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  1. Stone Sculptures

    Yes, last time I looked it was beside Tobolandia under a tent next to the ten with furniture.
  2. Uber drivers can cancel your ride

    Heavens Robo if you’re used to uber elswhere use it at the Guadalajara airport. Only problem you’re likely to encounter is the driver doesn’t speak english and/or you can’t find where to await the driver. I have never had a problem and have used Uber out of airport many times and never waited more than 8 minutes. I do not use it to GO to the airport at 4:30 in the morning
  3. Any recommendations for legal representation?

    I would use Andrea Canon-Preciado as an attorney. She can be reached through the number 765-4800. currently it’s a shared line, just ask
  4. Selling gym equipment

    Is pieces are sold seperately I would be interested in the bench press with olympic bar and some weight. Please advise with price and contact info. Thanks
  5. Inversion Table

    Who is the manufacturer?
  6. Has something happened to force the closure of the bazaar owned by Jose and located next to where Pepe & Aurora's Restaurant was? Its on the mountain side of the carretera just before the road up to los arroyo. Hasn't been open for months now.
  7. Finely made it to J&M Pizza

    No answer their cell phone Thursday around 5 pm - figured they were closed or already out of business. Went to the Italian restaurant in west Ajijic and while a lovely crust the rest of the pizza not so much. Will have to give making my own a try.
  8. Artist wanted

    Enrique Valazquez, Studio half a block west of LCS.
  9. How do you pay for services - cash? check?

    If the architect is wanting cash and charging taxes I would insist upon a approved factura.
  10. ÜBER

    Aye Angus but you'll pay a thousand euros for that cute wee skirt on your avatar, so let's just say you're discriminating, no cheap! But I'd be please to tip one with ye on Robbie's birthday, or Rabbi if ye prefer!
  11. Home Inspector Needed

    Brad would be my choice, have used him three times and glad I did. Yes, do be present during the inspection.
  12. Tire shop recommendation

    If you have a car with a tire monitoring system I would, and do, go to Guadalajara. For a normal car I like the guy located in La Huerta plaza just west of Pacifico fish store. The guy in Chapala just south of Soriana has always been reliable and had good prices.
  13. Auto Air Conditioning Repair???

    Come on Mike, where is it? Did Felipe come from Armeria?
  14. Turtles at the Beach

    While the lay eggs most frequently now through October the Cuyutlan Turtle Sanctuary, el tortugario, is were they can bee seen and you can assist with releasing the little ones into the sea. The tortugario staff can be found patrolling the beaches at nite, the time the turtles come onto the beach to lay eggs, collecting the eggs to prevent poachers. They bring them back to the facility, which you can visit, and hatch them out. You can also hire a boat at the Tortugario to take you onto the lagoon and through the mangrove swamp. Enjoy a sunset at one of the many beach restaurants. Hotels in Cuyutlan, are not meant for the gringo palette but for a nite should be fine. At most a 3 hour drive from Ajijic.
  15. shipping household to mex using moving company

    Why on earth would you think Hensley was refering to Tortajada when she wrote STROM WHITE?