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  1. Dentures, Implants or Bridges?

    Have your friend go to 3 dentists and get their recommendations.
  2. Brad Grieve the home inspector is at 766-2836 and 333-904-9573.
  3. Notario In Villa Nova

    Notorio #2, Luis Enrique Ramos Bustillos is in lower Chula Vista, Calle del Parque #60, corner of Calle Roble--is that who you meant?
  4. What Would You Do?

    LCS indeed has a registry, and I have used it before when a neighbor passed on--BUT, it is Saturday night, and that won't work. I guess I would get a neighbor or friend to go with me, and I'd break in. Hopefully the person has contact info (doctor, relative) posted on the frig or by the phone. If not, I think I would call my own doctor for advice and help.
  5. Looking for a tour guide in Guadalajara

    I went to renew my IMSS with Beatriz de la Garza on Tues. so I know she is still around and working--she mentioned something about having been too busy to respond to an inquiry she had received, until it was too late to be of help.
  6. Care-Giver Required Immediately

    Lake Medical Center on the south side of the carretera in west Ajijic used to keep a list of homecare nurses--don't know if they still do.
  7. Utilities Hola

    You might want to consider a property mgmt. service. I used Roma for the first few years I was here. There is a monthly fee, but it sure makes things easy--they pay your utilities and provide trustworthy workers when you need something fixed. And you have somebody to call if anything goes wrong or you have a question about what to do when problems arise. It made a big difference to my success as a newbie here.
  8. Never used. Originally 45 USD. Suitable for shop entrance or any open doorway that is sometimes out of your sight. Can be mounted higher than your dog, or not. You can set it to sound "ding-dong" or a loud "wah wah wah" as desired.
  9. Where to buy a hide a bed

    The furniture store near Sunrise restaurant in San Antonio Tlay. east of Ajijic has some, too--not much selection, and the "good" ones are very expensive IMO.
  10. Where to buy a hide a bed

    Liverpool has them--you can see their selection online.
  11. Puerto Vallarta Info.

    Remember Richard Burton and Liz Taylor escaping to PV when they were both married to someone else? (Yeah, if I remember that, I'm really old.)
  12. Construction on the libriamento

    Wasn't there a rumor a few months ago that Costco was going to build on the land where the old plant nursery is, at the corner of the Libramiento and the carretera?
  13. Construction on the libriamento

    I read that a curve somewhere along that road would be redone because it was the site of many accidents. Sounds like this is it.
  14. The number I have for Dr. Pepe Magana is 331-182-2955, or 333-496-7078. He lives near Chapala and may be available.
  15. Gas fireplace service person

    Carlos Ramirez (376) 765-5597. cell (o45) 333-903-5891 -- That's what's on the card I got from him.