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    IMSS Renewal

    I have used Monica and her sister who are at Lake Chapala Society on Monday and Tuesday in the Eye Clinic at about 10:00 am. For my last two renewals I gave them all the required paperwork and the IMSS renewal premiums. This year I met Monica at the IMSS Chapala clinic administration as the first step to renew. A week later at LCS she gave me my paid renewal forms and I then took them back to the Chapala clinic with my photograph and they then issued me with the carnet booklet. Monica told me this year the foregoing noted processes are new procedures. The past two years I did not have to go to IMSS Guadalajara to renew my coverage and for the $600 pesos fee for their service each year; me going into the City to save $600 pesos makes no sense. I have used Monica and her sister for many years and always found them honest and very helpful. And I will continue to use them for future IMSS renewals.
  3. The Jovenes Empersarios de Chapala a group of young Mexicanos affiliated with the Chapala Chamber of Commerce are hosting a Jazz Concert fund raiser on Saturday December 13th from 4-6 pm. Tickets are $150 pesos with 10 percent of each ticket to benefit the Instituto Internacional. Location: Tahawa Club del Lago in Riberas del Pilar south toward the Lake on the road just west of Mom's Deli. Tickets can be purchased at the following locations: Diane Pearls Collecion on Colon and Ocampo, Ajijic Hotel Ajijic on the westside of the Ajijic Plaza at the front desk Yoly's Hair Salon - Plaza Bugamvillas by El Terito Market
  4. I know there is a government agency that specifically handles consumer complaints, especially those against banks. Of course the banks don't tell you this. I cannot remember the name of the agency, but have direct knowledge that a friend who filed with the agency some 90 days after trying with her banks to get the some 40/50,000 pesos stolen from her pick pocketed credit and debit cards, got all her money back. On her Bancomer credit card the Sam Clubs charges were credited back to her, then 30 days later were charged back to her account. I learned through my Bancomer rep at the time that Sam's Club is a big client, so go guess why the charge-back. They said it was her signature on the charge slip, but they refused to give her a copy. The pick pockets were a professional gang that hit a big mall in Mexico City during one weekend and started using her accounts within less than an hour. As this agency is of the Mexican Federal Government, they will likely have an office in Guadalajara. Do not take the word of the bank that the reporting was not soon enough. Not sure what my credit card contract states, but is it not that case that throughout the world banks who use Visa and Mastercard are required to adhere to their standards, not what the Bank states? My cards from Canada give me more time to report they were lost or stolen. Plus I know from experience they monitor transactions closely and will stop the use if they see too many transactions all within a short time frame. Not the case here, that is for sure.
  5. Be careful when persons suggest notarized copies are okay. Unless you get this confirmed by a senior INM official, carry the original. I do and keep a copy at home, in the event the original is lost. Additionally, I keep a scanned copy on my computer as well.
  6. It is nice to receive some positive support. Thought the naysayers might like to read this: Hi Robert, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer my email. My wife and I are at Manzanillo until May 25th. I would have liked to attended today's meeting and I am very thankful for the Invitation. By the way, I think having people send in their questions and being invited by Invitation is one of the BEST ideas ever. I have been to enough meetings, where the disruptions and same questions being asked and anwsered, so many times it became confusing to eveyone. GREAT IDEA!!!!!! I also want to say THANK YOU, for doing what you can, to help with more information. We can't even imagine, the time you must be putting in for trying to achive this task. Just want you to know that Vicki and I really appreciate what you are doing. We can apply for our new IMN last part of May, so all we can do is hope there will be some changes by then, or we will just have to go Temporal. Have a great meeting.
  7. I do not feel I need to explain to the naysayers and critics why we are restricting the numbers to invited guests only. Unlike the persons who just complain and do nothing, we are working on everyone's behalf to provide a constructive means to get persons the correct answers to their questions and most importantly diligently working on everyone's behalf to find solutions to these problems, created by the previous Government. And we absolutely have no vested interest, (unlike some who use this blog) from all the work we are putting into this, other than it is hoped eventually get all these issues addressed by the current Federal Government in Mexico City. Personally my vested interest and concerns respects the economy here at Lakeside and the fact that as I write about 10% of our permanent population are planning to leave and/or have already left and consequently Mexicanos and businesses are suffering. Naysayers, complainers and critics need not apply. For those who want to really help make a difference, we will appreciate your support by geting involved and by working with us.
  8. Look at it this way. If it was not for me writing a 13 page report on the Immigration issues, as I was asked to, and then going into Guadalajara to present it to some of the most influential people in the city, we would not have received the offer to have these seminars. And by the way because of the presentation, these same influential people are doing something to come up with a solution on the car issue. At least I and the persons I am working with are doing something concrete. If you do not care to submit your questions about the Immigration issues you might have because we need to restrict the numbers who come to each seminar, that is up to you. Tell me what is the point of 10 people submitting the same question and attending the seminars? As Moderator I made the committment to get everyone the answers to their questions, one way or the other. Those who are keenly interested in getting answers may just be surprised in getting the facts, and may just possibly receive some help.
  9. To let everyone know, at a meeting with senior officials on the 15th of April, including those of Immigracion, an offer was made to us and the Lakeside Chamber of Commerce, for individuals to attend an ongoing series of seminars, at which a senior official of Immigracion will be there to answer any questions specifically related to the New Immigration Laws, Rules and Regulations. The purpose of these seminars is to permit individuals to get the facts and answers to their questions, directly from the horses mouth, as the saying goes. These sessions are open to individuals only, not Immigration Facilitators. I offered to be Moderator for these seminars, which will be ongoing every two weeks, and the following outlines how persons with questions will get them answered directly by the Immigracion official: The Lakeside Chamber of Commerce has agreed to host a series of invitation only seminars regarding the New Immigration Laws and their Administrative Rules and Regulations. Recognizing there is a significant amount of confusion and disinformation about the changes, we at the Lakeside Chamber of Commerce have arranged for an Official of Immigration to directly provide answers to questions and other information to ensure persons attending these sessions are given the correct facts. I have agreed to assist and be the Moderator, on behalf of Immigration and the Chamber of Commerce, and this is how this will work: Persons with questions for which they need answers will direct these questions to me, and I will then forward them to the Immigration Official, in advance of a given seminar. This will allow him time to ensure the response he then sends back to me is factually correct and to ensure the answer he provides at the seminar is clear and precise. Since, space is limited, I will be sending invitations to persons, so they can have their question answered by the Official. Persons without an invitation will not be permitted to enter, again because space is limited. In the situation where a number of the same questions are received, I will provide one or possibly two invitations and those not invited will receive the Official's actual answer which I previously received from him. Note: As Moderator, I am well aware that foreign plated motor vehicles are a big issue with many people. It is not possible for the Official of Immigration to answer questions on this issue as the affecting laws are those of SAT (Hacienda) and Federal Transito. So, please ensure your questions are solely in respect to your situation and for which you need answers from Immigration. Please forward your questions, as soon as possible to me at: imnmoderator@outlook.com Regards,
  10. Mexguy

    renewl FM3 next month

    I wrote the following to a person who wrote to me regarding the Immigration and Vehicle Issues, and am passing this on to everyone, here: Yesterday, I was in Guadalajara where I presented my Immigration Report, and your email (without identification) was copied into this report. Both I and the person who asked me to write this report attended this meeting which included some of the most powerful and connected people in Guadalajara and very senior officials in IMN, Guadalajara. I learned that the issue of vehicles lies in the fact that neither SAT (Hacienda) or Transito (Federal) has for many years made any modification to their laws and rules and regulations pertaining to the import of vehicles into Mexico. As a comment, I wonder if they have not done so since NAFTA came into being? When the official clarified this situation, I made the comment, "I now understand, however, the persons who have written to me, and with whom I have spoken are blaming IMN, because they see IMN as having caused this problem, not SAT or Transito, because it is IMN who changed their laws." As you may not know, Presidente Nieto recently signed a new Amparo law; which in part states Amaparos cannot be used against the Government to block or suspend any legal Government laws. When new laws are passed or laws amended, the Government is required to enact within 90 days the administrative rules and regulations. This certainly did not happen when the IMN law was changed in May, 2011. I do not know whether the new Amparo law is retroactive, so the one Tio Corp mentions is now null and void. As a heads up, be very careful of who you use to replate your vehicle, as I am hearing of people being ripped off. This is a caution, and no comment intended for or against Tio Corp. Back to my preceding paragraph. In my report I made a number of recommendations for the Government to consider, one being that a special import permit be issued for a period of four years to allow these vehicles to remain legal in Mexico and thereafter either the vehicle would have to be removed or replated to remain in the country. As a consequence of the discussions on this matter, these officials agree a solution has to be found and they agreed that within the next 30 days they will hold a meeting with all the senior Government officials directly involved with the vehicle issues, to come up with a solution and recommendation which will then be delivered to the appropriate officials within Presidente Nieto's office. Respecting my submission and discussions on the new IMN laws, etc. I feel this caught the attention of everyone, and as consequence locally in Lakeside there will be some positive steps in respect to what is happening here. I did state the fact that our IMN issues at Lakeside are not just unique to this area, rather have to be impacting the whole of Mexico, where the some 982,000 foreigners live permanently. And so I stated, I know any changes will have to come from Mexico City. Both I and the person who asked me to write the report, gave the "thumbs up" sign to each other as we left the meeting. Especially, when we heard that our messages will be delivered to Presidente Nieto's office. This does not mean changes will be made, and if they are, will be made soon. But definitely I and the person with me delivered the message of the urgency on these matters, as people have left the country, and are planning to do so, as they see their dreams of their retirement years having been destroyed due to the new IMN laws.
  11. Mexguy

    renewl FM3 next month

    Hola Steve71: You should be able to renew your FM3 into the Visa Temporal,(the FM visas no longer exist) without financials. Make sure you take it for the number of additional years you need to eventually have the 4 years and are then eligible for permanente status. I am currently preparing a report which will be submitted to the jefe of Immigracion in Guadalajara, and it is my hope I will be asked to take it to Mexico City with the person who asked me to help, with the good possibility it will be received by Presidente Nieto. His government inherited this mess when he took office in November, 2012. I have received many emails from persons who are reporting they are in the process of leaving the country for good, because of the new laws. These emails are being used for this report and in mentioning this to you Steve, please if you know of persons who have been negatively impacted by this, who live in Cancun, have them write about their situation to me at bfoster100@hotmail.com Due to Mexican Privacy Law I will not disclose personal information about the writer, as to do so is illegal without me first obtaining a legal consent form. I hope you can support me by spreading the word in Cancun, and having people write to me, as what is happening here at Lake Chapala is in fact happening to many people throughout this country.
  12. I have been here for years and yes this is the time when snowbirds start to leave. And is so doing, many have never experienced the wonder and transformation of the mountains which within 3/4 days of the start of the rainy season (June), the trees begin to once again turn lush green. And since November, 2012 with the new immigration laws, sadly many have left or are in the process of leaving for good. Yesterday I learned from a reliable Realtor source, that some 1,500 properties are now listed for sale, about 1,000 more than in October, 2012. I am preparing a report on the negative impacts of these changes and have received many emails about what is happening to people's lives at Lakeside and as well a number from as far away as the Yucatan. My report will be submitted by me and another person, directly to the jefe of Immigracion in Guadalajara, as well as another significant organization in the city. As well, the person who asked me to write this report has direct connections to Presidente Nieto's office, so it is my hope and expectation it will be presented there as well. If you know of anyone who has been negatively impacted by the new laws and regulations and are deciding to give up on living here, I will appreciate your support in having them write to me with as much detail as possible. I would also like to hear from someone who has been told by Immigracion they must leave because they do not qualify for either of the new Visas. To let you know, because of Mexican Privacy Laws, I will not be including any personal information, names, etc. in my report. I am taking the position in writing this report that if the Government needs to verify the information, they have the resources to do their own investigation. I anticipate our meetings in Guadalajara will be occurring very shortly and therefore hope with your support, I will be able to add many more email reports in the next 5 days. Please have persons write to me at: bfoster100@hotmail.com
  13. I have used Spencer Shulman of S & S Auto and recommend him to everyone who wants to purchase a vehicle. He is honest and does everthing to ensure you get the right vehicle and it is properly registered in your name. There are potential pitfalls going it alone, especially if you are new and do not understand everything involved in buying a vehicle in this country. S & S Auto 376-766-4800, located east of Walmart in Riberas on the north-side of the carretera.
  14. A friend of mine has had excellent bridge work, done by Maria Villa (also my dentist for years). Her office is at Colon 4-A, in the middle of the block, same side of the street, south of Bancomer. Tele. 766-2428. She speaks good English and importantly guarantees here work.
  15. Mexguy

    Vehicle ripoffs

    I understand that now you have to online make an appointment for the time you then must present your vehicle in Guadalajara to get Jalisco plates.