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  1. Sorry, I don't know details of limited plans. Best to ask Telcel!
  2. In the USA when calling any phone simply enter the 10 digit number. Calling to Mexico from the USA enter 011-52-+ the 10 digit number. When calling to a cell phone you must add 1 after the 52.
  3. If the drinks are large as the picture would lead one to believe the $40 is a good price.
  4. Yes, an email contact for City Hall would be helpful!
  5. If it's a laptop the no issue. No need to declare if it appears to be his. e.g. remove it from the box!
  6. The labor laws in Mexico are very strong. US Walmart can hire part-time employees and not pay benefits, Mexico Walmart cannot get away with that. The law requires that they are enrolled in IMSS which provides Medical Insurance, retirement, and even a special saving plan to help people eventually buy their own home.
  7. Juan Pablo without a doubt!
  8. Don't let DHL send it back! Get a Spanish speaker, an attorney if necessary, to help you. We had an issue with a picture frame, they claimed we were trying to import wood without a license. Spencer's office helped us get it cleared.
  9. Contact Spencer's office.
  10. Import restrictions would have nothing to do with it.
  11. I purchase from eBay and Amazon, all in $US. If it was me, I'd have my Mexican bank (Multiva) wire transfer to my US bank.
  12. Yes.
  13. Gosha's
  14. It's not the fault of the suppliers be they Chinese, Indian or whoever. It's the importers and Walmarts of the world who flood the world with cheap crap.
  15. Agree that Forteleza/Los Abuelos is the best tequila to be found. Terralta/G4 is quite good too as is Siete Leguas.