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  1. JayBearII

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    A note to the original posters: you will want to contact whoever you work for and make sure that they, or their clients, have no objections to your handling their information outside the U.S.
  2. JayBearII


    I thought of recommending one of my two, BUT then I remembered that the first guy took 2 months before he remembered to come to get payment for the work he'd done--and we owed him about 2000 pesos! And the second guy is known as "X the Inevitable" because he WILL show up, it's just a question of when--his record is a mere 2 weeks. I think one of the problems is that emergency jobs--no water, no electricity, toilet won't flush--take precedence over other work.
  3. Unlikely you will get it back, BUT... Did you have ID inside--in case someone nice saw it and took it for safekeeping until the owner could be located? Do you know where you lost it?--if so, putting up posters with a substantial reward amount might produce results--not likely but possible.
  4. JayBearII

    Computer repair

    Mike Riley the Computer Guy (who posts on this board) 765-4156
  5. JayBearII

    Knee Rehab

    Another vote for Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Ursua who comes to Mascaras Clinic. He did knee surgery on a friend and hip replacements on several friends. I recently went to see him, as I was afraid I needed a hip replacement, since I had lost some bone mass per my latest physical exam. He looked at my scan and told me I did NOT need surgery, prescribed a med and a vitamin, and reviewed my other prescriptions to be sure nothing conflicted. He's a nice friendly guy, too, and speaks perfect English.
  6. JayBearII

    Plumber that can find a slab leak?

    Jose Martinez, electrician and plumber, whom I have known for over 10 years, has a special camera that can pass thru the pipe and relay back the image so as to find the problem. He used it at my condo about a year ago. He has assistants to help. Not cheap, but does an excellent job. He's at 333-174-1282.
  7. The Miramontes family cab service does this in the Ajijic area: 766-1142 or (045) 333-157-8060. Best to call as far in advance as possible.
  8. JayBearII

    Local Dr. for Blood Pressure Issues?

    If you are taking meds for a blood pressure/heart problem, and are asking for a recommendation of a doctor to advise on that, I recommend Dr. Hector Briseno at 766-1870. PM me if you want an email or a direct phone # for him.
  9. JayBearII

    Baked goods at SuperLake

    I sure do miss the oatmeal raisin and the chocolate chip cookies that came in the little packages at SL.
  10. The info I have says Axixic Spring Clean 766-5140, Parroquia 10 int. I do seem to remember it is hard to reach them, but once you do, they are pretty fast at responding.
  11. JayBearII


    One outage during the night, one this morning in La Canacinta in far west Ajijic.
  12. JayBearII

    Telephone #

    Per Google search: Victor Youcha 766-1973, Carretera 25 F Tempisque, opens 9 a.m.
  13. I have a friend I have not heard from since the storm outages. She has a caretaker onsite, so I am not really worried, but I am wondering if there are still outages around town. She is in Ajijic.
  14. JayBearII


    Hi Gringal! If you noticed the blond lady who came in with a white haired guy and sat near you, the lady was me! I ordered the chicken with mushroom sauce, and it was quite a large portion, small side salad and a few veggies. I heard you mention "no mashed p" on your way out, and I agree that was disappointing, they were obviously having a problem with supplies, but the lunch was good, anyway. So was the carrot cake with ice cream for dessert!
  15. JayBearII

    Carretera trivia ?

    My understanding is that the "Camino Real" in Ajijic just south of the carretera is the old "highway"--am I right?