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  1. Send them to Potus
  2. When do you plan on opening up on the carretera?
  3. It is the altitude. It takes 6 months to get water to boil. lol
  4. lol
  5. Remember what this weekend is? Most not work Wed,Thurs,Fri,Sat or Sun.
  6. Need a plumber who can hook up a gas range? TIA
  7. Deleted
  8. What new taco stand in Riberas? Pray tell.
  9. My wife and I would like private lessons together. What do you charge and where are you located?
  10. copycat! LOL
  11. Gracias!
  12. During the next 2 weeks what days will the banks(not atms) be closed?
  13. What is the terminal condition?
  14. You moving back nob? If I call can I view items?