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  1. Berry Sellers At LCS

    Cute! lol!
  2. Vista del Lago Fair

    I did not know they had one but I would like to know also. Gracias
  3. New residents driving tips

    Now driving anywhere near Wally World is the scariest area of town.
  4. Gas Stove Problem

    Do they work on dishwashers? Tia
  5. Car emission test locations

    Also one just over the mtn from Chapala.
  6. Doesnt LCS have one going soon?
  7. Need a washing machine

    Do they have dishwashers?
  8. Finely made it to J&M Pizza

  9. Where Do You Go For a BIG Salad??

    Is Fridas on the left or right after Pemex going into Joco?
  10. New construction next to coca cola

    Sorry Angus you sounded jut like Ned/Pedro.
  11. New construction next to coca cola

    Ned it will happen and as fast as things are happening now you may wake up next week and see it starting. No more sleepy village.
  12. "Lost" wallet found Ashley Cook Klein

    Find out who it was and reward them personally. These guys work extremely hard.
  13. Landlord Access

    What does it say in the lease?