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  1. After watching "The Crown", I watched "The Royal House of Windsor" and found it to be more of an exact accounting of the lives of the Royal Family. It's somewhat of a documentary with actual film footage mixed with actors in parts and I very much enjoyed it. It can be found on Netflix Mexico.
  2. Suggestions for Good-Cheap Lunch

    I always enjoy Lake Taco on the Libramiento behind the Pemex next to the car wash. Excellent fish and chips or grilled Mahi Mahi with salad.
  3. Let's dish dirt!!!

    It took a few seconds to translate snows into mows. I buy my topsoil from Exotica nursery for 40 pesos a bag and he delivers. I buy the redwood chip mulch from the garden store just east of the 7/11 in Riberas. I have lots of beautiful ground cover in the green with small red flowers or the purple Wandering Jew that you are welcome to come and pick for free.
  4. Instant Pot

    I also found that times varied according to steamer. I believe I use 25 for room temperature and 30 for cold. I also use ice water bath and crack all over and roll unless they go in the fridge before use,
  5. Instant Pot

    Sorry, CG. There is much written on it on the web. This method takes all the guess work out and makes no difference as to the age of the egg or hardness of shell. I make pickled eggs and they need to peel perfectly. Too many times I've had egg salad instead before finding out about this method. Put water in bottom of steamer, place eggs in basket and turn it on. I adjust the time according to whether the eggs are room temperature or cold. Also each steamer may be a little different. I do 30 min. for cold eggs and less for warm eggs. Eggs then are rinsed in cold water and go into an ice water bath while I peel them. Perfect eggs every time. Remember: eggs are porous. Dirty eggs may be kept at room temperature, but if washed they must be refrigerated and should be washed before using.
  6. Snowbirds ????

    In my younger days I called it a "WOOOHOOOO!!!." Now it's a hoo-hoo?
  7. Instant Pot

    I only have an electric rice/veggie steamer in which I hard boil eggs. I do a dozen and they come out perfect and peel easy every time. I have a friend who does hers in a pressure cooker with the same results.
  8. Table Tennis Anyone?

    We have two new players starting so don't be shy. There are two tables so the better players can play on one and beginners can learn and practice on the other. In no time your skills will improve and your play with others will surprisingly increase your progress. We have paddles that can be borrowed for first time use, but soon you'll be wanting your own and our "main man", Tony, will gladly offer advice and tips for obtaining the best equipment. Everyone will help and encourage you, the exercise is good for body and mind so get out of that recliner and come on down. w
  9. First I would like to state how much I appreciate the forums as this one introduced me to the idea of playing table tennis here in the area. I have found the group to be very accommodating and friendly. They have had the patience to teach and encourage this newbie as I learn and practice the skills of the game. Table tennis as an exercise increases your cardio, eye/hand coordination and challenges you mentally to focus and concentrate. I was concerned about the time I was spending sitting in my recliner and sitting while I painted. I do garden and walk the dog, but neither makes me sweat. This is exercise while I'm having fun and I highly recommend it for everyone of all ages. We play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 2:30 to 4:30 in an upstairs room at the Chula Vista Country Club. I arrive at 2:00 to practice and warm up so I will be there to welcome you and introduce you to the players when they arrive. Bring a small towel, bottle of water and wear good tennis shoes. Please come,
  10. Survey-Expats in Mexico, what's the attraction

    I was looking for that last great adventure. That's why I first moved to Catemaco, Ver. I'm over that now so I'm loving the weather and a simpler life here amongst all you old expats.
  11. FOUND: ATM card for Jack Pomp

    I still have the card and it's safe. I'm hoping to save someone a lot of trouble replacing it. He may not notice it's gone until he needs to use it again.
  12. FOUND: ATM card for Jack Pomp

    I really don't know what you guys are going on about, but I found it in the ATM machine when I went to use it. Maybe I should just toss it instead of going to this trouble to find him.
  13. I have the ATM card for Mr. Jack Pomp. I would be happy to return the card with proper ID. If you know Jack, please give him my phone number. 331 319 1012
  14. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    My problem with golf carts has to do with the mentality of the driver's. I have one friend that stated she could no longer drive her car because she couldn't see. Then she said she would have to get a golf cart and stay on the back roads. There is a reason your vision is tested before getting a driver's license. I know another woman that can barely walk with a cane and she with a friend who can't see well enough to recognize people sitting at the table go together shopping at SuperLake each Saturday morning in a golf cart. I often wonder when it will be time for me to give up my scooter. I know it's time to sell the hoverboard.
  15. The Penthouse in Riberas, behind Mirasol, two blks. from the lake may have a brand new casita available at that time. Lovely and modern with beautiful tile and new appliances. Call Donna or Mike at 331 363 5580.