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  1. Luckily I had a hat for the sun and saw the events that were in shaded areas and saw many friends I hadn't seen for quite some time. I was offered free beer, samples of tequila, but I said no and rewarded myself with some great ice cream. My best visit was with my friends at Opiere Solar discussing some improvements I could make to my photo voltaic solar system, that part of my system I ordered in 2007 and had installed in 2008 by then one of the closer solar companies servicing The Lake Chapala area at that time (in San Miguel de Allende). Things have changed, now it is easy to find retailers all over Mexico. Opiere Solar, for example, is located in Ajijic, PV, GDL, and Manzanillo. and runs an adv. each week in the Guadalajara Reporter.
  2. Just got back. As always I had a great time and it was so warm out that rather than buying a diet pop, I got a double decker cup of ice cream and broke my diet rules.
  3. Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

    I highly recommend Jackie of H2 Ole'. I just bought a new reverse osmosis system from him and as always am very satisfied. His office is in Plaza Bugambilias in Ajijic and the phone # on his card is 766-5999
  4. Avocado Club .... closed

    Didn't I read on the forum that the Avocado Club is closed for normal day to day operations but open for special events?
  5. Anyone Coming Down From US

    Mr. Google suggested that this is a lithium battery pack. Am I correct that because the battery is Lithium it must be a carryon (which should be no problem) and not carried in your checkin luggage?Just wondering I know I have carried an old laptop with me in my baggage and someone said I should not have done that because of new flight regulations. I sure hope I am wrong,
  6. Shaw Satellite TV Dish Antenna and LNB’s

    The size of the Shaw Direct parabolic satellite dish that works down here which is called the 75E, measures just short of 36 by 26 inches or about 91 by 66 cm and I believe this is the size being offered here at a very fair price. The 60E which is smaller works great in most of Canada, but not down here because it is too small.
  7. Shaw Satellite TV Dish Antenna and LNB’s

    That is a fair price. I presume you mean that it is a 75E dish not the 60E. If I remember right the 75E dish is wider than 75 cm. I shall check the measurements on mine later today. and post the size of the 75E, the dish size needed down here.
  8. Mexican Opium Towns

    Years ago those of us living south of BC in say the state of Washington, all used to believe that there was nothing better than "BC Bud". That was in the 70s.
  9. Mexican Opium Towns

    Pot has been legal in my state of WA since 2013. Every time I go north I think gosh I want to try it just one more time. But I never get around to driving ten blocks to the closest pot store to my Seattle Condo. Oh well. I guess I'm getting old. It is just no big deal anymore. I was in my mid twenties when I was in the Army and for 13 months was stationed in the Netherlands. Pot was legal in Amsterdam too. But because it wasn't illegal non of us younger soldiers wanted to smoke it. It was like what was great about it was that it was then illegal in the states. Oh well I can always have some Bacardi Rum and diet coke.
  10. Maybe I am a worry-wart but my home insurance in Ajijic includes earthquake insurance.
  11. Great picture. Went to Facebook and could not find this photo. I must have done something wrong
  12. Dark side of Seguro Popular

    Thank you Ferret and others for you advice. rather than quitting cold turkey, I have gone from 100 to 75 Mg and will not drop further until I hear from my Family Doc up North who wrote the Rx. It has been only three days, but so far so good. Sorry we are talking here about a subtopic which was not the intent of the original poster.
  13. Dark side of Seguro Popular

    I have been taking two 50Mg Tramadol tablets per evening for about three years. Per advice received here, I have cut down to 1.5 Tramadol tablets per evening with no ill effects or desire for a higher dosage. Next week I will drop down to 1 Tramadol per night and if able, ie. no pain, will stop taking it altogether unless the pain returns. Thanks all for the advice and encouragement to cease taking said drug.
  14. Dark side of Seguro Popular

    I went to a pharmacy today and asked them where I could get the 200 mg tablets. I was told that what I had heard or remembered was wrong and that the largest size available was not 200, but 150 mg. When I said a pharmacist checked on line and said that it was 200 mg. I was told No that this is not correct and brought out a box of 150s. Sorry for the wrong information earlier.
  15. Thank you all. Sadly my search is on hold for another week. I went to an eye Doc whom apparently misdiagnosed and mistreated one of my eyes. The damage is healing and should be OK week, said another eye Doc. who has a good reputation and whom I trust. So in another week, I will be looking again. Thanks for all of the great leads.