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  1. If you want to live in a world where you can still flag down a taxi by hand, don't support ewhber
  2. Very good condition 2005 5x8 enclosed trailer for sale with Jalisco plates. Single side swing rear door Hard to find here in this condition photo to follow Call 3334615442 to see $28000 pesos
  3. ea93105

    Fiber optic cable in Riberas

    Don't know if its related but there is huge stack of new cement "telephone" poles at the east end of Riberas waiting to be installed somewhere..
  4. Prefer firm mattress...with bed frame if available 333 461 5442
  5. ea93105

    San Antonio traffic

    Not a Newbie....been here off and on since 76 Anyway...Project San Antonio traffic lights completed ! ( not perfect, but much improved ) back to your regularly scheduled programming....
  6. ea93105

    San Antonio traffic

    I agree, for the most part everyone here is very good at allowing people to merge into traffic and when I do so I usually get a friendly thank you wave. By having two lights out of sync within a couple hundred yards from another, they will on average stop traffic more frequently than their individual interval, so just synchronizing the lights alone will make a big difference, no to mention extending the interval. I also agree that it's more than an inconvenience, I've seen motos and cars do dangerous maneuvers to get around the jam. Motos on the bike path and cars driving fast on the cobblestone side road and none of them even look for bicyclist when merging back. Thanks for the tip about the public works department, I will enlist an esteemed Mexican resident to try to get a change made.
  7. ea93105

    San Antonio traffic

    I've seen the Chapala traffic vial move traffic through red lights in order to relieve pressure, very helpful. Don't see that working in SA due to lack of safe space for the them.
  8. ea93105

    San Antonio traffic

    True, I've never worked on traffic lights but because I can see that different lights have different intervals, it seems extremely plausible to me that they have internal clocks which can be adjusted. Making non adjustable traffic lights is beyond my belief. I do believe it would take a technician no more than an hour to adjust the internal timers. The return would be high in my opinion and as we all know, it's only going to get worse. ( new hospital, new apartment buildings etc etc. ) Sure we can wait until someone else decides something has to done about it, but just maybe it can be accomplish sooner than later
  9. ea93105

    San Antonio traffic

    Yes, having smart lights which sense actual traffic is probably asking too much, but just setting the interval from one minute to three is easy. Not hard to sync the lights either
  10. ea93105

    San Antonio traffic

    You should look in the mirror, 'Sense of superiority" Those people with active lives would benefit from better traffic flow I am not a guest, I am a legal resident who supports the local economy and just wants to improve things . I know there are many things in Mexico which I cannot change such as the law that requires no vehicle be moved after an accident ( causing massive traffic jams for hours on end ) But local traffic lights ? Seems reasonable that those are controlled locally and maybe someone on this forum might have some insight on who to talk to. Don't think someone in GDL is controlling the lights in San Antonio. The "voting" argument is silly in this case
  11. ea93105

    San Antonio traffic

    That's helpful , thanks
  12. ea93105

    San Antonio traffic

    I don't know who has control over the lights, that's why I asked. Voting in order to change two lights , that's a laugh
  13. ea93105

    San Antonio traffic

    Both Ajjijic and Chapala have taken measures to improve traffic flow, why not San Antonio ? Not everyone living here is a retired expat who's entire day is just going to Superlake and back
  14. ea93105

    San Antonio traffic

    Another stupid response Next time a moto takes out a pedestrian on the bike path because traffic is at a complete stand still you can all sit back and laugh and say "this is Mexico"..live with it Mexico is a developing country, why not help rather than spout stupidities ?
  15. ea93105

    San Antonio traffic

    To the above completely unhelpful replies...Do you enjoy unnecessary traffic jams , or do you just sit at home behind your computers and enjoy being annoying ? My guess is the latter.