminal feed news - stays on top of the latest facts, without the spin of Fox News et al. Of all the major news feeds, only PBS (Nightly Business Report) & Bloomberg reported how we hit a 10 year record lack of confidence in US government debt ... reported as the benchmark 10 yr interest rates from today's auction. It was Bloomberg who used the term: 'Bond Enforcers' to describe the disciplined free-market folks who buy Govt. Treasury notes, effectively setting the 'free-market' rates. The loss of confidence in the US Govt news is also mirrored by financial market analysis reporting from German sources. ... Even before the announcement of USA's planned tariffs on steel & aluminum, two different big German sources previously reported 9 out of 10 Germans now no longer trust Washington's 'leadership'. For comparison of what's reasonable, the current 9 of 10 Germans losing confidence in Washington compares poorly with the previous 2016 German reports of 9 of 10 Germans having high confidence in US leadership. This past year's history of fiscal~economic predictions on Chapala's Webboard? 6 months ago Pappy disagreed strongly .about Bloomberg, PBS et al's proposed continued loss of confidence in US economic & tax policies, when the US dollar had already lost 10% of it's value against the Euro ($1.15 US Dollar to Euro) an Pound ($1.34 USD to Pound) - as last summer & fall, Pappy promoted~predicted a brighter US future, while Bloomberg predicted that the sliding 2.35% US Govt 10-yr benchmark interest rates showed growing US govt economic weakness, Pappy disagreed ... Reality: the US Dollar has slid weaker by yet another 7% since then ... and the US Govt 10 yr benchmark rate has continued to slide to a 10 yr record weak level of 2.88% ... (a 22% slide weaker for US Treasury notes since last summer). Even as Pappy reassured us ... the US Treasury notes slid another 22% - causing the US taxpayers to now pay 22% higher interest on the historically high growing US public debt, as the Germans are still paying just 0.62% on their 10 yr notes to finance their debt. Which interest would you like to pay to creditors? 2.88% interest? or just 0.62% interest? These esoteric sounding things lead to some brutal future Math The Germans are paying a total of just 7% Total interest over 10 years on their debt, due to confidence in the German economic management & leadership, while Americans are paying a total of 33% Total interest over 10 years on our debt, due to a lack of confidence in the US economic management & leadership, Pappy points out that the MXN peso did not change over the weekend, but the USD:MXN peso exchange rate is quirky: **When analyzing US-Mexican economic data, always keep in mind that the US 'dog' generally wags the Mexican 'tail' ... (because the US-Mexico is the biggest trade partnership in the world - and Mexico is the minority-partner) so US economic weakness generally translates into weakness for the Mexican economy => the MXN peso will likely not strengthen as US govt economic performance continues to slide, because US Govt economic policy weakness also drags down the MXN peso & drags down the Mexican economy. ... " It's tough sharing a bed with an elephant. "
  8. Bloomberg is reporting that the US Treasury Bills are at their weakest point in 10 years. Bloomberg also reports that due to a loss of confidence in the US Govt's ability to repay debts, free market confidence in US Govt economic policies is at its lowest point in 10 years, forcing the US Govt to pay the most interest in 10 years to get buyers to buy our debt. Bloomberg further reports that free-market "Bond Enforcers" (private buyers) are punishing US Govt's the excessive debts & profligate spending ($800 billion in new additional Military Spending +plus $1.5 Trillion in tax giveaways to the already wealthy) - criticizing the last 14 months of record deficit-growing US govt. economic policies. These factors are also driving US Dollar weakness vs the MXN Peso (now at $18.6 : $1 USD) ... as the US 10 Yr Treasury Notes now have to pay 2.88% on 10 yr notes versus the past interest rates down at just 2%.in 2016 ... This means that the current US government must pay 44% higher interest payments on our debt, than back in 2016. These trends of US Govt economic policy weakness are also reflected in the British Pound at $1.39 (vs $1.22 in 2016) ... and the Euro is now at $1.24 (vs. $1.05 in 2016). Notice that none of these Bloomberg analytical conclusions include the likely effects of Washington's latest proposed trade war with Japan, Germany, South Korea, Gr. Britain & other allies. For all these reasons, it appears that the US Dollar is not likely to gain much on the MXN Peso in the near future.
  9. snowyco

    voltage/electrical problem?

    The Sola Basic Corrector is a solid unit - with a big constant voltage transformer & a modestly robust analogue (relays clicking) control board. They make a bit of heat & can be a bit noisy, so it's best not to install them in an office or bedroom. One client had 2 of them for his very modern home (1500W espresso maker, 1600W toaster, 1600W microwave & 1400W tea boiler + many air conditioners + pool pump , spa pump, & big spa heater). His two Sola Corrector-8000's worked great through 4 years of daily abuse => literal 100's per day of voltage swings down to 105V, as his neighborhood transformer was slowly dying +plus his solar system's flaky main 220V cable connections (that ultimately burned 18 inches of plastic covering off the solar system's 220V wires) that daily jounced his household voltages. After 4 years of abuse, both SB-8000's failed - dragging CFE line voltages to a constant weak 105V. Sola Basic is charging $75-$125 each to fix them, so the client hesitated & delayed ... In the meantime, running with no voltage conditioners, the client just smoked an expensive HP all-in-one printer-scanner-copier => Lo barato cuesta caro. The cheap thing ~ultimately~ costs us the most.
  10. snowyco

    voltage/electrical problem?

    All of the technical points described in my 2 prior emails could be part of the OP @cottoncarpet 's fridge protector problem. If the OP has low CFE voltage (say 110V - 115V), then whenever the home's water pump turns ON, or whenever the neighbors turn on their big pool pump, or big air conditioner, or big microwave oven or even a big expresso machine, the combination of big loads can drag cottoncarpet's fridge line down to too-low voltages that cause the protector to trip OFF. Cottoncarpet's fridge outlet could also have either CFE neutral (ground - white wire) problems~faults ... or the outlet could have home safety-ground (green wire tierra physica ) problems ... that cause the protector to kick out under loads. or Cottoncarpet's fridge outlet, or the power lines feeding that fridge outlet could be having problems. or It could be that the black-box protector is now 3 years old, has aged (weakened) , and is tripping too easily. It takes a good VOM multimeter, knowledge, some patience, persistence, and a good proven earth ground to find the actual problem. My most recent job troubleshooting one of these intermittent failures took 2 hours to find - as it took time to ultimately find & fix a bad connection at the back of a stove, that was intermittently dragging down the rest of the kitchen's circuits ...
  11. snowyco

    voltage/electrical problem?

    Our homes can have 1 ground or 2 grounds, and often 3 grounds. Ground #1 Just like US & Canadian power companies, CFE has one wire that comes into the house that's a ground wire - aka "neutral" - bonded to a big ground rod CFE drives into the ground at the base of the CFE power pole with every transformer. CFE's earth ground ( 'neutral' ) is a real ground - connected to each & every meter and connected to every home's central breaker panel. That CFE ground is called "Neutral" by electricians, to distinguish it from the homeowner's 'tierra physica' ground rods. Ground #2 Modern CFE standards (installations in the last 7 years) require a small ground wire tied to another ground rod out in the meter - giving "suspenders" that are added to the existing "belt" of CFE's main big ground at the transformer. ... That gives even a 2 wired - 2 prong outlet both "belt and suspenders" of 2 separate ground rods (one at the meter, one at the transformer). Grounds #1 and #2 are generally wired into the home as a White wire called neutral (esp in Canada & the USA). ... In the USA and in Mexico, all those white wires are connected to a single bus in the centro de carga (main breaker box), and that white neutral bus is then further connected to both the home's earth ground bus and the CFE neutral -=> theoretically tying them all to earth ground. Ground #3 Ground #3 is yet another additional earth ground rod driven into the property for US and Canadian homes, plus many Mexican homeowners also add the same homeowner's ground rod as in the USA. That third "in-home" ground wire are the green wires that go out to outlets ... giving two independent grounds ( belt AND suspenders ) at each modern outlet. Conclusions: Millions of older Mexican homes have run fine since the 1930's, using just the CFE big-ground rods at the poles. ... More modern Mexican constructions have added an additional smaller ground rod at-near the meter (grounding the meter & meter base). ... The most modern Mexican constructions have yet an additional 3'rd ground wire - an additonal extra "safety ground" aka "tierra physica" as the 3'rd ground that Pete @johanson describes on his property. => Belt, +suspenders + a rope to hold up our pants. Hopefully, this explains why Mexican homes with just 2 pronged sockets, built in the '60's & '70's still work fine ... and do not burn down or catch fire. Many Americans & Canadians simply prefer to bring their US & Canadian standards here, adding extra security, in case the CFE & meter grounds fail ... and yes, Virginia, CFE grounds do fail sometimes - as it took us 7 trips & 7 tries to get CFE techs to finally fix their broken open ground at our block's transformer, as I got very tired of seeing 5V to 15V coming in on their neutral (ground) line. ... I much disliked being the ground for the entire neighborhood. (because that's what happens when you have the best ground in the neighborhood - power from the whole neighborhood flows through your wiring to your ground ~ which is why good electricians put that big home ground rod only out by the meter - keeping the neighborhood's current from feeding through your main breaker panel's tierra physica ground.)
  12. snowyco

    voltage/electrical problem?

    modeeper's advice is close. "If it isn't 110-120V" is good for the USA & Canada. It is very incorrect for Mexico. Mexico (CFE) uses Zone B standards of 127V +/- 10%. That means CFE says that the voltage is within specifications if it is between 114V to 140V. If you or your electrician checks voltages, a Mexican voltage measured down at 110V is a problem. Because 110V is way low out of spec, because any time there's an additional load on that substandard 110V line, the voltage quickly droops to 107V or 105V. e.g. When a Mexican CFE line is only at 110V, just turning on a toaster, or coffee pot, or microwave oven immediately pulls that already-too-low line down to just 107V or 105V through the whole house => causing your 'black box' protector to shut off. Those low 105V & 107V bounce down & up events from overloaded lines are also low enough to ruin printers and some microwave ovens. Well functioning CFE lines should measure between 120V to 132V ~ to avoid drooping too low during peak loads in the neighborhood and ~to avoid flying too high when there are almost no loads in the neighborhood. ;)
  13. snowyco

    Flu Shot

    Official CDC testing results of flu vaccines say there is no Aluminum in the US flu vaccines. Aluminum in a vaccine in scientific language is called an "adjuvant". Per the CDC. "Only some vaccines contain adjuvants. ... seasonal influenza vaccines do not contain added adjuvants." https://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/concerns/adjuvants.html For the other non-flu vaccines, the amount of aluminum is less than 1 mg per shot => 14 times less Aluminum than in a slice of US pizza. The average American adult consumes 1 mg - 10 mg/day in a normal US diet. At normal dietary levels, Aluminum is NOT toxic.
  14. I agree with you, as you fix computers professionally and see what happens when we roll the dice enough times. Home computer users who quickly download every single update onto just a few machines can sometimes slip through without causing problems for their machines (lucky), while professionals who have to work with lots of computers face first hand the consequences of automatic updates. As I wrote: "Once burned, twice shy."
  15. Fun perspectives. Computer guys see the world differently from us home users. When you work with large networks or repair & maintain a lot of computers, the problems that home users experience only occasionally ... like the very real Win 10 update issues ... become common big headaches for computer experts. Like playing just 15 or 20 minutes of blackjack, the game is easy to play with a little luck when dealing with just a few computers, but the odds & reality catch up to those who deal with lots of computers. In dealing with 25 years of automatic update issues, esp. Windows, we've kept automatic updates turned off for all that time. Burned once, twice shy.