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  1. Any recommendations for legal representation?

    Hard to tell which is which when they're labeled: Cell, US, and MX?
  2. New residents driving tips

    That and the SuperLake parking lot!
  3. Any recommendations for legal representation?

    Actually, several other associates in his office in Guadalajara.
  4. Happy Birthday, RVGRINGO!

    Happy Birthday Bob. I still have the #1 SmartCar at Lakeside! David
  5. Peso on the Move ... Where's It Headed ?

    The quote says "currency hedges" not derivitives. Mexico has lot so $USD, that's why they were able to purchase $20B US in hedges!
  6. The Bagel Place? Just a thought.
  7. Peso on the Move ... Where's It Headed ?

    That's been going on for years but it's not arbitrage. Anytime the Peso drops too quickly for their liking they spend reserve US Dollars and buy Pesos which slows the slide.
  8. Insurance- What to get????

    Plans from Allianz and AXA are exellent. Good companies, good reputation, good agents.
  9. Airline Tourism Tax Rebate

    Mexico gets the $, it's for the FMM. The electronic ticketing system has already paid Mexico by the time anyone applied for a refund. Once they pay you they have to go after Mexico to get it refunded. You can imagine how much fun that is and how often they succeed!
  10. Airline Tourism Tax Rebate

    The procure is different for each airline, call them. It's only good if you have a RT orr RP Visa.
  11. My Telmex wifi is down

    It's been slow and intermitent for months. They say they are "upgrading it." I 'd be happy with what we had before they started "upgrading" it.
  12. Best Motel/Closest to GDL Airport

    That's good news!
  13. The Five Year Plan

    If you live here then you know your home must be fortified or face the reality of repeated break-ins. Not speaking of security here is being naive. There is a safety and security factor of gated communities such as Vista Allegre that the rest of us must create on our own.
  14. Best Motel/Closest to GDL Airport

    The Hanger likely won't have a courtesy van. Good luck getting a taxi to take you just outside the airport grounds!
  15. calls to cell phone

    The Mexican carriers have no such facility. Simply look at the details of the calling number and hit the Block button.