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  1. Yes, going along with the new topic have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Me? I ate too much, but it was a great Thanksgiving.
  2. Shaw channel?

    Yes I disconnected my older but nice DSR 505 and DSR530 receivers and replaced one with a 600 receiver and a few weeks later Shaw no longer had 600 receivers available and got an 800 series for the other replacement. You need the newer series receivers to decode the more highly compressed digital signal which is now MPEG-4 that Shaw Direct is upgrading to. Up north I need the new LNB able to pick up all three satellites, but down here, we only get the older satellites and not the newer Anik G-1 bird, so I say, why upgrade or change LNBs down here? Up north, if I want the new channels on the third satellite, then I need a new LNB, but not down here.
  3. advice for TV service

    Yes I heard that. He was not that popular.
  4. advice for TV service

    Although there are no network channels, there are quite a few English Language Channels., You know CNN, CNNI, FOX, HLN,BBC, SPACE, A&E, and five or ten more where Choosing the secondary language option, it goes back to the original language, English on the digital channels Trouble is, the last time I checked, they didn't have any receivers available for new clients. Things have gone down hill since IZZI took over.
  5. Hey fickleoie, I live about as far up the hill in Ajijic as one can live and almost never does the very loud music in town reach up this far. I have talked to several younger folks who attending these events and all said that they had a great time and that the loud music was not a problem. I asked them if the music was a little bit less loud would be a problem, and most of them said no. That it was so loud that it didn't matter if it were turned down "a little bit", but it shouldn't be turned down too much. When talking to persons of retirement age, who live close to an event, it didn't matter what country they were from, most found the music way too loud. Thank God, I don't live close to any very loud events. Oh the fire works early in the morning are a little too loud, but no big deal
  6. advice for TV service

    I talked to the two young ladies at Telcel today. They were, as always very polite, and said that they had no new information and did not know when there would be new digital receivers or when or if they would be offering faster internet service.
  7. What happened to turkey dinner take-out post?

    I remember someone asking if someone would list all of he restaurants, their telephone numbers and costs. Which seemed a rather strange and demanding post. I answered that one could check the adds in the Guadalajara Reporter for Thanksgiving dinner; that all of the info needed was there. Then everything disappeared. I hope my response wasn't rude. It wasn't meant to be. Maybe someone responded in a negative way, and everything was deleted. I do not know. Well anyway we are going to Salvador's where for 200 pesos we can stuff ourselves and have one drink. I love it down here. We get 2 Thanksgivings per year, first the Canadian on a Monday in early October and the second, the US Thanksgiving on a Thursday, in late November.
  8. When does the Ajijic November festival start this year? Today? I could hear music and some fireworks yesterday, but they were not very intense
  9. Shaw channel?

    On the classic channel listing, we do not have either 175 or 176. On the classic channel listings the Comedy Channels can be found on channels 547 and 548.
  10. Shaw channel?

    Remember that Shaw Direct has the old fashioned or classic lineup where the channel numbers were the same on Star Choice where for example CNN is on Channel 500, BBC world 501. HLN 502, FOX 503, etc. And there is the new channel listing given to folks who have not had Shaw that long On the new listing the above channels are found on different channel #'s. So when asking for a channel #s you need to let us know whether you have the classic line up as I do, or the new channel listings given to newer clients.
  11. Superlake

    I went to Superlake this Saturday morning and asked a bag boy, who happened to be Poncho's son, what happened to Poncho. He answered that Poncho had a new job at a restaurant on the Libremento. I asked several other persons that I had gotten to kind-of sort-of know shopping over the years. They all said everything is fine (I don't believe it) and that everything will remain the same. I walked through the store picking up some items and noticed some shelves missing items to sell, you know, no Tricots, no Diet decaffeinated coke, Etc. Upon leaving, I asked the lady who sat next to Poncho when he was there when they would get new stock. She said Monday. Everyone was pretending that everything was fine and that nothing had changed. Only time will tell what will happen. Somehow I think that everything will eventually come back to normal. I sure hope that the owner, Poncho's Uncle, asks Poncho to come back.
  12. All I can say is that I have had photo-voltaic solar panels since 2008 and although they were more expensive at that time, they have more than paid for themselves and I love paying only the equivalent of less than $2 to $5 dollars US per month to CFE. Often I pay as little as $23 pesos per month. It sure beats paying 32 US cents per KWhour should I enter the DAC rate, which I regularly did before going solar.
  13. Telmex Internet Speed

    The maximum download speed on the $389 peso package is 10 down and very slow up. Shown below is the speed I get at $389 per month. They tell me I could pay more for a higher speed, but that it wouldn't help because they do not have the bandwidth in my neighborhood (upper Ajijic) As you can imagine, I am quite envious of your speeds
  14. Round satellite dish

    I was told that the LNB for the 60E dish is good for the 60E dish but that the LNBs for the 75 LNB are slightly different and that if you wanted a strong signal from both satellite F1-R located at 107.3 degrees and Anik F-2 located at 111.1 degrees west that you would have better results from the 75E LNB than the 60E LNB.
  15. Busy little bot

    Darn, I got up too late this morning to see these Korean Spams. Remembering how it was last time, they just might be back