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  1. Tingting

    No Bullsh*t Coffee at SuperLake Grocery

    While I absolutely love the espresso from El Arbol de Cafe in Chapala, I'll give your brand a try--the name is just too good not to give it a chance.
  2. I believe it was Tlaquepaque, but there were so many side streets that I'm truly grateful Luzma did the driving.
  3. I just wanted to give a big plug for Luzma Grande of Ajijic Concierge. I needed to get my license renewed and I absolutely hate driving in Guadalajara, especially when it's somewhere I've never been before. It was so easy! She told me what documents were needed, did several follow-up reminders before our scheduled date, and got us in and out of the facility in less than a half an hour. Her rates are very reasonable (for 2 of us, it was $700 pesos each) and she drove us there and back. Hubby is going to go for his license next week and he's also going to use her services. To contact Luzma: ajijicconcierge@gmail.com or 333 452 1670 (cell)/376 766 1562 (office at Ajijic Homes 4 Rent & A L Carte Concierge Services)
  4. Tingting

    Peppermint foot cream

    Hi, Chillin...go to Farmacia Express II in San Antonio. Claudia has it. If not, let me know. BTW, Jabonera will be returning to lakeside at the end of next month, so she'll be bringing all of her wonderful creams and natural products.
  5. Tingting

    Cataract surgery

    Thank you for sharing this. I know some like to pooh-pooh the experiences of others, but when it comes to my eyes, I have to be honest and say I'm scared sh**less to have anything done, but I've reached the point where there aren't too many choices left. It's important that we hear the bad as well as the good. I'm so sorry things didn't go well for you. I can't even imagine what you've gone through.
  6. Tingting

    Cataract surgery

    Super-enthusiastic thumbs up for Dra. Claudia. She did hubby's eyes last week with tri-focal lenses and his recovery has been amazing. I used her for a regular eye exam because I'd had a bad experience with another eye doc and she was really quick to respond to my e-mails when there were questions from Contacts.com. The difference in my vision, while subtle, has really made a difference...so much so that I'm about to book myself in for the same surgery as hubby. It was recommended to me in the past, but I've always been too scared for all of the obvious reasons. I'm still scared, but I don't think there's a better doc to trust with my eyes. For the top-of-the-line trifocals, the cost was $90k mxn for both eyes. As one poster said, you don't shop for a bargain when it comes to your eyes, but look for the best doctor you can get.
  7. Tingting

    Vehicle registration renewal

    Oops...I honestly don't know. I don't recall being asked age, but it's possible. The site was pretty comprehensive.
  8. Tingting

    Vehicle registration renewal

    In January, after reading about all of the strange things going on with renewal, I did it online. I paid at an Oxxo, kepa copy of the papers and receipt to show it had been paid, and then went to the Recaucadora last week to pick up the papers. Simple, no lines and no hassle.
  9. ExpressVPN will do it. I also like Amazon Prime and NetlixUSA. I got Hulu, too, but didn't like it. Free Vons rarely work for long, or they can't access everything.
  10. Tingting

    Tipping Disagreement

    Well, I tip the taxi driver, regardless of who and where. Many times we leave super-early and the folks we call always show up early or on time. It's often around 2:30 or 3 in the morning, so I figure that by using the same people, and giving a decent tip, they'll remember us and continue providing great, timely service. For us, it's definitely worth the extra to make sure we're not watching our plane take off without us.
  11. Another plug for Dr. Barragan and his staff. Although he is not my "regular" dentist, I had had a horrible experience (pain) with a previous root canal. My regular dentist is fantastic, but she doesn't do oral surgery -- and that's when I had the awful experience with someone who came in from Guad. The next time I needed a crown, there was no way I was going to use that guy. I made an appointment with Dr. Barragan and had the root canal done by his recommended specialist. I was scared spitless because the doctor looked about 20. He was absolutely fantastic and the first dentist I've ever had who used a numbing agent for the numbing shot! He was so thorough that I felt almost nothing at all when he did give me the shot. While this wasn't Dr. Barragan's work, it was his recommended specialist, plus he and the staff just impressed the heck out of me.
  12. Don't worry about the general comments. You're always going to have naysayers, regardless of the topic. It's normal to compare prices to the US since that's your home country. Eventually, you'll find a balance. Shop around, check out the various docs and go where you're comfortable. You'll see high end for here (specialists out of Guad, usually) and low end and everything in between. When we need routine care, we go to Ajijic Clinic (Clinica Ajijic). We absolutely love Dr. Rodriguez. His fees are reasonable, the care is excellent, and he's very, very patient-oriented. For anything more specific (cardio, ortho, etc), we're really lucky in that we have access to all sorts of specialists here. If one isn't available, Guad isn't that far away.
  13. Due to an ever-changing eye prescription, I have a collection of 2.0 reading glasses that are in excellent condition. Obviously, I don't want to ditch them, so if someone reading this is a contact point for a local cause, please contact me and I'll drop them off. I tried looking for Casa de Ancianos, but couldn't find it. I also have unopened packages of balms and creams and a few other things that would be good for sensitive skin. Thanks in advance!