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  1. Where to buy a parsley plant at lakeside?

    Usually the nursery on the Southside of the highway in SJC has every herb and garnish.
  2. Celery Root?

    I tried to send you a message but it said you cannot receive messages. I have celeriac seed you can have or buy it on Ebay for fresher seed. http://www.ebay.com/itm/GIANT-PRAGUE-CELERIAC-GREAT-TASTING-200-SEEDS-TASTES-LIKE-PARSLEY-CELERY-/321242115879?hash=item4acb85af27:g:0t4AAOxyXDhSdqHI
  3. Mercadolibre

    I've never had a problem paying and getting a product from them. Send a message to the vendor and see if the vendor can straighten it out. Ask DHL if DHL can fix it. I usually pay online. Can you pay with Paypal or a bank account? That is the easiest.
  4. There were several state police trucks in Joco stopping people. My neighbor was stopped and his car searched. One state truck was at the corner talking to 2 men on a motorcycle. The first 2 trucks joined that truck. It was very odd. They are after someone but they must not have much of a description.
  5. I am guessing I have this right but in the U.S., Canada and I suppose most English speaking countries, road laws are based on water right of way laws. The smaller craft has the right of way. In Mexico, it is based on the rich people riding their horses through town and the pedestrians had to get out of the way. I've known of several people who were hit and killed by drivers because the pedestrians thought they had the right of way walking with a green light. Legally they were in the right but they are still dead. Drivers do not watch out for pedestrians here like we do up North.
  6. "WHAT PRECAUTIONS ARE REQUIRED BY ANYONE LEAVING STREET PARKING, SHOPPING CENTER, GARAGE, GAS STATION, ETC., ACCORDING TO THE REGULATION?" What about driving down a street like the driver who hit the pedestrian? What you cited are vehicles exiting onto streets. The pedestrain was not struck in a crosswalk. Even in most crosswalks, one should always be careful. If you think vehicles are required to brake for you and they will, you are welcome to try it out and then let us know about it.
  7. Pedestrians do not have the right of way in Mexico so be careful walking.
  8. Replacing cards in stolen wallet

    The metro police do not take reports. You have to go to the ministero to fill out the paperwork and take someone with you who speaks Spanish. Then after spending a few hours reporting the crime, forget about because you will never hear from them.
  9. Replacing cards in stolen wallet

    Did you make a copy of the IMN card? I was told that you almost have to start all over again. Everything you did originally but I think the fee is a little less but not much. It's a real pain.
  10. Concepsion de Buenos Aires piedras

    Directions from Chapala to ConcepciĆ³n de Buenos Aires: ConcepciĆ³n de Buenos Aires, Jalisco
  11. Why don't you ask the OP if she did that? This wasn't about you. If you are easily led, that's too bad. The generic Lyrica is safer than what she wants and the medicine she wants must be administered by a doctor. Finding a doctor in Mexico to administer it will be very difficult.
  12. Meal Kits?

    There are some people here who have meals to deliver. I thought I saved their Facebook pages and I can't find them. Maybe someone has links.
  13. Why wouldn't a person ask a doctor about a medication that the person heard about? It would be incredibly responsible to believe all the medication TV commercials without asking about them. I mentioned that it might be better than Ketamine. Hopefully, she has enough sense to find out about it just like asking a doctor about Ketamine. People need to take some responsibility and investigate for themselves what they are told. You are assuming the person asking about Ketamine is too dumb to find out about other medications. I think she can ask her doctor herself.
  14. He died a few years ago but I think his daughter is a pharmacist which means she can write prescriptions like any doctor.
  15. That's because XE is in the U.S. Use Transferwise. It is based in the UK and doesn't care where you live. Maybe I gave them my Laredo address but I don't think they care. The problem is IRS and they don't work for IRS.