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  1. johanson

    Using Telcel and Telmex

    Unlike up north where all area codes are three numbers and in a large city there might be several area codes larger Mexican cities have another solution. In Guadalajara, for example, when there were not many phones the area code was apparently 331 but when the telephone companies needed more area codes, they used first 332, then 333, and perhaps soon 334. Unlike the US and Canada they now call the area code 33 plus 8 numbers, the same thing goes in Mexico City where the area code is 52. In Ajijic my area code is 376 followed by 7 numbers. Also remember that if you are phoning a Mexican Cell phone with an area code different than yours from a Telmex phone, you need to dial 045 beforehand. You do not do that from a cell phone. Now that many of us are totally confused. Just remember, we do things differently here.
  2. johanson

    Using Telcel and Telmex

    Remember that when phoning Guadalajara that it could be 01 33 1+7# or 01 33 2+7# or 01 33 3+7# and perhaps one day 01 33 4+7# Also remember that if you are in Guadalajara and are calling from a Guadalajara Telmex land line to phone a cell you do not phone 045 but 044 before entering the 10 digit cell phone # starting with 33
  3. johanson

    Cost of plates for golf cart?

    Maybe it's my age but I have been coming south since 1996, made an offer and purchased in 1997, and I don't ever remember chickens and/or roosters at the LCS. Is it my memory failing and were there chickens/roosters at the LCS in in 1997 and after, Or were they moved out before then?
  4. johanson

    Streaming services/ VPN's

    I was wondering how big your dish was pointing toward your internet provider because you suggested you were loosing your signal during bad weather. And a larger dish will ensure that you will continue to get your feed even during cloudy and rainy weather.
  5. johanson

    Streaming services/ VPN's

    No. I am lucky according to a Telmex technician who pulled up my account on his computer,. I live 1070 meters from where the Dslam card connects my two of the wires of the 4 wires in my telephone line to the Internet. At that distance I can easily get 10 Mb/sec. In fact a technician who came out to the house and tested my line quality, said I could get even faster speeds if they were available in Ajijic. One nice thing is that they rewired much of upper Juarez, the street that leads to my house, up from the main road in town, the Carratera (spelling) 8 years ago, and the telephone wiring in my house is new as well.
  6. johanson

    Streaming services/ VPN's

    How big is your internet satellite dish?
  7. johanson

    Streaming services/ VPN's

    Of course they will provide them, bmh. All you need to do is find a faster internet provider, something that is available down here. All you have to do is pay a little more and get your internet via satellite. It's been available for ages. Here is a link to that service http://www.broadbandblue.com/gen4/mobile/lookup.php
  8. And it gets worse as I get older. Now in order to try to keep up with the younger generation I recently upgraded to the iPhone X and a new Apple watch. What is really embarrassing is how many of the apps I used to use all of the time, that I can't remember how to use any more.. But I shall keep on lying to myself that I am 20 years younger and that very old picture of me on the left hand side of the post is how I look today. Honestly, that picture is 10 to 15 years old. But I don't want to change it and be reminded how old I really am. It is much nicer to simply lie to myself. And in answer to Mainecoons. Be glad you have the common sense to buy what you need and not be like me still pretending I know how to use all these new toys that I keep on wasting my money on.
  9. johanson

    Smoked fish

    I do remember hearing about that a long time ago. I had forgotten all about and on what day it met. Do many people show up to sell products? I'm guessing it is only a small group. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  10. How about an antique shop ?
  11. johanson

    Smoked fish

    Where is the Ajijic Thursday Market? I live in Ajijic and have never heard of the Ajijic Thursday Market
  12. johanson

    Ilox Update

    Here's hoping
  13. johanson

    Crime Victim Survey Available at LCS

    I just ran it through Google translate. Very interesting. It's about the crime rates in Hongcouver, in the lower mainland. Very interesting.
  14. johanson


    Dentist. Not the cheapest but in my humble opinion, one of the best if not the best dentist lakeside "HectorHARODDS as written on his receipt. His office is near the Animal Shelter. His office telephone numbers are 376-765-3193 / 6410 / 6974
  15. As I sit up north surfing the net, wishing I was back lakeside, I notice that it hasn't rained there for a while and that the humidity is dropping. According to the Ajijic weather page the humidity is 28% and the temperature almost 30 C or 85 F. So TODAY. your evaporative cooler could bring in the relatively dry air from outside and bring it into the house after running through an average evaporative cooler some 15 to 20 degrees cooler than the outside air. And Dan, in answer to your question above, a local carpenter or handy man would be able to figure that out for you so that the swamp cooler you mentioned above would work