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  1. Found in the parking lot of Quality Care on Monday the 11th. Call 331-000-7777 to identify.
  2. We drove it Sunday morning in our 94 Miata convertible just for fun, which it was! pinch me, this is really here ? never saw another car on our side, just bicyclists . Wow what a dream road for them, and free !
  3. I'm almost sure I will take the Cotulla route. What sort of "check points" are mandatory if any ?
  4. Excellent, thanks for all the tips !
  5. I will be driving my Mexican plated car, towing a Mexican plated trailer to the US in December and returning with the trailer full of my peronal used belongings along with a sprinkling of new things. entering through Nogales... I don't plan on voluntarily stopping for anything....unless I know a good reason to do so. I will have a printed list of contents of the trailer with me.. Advice questions : Best to cross early in the morning ? Best to cross on a sunday or holiday ? Any other tips ? Etc.... Thanks
  6. Actually it's a 5x8 trailer which weighs 850lbs, but yes I will be taking a lot of care in both loading and driving. Most of the heavier things will go in the car to keep it "planted" and I will be driving the minimum speeds . Luckily the temperatures are not so high in December when I plan to go.
  7. Thanks for the tip I just checked their Mexican website. They have high quality Reese hitches...but for 4850 pesos...
  8. Shopping for Doctors

    At Quality Care near the Pemex at the libremiento, and she also does house visits
  9. Shopping for Doctors

    Best phone number ever ....331-000-7777, and she got it by chance !
  10. Thanks, I found some there but $100 more than a top quality Draw Tite hitch ? Funny how things like this are so expensive here... I will be towing about 1500 lbs in a 5x10 trailer. So if anyone has a friend driving down and would like some gas money to bring one down..please let me know Otherwise I guess I will go with the Mexican model.
  11. Just wondering what options there are if any of getting a hitch from the US to down here. Obviously its large a weighs about 30 lbs I would also be interested in buying or renting a hitch if someone doesn't have a use for theirs... Thanks ! Eric 3334615442
  12. Can a "permanent resident" import a nafta car, or do they have to purchase it in mexico ? If a nafta car is imported into mexico, does the usa or state it came from know this or can it "stay on the books" if you don't tell them. ? Does the mexican gov communicate with the usa during the process ? Thanks
  13. Thanks for the reply I'm hoping to find a written confirmation about US citizens driving mexican cars into the USA..is there a goverment website where I can go to get this ? I know that Mexicans can drive into the states with their cars legally, but I'm not sure about US citizens..
  14. Hi folks I'm a new member with questions regarding permanent residency I have been approved at a mexican consulate here in california and received a 6 month visa laminated in my passport for "residencia permanente" I now need to complete the process in mexico.. 1) can this be done in chapala, or do I have to go to guadalajara ? Since I am not officially a permanent resident until I finish the process, can I drive into Mexico to complete the process or only fly ? I know that once I finish the process and get permanent residency status I am only allowed to drive a mexican plated car. No problem except what if I want to drive this mexican car into the usa ? I know people have done this and have not experienced any problems, but what is the official by the book rule or law ? I plan to purchase a newer mexican car which won't be cheap and I don't want to have it confiscated in the usa... If the official rule of law in the usa is not to allow us citizens to drive into the states, then permanent residency wil mean we can only fly ? Thanks !