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  1. Thanks for the comment Natasha. I knew that many in Hector's family were vets but I had no idea about Hector's Grandfather. I learn something every day reading this forum.
  2. IZZI__ tv, phone, internet

    That is good to hear. Sadly I believe that they have not made like changes in the Lake Chapala area. In fact they have eliminated the US network programs that were offered on the greater Chapala-Ajijic analog line up. And my internet speeds have not gone up.
  3. IZZI__ tv, phone, internet

    Izzi is the name of the new owners of Telecable. As you may know they provide both old fashioned analog TV, almost all in Spanish, and modern Digital TV, with CNN, Fox, BBC news and many other programs where the SAP (secondary audio Programing) would be in the original language, English. The analog programming is mostly numbered under channel 86 or so and the digital channels go up to through channel 999. Oh and the last 50 or so channels are music channels.
  4. New Shaw Direct Receiver

    Go to the links shown before your post and look up the costs. For example, they still have the 600 series receivers and the 600 goes not for $145 Canadian but almost $4000 Mexican pesos.
  5. New Shaw Direct Receiver

    I understand that on can buy new Shaw Direct receivers in Mexico. Check out the CP Electronics web site. www.cp-electronics.com They are located in Guadalajara. Or look on the right hand side of this web page and move down to the SATELLITES/T.V .and go to one of the two Satellite Dealers listed there. They are much more expensive down there than they are here up north, of course. Edit: when visiting the CP-Electronics web page, link to Star Choice, the original name for Shaw Direct.
  6. San Ysidro Border Crossing Closing...

    Usually I have to go to google to learn what initials mean. With that one, I didn't need to.
  7. New Shaw Direct Receiver

    Hensley when I tried ordering a 600 a few weeks ago, I learned that now the new receiver that they are selling is the 800 for $145 Canadian instead of the 600 series. And now there is no longer a 630. Now they are selling the 830HDPVR for $299 Canadian. (Remember both the 600 and the 630 work great and can and do pick up the new Mpeg-4 signal) Now in Canada to get all of the new Channels we need a new LNB the receiver thingy in front of the Dish. However in Mexico the new channels which are showing up on the new bird (Anik G-1) are not viewable, the signals from that bird don't reach that far south. Now when I checked with Shaw, they told me that I did not yet have the new LNB and that I needed it to receive the new channels which are viewable in Canada and some of the US but not in Mexico. Now they tell you that you have to get a new LNB but they are saying that assuming you are in Canada, what we do not know is whether if you do not get the new LNB that you will or will not be cut off. Somehow they knew I did not have the new LNB Do I really need one for my system if it were in Mexico? Maybe not.. I am getting the new LNB for $79 Canadian, but will not bother to install it until it is needed. And just maybe it is not needed. But then again, maybe it is Now remember that there are two new LNBs one is for the smaller 60E satellite dish for I believe $69 or $74 Canadian. In Mexico, if you are using the Shaw Direct (or Star Choice) satellite dish, you are using the larger 75E which requires the LNB made for the 75E not the one made for the smaller 60E satellite dish, The 60E will kind of sort of work but not well, I am told by the Shaw Direct technicians I hope the information I am giving you is correct. But I can not guarantee it. Only time will tell.
  8. I think he goes by the name of Nedro now, just to confuse us. At least that is what I learned on the other board
  9. A lot of very cute pictures. Thank you for being there to take care of and adopting out these adorable puppies and dogs.
  10. New Shaw Direct Receiver

    Yes I understand that I may have to pay import tax. What I don't understand is it was sent by Canadian mail to my US address. They did not charge me any PST or GST, (No Canadian Sales tax) How do they bill me? I paid for the equipment with a Visa card, And I was charged a Misc fee of $30 which I thought was for Canadian postage. I am happy to pay any import or local sales taxes. Do they send it COD? Not a problem, there is always someone at the front desk of the Condo. I sure hope the $30 dollars was both postage and estimated sales tax I would appreciate any tips.
  11. New Shaw Direct Receiver

    Thanks for the great link. I was able to go on line and order all the new equipment needed for the new Mpeg 4 satellite signals being sent out by Shaw Direct.. I was able to get the new Quad LNB to mount on my satellite dish and a new 800 Mpeg 4 receiver (the 600 model numbers work as well). Do I need the new LNB? Shaw says I do; other techs suggest that I may not if I am not interested in getting the channels broadcast on the Anik G-1 which doesn't reach you all in Mexico anyway. The new receiver cost $145 dollars Canadian and the new Quad 75E LNB, $79. They will ship the products to either my US or Canadian address, no problems either way. Thanks for the link lumieretoo
  12. Water heater explanation?

    I love your answer. I don't want to get on the bad boy list .
  13. Water heater explanation?

    From my post you will see from the first sentence that I did not know what "del paso" means. now that it has been explained to us here, it is obvious that the unit is gas fired not heated with electricity. Sorry if I confused anyone.
  14. Water heater explanation?

    I sure don't know what del paso means in this case. Oh I hope the hot water heater is gas fired. Electricity is usually more expensive, unless you have too many photo-voltaic solar panels.
  15. Iphone 6 no service repair

    Several years ago, Verizon phones from the states did not work here because they used a different frequency or something. I know that when up north with my iPhone 6, I connect only to AT&T or T-Mobile because ithey also have sim chips compatible with Telcel. My Telcel Sim Chip compatible iPhone simply doesn't work with Verizon technology or it didn't the last time I asked.