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  1. Handymail Rip Off

    We've been Handy Mail subscribers for 10 years but will not be renewing when our current year runs out. This is why. Took a first class letter in to be sent to the U.S. containing an insurance check for medical expense reimbursement to be deposited in the bank account we draw NOB cash from. First they demanded to know if there was a check in the envelope. Thinking that maybe there is yet another regulation to be satisfied my wife said yes and told them the amount and what it was. Then they demanded to see the check. Then they demanded to make a copy "for their records." But here's the good part: After making a copy they demanded a 733 peso "commission" for sending the letter out. Not 20 pesos, which is double what they use to charge for handling, but they think they are entitled to collect a commission on a check that has nothing to do with them at all. Avoid Handymail. Other places will let you share boxes and not be trying to extort money from you when you want to send out a check. Also feel free to post this information on TOB.
  2. I'm wondering if there has been sufficient snow at the Colima volcanoes such that there is some in the highest open visitor areas? We would like to take the "adopted" grand daughter to see real live snow.
  3. Dry wood

    We've always had good results with wood from the guy on Constitution, just before Aldama heading east, south side of street.
  4. Handymail Rip Off

    Exactly. That is the only applicable law I could find when I looked it up. Several references noted that Mexico is very liberal when it comes to cross border money transfer and sets no limit on it. The only limit seems to be the U.S. $10K limit. In actuality, the money never left the bank account of the insurance company and wouldn't until it was deposited into another U.S. account at our bank. There is no new law. We received no email notice about this new policy from Handymail. They are simply changing their terms of service with no advanced notice after accepting our payment for annual service that is supposed to include taking U.S. stamped mail back to the Post Office. This is about squeezing more money out of their customers, nothing more. This is not the same Handymail as it was when Dryden Jones ran it. Be aware. Already covered that RV. Check was less than the $10K limit but over the limit for that type of transfer at our bank, Capital One. We've arranged to send it out with a friend's visiting relative. I just wanted everyone to know Handymail is pulling this stunt so you won't be blindsided like we were.
  5. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    I'm seeing my adblockers being blocked more and more. How about you?
  6. Snow situation at the Colima volcanoes?

    Don't see a lot of white stuff up there. Great picture though! Satellite view seems to indicate the cloudiness is beginning to thin out and probably will be gone by tomorrow.
  7. Handymail Rip Off

    This isn't FedEx UPS or etc. They are carrying a letter to the U.S post office. I don't pay any of those an annual fee that was supposed to include this service and did so for all the years that Mr. Jones ran things. Apples and oranges Pete. Funny that IShop or Sol y Luna isn't doing this. If what you say about Mexican law is true, then they shouldn't be handling checks at all. None of them. But they do. Nope, this is just a rip off, pure and simple. If you use this company be aware of it.
  8. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    And why weren't they paying for it just two short years ago? That's when there was a "change." As you say, nothing is free. We get to use the internet in exchange for seeing adverts and yes, having some information relating to our usage sold. If you read the terms of service of any site that is spelled out. At some point the providers may chose a different business model. What is important to protect the consumer is the avoidance of anti-competitive monopoly situations. There's an old saying that fits here: "Don't have your pain in advance."
  9. Handymail Rip Off

    Couldn't use it in this case. We first tried that.
  10. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    Come back when they do. Only thing I've read about blocking content had to do with some governments proposing to do so. For example, the Chinese government has been blocking content they don't like.
  11. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    No problem Angus, but your Big Brother quote is about big government. Got your boogie men confused there.
  12. Amazon Alexa

    Won't they resend? If stuff doesn't arrive from Amazon I've never had a problem getting a credit. This would be what would happen if we had one.
  13. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    I wonder if anyone else here sees the irony in your big brother quote being applied in SUPPORT of more big brother government regulation? Not really. Let's see some real pre 2015 proof.
  14. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    Give us some substance, Angus. I simply believe you don't assume there's a problem until there is one. For example, I do think governments need to set minimum standards for airline cabins. The airline industry has squeezed the seating until it is excruciating for anyone of normal size. I would favor re-regulation of airlines only to that extent, setting uniform standards that protect passengers from this situation. Yes, fares would likely increase some but I think most would find it worthwhile. As it stands now, there are no alternatives to sardine can seating other than mega-expensive first or business class. We don't need to return to the days of over-regulation of routes and fares but IMO something needs to be done about seating. To me that is a really good example of imposing regulations when the actual need for same shows up.
  15. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    Sorry Angus and Mudgirl, same comment. "Would enable? Could charge extra? Other countries..." They could have done it before 2015? Why didn't they? Because they make more money with the setup they have now. As I noted previously, the real issue here is lack of competition. Address that first. I think it is a fair concern this could become an issue in Mexico given how business works here. Competition is pretty hard to find in this country, TelMex/TelCel being a good example and car dealers being another. Collusion and price fixing is the rule here which is why a lot of things cost a lot more than they should. Like gasoline. More bureaucrats, more lawsuit business for lawyers because of "woulda, coulda?" Maybe we should wait until those become "dida." Just sayin...
  16. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    So exactly where/who in the U.S. has anyone done what yet more regulations are supposed to prevent? If you read the Verge citation it is pretty clear the core issue is lack of competition between ISPs in the U.S Pretty much the same here, Izzicable is hardly serious competition to TelMex and what else is there? I don't see how that core problem was addressed by these regulations. At some point it should become obvious that piling on more regulations and bureaucrats isn't a cure for anything but boosting employment of bureaucrats and lawyers.
  17. Net Neutrality abolished in the states

    Since this was supposed to regulate U.S. ISPs, I can't imagine why it would affect us here in Mexico.
  18. I sent Alex an email to the address El Saltos listed above and got a very fast response.
  19. Where to find these, single or double wide like this one? Thanks.
  20. Details please. Running loose or while being walked on a leash? Remember the pinned topics in this section about protecting your pets from poisoning. First line of defense is to keep them on your property on on a leash when being walked and don't allow them to be a barking nuisance to the neighborhood. Don't let your friend suffer such an awful and painful death!
  21. Looking for a reliable gardener

    Usually that means the message box is full or the person has elected not to receive messages.