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  1. suegarn

    Bobby's prices

    Alex from Alex's Pasta Bar seems to be able to handle having lunch and dinner hours six days a week, and he's over 80! Bobby should have hired a manager and a chef that he can trust, so that when he can't be there, the restaurant is still open and functioning properly.
  2. suegarn

    Using my Telcell phone in Canada

    I have the 'Sin Limite' plan, and I can make unlimited calls from Mexico, Canada or U.S. with no roaming fee. Your phone will show the roaming symbol, but it doesn't charge you for it. Ana at the Telcel office beside Alex's Pasta Bar explained to me that the symbol shows just to remind you that you are outside the Telcel zone, but not to worry. My plan costs 199/month which includes the unlimited calling, plus 1024 mb of data.
  3. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/artisanal-beer-makers-to-showcase-their-products-in-guadalajara/
  4. suegarn

    Bicycle Rental

    You could probably buy a bike for that, use it as long as you need, then sell it later!
  5. suegarn

    Good Pizza in Ajijic Village?

    Hmmmm. One person saying it's closed. Then the next person saying they were there a few hours ago and were told it will be open for two or three more weeks. Someone is wrong here! 🤔
  6. suegarn

    Good Pizza in Ajijic Village?

    Have M & J's moved yet? If not, they're down on 16 de Septiembre.
  7. suegarn


    I know! I'm surprised that she hasn't been sued or threatened multiple times for all the slanderous things she prints about people!
  8. suegarn


    I was being sarcastic about Lisa's 'disgust' with the idea that Spencer is representing known criminals, so that is supposedly why she is ending their 'relationship'. 😄
  9. suegarn


    Isn't it a lawyer's job to represent criminals? 🤔. 😄
  10. suegarn


    A little unfair, comparing Cocinart to El Ancla. Cocinart has a prime village location, so more people end up there, especially if they've been to the LCS or the malecon. El Ancla is out in West Ajijic, and many expats think that going out past Villa Nova is getting out into the 'boonies' for them.
  11. The problem with shopping at the local markets is that if you don't have a car, and you need to get several items that they may not all carry, it's usually easier to shop at one place, such as Walmart. You can buy everything you need and not have to get on and off the bus several times through town, which adds up in fares. (plus standing and waiting for buses several times) I try to shop locally when possible, and combine my trips so that they are the most efficient on the bus.
  12. suegarn

    New TOPES - beware

    So were they actual 'topes', or just the rumble strips?
  13. Best idea of all? Get rid of your car, and take the bus! Actually, very efficient. Been using them for almost four years! And of course, I'm not talking about people who have mobility issues.
  14. suegarn

    Still Denied...

    I know what the problem is.......they don't give a d**n about us, unless we're purchasing property from them!
  15. suegarn

    First rainbirds

    No, it's the same thing, year after year. Gets tedious after a while.......