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  1. Gwnne Lott painting show opens

    Just got the show hung and it looks great! Come by for refreshments at Studio 18 (Colon - 2 doors down from Bancomer) from 5 - 7.
  2. Expect to pay mucho for the Bosch service out of Guad. We were quoted $800 pesos for someone to just come and look at a heater that was a week old and (supposedly) under warranty.
  3. Keureig Coffee Maker

    After a day of searching, here's what we have found: Yes, Costco has a lovely Keurig machine and lots of pods....including a generic Kirkland brand pod for the Keurig machine. BUT....while we were looking, a nice young Mexican man walked by, looked at the price ($1,500.00) and said he should have waited because he paid $2,000.00 for the same machine last week. To me, that sounded like Costco was trying to get rid of them (and they would never be seen again). We went on to Liverpool (nada), Best Buy (nada) and Sears (nada). HUGE displays for the Nescafe machine. Result: We bought a Krups machine at Costco and I'll start searching for flavored creamers to fill my flavor-fix. I DID find an aluminum dish drainer that was on my wish list....so the trip was worthwhile.
  4. Keureig Coffee Maker

    Time for a new coffee maker and I LOVE flavored coffees. I'm not interested in the one they have at WalMart because you have to use THEIR pods. I want a Keurig because (if I understand correctly) if you run out of pods, you CAN use generic coffee. Now the problem is where to find one. Someone said there's a store in Guadalajara on Avenida La Paz that carries all things coffee. Has anyone been there? Do you know approximately WHERE on La Paz it is? Or......any other ideas of where to find a Keurig?
  5. Robbery Prevention

    Alarms are little to no help. We had to deal with one on a house we were watching for friends. The alarm went off every time a leaf moved. The alarm company was no help. Just last week, as I was coming home, one of my neighbors was pacing in the street in front of a house with an alarm going off. He'd called the company but they said they couldn't come out. The police didn't answer. The alarm finally ran down. Re dogs: I have a 90 lb American Staffordshire who puts fear into the hearts of anybody on the other side of the fence. He's a total wuss but he gets the message across by just being there. A poodle doesn't have the same effect.
  6. spray adhesive lakeside?

    I bought it once at the papeleria across from the Coke plant.
  7. My 30 year-old leather living room set is starting to look it's age. (OK, a series of puppies didn't help.) I want to replace it with just two large leather fireside chairs with high backs. The kind you see in old libraries. The guys in San Antonio will make me some, but my husband doesn't want to commit to a chair he's never sat in. Thinking about a research trip to Guadalajara but it seems like most of the stores there carry only contemporary styles. Does anyone know of a more traditional store? I want quality (don't do this very often) and don't mind waiting for the right thing. Yes, I've combed all the consignment stores here.....nada.
  8. When we moved here 12 years ago we threw away our Palm Pilots (remember those?). Six months later we were wishing we had them back. The real trick to living here is figuring out how to retire. It's too easy to overload your schedule and find yourself rushing from meeting to lesson to workout to etc. etc. I'm still at the stage where the ONE day a week I can sit on the veranda and have a second cup of coffee is a highlight. I'm working towards TWO days a week.
  9. Cell Phone Purchase

    I'm also looking at the Kyocera Duraforce Pro. It has a 15 mp camera AND it can be used for underwater photography. Admittedly not much good in the lake, but if I ever want to photograph the bottom of the stock tank.........
  10. Cell Phone Purchase

    Aha!!! Unlocked. GSM. Got it! Thanks!
  11. Cell Phone Purchase

    That might be an option. But I still can't get an answer to my question of if a phone advertised as "network locked" can be unlocked here or if I have to buy one that is already unlocked.
  12. Cell Phone Purchase

    I've been looking at that one. I could use the thermal imaging feature to find my dogs in the dark.
  13. Looking at a new cell phone. For many reasons, I need a "rugged" phone that can be dropped on the street, in water etc. Ebay is my friend but I don't want to buy a phone (some of these things are pricy!) and get it down here only to find out I can't use it. When the seller says "network locked", what does that mean and is it irreversible? If the seller says "unlocked", does that mean I can bring it down and use it with no problems? These phones tend to be sealed (that's what makes them waterproof) so I suspect that it would take a smart tech to work around any barriers. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Apparently the new hospital in Jocotepec has it's own ambulance. They won't accept patients arriving in any other ambulance.....you have to call THEIRS. Cruz Roja won't go to the new hospital.....only the old one. The number for the ambulance is written on the side of the vehicle. Does anyone know what it is? It might be worth a trip to Joco in the daytime to take down the number in case of emergency.
  15. A friend who just got home from the hospital is in need of nursing care. The most important is moving him......bed to chair.....chair to shower etc. His wife is not strong enough to do this. Hopefully this is a temporary situation. I know several female nurses, but no male nurses. Any ideas?