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  1. turning down part B

    If you sign up again in the future, you will be charge a penalty of about 10% for each year. https://www.cms.gov/Regulations-and-Guidance/Legislation/PaperworkReductionActof1995/PRA-Listing-Items/CMS-1763.html
  2. Seguro Popular

    Read AlanMexicali's post. He is the expert in all things relating to Seguro Popular and IMSS. Whatever we think will always be incorrect. Private doctors in the area accept SP and SP will pay some private clinics to help out with the medical bill. SP is busy and taking more members.
  3. Seguro Popular

    I really don't care and I wrote the rumor that has been here for years.
  4. Seguro Popular

    There is a well known Dra in Joco who accepts SP so I have to assume it is paying her. I am sure others accept as well but I haven't asked. It is IMSS that is hurting for money and will likely be incorporated into SP in the future. Why assume that a private doctor knows about SP?
  5. Seguro Popular

    SP pays 100% of the services IT PROVIDES. Patients must pay to rent some equipment like laparoscopic equipment. I paid about $4000 pesos for the laparoscopic equipment which was better than having old fashioned surgery and taking weeks to heal. I also paid for some tests outside of SP. Again, it pays 100% of what SP provides without a deduction. Some medicines and procedures are not provided and the patient pays out of pocket.
  6. Xoom

    Most of the services operate outside of the US. Transferwise is located in GB.
  7. Caring for a tangerine tree

    Spray with 1 part milk, 9 parts water. Keep the plants sprayed at least once a week. Usually you can't see the plaga until the damage is done so keep it sprayed. If that doesn't work, there is powdered copper to spray and is organic that I buy at the farm supply stores. You can use the poisons and they will always work but I wouldn't want them on tomatoes. Make your tomatoes stronger by using an acid soil. If the soil is too alkaline, the tomato can't pick up nutrients and is can't resist diseases. If you are trying to grow beefsteak tomatoes, it is very difficult. It will not be hot enough for them to mature when the rainy season hits. Then it is goodbye beefsteaks. Join this site for more information: On Facebook, Ajijic Organic Veggie Growers.
  8. Xoom

    Many of us use Xoom, Transferwise, XE and others. The highest charge is about $5USD. I never had to pay to be verified by any of the other services. It was free.
  9. frankcampb@gmail.com

    If you are trying to get service here, don't call. Direct TV cannot legally sell here. You can go through a local service provider that can get you service with Dish USA or Direct but never tell Dish or Direct that you are in Mexico.
  10. Social Security US

    You will know if SS sent the letter and didn't get a response because you won't receive a check until SS gets the information. Maybe someone is already receiving the letter, filling it out and mailing it back. The funeral home sends Death Certificates to the consulate so they should know when you die but the survivors can tell the funeral home not to do it. I know a widow who send the Death Certificate so that she could continue to receive the dead husband's pension. Not good for her when the state finds out.
  11. The sewing and fabric booths at the tianguis sell the iron on jean patches in various colors.
  12. Do you get this angry with every vendor who charges for services that you don't want to pay? You are free not to be a customer.
  13. Caring for a tangerine tree

    Fertilize and try some sulfur on the ground. My citrus were doing terrible until I added sulfur to the soil. You can buy it at the farm supplu store in Chapala or order it on Mercardolibre. Greening is caused by an insect so keep your citrus trees sprayed. http://homeguides.sfgate.com/fruits-fall-off-citrus-trees-58631.html
  14. Seguro Popular

    There is no copay. SP pays 100% of the services it provides. Some medicines or services you might need to get privately and you might need to pay. The younger doctors at SP speak English or try to. Coverage should be for 3 years from the date you signed up.
  15. Beware Puerta Arroyo

    Get Telcel 3G internet. Some of the other cell phone services offer internet. It doesn't cost any more than Telmex internet. If a cell phone works there then internet will work.