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  1. So where do we get this done?
  2. I did not know it still existed since they left west Ajijic. Thanks I will go by and check so I can have amazon product sent there.
  3. Sol y Luna is where?
  4. where is Sol y Luna?
  5. If the entrance/exit is on to the carretera it will be yet another traffic problem
  6. What have you been smoking?????
  7. Pepez ----- I cannot seem to find the one in El Chante?
  8. Ritz
  9. Perpetuation of having a job to do is my theory.
  10. Natasha ---- how much comparable shopping have you done in the area? My experience has been the opposite. I have found better prices without discounts. Marketing and prices are an interesting game. Just a thought!
  11. About 300 got them at LCS last Nov. Officials from the agency came to process the group. My thoughts are : They work for bus tickets if space available kinda like frequent flier miles (not always available) I have not found any other uses. In Jalisco discounts are few. Maybe good for ID because it is federal agency?
  12. ah oooo people are getting naughty!
  13. Where?