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  1. suegarn

    Where to sign up for Seguro Popular

    One problem I find with Seguro Popular is that if you're hospitalized, you must have a caregiver with you 24/7, even if you're ambulatory. For Mexican patients, that's usually not a problem, because they have large families who can take turns being with them. If you're alone down here, you have to hire caregivers, most of whom don't speak or understand English. Plus, if you're in there for a long time, the cost adds up quickly. The main reason that I had to sign up with Seguro Popular is because I have a very small pension, and I can't afford to hire caregivers.
  2. suegarn

    G Mail

    Sounds odd! I wish I could be of some help, but I have mine reset back to the classic, and I don't want to try the new version again to see if I can switch back or not. Maybe ComputerGuy can help you.
  3. suegarn

    M & J Royal Pizza

    Not sure why you said "the only parking space". They have sufficient parking there. Directly in front, you can fit at least three SUV's, and there's plenty of room to the east along the lateral. And until there is something else in the old La Bambola space, there's at least another four spots in front of that.
  4. suegarn

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers

    Do you serve wine by the glass? I don't see that on your menu.
  5. suegarn

    G Mail

    That's odd. That didn't happen to me. Did you try to change it back in your settings again?
  6. suegarn

    Pet Peaves

    There seems to be a bit of confusion right now about exactly where that bus stop is going to be. They moved the bus depot to just east of Colon, so now people aren't sure whether the bus stops on the west corner or a few doors east of Colon. They should put some painted lines where the actual bus stop is going to be, then hopefully drivers will know not to park there.
  7. suegarn

    G Mail

    I got the notice from Gmail last week. I tried the new look, didn't like it. I went to my settings right away and changed it back to the classic Gmail. Very easy!
  8. suegarn


    You have a few choices. Hector from Manix Restaurant, Ismat from Gossips, and Elegante Restaurante are the first three that come to my mind. I've been at events where they have done the catering, and it was excellent!
  9. suegarn

    Difficult to post here

    "They provide a place that is very good for exchanging information free of the personal nastiness and one sided political bitterness found elsewhere locally".......seriously Mainecoons? Since when has this forum ever been free of personal nastiness? I see more of it on here that goes unchecked than I ever see on TOB. And at least they have a particular place where people can rant, if needed. On here, if someone disagrees with the moderators, they get shut down.....not exactly fair. (I wonder how long this post will stay up here)
  10. suegarn

    Pet Peaves

    Actually, many of us don't have a life that is 'easy and good'. Doesn't mean that we can't also get peeved at the small stuff. Don't assume that we're all living 'la vida bella'!
  11. You should check out InsideLakeside webboard. At least over there they allow items for sale, things or places to rent, wanted ads, etc. And I know, I'm probably going to get banned or scolded on this board for mentioning this, although there is nothing mean-spirited or false about this. Just giving people another option.
  12. The way that I read his last paragraph in the original post made it sound like that......"It is a good idea to make sure that when you use any of the aforementioned forms that you use the new ones as using the old ones may cause a delay or rejection when you do any business with the National Immigration Institute or INAMI. It is unknown when immigration / airports / border crossings will have the new forms available as well as if there will be any grace period for use of old forms" I just wanted to make sure that I had the correct information from Spencer himself. I hope that's alright with you RVGRINGO.
  13. suegarn

    Pet Peaves

    You mean like your purposely misspelled word? Good one, CG!
  14. suegarn

    Pet Peaves

    Probably all of us? 😃
  15. So Spencer, are you saying that all of us that temporal or permanente visas need to get new cards now? And if so, is there going to be a charge for that?