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  1. GE 5.8GHz 3 Handset cordless phone system w/answering machine and dash mount charger for cell phone Price: $250mxn Please call 376-765-5085 or write britkennels@msn.com
  2. Bird Scarer

    Have a problem w/birds but you want a humane solution? Try this bird scarer. It features: Auto function w/5 - 30 mins. intervals for large area protection Built-in photocell to disable the device when it's dark Daytime function to alert to possible intrusion Sounds of hawks and owls may scare away rats, mice and rabbits Time interval adjustment Special chip recording of actual predatory calls from hawks, falcons & owls Price: $350mxn Please call 376-765-5085 or write britkennels@msn.com
  3. HP 02 cartridges

    Large package of HP 02 ink, including: 5 black 7 lightmagenta 9 magenta 7 cyan 9 yellow 8 light cyan Price: $450mxn Please call 376-765-5085 or write britkennels@msn.com
  4. Double six domino set in wooden case w/instructions. Price: $100mxn. Please call 376-765-5085 or write britkennels@msn.com
  5. Cordless hand vac

    Portable Black & Decker hand-held vacuum w/charging stand. Handy for quick cleans, cleaning the car carpet, etc. Price: $200mxn Call 376-765-5085 or write britkennels@msn.com
  6. Computer accessories

    A group of goodies that includes the following: Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro Controller Tandy A/B Switch w/connectors Belkin 4 Way Data Switch 3 RCA Audio Video Switch (laser disk, VCR, CD, DVD) to TV w/cables D-Link 2.4Ghz Wireless Range Extender (w/setup disk) Belkin Hi Speed USB 2.0 4 port hub Saitek programming disk (WIN 7 32/64 bit drive) Dynex 7 port hub USD 2.0 Linksys 5 port network hub D-Link 4 port hub USB 2.0 2 USB-to-wall chargers 12. Creative Web cam 2.0 Price: $350mxn Please call 376-765-5085 or write britkennels@msn.com
  7. 129 Key Wireless Internet Keyboard and Optical Wheel Mouse (never used) with the following features: 27Mhz wireless receiver w/1 USB and 1 PS/2 connector USB to PS/2 adapter3 AA & 2AA batteries For use with IBM PCs and 100% compatibles For Wndows 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000 & XP Price: $100mxn Call 376-765-5085 or write britkennels@msn.com
  8. If you have a Wii system, then this is for you! For only $500mxn, you get the following: Wii Fit Plus Board 2 Active Trainers 2 Game Cubes 2 Wheels Charging stand 15 games 2 hand controls This even includes a Wii game system -- we believe it works, but we can't guarantee it, so we've included it for free. Please call 376-765-5085 or write britkennels@msn.com.
  9. La Antigua in Riberas

    You are so right, CG!
  10. La Antigua in Riberas

    I just tried the place today with a friend and was really impressed. Janet walked around and checked that the customers were happy (I sure was!) and the waiters were very attentive. Portions were good, quality was excellent and the menu selection was amazing. My friend and I sat there for quite a while and never once felt like we had outstayed our welcome. I'll definitely be back.
  11. Capital Gains Tax

    Again, thanks for the info, but I'm pretty familiar w/who pays what. The only question is CGT and the exemption and...oh, heck! I will update this once I speak w/the notario. I have the site that Pappysmarket recommend (thank you!) and it's giving me a very rough idea (heart is now off the floor), but I guess I could also flip a coin and have just as sure an answer. Gotta love living here!
  12. Capital Gains Tax

    Thanks for the answers. I've made an appointment with a local notario (this is for a house sale) to get a rough idea. My questions are just to stop my heart from hitting the floor. One other one: where do they get the valuation? From the actual buy/sell (when we bought to when we sold) or from the official predial valuation?
  13. Can anyone give me definitive answers to the questions below? I've read, re-read and am now going batty. Some sites say one thing, others say another. So...my questions: If you're a residente permanente, and have been so for over 3 years (4 in our case, but owned the property for 12) with a CURP, do you get the exemption? (Hmmm...what I'm trying to say is that we've lived here full time for 12 years, went permanent in 2013, and owned the property the entire time.) If not, how is the tax percentage determined? I've read it's anywhere from 1.92% to 35%--gulp! What type of taxes have most sellers experienced? I know I need to go talk to a notario, but any basic info/suggestions/etc would be appreciated. TIA.
  14. Internet Speed (again)

    Holy, Batcrap. I just tested ours and got 15.57 download. A SECOND milagro in Chapala Haciendas! http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/6382411651
  15. Fabric

    Slightly over 100 meters of fabric for only $1845. That's approximately $1USD/meter! Several "bolts" are large enough for curtains, tablecloth, etc. See pic for colors .. 376-765-5085