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  1. Mainecoons

    Peso free fall

    I wouldn't call it a free fall. Trading in a range 18-19 for some time, recovered most of the AMLO fear factor. From XE See bolded part, may be related to that.
  2. Mainecoons

    When a Motel is not a "Motel"!

    When it took two days to drive here from McAllen we would stop at a Notel on the south side of San Luis Potosi. No problem booking for a full night and no problem going out to eat but we traveled on days when they would most likely have plenty of vacancies. Always clean, comfortable and the garage provided security for our usual car load of stuff. Now I can drive from the Pharr bridge to here in less than 10.5 hours so we just skip the overnight stop. These places are generally the busiest on weekend and holiday nights.
  3. Mainecoons

    Humidity levels

    Feels about the same to me, what is different is the lack of rainfall. Monsoon tropical current is shifted south this year and we are not getting the rain. Our friends from Oaxaca say it is dryer than usual there too.
  4. Mainecoons

    Where to buy: Drawer glides

    That was definitely the right place. He had almost exact duplicates of the broken ones, should install straight up. He seemed to have a very big selection of these and his prices were great. Thank's for the recommendation, this saved me a lot of running around!
  5. Are you getting any responses? You may have to come and stay at a local hotel or B&B and look directly. Rental market is really tight but that is a pretty good budget..
  6. Mainecoons

    Where to buy: Drawer glides

    What lumber yard in Ajijic? I know about the guys in Chapala across from Soriana.
  7. Mainecoons

    Teocintle MaĆ­z :: FABULOUS Ajijic Restaurant

    Yes, please encourage them to join and post in Restaurant Happenings. We went by there but couldn't get in. It is very busy. Will have to get reservations.
  8. Mainecoons

    Where to buy: Drawer glides

    They are 14 and 16 inch full extension with ball bearings. Part of built in cabinet made in GDL, hopefully not too hard to find. Going out looking in the morning.
  9. Mainecoons


    Availability of connections depends on your location. They are slow to expand where capacity is all taken. Many people these days rely solely on cellular. Personally speaking I like the better quality of a land line plus we use ours for internet as well. But I'll admit to being a cave man when it comes to cellular, still using only a flip phone. Of course it helps my wife has one of those Apple thingies and she does all sorts of stuff on it for us both. The rest I'll leave to others.
  10. Mainecoons

    Where to buy: Drawer glides

    Thank you so much!
  11. Mainecoons

    Hope House suffers severe hail damage

    Direct PayPal link doesn't appear to be working so corrected above. Start here: http://shepherds-heart-ministries.org/donate Make sure you specify for repair of hail damage at Hope House Mexico. The money will go to the right place.
  12. Mainecoons

    Lakeside Food Delivery - Cocinart

    Agree and it remains our favorite. The occasion I wrote about was the only time we have felt not compelled to stay and we will be taking one of our Oaxaca ITESO students there today for her 21st birthday. It remains one of our favorites and usually the diners there are more respectful of others than this particular group was.
  13. Mainecoons

    Pet Peaves

    Exactly on both counts. Please remember the baggers do not receive any pay from Walmart, they rely on your generosity.
  14. Mainecoons

    Difficult to post here

    It is a fair question, Gringal, for anyone who is discontented with this site regards content and moderation and feels the need to post that discontent repeatedly. Given there are local and regional alternatives to this site there is no good reason why anyone should feel compelled to be here if they don't like the policies or the people. Operationally, I agree TOB is more reliable and this is why the moderating team have encouraged the site's owners to seek a better ISP option and encouraged others to report operational problems in a friendly and helpful manner to them. They want this board to increase the visibility of their other offerings and we want it as a place to exchange information and help each other. The board's owners in particular want it to be a hospitable and helpful resource for newcomers. And they are very firm in their insistence the moderating team support these goals. In our imperfect way, that is what we strive to accomplish. To the degree all the participants focus on those goals, the quality and helpfulness of this group is enhanced. As for this board having the level of personal rancor seen elsewhere I suggest you form your own opinions based on reading directly. Then pick one or the other based on your personal preferences. It really is just that simple.