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    Amen, Sola! We do the same. If the cleaner needs time off, we give it to her, no questions asked and still pay her for the day. So far, she hasn't abused it and always gives back extra time. We don't ask that she does it, but there is a sense of balance that works. The same with small loans. If she needs a small amount, we loan it but VERY slowly take it out of her pay...and give her credit for any extra time she spends. We have a very good relationship, but never think that she's our buddy. Of course, things can change on a dime, as is true anywhere you live, so I don't discount the original post. I just wish we had more facts and less vague statements.
  2. Glad it went well for you. I have regained some not all vision in the eye that was operated on by another eye doctor.  Just back from states and cannot  wait until I get the other eye done by Dr, C

  3. Tingting

    MAJOR plug for Dra. Claudia (eyes)

    Here is her contact info: appts: 333 403 3857 office@camacho-choza http://www.camacho-choza.com Her satellite office (eye exams, follow-up from surgery) is right above the Immigration office in Chapala (close to Delicia's). I believe she's there on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but she definitely requires an appointment (very popular!). The surgery is done at her clinic in Guadalajara. Hope that helps.
  4. You're absolutely correct, Ferret. Thanks for pointing that out. I was just agreeing with MtnM's comment: And if someone is so ignorant as to say, “you put your husband in a nursing home? How awful. I kept my mother at home. I would NEVER put someone in a nursing home.” Why do so many folks think it's their place to point out what they think is the error of the ways of others? It's hard enough to have to make this kind of decision, with all of the normal second-guessing, without having someone adding a sh*tload of guilt on top of that, too.
  5. The ignorance of complete strangers, along with their swift willingness to share their opinions, never ceases to amaze me. I think it takes a very strong person to understand that not everything can be handled at home. Your husband is very lucky that you cared enough to make that decision. Thanks for sharing your story and I hope your hubby makes a very swift recovery !
  6. Tingting

    MAJOR plug for Dra. Claudia (eyes)

    First, thanks all for the very kind comments. To be honest, I thought I'd go in there and come out seeing okay...not perfect, but at least a bit better. Holy sh*t! Hubby had to listen to me blabber for several days about just how sharp and clear I could see the leaves in trees and read without the fuzzy bits (that's the technical term, of course ;p ). I don't want to set anyone up because each person is different, but there really and truly is a reason why so many of Dra. Claudia's patients come out seeing her praises. She's really that good. Almost-edit: I was going to correct my line of "seeing her praises" to what it should have been, "singing her praises" and then realized that it was too appropriate to mess with!
  7. Tingting

    New nuisance caller on cell phone

    Utilitus & Tiny: I like your ideas--I'm going to have to borrow them!
  8. Tingting

    New nuisance caller on cell phone

    I get one for a "Maria Peregrina." Whoever she is, she must owe a LOT of people a LOT of money. No matter how many times I politely say that it's obvious I'm not her (the heavy accent should be the first clue), they'll call back on another number. Back when I was still being polite, I even answered their questions (other than name or anything personal) like the fact that I've had the phone for at least 3 years. That didn't work, nor does blocking. Now, I'm just having fun with them wasting their time.
  9. I've worn contacts for nearly 44 years and still had problems. If I were to attempt to wear glasses, they would be thicker than Coke bottles, and about as attractive. Over the years, I wanted the various latest and greatest procedures that came out (RK, lasik, etc), but was told that it couldn't be done because of thin cornea, super-strong prescription, etc, etc. I once asked what my actual prescription was (20/40? 20/100? ??) and was told when eyes are as bad as mine, they don't measure! Then, hubby had cataract surgery w/Dra. Claudia at the beginning of April, choosing the trifocal lenses. I joked that he was the poster child for the procedure because it went so well. When he told me that he could see well enough to drive, I actually didn't believe him because it'd just been a few days. Still, I made an appointment with the doctor because I had the start of cataracts and I just couldn't take the major headaches and vision hassles anymore. Originally, I was scheduled for 22 May, but the retina specialist canceled the surgery because I had lattice degeneration and holes in the retina, thin retinal walls, and -- my favorite -- large eyeballs (high myopics tend to have it and I was -8.5 and -8.0 with astigmatism). I had the option of having argon laser treatment to strengthen the retinas. No, it didn't "fix" them, but the scar tissue would act like a weld around a weak area. I chose to have it done (not fun) because anything that would help salvage my sight was worth it to me. The surgery was scheduled for four weeks later. My surgery was last Friday. On Saturday, I had my first follow-up. To my great and utter amazement, my vision is now 100%. I raced through both the regular letter eye charts and the reading chart, able to read every single line. Before, things would get fuzzy after a few lines. Everything was sharp and clear. Like hubby, I chose the Zeiss trifocal iols, including a toric for astigmatism, and it was the best investment I've ever made. I am completely glasses-free. While it's still early days and I realize that things can happen, I have complete confidence in Dra. Claudia. Since there's almost nothing more boring than someone describing their surgery, I'll just say everything went super-smoothly and it was over before I had a chance to get scared. Everyone was professional, friendly and helpful. A BIG thank you to Dra. Claudia and Dr. Silva (retina specialist) for taking the time and precautions needed for crappy eyes like mine. They didn't operate until my eyes were in the best shape that they could be and for that I'll be forever grateful.
  10. Tingting

    Scam Artists

    It makes you wonder just how dumb they are to return to the scene...
  11. The guy said it was a sticker check. I accept that. I've been pulled over for a lot less in the US (not always deserved). My whole point was the professionalism by the cop. Nothing more, nothing less. We didn't react and get ugly and accuse him of trying to take a bribe. It was a quick check and it was over. You show me a country that doesn't do random traffic stops and I'll show you Utopia. Had we done something wrong, we would have politely asked for the ticket. Maybe you're on the way to the slaughter, but not us.
  12. Absolutely good points and it's one of the reasons why we make sure everything is in order. Still, I was surprised at just how professional the cop was. We've been shaken down in the past (many years ago), so I'd like to think it's a positive sign of real changes.
  13. Tingting

    Scam Artists

    Yes and probably. I've never met them (thank goodness!) but if even half of the rumors are true...well, wow. Just wow.
  14. Tingting

    Fido in Restaurants

    Quite honestly, most of the dogs that I've seen have been better behaved than some of their human companions. For me, if it's outside, it doesn't bother me, but they don't really belong indoors where the food is actually prepared. Would it deter me? No.