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  1. Why don't you ask the OP if she did that? This wasn't about you. If you are easily led, that's too bad. The generic Lyrica is safer than what she wants and the medicine she wants must be administered by a doctor. Finding a doctor in Mexico to administer it will be very difficult.
  2. Meal Kits?

    There are some people here who have meals to deliver. I thought I saved their Facebook pages and I can't find them. Maybe someone has links.
  3. Why wouldn't a person ask a doctor about a medication that the person heard about? It would be incredibly responsible to believe all the medication TV commercials without asking about them. I mentioned that it might be better than Ketamine. Hopefully, she has enough sense to find out about it just like asking a doctor about Ketamine. People need to take some responsibility and investigate for themselves what they are told. You are assuming the person asking about Ketamine is too dumb to find out about other medications. I think she can ask her doctor herself.
  4. health insurance private vs seguro popular

    If he was in Mexico for 40 years he came here long before he had retirement income and he must have been making money here. If he could not afford medical care because obviously, he had no money, that was his fault, not Mexico's. People like him are why Mexico raised the income requirements. Like in the U.S., they don't want foreigners moving here and becoming dependant upon Mexico for support. Foreigners in the U.S. can get emergency medical care but they won't get any better medical care than your friend did here. Mexico has limited funds to care for its own people. Again, he could have hitched a ride and found a free shelter in the U.S. I assume he was over 65. Then he could have gone to a hospital and received medical care with Medicaid. His tests, medicines, surgeries, hospital stay, everything is paid for by Medicaid. When he moved to MX 40 years earlier, there was no SP, so how did he take care of himself then? Sorry, but being able to take care of oneself and making hard and uncomfortable decisions are part of being an adult. I don't like thinking that I might need to move back one day if I become ill. But, that's the way it is. Most of us do not have thousands of dollars laying around for medical care and depending on SP for expensive and complicated elderly care is a mistake.
  5. health insurance private vs seguro popular

    I believe you are the one being judgemental. I wrote that if people fall below a certain income level they should stay in the U.S. for medical and other benefits. They should not complain that Mexico doesn't provide the free medical care they think it should. Mexico is a poor country. That it has Universal Healthcare for ALL legal residents of Mexico is amazing, considering the richest country on Earth doesn't. If I get into a situation where I cannot afford medical care, I will return to the U.S. like dozens of others have. We are not required to live in Mexico. Several who still post here and who would rather be living in Mexico, returned for care at the VA or for Medicaid and Medicare. I have no right to complain that Mexico's free health care doesn't provide fast or complete enough service for me.
  6. health insurance private vs seguro popular

    I know a dozen or more who have moved back because of health problems and because the care they receive in the U.S. is more affordable. I didn't write that people who have little money shouldn't live in Mexico. I wrote that they should live in the U.S. for the medical benefits in the U.S, not Mexico. If they want to live in Mexico and they cannot afford great medical care, why would I care? I am sorry I blew your skirt up but maybe you shouldn't read into posts that which is not there.
  7. He died a few years ago but I think his daughter is a pharmacist which means she can write prescriptions like any doctor.
  8. health insurance private vs seguro popular

    I know this if his income and yours are that low you should be living in the U.S., not Mexico. Low-income people in the U.S. have Medicaid that pays 100% of medical. In most states, Medicaide will pay for home help. You can get help with rent and utilities. You can get EBT (food stamps) to help with food. In most cities, bus and local train transportation are free for the poor and seniors. There are dozens of other benefits for the poor in the U.S. Mexico is not the right place to live if you have a low income. Medical tests are a small percentage of what they cost in the U.S. I am sure he didn't need an MRI because a person usually isn't going to die without an immediate MRI. A colonoscopy isn't that expensive but if he had cancer that killed him within a few months, it was too late for cancer treatment. SP wants to use its resources to keep younger people working. Use Medicare and Medicaid to stay alive if you are elderly or your own wallet. Sorry, you and your friend are/were poor but living in the U.S. is better for low-income people, meaning under $1000 a month which is below the current MX required income amount .
  9. That's because XE is in the U.S. Use Transferwise. It is based in the UK and doesn't care where you live. Maybe I gave them my Laredo address but I don't think they care. The problem is IRS and they don't work for IRS.
  10. I've used them for over a year and they never asked for a bank password. They have to have the account's user name to be able to withdraw and deposit the money. Call or email them and ask why they want your password. I bet there is a misunderstanding.
  11. health insurance private vs seguro popular

    I don't know what test your friend needed but it couldn't have been very expensive. If he could pass the income test to live in Mexico, he should have been able to pay for the test himself. Each IMSS has a budget and the Chapala office a few years ago was bouncing seniors off IMSS because they were ruining the budget. When the money for an area has been spent, others are denied healthcare. Many seniors go to IMSS instead of seeing a private doctor and saving IMSS money for more important treatment. IMSS also has a problem of paying pensions. Many workers including doctors are claiming pensions they didn't earn but IMSS had sloppy record keeping. The rumor is that IMSS will be combined with SP eventually. If people expect total care in their old age from IMSS or SP, forget it. Their obligation is to workers and young families to keep them working, not to the elderly. Expect to pay out of pocket for some medical care. It is very inexpensive compared to the US.
  12. More comfortable shoes

    It could be the vendor in Mexico buys from Sketchers in the U.S. and orders them. The Amazon vendor in the U.S. is not shipping e through the Amazon warehouse and can't ship to Mexico. If you aren't getting orders from the U.S. Amazon warehouse, you will pay an astronomical charge for shipping.
  13. golf carts

    The problem in MX is that accidents are civil and criminal. You can sit in jail until all damages are paid. I don't know how you can go fast enough with a golf cart to do any real damage to another vehicle without killing yourself. Don't drive on the highways. Stay on the neighborhood streets. Drive carefully. Only Trafficos and Federales can ask for your papers and give you tickets. The municipal cops who you will see in town, can't. They cannot ticket you. Where you will get insurance for a golf cart, I do not know. Most motorcycles don't have insurance. The poster "RV" lived here for many years and because of health problems he returned to the U.S. He is a wealth of information.
  14. health insurance private vs seguro popular

    Local private doctors in Joco also accept SP insurance as payment but they do not work for Seguro Popular.
  15. health insurance private vs seguro popular

    You can download Kindle editions of Spanish/Medical terms on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Medical-Terminologies-English-Spanish-Professionals-ebook/dp/B00LAHBD6M/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1499985336&sr=1-3&keywords=spanish+english+medical+terms https://www.amazon.com/Spanish-Medical-Dictionary-Spanish-English-English-Spanish-ebook/dp/B01N5T22QM/ref=sr_1_6?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1499985492&sr=1-6-spons&keywords=spanish+english+medical+terms&psc=1 We have a local person who wrote a Spanish/English medical book but I didn't find it listed. If she reads this maybe she will put post the link to her book. I was given an epidural and gas at the Joco hospital. The hospital doesn't provide major surgeries other than hernia, hysterectomies and gallbladder removal and C-Section for childbirth. It has a much younger staff and limited medications.