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  1. Unlock IPhone 6s

    Done, none of us got an answer. EBay is investigating.
  2. Unlock IPhone 6s

    I've already checked the IMEI numbers on the international database and confirmed these phones are not stolen. They were definitely new in box.
  3. Unlock IPhone 6s

    Great suggestion although there are now a number of feedbacks on this seller from people who bought these phones and have had the same problem. You wouldn't happen to know the contact for the guy you mentioned would you? I'd rather deal with someone who is known to be able to handle this problem if I can.
  4. True but the question is, are people dying to do business with Rebecca? Given that we have plenty of local funeral homes and now a state of the art crematorium in Chapala, why go out of town for this service?
  5. Peso on the Move ... Where's It Headed ?

    Incorrect again. Try stepping outside of your ideological agenda and just look at the actual numbers. They do not support your thinly veiled allegation that any one administration is driving the numbers. The main economic driver from the last two and now apparently this one is deficit spending! The Federal government has been propping up the U.S. economy for at least 17 years now with borrowed money! Among other things, it is a fact that economic policy changes take quite some time to show up in GDP. A long longer than the current administration. They haven't had the time to make many changes of substance. You keep bringing up T bills, still apparently not understanding that first, the value of an already issued T bill drops when interest rates rise and secondly that, just as the dollar is beginning to come down from historically overvalued levels, the interest rates are beginning to rise from historically low levels. Both are overdue corrections and should be expected. You noted earlier interest payments on the national debt are rising with rising interest rates. Prior to the Clinton administration, most Federal debt was held in 30 year T Bills. Beginning with that administration and expanding with subsequent ones, financing of the national debt has become more and more short term. Coupled with the artificially low interest rates caused by Fed manipulations, this has disguised the real cost of carrying the massive debt of the U.S. government. As interest rates rise, this too is not going to end well. When those short term debt instruments are rolled over into ones carrying higher interest rates, the interest cost of the national debt is going to start "eating" the national budget. All of this but the latter is peripheral to the real issue which you identified: Runaway borrowing. The first budget of this administration has as much red ink as some of the highest of the previous. This is not going to end well as economic history clearly shows that sooner or later the piper has to be paid. The U.S. has risen into the ranks of the 10 most indebted nations in the world as a function of GDP. And now it is facing rapidly escalating cost to service that debt. There is no way to grow out of this level of debt! One can argue I believe that the U.S. is already insolvent and is surviving on the "too big to fail" phenomenon. There is a very important demographic factor here as well. The U.S. population is aging, the birth rate is near historic lows, and older people do not drive a basically consumer led economy the way younger ones do. There is no baby boom up there entering their most productive and consuming years, quite the contrary. The baby boomers are retiring in droves and spending previously earned assets. Old populations aren't going to post big growth numbers tax cuts or not. Ironically Mexico has great demographic numbers but is being absolutely choked to death by the corruption of its political class. I've seen it put very well IMO: Mexico is a country with first world people living in a third world country because of a fourth world government. This country should be roaring into the first world but until it deals with the corruption and wholesale theft of public money it isn't going anywhere IMHO. It isn't even growing fast enough to keep up with population growth. There's no question the stock market isn't an indicator of anything but a bubble and one with very narrow breadth as well. There are a lot of wildly inflated values on companies with earnings that don't begin to justify stock prices. Indeed a lot of these concerns are awash in red ink like the government. It is being driven by people chasing yields and pumping up fewer and fewer stocks. This isn't going to end well either, it never does.
  6. Unlock IPhone 6s

    I've confirmed the phone is not "hot" but it is definitely locked. There is a way to activate the phone without a sim card using ITunes but when I tried that it indicated the phone cannot be activated which means it is locked. First time I've ever been ripped off by a high rated long time seller on EBay. I'm calling them next. I know there used to be some guy around here, "Ben" who could do this but that was some time ago. I don't trust the people next to Plaza B, I needed something done on my other phone and they tried to take it apart and damaged it. None of that was required to put money on it which is what I was trying to do. Will take the phone to TelMex next week. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Unlock IPhone 6s

    No, it doesn't get even as far as the four digit code. I checked the IMEI numbers of both phones and they do not show up as stolen. Both are new in box shrink wrapped. I think the problem is they aren't carrier unlocked and the carrier is in Europe.
  8. Unlock IPhone 6s

    Well I bought two new IPhone 6s on EBay from a supposed seller with a good track record. I picked them up on our last trip to the U.S. They were represented as unlocked but are not. Is there anyone local who can unlock these phones? Thank you.
  9. Peso on the Move ... Where's It Headed ?

    A couple of comments now the obvious political content and bias has been dealt with. The U.S. economy as measured by unemployment, filings for unemployment benefits, corporate profits, is stronger now, not getting weaker. The problem of stagnant employee compensation began well before 2016. Indeed there has finally been some uptick in wages. Most reports I have seen on the dollar state that it was overvalued and I think that is correct. Here's what the 10 year chart looks like: As for historic interest rates, what is historic is the low rates paid savers for quite some time, a situation that has been very bad for retired folks. Historically, 2.33 percent is a terrible rate of return. Again, a chart puts this in perspective. As for the debt situation, that doubled in the previous 8 years alone. History shows that when government borrowing finally reaches its limit, the crash is very abrupt. It may be preceded by hyperinflation. The problem of governments piling up debt beyond the ability to repay is widespread and at some point the defaults are going to begin. Frankly this is the biggest problem going down the road. It is silly to think that any country can grow its way out of borrowing 40 percent of its budget. This piling on of debt has been going on for a long time particularly in the last 17 years. The U.S. national debt was doubled just in the last 8 years and there seems to be nothing but a sea of red ink looking forward. Can't disagree at all that Mexico is much too dependent on the U.S. for trade, remittances, tourism, even drug money. I really don't see that changing much.
  10. Probably meant either 30,000 square feet or 3,000 square meters. Chillin's last sentence is chilling given the growing gridlock and decaying road network between here and GDL.
  11. Radiator repair

    It's good advice. Some things aren't meant to be repaired. You could try using JB weld. There are some plastics it will stick to.
  12. Alert

    Wow, there are some really grim numbers there. Really sad!
  13. Toilet paper flushing

    Shall we call for volunteers to handle the returns?
  14. Toilet paper flushing

    Let's just wipe it out altogether. Actually if one checks the references on this subject, modern TP is quite fast dissolving and OK for both treatment plants and septic tanks. The problem with it is when it is used in undersized pipes particularly where there is internal roughness and/or inadequate sloping of lines. Reading on this topic the main environmental concern most often discussed is the massive number of trees cut to provide it. Of course that latter issue is still around whether it is flushed or put in a trash can.
  15. Mexicans near the bottom in confidence in government

    I suggest you all correspond with the people who published these studies and see how far you get. And now for the rest of the story. This BTW is from the second link, something you didn't note. Missed the part about thefts and assaults? Nice job of selective quoting there. You can always tell here when some can't really offer a substantive comment. The personal crap starts.