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  1. Dark side of Seguro Popular

    Tramadol does nothing for me. The best I've found here is the generic Lyrica. It is great for most pain.
  2. Dark side of Seguro Popular

    I know psychiatrists are MDs but they prescribe medicines for mental health, not pain meds.
  3. Dark side of Seguro Popular

    Why is a psychiatrist taking a pain med course? Maybe, like doctors in the US thought for years, a person can become an addict if he gets pain meds. A person can only become addicted if he takes more than needed to treat the pain. If it only relieves pain and doesn't cause euphoria, he will not become addicted. People heal faster when the body is not in pain.
  4. What Would You Do?

    Landlords in Mexico do not legally have keys. A tenant should always have the locks changed when he moves in.
  5. Dark side of Seguro Popular

    Your sister-in-law is wrong. Treating pain helps a patient to heal faster. Tell her to read about it. https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=120381128
  6. SS has my MX address and deposits in my US bank. That is not SS decision to make, where to deposit your money. I think any changes you make must be done through the consulate. Unless you have a great IP blocker, the SS website knows you are not in the US.
  7. Xoom

    Transferwise lost or delayed a transfer several times so I stopped using it. Xoom transfers from my US bank to my MX bank in a day. Maybe it might $2 USD more but the money gets to my MX bank faster. Transferwise sent an email this week that its fees are rising. Its fee was higher than Xoom to start with. I no longer trust Transferwise. It is trying to raise money and is run between the UK and Estonia.
  8. Xoom

    I transfer from a US bank to a MX bank in usually 24 hours using Xoom and it charges a fee of $3.95. I've used Transferwise and several others. With Transferwise fee and exchange rate it is higher and takes several days longer. Xoom is the fastest and cheapest. Why do you think it is not a good choice?
  9. Flu Shot

    Isn't coxsackie virus foot and mouth disease and not the flu?
  10. Brrrrr! Cold weather

    It is called climate change and the Earth has recorded its hottest temperatures. Climate change isn't measured from a few areas and occasional incidents.
  11. Banco Azteca

    What is it you want, a bank that lets you make weekly payments to buy things or a bank that has easy to use accounts? I give up.
  12. Banco Azteca

    https://www.bancoppel.com/acerca_bancoppel/faq.html https://www.bancoazteca.com.mx/PortalBancoAzteca/ayuda/app-banco-azteca.do
  13. Banco Azteca

    You don't need to give your money to someone to hold for you. You can keep it under a mattress. Banks have always made money by taking in money. The US Forefathers had banks also and the banks couldn't build buildings and have employees without charging for services.
  14. Banco Azteca

    You can also pay your phone bill there without the bill, just the phone number.
  15. Using Coppel as a bank

    Xoom charges $4.95 and more depending on the transfer.