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  1. Dollar or peso account

    There is an election here in July. I would wait and see who wins before I would buy a lot of pesos.
  2. Joco Hospital English speaking doctor

    I had hernia surgery there. You start at central de salud near the police station in Jocotepec or Chapala. There you are sent to the hospital where you get an appointment to see a specialist. I had great treatment. I was charged extra for endoscopic and mesh. Never tried English because I don't need it. Also great follow up. I feel lucky to be so close to a great hospital.
  3. Fiber optics

    Their crews are now in Roca Azul. If I could post pic I would. I spoke to the install crew yesterday. Going forward.
  4. Fiber optics

    Hi Tom, I have received two notices because I signed up personally also for Lakeside care. Ouch but, I will pay one right away next one after the first of March.
  5. Fiber optics

    I just woke up to the contract. So check your email. Time to fish or cut bait.
  6. Ok, Club Roca Azul is getting Ilox fiber optics but only 20 mbs. I spoke to Jessica of the company since the cable will be just 200 meters from my house. I was told I could have a connection for less than 10 mbs for only 4799 mxn pesos with a 36 month contract. That price is per month. I politely declined. Bait and switch??? I asked about the program Tom has worked so hard on and she ok but I would have to wait. BTW I have seen their trucks on the main road into Roca. I am so disappointed since they are so close. I will not pay 4800 pesos a month....so I will have to continue with Telmex horrible service for a few hours a day. Thanks for my rant!
  7. Address of Mexican passport office

    You go on line to their website and make your appointment there. With the appointment it will tell where to go. There are two or more buildings. One is just past Plaza Mexico on ave. Mexico near the Mc Donalds. Good luck. Ron
  8. I drive the Vette in Guadalajara a lot. Lots of stares and a few taking pics and videos. However I have three homes and keep the vette in a different home than registered. Also being in Guadalajara I stay in a 5 star hotel and have seen a McLaren there about 4 million pesos. I hate the rich!!!! (joke) More like envy.
  9. Short term parking for an RV

    Roca Azul.
  10. I have never used him but, I have known him for over 15 years and can give a character recommendation .
  11. No problem with my BOA credit card at the Pemex in Jocotepec across from the road to the Malicon East side of Joco. I like this Pemex never cheated, the farmers use it plus the local Police, I also see a lot of Taxis. Says a lot.
  12. I also would like to say thanks. With me the sooner the better. My Telmex internet has been down all weekend.
  13. Lake Chapala weather

    I just clicked on my book mark and noticed it is up to date. Thank you.