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  1. As this board doesn't permit crime reporting there is now a facebook page specifically for this purpose: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=lake chapala crime watch%2Fvigilancia en la ribera de chapala It is titled: Lake Chapala Crime Watch in case the link doesn't work. It will come up readily on a Facebook search.
  2. Lake Chapala Crime Watch Facebook Page

    I posted this as a FYI. I am not involved in it other than requesting membership. Given the concern often expressed here we can't report crimes on this board I wanted to let you all know of this as a possible alternative. That's all.
  3. Lake Chapala Crime Watch Facebook Page

    The reason is to keep the focus locally and discourage out of area trolls.
  4. Lake Chapala Crime Watch Facebook Page

    The first question they ask is about where you live. The second question is whether you've been a victim of a crime here. I'm sure the CIA has a whole bunch of well paid spies in D.C. worrying about a small town of expats in Mexico who are sharing local information.
  5. Lake Chapala Crime Watch Facebook Page

    Exactly. If you don't like Facebook ignore this heads up. I'm going to give it a try and see if it is factual and useful.
  6. Bike Lane Completed

    This government that can't pick up the trash reliably always needs more money. I suppose having increased the payroll at City Hall by 50 percent that might account for the fact Ajijic had become a Pueblo Trashico with a bike path to nowhere.
  7. Bring in a crated 250cc motorcycle

    Generally not worth importing this as the cost is more than the bike is worth. There are lots of these smaller displacement motos around here that can be bought. That's the cheapest alternative.
  8. Salvador's closing April 1?

    Our hands down favorite for breakfast is closing April 1 and the future is unclear? I am shocked. This place has been there so long it is an institution!. Both the Mexican and expat communities pack the place for breakfast on the weekends. IMO hands down the best value for good old straight ahead U.S. style artery clogging breakfast in town. What happened?
  9. No it has resumed. As far as I know, no legal actions against it. In the case of La Floresta no reversal of the stop orders, the builders in cahoots with the Chapala government are simply flouting the law. Hopefully this time the very experienced Mexican legal team fighting this project will get someone sent to jail for deliberately ignoring judicial orders.
  10. Mercado?

    The comment about the local Tianquis is true and I suspect about all of them as well except maybe some of the stuff at the Tuesday Market is actually locally grown. It's pretty obvious the stuff comes from the Abastos. Still I notice these are well attended by the local Mexican populace so they must see some value there. Let's knock off the personal commentary so it won't be necessary to close the thread.
  11. This story in Mexico News Daily serves to illustrate this point: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/for-blue-jays-pitcher-el-chapo-is-a-hero/ This is how things are seen at ground level and goes a long ways to explain how these cartels often are more popular than the government. And speaking of the latter I see our own rogue government has allowed that noxious high rise in La Floresta to resume construction in defiance of both court orders and the wishes of the community.
  12. Lakeside increased population?

    All depends on what you call sane. I'm a UT graduate, Austin was a paradise in those days nearly 50 years ago. Now just another traffic clogged overpopulated mess. NM is pretty conservative socially. I lived there 14 years and would go back if we decided to leave. It has 4 seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter and Wind. First suggest is the best. Ranked dead lasts in quality of life, 40 percent of all U.S. welfare cases, homeless on the streets by the tens of thousands, nearly half of all the dope users, what's not to like?
  13. Bike Lane Completed

    As noted Pawn shop has more space in front depth wise. Hospital parkers would block bike lane. Now when I think of stupid about this project I think of the fact the two ends aren't connected on the west side. That is stupid and dangerous.
  14. In search of LATE MODEL SUV

    Was a 2012 CRV with decent miles posted on Beg Barter and Buy. I drive one of these, there is no difference between the '12 and '13, a very dependable and utilitarian ride.
  15. Lakeside increased population?

    Move to California? Actually Austin will provide the left wing paradise you seek.
  16. Chapala Med

    Exactly where is this one supposed to be? The one next to Mirasol is moving right along.
  17. Bike Lane Completed

    What happens in the gap between Juarez and where the bike lane ends further west? That's a death trap for cyclists. Also on the west end just a week or so ago the gaps in the south side sidewalk that were supposed to have those decorative rocks were unfinished. What happened with those? The sidewalks are great with the above noted but the bike lane is a joke since that very hazardous section (for cyclists) going west up the hill from Juarez was left out. It will work for cyclists riding into Ajijic centro from the east but the ones coming from the west side are still unlikely to survive the experience. What was the point if the gap between the two ends of the existing bike path wasn't closed?
  18. After three years plus of minimum billing with our 18 panel solar system we didn't get a billing this month. My wife went in there and checked the machine and it claims we owe them over 2000 pesos. She was unable to get anyone to see her, the place was full and the "take a number" machine was broken. She is going back in the morning with at least a year's billings, photos of the electric meter and an interpreter. Any other suggestions? I've also contacted our solar supplier for suggestions. The system is functioning normally and making over 600kWh per month. Any other ideas? Ain't CFE fun?
  19. An interesting read that just confirms this is more of the same inter-cartel warfare that is driving much of the crime in Mexico. And at the bottom of it all as per usual are tourists and others who buy drugs and other sordid "services" from these people and put money in their hands. I'm sure you noticed the reference to their companion partners in crime, government: As long as there are buyers there will be sellers. It has been so throughout human history. Corruption and crime starts with those who buy from it, tolerate it and ultimately benefit from it.
  20. Going with facts you completely failed to make your case about the U.S. dollar so now there's a new set of facts. Curious, where were you when the last administration ran up a trillion dollars in debt? I think you are a little late to the game here. This has been going on for a helluva long time. Post WWII the U.S. political establishment concluded the U.S. needed to police the world and they have pretty much done so ever since. I agree with you they can't really afford it but the idea that one side or the other is any more guilty is nonsense. Until the voters up there put a stop to it I suspect it will go on until the roof falls in. And as you well know U.S. politics are not a welcome topic on this board. So I suggest you end it here.
  21. Interest rates too are still at historically low levels, creating a problem for savers and retirees.
  22. You know this is so full of nonsense it is hard to know where to start. 10 year low? We could start by looking at the historic Euro rates. Remember when the Euro cost a buck and a half? Yep, and that was during the previous administration. It was high $1.30's to the $1.50 level the entire time. Look it up. $1.23 today, that means the buck is worth more. Not as much as it was but over the longer term still at the higher end of the scale. And the Peso? 14 to the buck for most of the last administration, over 18 for this one. Yep as high as 22 for a brief period based on as reported at the time a reaction to less than favorable news here. Trading in a relatively tight range since then. As a matter of fact when you start looking at the longer time charts it is clear the buck is still pretty pricey. Among other things that is a contributing factor to the U.S. trade deficit. What does the IMF say about the dollar? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-imf-currencies/imf-says-dollar-overvalued-euro-yen-yuan-broadly-in-line-with-fundamentals-idUSKBN1AD1YT?il=0 You are fooling no one here Snowy by trying to make a political statement here. However when one just takes a quick look at the historical charts it appears you have no case. If anything the dollar is still overvalued based on long term averages. Give it up. The numbers over 10 years belie your thread title. Ten years ago when we arrived the buck would only buy 11 pesos. The Euro cost $1.57.
  23. Lakeside increased population?

    Well 10 years ago weren't a lot of amenities. We used to go to Texas and haul the stuff almost impossible to find here back bh the car load. Sure love having that Costco though.
  24. Lakeside increased population?

    I do know a few like this but I think people in general either are OK with living in a foreign country or they are not regardless of which country. Expats IMO are more adventurous than the general population.
  25. Anyone having this CFE problem?

    Second that nomination. Near as we can tell it was a combination of a house sitter who left things on and used the heck out of an electric heater for the two weeks we were gone in January plus this new billing scheme which I still don't understand at all. Go Solar could you please give us all an update on this. It sure feels like we aren't going to like it much