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  1. Sandi's Bookstore closing

    Progress does mean it is good thing.
  2. Sandi's Bookstore closing

    Yes eventually we will never have to leave our beds to get what we want?
  3. Pueblo Mágico impossible?

    Yep CG If only there was accountability concerning where the funds go.
  4. Dr. Lowell Stephen Birch

    Erin Dixon may be the answer. She did wonders for my wife!
  5. Turtles at the Beach

    That is Lydias tours.
  6. Turtles at the Beach

    On the Caribbean in Oct we were over run with baby turtles crawling everywhere. So the eggs were laid in August. Don't know about Pacific.
  7. Sunscreen from Dr Martha @ LCS

    When does she sell it at LCS?
  8. Speeding and drunk driving controls

  9. Sazon Restaurant

    Julie it is very good! We were there at 10.
  10. Sazon Restaurant

    Greats eggs benedict-taco salad etc. She is a great cook! We eat there often.
  11. Boveda ceiling crumbling

    "Far Side". Great analogy! LOL!
  12. Salva Vidas DUI La Floresa

    mordida time
  13. Pedestrian hit in front of Superlake

    When I drove thru that area this morning the car was at the hump in front of Tonys not at stoplight?