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  1. driving to Phoenix Sunday

    I don't drive up anymore, but when I did: - Lunch in Tepic - Overnight in Mazatlan with drinks and dinner on the beach - Bypass Culiacan (cartel headquarters? not a great place to linger) - Navajoa--stay there, eat on the beach a little ways out of town - Hermosillo, Holiday Inn, top floors have a nice view of the sunset over the desert - Cross the border the next morning
  2. Last Will and Testament

    Luis Enrique Ranos Bustillos--atty. #2--Calle del Parque Ote. 60, lower Chula Vista 766-0190. He did mine; very professional and a nice guy also.
  3. Sandi's Bookstore closing

    I was concerned that Bookman's, my favorite bookstore in Tucson, would close, but they are very successful--people love to roam around and look at the books, and there are comfortable armchairs for reading, plus it's a good place to meet people. Always a big line at the cash registers.
  4. We've been there several times, and we have been impressed. We live on the far west end of Ajijic, and frequently shop at La Huerta, and this place is a welcome find!
  5. Benno computers closing

    I do think that we need a store like Benno's here--there are times when you need something for your computer and it takes time to get it online, or else you need a little advice prior to your purchase, or else you prefer to buy computer stuff locally vs. online where you get no support. Or maybe you just want to go in and shop around, which I love to do in the US--I tend to want to lie down and kiss the indoor/outdoor carpet upon entering an OfficeMax. Drool! I know I could go to Guadalajara, but being some combination of old, wise and short on nerves, I do not do so.
  6. Attorney #2 in lower Chula Vista does DNR's and he is quite good at talking you thru the ins and outs. I hear that some hospitals do them also, as part of admission procedures. You'll need to name a couple of friends willing to pull the plug on you.
  7. Boveda ceiling crumbling

    You might consider hiring a good property manager--one call does it all, as to fixing things or explaining things. The monthly fee might be worth it. I used Roma Prop. Mgmt. for the first years here. The important thing is to make it easy enough on yourself so that you do not get discouraged and go "home."
  8. Zig zag up the mountain?

    Construction was stopped some years ago because the mountain is ejido (native) land and one cannot build there. A living warning to other potential builders, I hope, because otherwise, it is just an eyesore.
  9. Food Truck

    Some of us have English keyboards, on which one must make quite an effort to type an "n" with a tilde: " To make a lowercase ñ in the Microsoft Windows operating system, hold down the Alt key and type the number 164 or 0241 on the numeric keypad (with Num Lock turned on). To make an uppercase Ñ, press Alt-165 or Alt-0209. Character Map in Windows identifies the letter as "Latin Small/Capital Letter N With Tilde".
  10. Requesting rental information

  11. dr. juan lastra ...

    Dr. Lastra is my neighbor, and while he is not my doctor, I am told he specializes in pain meds, and I have seen him going and coming in the night to attend to patients. I am happy to have him living nearby. One of the things I appreciate about my private health insurance here, which is a catastrophic plan that only covers certain things, is that it covers second opinions by a board of US doctors who will get involved in your case. I am big on second opinions.
  12. Renting with pets

    Not all rentals take dogs, but this is a very doggy community and excluding dogs would make it more difficult to find renters. As long as your dogs are well-behaved and the property has a yard (some places here have nothing but concrete) I think you can negotiate a deal with the landlord. Most landlords will want first and last month's rent plus a damage deposit, and the latter should cover any problems. Note that almost all houses here have tile floors and the landlord can remove rugs (if any) if he is nervous about damage potential.
  13. New Hours @ La Mision

    My problem is that I have no current idea as to when you are open or what specials you offer, so we simply don't go.

    A number of people thought they were locked out and did not know what they had done. A number of other people like me seriously considered how dependent they are on this website and vowed to consider other options, should any arise! Would we like to have a webboard on which we can rely? YES! I well remember the narco activities here a few years ago when I did not go out until I had checked the webboard.
  15. Concepsion de Buenos Aires piedras

    Sorry..that is "Concepcion de Buenos Aires--typing error.