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  1. sunnyvmx

    Ramps - Wild Onions

    Years ago I hiked the Appalachian Trail and we always knew when a hiker had found the wild ramps. The aroma emanated from his pores and enveloped him. We were all jealous of his good fortune.
  2. Another friend came by with a perfect little dog that was a rescue so at least one dog has a forever home and my friend is happy. Thank you for your help.
  3. That would be great. Neither of us has a car and then the ranch rep could see the prospective new home. I'll let you know ASAP.
  4. Kila is beautiful, but she looks a little big and energetic. Izzy is adorable and is being considered.
  5. I'll show her pic to my friend.
  6. I am helping a friend and resident of the Penthouse to find a small, not a pup, but not to old female dog for companionship and love. Will have lots of playtime with the dogs here and special attention from the residents. If you know of a lovely dog in need of a forever home please let me know.
  7. I did that, but got no response so I thought the more thrill seeking posters on this thread might have someone interested or at least know what a hoverboard is.
  8. sunnyvmx

    Why do you belong to this board?

    In 1949 I was pooping in my diaper....in 2049 I expect I'll be doing the same.
  9. After watching "The Crown", I watched "The Royal House of Windsor" and found it to be more of an exact accounting of the lives of the Royal Family. It's somewhat of a documentary with actual film footage mixed with actors in parts and I very much enjoyed it. It can be found on Netflix Mexico.
  10. sunnyvmx

    Suggestions for Good-Cheap Lunch

    I always enjoy Lake Taco on the Libramiento behind the Pemex next to the car wash. Excellent fish and chips or grilled Mahi Mahi with salad.
  11. sunnyvmx

    Let's dish dirt!!!

    It took a few seconds to translate snows into mows. I buy my topsoil from Exotica nursery for 40 pesos a bag and he delivers. I buy the redwood chip mulch from the garden store just east of the 7/11 in Riberas. I have lots of beautiful ground cover in the green with small red flowers or the purple Wandering Jew that you are welcome to come and pick for free.
  12. sunnyvmx

    Instant Pot

    I also found that times varied according to steamer. I believe I use 25 for room temperature and 30 for cold. I also use ice water bath and crack all over and roll unless they go in the fridge before use,
  13. sunnyvmx

    Instant Pot

    Sorry, CG. There is much written on it on the web. This method takes all the guess work out and makes no difference as to the age of the egg or hardness of shell. I make pickled eggs and they need to peel perfectly. Too many times I've had egg salad instead before finding out about this method. Put water in bottom of steamer, place eggs in basket and turn it on. I adjust the time according to whether the eggs are room temperature or cold. Also each steamer may be a little different. I do 30 min. for cold eggs and less for warm eggs. Eggs then are rinsed in cold water and go into an ice water bath while I peel them. Perfect eggs every time. Remember: eggs are porous. Dirty eggs may be kept at room temperature, but if washed they must be refrigerated and should be washed before using.
  14. sunnyvmx

    Snowbirds ????

    In my younger days I called it a "WOOOHOOOO!!!." Now it's a hoo-hoo?
  15. sunnyvmx

    Instant Pot

    I only have an electric rice/veggie steamer in which I hard boil eggs. I do a dozen and they come out perfect and peel easy every time. I have a friend who does hers in a pressure cooker with the same results.