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  1. It disappears just after collection lol
  2. Is this the same place that is located across from Super Lake and used to be in west Ajijic?
  3. Does Eric work with Pepe?
  4. I had similar problem Ferret--- Was told I had no problem.
  5. Best advice-----Get at least 2 opinions.
  6. Are there vets here that aspirate lumps or do a biopsy?
  7. On the mtn side across from old Parkers office next door to the naked stage and to the carwash to the east.
  8. yep! great food!
  9. Wanted propane or gas portable generator.
  10. Now has a great Brunch. Great variety and well prepared.
  11. Maybe when Donnie wakes up he will remember or maybe it was just a dream.
  12. It started on the 7th.
  13. On the mountain side across from where Parkers moved from.
  14. How far are they from Chapala? I have driven several times to Mescala and not seen them.