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    Bringing our car and have quesitons

    Spencer posted this on Facebook:
  2. Mainecoons

    Bringing our car and have quesitons

    People generally find they have to pay off and get clear title to a car to take it out of the U.S. I think the restrictions on import you refer to have to do with nationalizing a car, not bringing it in on a TIP. Yes the rental market is very tight as demand is very strong and supply has decreased considerably because peo.ple who were waiting for a better market to sell no longer have to wait. The supply of properties for sale in the more sought after areas is very right also. You will find a lot more traffic than you remembered and many changes. Welcome back.
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    Good results from Paz, they have some nice Dominican cigars. Better than Cuban IMHO. I understand there's also a place in Chapala but don't know specifics. Maybe someone can fill in the blanks.
  4. Mainecoons

    Attorney Referral for Closing

    Exchanging information about where to get goods and services and experiences with same is a big part of what goes on here. If someone is seeking referrals for services what is appreciated the most is other posters providing same, not critiquing why they are asking for the information.
  5. Mainecoons

    Attorney Referral for Closing

    We've had property dealings with two local Notarios, Sr. Luis Enrique and Sr. Uriarte. Both were handled very professionally and were completely trouble free. We did not see the need for an additional attorney and it was never suggested we could not chose the Notario. Kevin Collins of Collins real estate assisted us on the purchase of our primary residence and we found him to be very well versed in the process and professional. We would recommend him to anyone. We are currently doing another settlement with Sr. Uriarte on an apartment we bought to house the Oaxaca students we help to attend Iteso. This too is going very smoothly. Our agent on this last one is Karen Julieta Cabrea Corrales of Century 21 Continental in GDL. She too has been outstanding, actually detected a major fraud in a property we first wanted to buy. If you do get involved in buying something in GDL I recommend her completely. As part of the process involving the property with a fraudulent deed she informed us that it has been determined some 15% of properties in GDL may have title/deed irregularities. Also, the real estate market there is really chaotic compared to the relatively well organized one here. For example there is no centralized and comprehensive MLS, just one attempt at one by a few brokers plus a hodge podge of internet listing sites which are poorly managed and full of already sold properties. By all means use an attorney as an additional safety factor if it raises your comfort level.
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    I'm having congestion and asthma issues also in the last two days. Wondering the same about something environmental. We're getting a lot of clouds and humidity but not a lot of rain, maybe that has something to do with it.
  7. Mainecoons

    IPhone 6s service

    The battery has failed on my wife's IPhone 6s and requires replacement. This too has been an issue with this phone. Is there somewhere locally it can be serviced or is there service in GDL? I do have another basically unused IPhone 6s with other issues that has a good battery in it. Given this availability of a replacement battery is there someone locally who can be trusted to fix it correctly? Thanks.
  8. Mainecoons

    IPhone 6s service

    You don't know the whole story and I don't appreciate the rude personal comment or the lecture. My wife depends on this phone for a lot and we are in the middle of something that we really need it for. Please butt out of my thread, thanks. What about the people next to Alex's Pasta? Has anyone had them do this sort of thing on an I Phone?
  9. Mainecoons

    IPhone 6s service

    Well Hall never got back to me after I gave them the requested information, the serial number of the phone. Not sure why, I didn't ask for any freebies or discounts. I just want to know if they can fix the damn phone! So looking for other alternatives. Recall that I do have a blacklisted and useless 6s with a good battery that could be switched into my wife's phone. Here's the $64 question, is there anyone local that can be trusted to do this work right? Thanks.
  10. Mainecoons

    Which fraccs have well or holding tank

    The problem is not the quality of the water from the beginning, the problem is very badly constructed distribution lines that allow outside polluted water to infiltrate the lines when there is no pressure due to the frequent shut downs of flow.
  11. Mainecoons

    Los Senderos y las lluvias

    Ellos deberian cambiar el nombre to "Los Rios." Más mal ingeniería y construcción.
  12. Mainecoons

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers in Ajijic

    Ain't that the truth. I'd like to have 100 pesos for every new restaurant here that has ignored this and didn't last very long. Intention doesn't mean squat if you don't deliver from day one. That first couple of weeks when people are trying out the new place and determining if it is a keeper is vital to the longevity of a restaurant. Many are called, few are chosen...
  13. I think he's looking for big savings from cutting corruption and bloated overpaid government expense. He also plans a big increase in the minimum wage. There have been stories reporting both initiatives in the Mexican press. The elections are over. No one here is participating in electoral politics. The new government looks to really shake things up in this country and we most certainly have a stake in that, particularly if we have property and/or investments here. I view AMLO as a badly needed breath of fresh air in this country and I am rooting for his success. Same goes for this big changing of the guard right here in Jalisco.
  14. They both do. Wages are rising, more people are working and the U.S. economy is taking off after years of stagnation. Tax law changes are bringing billions back to the U.S. and shedding job killing regulation is moving the U.S. to the fastest growing economy in the world, plus once again being acknowledged as the most competitive. The poor are helped the most when they can find jobs at decent pay. If there's anything that has failed the poor it is the handout system which keeps them trapped in a barely subsistence standard of living. Mexico doesn't have enough good paying jobs and the working people have been exploited by these NAFTA sweatshops. Both leaders see fixing this as a priority. Watch and learn how well these two work together. I like what I see already from AMLO. He is planning to go after illegal immigration and human trafficking on Mexico's southern border and he has announced he will slash the size and ridiculous pay levels of the Federal government. I really wish though he'd reconsider the need for strong personal security as a lot of corrupt people are going to really hate him.
  15. Mainecoons

    IPhone 6s service

    Thank you RV for the recommendation of Hall in GDL they are an authorized Apple distributor and indicated they can change the battery. They got back to me almost immediately and indicated the phone may be eligible for the Apple new battery discount. They asked for the serial number. I think we'll first try working with Hall to solve this problem. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and help.
  16. Mainecoons

    IPhone 6s service

    I agree Alpha but this is my wife's phone. I've tried without success to determine if there is any Apple authorized service in GDL. Their web site just runs me around in circles. I'm very nervous about taking it to any unauthorized service in this country.
  17. I used to get this done at LCS but the guy who did it very well for me has been replaced with someone whose results are much less satisfactory. So I'm looking elsewhere. Don't need some high power doctor or clinic, just a practitioner who knows how to effective freeze off moles. Your suggestions appreciated.
  18. Mainecoons

    IPhone 6s service

    Didn't the new Bennos close down? If not please refresh my memory as to location. Thanks.
  19. Mainecoons

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers in Ajijic

    We generally walk to Brunos but when we don't we've never had a problem finding a place to park nearby on a side street south of the carretera.
  20. Mainecoons

    san miguel de allende

    I think the expensive gap between San Miguel and at least Ajijic is closing. However, you have many less expensive options that are still well located along the lake here. Proximity to GDL for big city shopping and first class medical care: 40 minutes away. Big advantage: Costco. Thirty minutes to a major airport with flights to everywhere. Definitely more even climate. Very close to the beach. If your taste in restaurants runs to fancy and expensive, GDL has you covered. Personally, I'd go for Guanajuato long before I'd consider San Miguel.
  21. May I get an update on pulmonologists you have had good results with? I have a persistent cough problem just can't seem to shake it. Some years ago a doctor thought I might have early COPD. Whenever I get a cold it takes month to get over the coughing. This time was the worst even though the cold was very mild.
  22. Mainecoons

    Fido in Restaurants

  23. All those places. That weight is common here.
  24. Mainecoons

    Mexico and China - the future is knocking

    I'll bet I get far enough to know the U.S. GNP is a whole lot larger than China's. That's an interesting site. I bookmarked it. The particular citation you mentioned is an over the top hate corporation rant but there is a lot of interesting stuff there, albeit with a distinct leftward tilt. "Away with Objectivity" in particular was a lot of fun to read. Trading with people on an unequal basis has certainly not enhanced the strength of the U.S. Nor has paying for everyone's defense and engaging in way too many overseas military actions has also not enhanced that strength. If I were a Canadian or a Mexican I'd be very concerned about the decline of the U.S. I sure wouldn't be as happy about it as you seem to be. But then I'm also not living in some fantasy about how benign China is and how letting them sink their hooks into Mexico is a great idea. There were a lot of people running around in the thirties who didn't take Germany seriously even though the signals were clearly there just as they are with China now. Mexico loses up to 10 percent of its GNP to corruption. Plenty of money there to pay for this project without selling out to a country with a very clear agenda of world economic and military domination.
  25. Mainecoons

    Immigration office closed

    You should be OK. Drive during the day, don't attract attention by too much speeding. They are madder at the Americans these days than the Canadians. Sure glad I got rid of my U.S. plates some time ago.