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  1. That is why many manufacturers are getting out of the mesh business. It seems to be OK for about 5 years and then it causes problems. I had a botched gallbladder laparoscopic surgery at the Joco hospital that has taken me 2 years to begin to feel better. The doctors are new and very young. I'd be careful dealing with them. If I did it over again, I'd spend the money on an experienced doctor in Guadalajara. The Joco hospital is great for people if that's all they can afford. It's better than nothing.
  2. JAMA article about mesh for hernia repair: https://media.jamanetwork.com/news-item/study-finds-mixed-results-for-use-of-mesh-for-hernia-repair/
  3. The links I posted are to a vendor in Jalisco. Did you look at the ones I posted? https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/_CustId_304472028
  4. Most manufacturers are being sued and stopping production because the product is dangerous. I wouldn't use it, the expensive or cheaper product. If you research it, the inexpensive ones are as good as the expensive. Make sure the doctor reads all your tests before surgery. I had a bad outcome because the surgeon there didn't read the sonogram. My surgeon did not know the difference between an inexpensive generic Tylenol type pain reliever and a very expensive one. There wasn't any difference and I was being given the generic in the hospital anyway. Good luck.
  5. Johnson and Johnson quit the hernia mesh business because of lawsuits. Sutures might be better. Mercadolibre has hernia surgical mesh for less money. https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-623782188-malla-quirurgica-para-hernia-pieza-15cm-x-15cm-_JM https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-628269720-malla-quirurgica-para-hernia-pieza-30cm-x-30cm-_JM
  6. A bad gallbladder can cause it also and after gallbladder surgery it is common.
  7. Joco

    Golf Carts

    You can, but don't get caught. It is not legal at all to have a golf cart on the highway, even to cross it.
  8. Joco

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Is this it? https://goo.gl/P7GTsj
  9. Farmacia Similares 20 mg omeprazol, 28 pills, 3 bottles for $169.02 https://www.farmaciasdesimilares.com/#!/busqueda/798/omeprazol-capsulas
  10. Joco

    Social Security problem

    I cannot understand your post. "you have to give them your info, why wouldn’t you to get paid," giving them the info about any changes, if you married, divorced, working, or anything else, keeps the checks being deposited. A dead person cannot answer the letter.
  11. Joco

    Social Security problem

    If they know you are not in the US, you need to fill out the form proving you are alive. It doesn't matter if the check is deposited in the US.
  12. Joco


    If you had an allergic reaction, how could Dr Aceves know that in advance? I would not have gone to Ajijic Hospital (Clinic.) I don't understand, if you were practicing yoga before the procedure, why do the procedure? Take anti-inflammatories until nothing works and you must have a more drastic treatment. It is like back surgery. Don't have it without MRIs, discograms, myelogram or other tests first. Then only have surgery if PT or other conservative treatments cannot help. Any surgery is always risky. You are lucky you are recovering and you can afford the recovery.
  13. Joco

    how to send money from usa to mex

    Transferwise sends money from your US account to your MX account in 2 days. https://transferwise.com/ Xoom sends money in about 2 days but right now only to certain MX banks. It was having problems with transferring through Banamex: https://www.xoom.com/mexico/send-money
  14. Joco

    Seguro Popular Changes ?

    It is in the Migratory Act of 2011 also. https://www.albany.edu/~rk289758/documents/Ley_de_Migracion_en_Ingles.pdf
  15. Joco

    Seguro Popular Changes ?

    I think the Mexican Constitution prevents SP from excluding foreign legal residents. https://www.oas.org/juridico/mla/en/mex/en_mex-int-text-const.pdf TITLE ONE CHAPTER ONE Fundamental rights Article 1. In the United Mexican States, all persons shall enjoy the fundamental rights recognized by this Constitution, which may not be abridged nor suspended except in those cases and under such conditions as herein provided. Slavery is forbidden in the United Mexican States. Slaves who shall step into Mexican territory shall, just by this fact alone, attain their freedom and the protection of the laws. Every form of discrimination motivated by ethnic or national origin, gender, age, incapacities, sexual preferences, status or any other which attempt on human dignity or seeks to annul or diminish the rights and liberties of the people, is prohibited.