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  1. Unlock IPhone 6s

    Well I bought two new IPhone 6s on EBay from a supposed seller with a good track record. I picked them up on our last trip to the U.S. They were represented as unlocked but are not. Is there anyone local who can unlock these phones? Thank you.
  2. Peso on the Move ... Where's It Headed ?

    A couple of comments now the obvious political content and bias has been dealt with. The U.S. economy as measured by unemployment, filings for unemployment benefits, corporate profits, is stronger now, not getting weaker. The problem of stagnant employee compensation began well before 2016. Indeed there has finally been some uptick in wages. Most reports I have seen on the dollar state that it was overvalued and I think that is correct. Here's what the 10 year chart looks like: As for historic interest rates, what is historic is the low rates paid savers for quite some time, a situation that has been very bad for retired folks. Historically, 2.33 percent is a terrible rate of return. Again, a chart puts this in perspective. As for the debt situation, that doubled in the previous 8 years alone. History shows that when government borrowing finally reaches its limit, the crash is very abrupt. It may be preceded by hyperinflation. The problem of governments piling up debt beyond the ability to repay is widespread and at some point the defaults are going to begin. Frankly this is the biggest problem going down the road. It is silly to think that any country can grow its way out of borrowing 40 percent of its budget. This piling on of debt has been going on for a long time particularly in the last 17 years. The U.S. national debt was doubled just in the last 8 years and there seems to be nothing but a sea of red ink looking forward. Can't disagree at all that Mexico is much too dependent on the U.S. for trade, remittances, tourism, even drug money. I really don't see that changing much.
  3. Probably meant either 30,000 square feet or 3,000 square meters. Chillin's last sentence is chilling given the growing gridlock and decaying road network between here and GDL.
  4. Radiator repair

    It's good advice. Some things aren't meant to be repaired. You could try using JB weld. There are some plastics it will stick to.
  5. Alert

    Wow, there are some really grim numbers there. Really sad!
  6. Toilet paper flushing

    Shall we call for volunteers to handle the returns?
  7. Toilet paper flushing

    Let's just wipe it out altogether. Actually if one checks the references on this subject, modern TP is quite fast dissolving and OK for both treatment plants and septic tanks. The problem with it is when it is used in undersized pipes particularly where there is internal roughness and/or inadequate sloping of lines. Reading on this topic the main environmental concern most often discussed is the massive number of trees cut to provide it. Of course that latter issue is still around whether it is flushed or put in a trash can.
  8. While the results do not surprise me, the level of disillusionment was a bit of a shock. http://www.pewglobal.org/2017/10/16/many-unhappy-with-current-political-system/ This goes beyond any explanations of the cultural heritage of the Spanish mordida system as a driver of corruption IMO. One thing is for certain, the Mexicans don't seem to have the illusions about their government that some expats do.
  9. Mexicans near the bottom in confidence in government

    I suggest you all correspond with the people who published these studies and see how far you get. And now for the rest of the story. This BTW is from the second link, something you didn't note. Missed the part about thefts and assaults? Nice job of selective quoting there. You can always tell here when some can't really offer a substantive comment. The personal crap starts.
  10. Proving that Murphy's law works in Mexico, shortly after returning from the U.S. our computer printer gave up the ghost. Looking for an Epson as they apparently have fewer problems than HP, but not sure where the best place to find is. Checked Amazon, they won't ship to Mexico. Suggestions? Have some new HP printer cartridges for sale, will post below later.

    Really best not to commit before you come here and check things out first hand. We really considered that area but decided that banging over those cobblestone streets and up and down the steep hills if one needed a loaf of bread was not for us.
  12. Aijic or Chapala?

    For a place that "wears off" LCS is sure busy these days. After 10 years it hasn't worn off with quite a number of us it seems. If access to a library is important, LCS has one of the largest english libraries in Latin America. We don't go as much as we used to but are really enjoying some of the musical and artistic events there these days. It all depends on what you want. The majority of the restaurants expats frequent are in or near Ajijic. It is smaller than Chapala. Chapala has better shopping and less "gringo" pricing. Ajijic is definitely an expat oriented town, Chapala is much more Mexican. Ajijjic is more expensive. Much of it is greener. Much of it is quieter but if quiet is important, stay out of both towns. If I had someone in a nursing home I'd want to be closer if possible. You may get tired of riding the bus as frequently as you would want to visit. Best bet is to spend time in both and find your own best fit. It is not uncommon here for people to try a number of locations until they find one that works for them. There is a really big variety in living environments here, ranging from pretty urban to pretty rural. As for biking, the problem with that is that the bike lane is between the towns but not really in either although they are trying to create one through Ajijic. The other thing is that unless your origin and destination are such the bike riding will be almost all on the paved bike path, riding a bike on cobblestones or in town traffic is really not practical. Don't rule out places between the two towns as you might find a location that works for both.
  13. Mexicans near the bottom in confidence in government

    Topic is results for Mexico. Have a comment on that? Come back after you've read up on fascism too. I suspect the results of this study go hand in hand with these findings: http://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/insecurity-perceptions-at-record-high-level/
  14. Emergency Preparedness SCAM

    I smell scam. Hang up.
  15. Where to go to buy a computer printer

    Final update: Printer arrived in great condition before promised, actually while I was off riding this weekend. Works great. Very encouraging start to our use of Amazon Mexico!
  16. Premium Acura MDX 2011

    What options does it have?
  17. I'm curious as to why you would relocate from a real Mexican city like Puebla to a tourist town like this. I would think Puebla would offer a lot more to your kids for educations and activities than here. In any case, if you want to come at that time you definitely need to find something and book early.
  18. San Miguel Allende Forum or Group

    Isn't it nice that participation is voluntary and if one doesn't like what is being discussed one can just ignore the whole thing? Of course that means there's no opportunity to make sideways remarks on said message boards.
  19. Toilet paper flushing

    First off, when it comes to waste water treatment, this country is easily 50 years behind the U.S. and it is very likely that many sewage systems here cannot handle paper well because of pipe material, rough joints and generally bad installation. Secondly, the problem is most often one of very poor plumbing, inadequate pipe size and sloping. Short of major reconstruction not much can be done about the latter in many homes. And no, 4 inch pipes are not required, three is often better as this size is plenty big enough but helps to increase velocity and flushing of the line. We are fortunate to have purchased a home built by Americans who made sure the plumbing was done reasonably well. I say "reasonably" because they fell down on venting properly but the pipes are the right size and slope. If you build here you need to pay very close attention to the design and installation of anything plumbing, electrical or for internet/communication, otherwise it is likely it will not be done right and you will have problems. Don't let them use thin wall for drain lines as these tend to collapse over time. Specify Schedule 40 and be very sure it is used. The toilet paper "thing" is not one of my favorite things about living and traveling in Mexico but More Liana is quite right, it is more the usual than not even in some pretty fancy hotels. It's just one of those things you learn to put up with.
  20. Peso on the Move ... Where's It Headed ?

    Currency traders follow the news. That has not been reassuring for Mexico lately. Rampant crime, an avowed socialist leading in the presidential polls, the depressed price of oil, rampant corruption with Mexico now ranked the most corrupt in Latin America and the NAFTA talks not going well with both Canada and the U.S. insisting on an end to the paying of starvation wages in Mexico's export industry. And inflation in Mexico up to over 6 percent annually. All of that probably plays a part.
  21. Would LOVE to see a picture of this kitty here!
  22. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    What about all those unlicensed four wheelers the weekenders like to rip around town in? Too bad the local transitos can't find something to do with their time, you know like nabbing real dangerous drivers.
  23. If you are in a position to support this, please do so! http://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/new-protected-area-proposed-for-chapala/
  24. Where to go to buy a computer printer

    I ordered a basic Brother laser printer and extra toner cartridge.
  25. Where to go to buy a computer printer

    https://www.hacker9.com/how-email-hacking-works-how-to-hack-email-account-password.html I got it working and ordered a basic laser printer. Let's see how this works out. Thanks everyone for your input and help!