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  1. Tis the Season

    What is your menu for Xmas eve? It is not in the Ojo. tia
  2. Looking for

    Probably never moved.
  3. meat pie

    Has anyone tried one of the meat pies. Can they frozen? Tia
  4. BAR JAMON???

    So where in SJC? The suspense is killing me lol
  5. Good chiropractor at Lakeside

    Erin Dixon near Sunrise Cafe
  6. Intraocular Lens

    Dr Santos-- Guadalajara
  7. Intraocular Lens

    My wife had cataracts in both eyes and had surgery in both eyes. One week apart 4 years ago. One eye had a lens for distance and one eye had lens for closeup put in. One of the lens had many circles like a tail light on a car. She has super vision since. No need for readers or other. I have to be very careful about any facial expressions these days.
  8. Radiator repair

    the street on the east side of Sorianos parking lot
  9. Berry Sellers At LCS

    Cute! lol!
  10. Vista del Lago Fair

    I did not know they had one but I would like to know also. Gracias
  11. New residents driving tips

    Now driving anywhere near Wally World is the scariest area of town.
  12. Gas Stove Problem

    Do they work on dishwashers? Tia
  13. Car emission test locations

    Also one just over the mtn from Chapala.
  14. Doesnt LCS have one going soon?