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  1. uber ap

    Worked for me in Guadalajara and Panama.
  2. Macrolibremiento

    Go through Jocotepec on Hwy. 15 to Lopez Mateos can't miss it. Passed by Tuesday and looked opened both directions.
  3. I checked out my family tree......there were two dogs using it!
  4. first aid kits

    Lakeside I don't know. Costco si.
  5. Well, I signed up. I would pay for two. I hope this works out.
  6. Macro Libramiento

    Hi John, how do you get on the hwy. to Guayabitos? Lopex Meteos?
  7. Mexico is number one

  8. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Just buy and sale docs.
  9. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    I live near Jocotepec and am co-owner of two nursing homes and use two golf carts which makes our business more efficient with employees moving stuff between our facilities better. However I had to pay a mordidia to ovoid having to having my golf carts confiscated. This new regulation justs sucks. However I only have to pay one time because if the same officer stops me I will insist on a polygraph.. He will loose his job. Trust me they will back down.
  10. End of Chapala weather (sad)

    I have been without power for 24 hors and I have not had the opportunity to add my 2 cents worth. I also will miss the weather site. I know Steve well and I understand his move back to Texas. I will miss the station. I hope someone will start another one with the same quality.
  11. who makes raspberry wine at lakeside

    Here in Jocotepec someone makes it. With and without alcohol. A bottle was gifted to me. I will try to find out where it was bought.
  12. Earthquake

    My notation above was met to just be light humor. If anyone is offended I apologize. However I am holding off paying my bills. Also I will be in the Quinta Real spending the last of my money.
  13. Earthquake

    I just read this headline: Christian Numerologist: World Ending Saturday... It has been a pleasure knowing all of you.....
  14. Earthquake

    Drills all over Guadalajara. I was in Walmart on Lopez and everyone were forced outside. It was something like Protection Civil day. Also the factories next to Sam's Club had all people outside. My wife was in Melaque when the big one hit there so she has a well deserved paranoia about quakes. We do drills at our facilities often. Especially yesterday. Just read Japan just had a quake.
  15. Any difference between Costco's?

    The Costco on Lopez has USDA choice meats Galleria has Prime. Big difference to a carnivore like me. Expect to pay more though. There is a difference at the Sam's also. Avoid Sundays so crowded.