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  1. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    Well, we loved Poutine Place in their old location (roughly across from SuperLake) and we are looking forward to visiting them in their new location. Loved their poutine and I'm not Canadian! And their fish and chips were superb!
  2. New residents driving tips

    Well, I don't have cataracts YET, and I am still...uh..annoyed... by the $%&/()s with misfocused headlights, high beams in traffic, no headlights, one headlight, etc. Not to mention whether these $%&/()s have any car insurance. Yes, driving here is a learning experience, and newbies need to be careful. Alas, it is NOT the local Mexicans who are the problem IMO! Did some of these expats get their licenses on Ebay or what??? And BTW, I know it is the rule in Mexico to pull over to the right and wait for traffic to clear, and then turn left from the right parking lane, but this DOES NOT WORK on the carretera!
  3. RCman

    I have noticed that many houses in central Ajijic have the doorbells raised too high for kids to reach them. Life here is all about NOT being the easiest target. I always thought it would be cool to have a doorbell that triggers a recording of large dogs barking while the homeowner yells, "Down Fang" but I'd have to check for the Spanish translation of that.
  4. The Five Year Plan

    I neglected to say "consider the altitude". We are high here, oddly, because it seems flat, with mountains to the north and the Lake to the south. But, people with heart conditions can find it hard here. Me, my blood pressure was fine in the US. Here, due to the altitude and advancing age, I had to start taking meds. And San Miguel is higher.
  5. Telmex

    Is there a shortage of landlines, or are you 'selling" a particular number? I don't comprehend. Me, I have a perfect TelMex number: it is my bra size vs. the size I want to be. So easy to remember.
  6. The Five Year Plan

    When I was looking at retirement 13 years ago, I was looking at either San Miguel, which I had read about for many years, and Ajijic/Chapala, which was new to me. I decided to look at both. Visited Ajijic in January, said "wrap it, I'll take it" and went back to Boston to pack up. Didn't get to San Miguel de Allende for 3 years, finally visited, was glad I chose Ajijic. Negatives about San Miguel: chilly in the winter, a long drive to the nearest international airport, hilly, a lot of homes in the hills owned by rich people who have several homes and may visit only a couple of months a year, not as big a choice of restaurants, seemed more expensive than Ajijic/Chapala. Very pretty place, but not for me. But I did enjoy the smell of wood smoke on chilly nights, and the beauty of the place.
  7. New residents driving tips

    I live out west of Ajijic, and I despair when I have to drive back home at night from Ajijic or Chapala BECAUSE there are no visible stripes on the sides of the road and no center stripes, and west of Roberto's, there is a stretch where there are no concrete barriers at the side of the road, so the only way I can tell I am in my lane is to judge by oncoming headlights, and I am met by vehicles with (a) no headlights, (b) no running lights OR headlights, (c) misaimed headlights that shine into my eyes, or (d) headlights on high which blinds me but apparently those are the only working headlights the driver has. And (e) some of the headlights are NOT normal headlights, they are some kind of extra bright ones like searchlights, which I am sure the drivers think is cool, but I don't appreciate them! And people wonder why retirees don't want to drive at night--DUH! End of rant.
  8. Ajijic LANDLINE 4 sale w/ internet included

    Not clear as to what you are selling. Thought it was still possible to get a landline from TelMex. Yours is a cell phone number--are they not easy to get from TelCel or AT&T these days? Are you selling a special number? I already have a special TelMex number--so easy to remember--it is my bra size vs. the size I want to be. (No guys, don't try to guess!) (Phone calls will not be accepted!)
  9. New B

    - A few people swim in the Lake but most of us don't. It won't kill you, but there are a lot of water plants and old tires, etc. - Most of us use bottled water or have a filter system or both. - The hot springs at San Juan Cosala are accessible by bus, as it is a short walk down a boulevard from the main highway (carretera). There is a daily fee.
  10. Hit & Run at La Huerta today (Sept. 26th)

    Even tho I try to plan what I need to do in case of an accident, it is hard to think when it happens--one is sort of stunned. I have a list of what i need to do, printed on the front of my car insurance packet. Someone has advised taking Polaroid photos of the scene, as quite often one needs to move the cars off the middle of the street and one picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words, particularly if your Spanish is not fluent! My question: where can I buy a Polaroid camera? I haven't seen one in years.
  11. How to call 800 numbers

    I believe it is 001 plus: Dial 880 if your toll-free number begins with 800. Dial 881 for an 888 number. Dial 882 for an 877 number and dial 883 for all 866 numbers. These codes only apply to calls from Mexico. It is expensive and what really gripes me is that if I have to call my bank or Amex or whatever, I get put on hold while the minutes build up. And then I get some :() who can't help me, so said :() puts me on hold, even if I explain that I am calling from Mexico and paying per minute.
  12. You can get ID tags made at the Animal Shelter next to Lladron's pet clinic.
  13. New Shaw Direct Receiver

    Thanks for all the info, y'all! I've been addicted to Shaw Direct for many years (I'm a prisoner of PBS, as they say!) (not to mention CNN so I won't!) I have been concerned about how I get a new receiver! I know I should modernize and view programs online, but I like the old way and a regular TV screen across from the sofa! So, I will pursue this! Would someone clue me in on how expensive this is here?
  14. Tony's "Campestre" Now Open

    The place has been open for months but seating has been outdoors. Perhaps they are now opening the inside, which was off limits except for the restrooms. I'd love to know more!
  15. Ajijic pronunciation

    I believe that the "c" at the end is intended to be pronounced, but with only a slight touch to the roof of the mouth, so that it is barely heard. I cannot manage this, myself. Now do we want to try for Ixtlahuacan?