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  1. johanson

    Looking for an electric range

    It's just that electricity is so expensive here that most persons choose a more economical alternative, ie, a gas stove.
  2. Robert or Bob Ford is no longer with us, he was the former Mayor of Toronto (2010-2014) and died in March, 2016. It is his brother Doug who is the Premier of Ontario.
  3. johanson

    Grito date - Sept 15 or 16

    The Globos will be on Saturday, Sep 8. I think it is a one day affair, not the whole weekend. But I am not sure.
  4. johanson

    Ilox Update

    Yes, thanks for the hard work and good news. Looking forward to faster internet being available around lakeside.
  5. All I can tell you is what I saw. I had not seen the red light there before, since all the lights there went out..
  6. Exactly. They will be in the same building at the East end of the parking area. They will have street access from the street where the Wednesday market is held
  7. An hour ago when driving West on the Carretera, I got a red light at the Galeana intersection when it was time to stop. Of course when it was time to go there was no green light. But at least the red light is working. I don't know about the other direction, ie going East.
  8. At least at Juarez, the red light works from all directions. Trouble is when it is green, there is no green light on the Carretera going West.
  9. I don't think they are using that many places as of yet. Several offices have already moved and I understand Sol y Luna will too. The other two were the furniture store and Jackie's H2Ole'.
  10. That was a long time ago. Now they are making the enclosed parking lot smaller and making more office space out of what was part of the lot
  11. johanson

    Peso free fall

    I got 20.8 pesos per US dollar from Actinver Bolsa at either the end of June or early July some 40 to 50 days ago Shown below is the change last week which was not that large. As you can see the Bank of Mexico had the spot rate at 18.9273 Friday and today it is Pesos por dólar) 19.1801 10/08/18 Banxico En 18.9273 pesos cierra la semana el precio del dólar en su cotización FIX, 28 centavos más que ayer (+1.5%), y 38 más que el lunes pasado (+2.0%).
  12. johanson

    Purple Garlic Pizza

    It sounds fantastic. I looked in the phone book and could find a listing for The Purple Garlic Pizza. Where is it located? Thanks in advance for our help.
  13. johanson

    Last Will

    I can tell you that I was told to get my will written by a Notario I trust. In my case, I know and trust Notario #2 across from the Sunrise Restaurant. Oh and not only does he speak Spanish and English but Dutch as well, which I like. Your executor should be someone you know very well and trust like a relative etc. My executor or his wife should he no longer be alive is a trusted friend, someone who I have known for more than 20 years and although he speaks Mexican Spanish is a citizen from another country.
  14. johanson

    Pet Peaves

    Question about the first check out line in WallyMart. I thought that this first lane was not only for disabled folks but all senior citizens. Am I wrong? I have occasionally used that line and for my age I am not disabled. But compared to an average 25 year old some might call me very disabled
  15. johanson

    Humidity levels