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  1. When we go to the border for a few days we never bother with the FMM. We also cross at Pharr and never have encountered the hassles reported here about Laredo. There's a much better selection of hotels around McAllen/Pharr/Edinburg, there's a Costco just a few minutes north of the border for a great deal on gas and road food the tolls are significantly less, the crossing is very fast if you don't arrive late Sunday afternoon. Going north we hit the next Costco for lunch and gas. It is perfectly placed on the north side of San Antonio. I really think that because almost all of the gringos crossing in this part of the world use Laredo the Aduanas are more vigilant. We are hardly ever even checked at Pharr and have been repeatedly waved through with car loads. I suspect the Jalisco plates don't hurt either. Another member here and I have compared notes regarding distances, tolls and times and concluded the tolls were less, the times were the same or less and the distance less than 20 miles difference. There are no cities to go through now on this route and just one poor ring road around Lagos de Moreno. I figure the newly complete libremiento and the new west side bypass of San Luis Potosi will shave more time off our 10.5 hour run time to the border. We may be going up soon and if so I'll report updated route conditions on this board as I always do after a trip north.
  2. I have one on my moto and I update it very frequently. It still has many errors in the Mexican maps. You need to have a good idea of where you are going and not rely only on this device here. Interestingly, on a moto trip to NEW Mexico last year the thing made a number of big errors as well. For example, labeling roads as unpaved that have been paved for 40 years or more.
  3. This place doesn't sound good for my diet. However, since you are my most favorite restaurant reviewer, clearly we will have to give it a try.
  4. I borrowed one from the pet store next to Ladrons. Put a small plate of tuna in it, had the cat the next day. Paid a small fee to use it, happy to help them and they helped me.
  5. We never run into much delay in San Antonio. Coming up from Pharr we take I410 which skirts SA on the east side. We like to stop at the Costco on the north side for gas and eats. Austin is another matter. Seems like it is almost always slow even during alleged non rush hour times. We continue to cross at Pharr and save significantly on tolls and hotels, plus there's a Costco along the way to fill up. Last time, the run time was 10 hrs 15 minutes from the border bridge to here. Used the new macrolibremiento which is now fully open so no more double toll or out of the way detour. Better selection of hotels in McAllen/Pharr too. May be going up shortly and using both the Macrolibremiento and the new west side San Luis Potosi bypass. Those should easily shave more time off the ride. Now, the only bad part of the entire route is that crappy bypass around Lagos de Moreno.
  6. Did they have indoor storage? We actually did this for a while after we moved down here, had a Country Coach indoor stored in La Feria, SE of McAllen. Sold it when diesel prices went over $5, incorrectly believed prices would not come down and it cost an ungodly amount of money even to drive it 500 miles. Wrong decision. Wish we still had that one.
  7. Had a nice chat with the Mary person there at Clay County. Told her she was a famous person around here. Interesting, the form on their website is obsolete. She is emailing me the current one. Really nice folks over the phone!
  8. You can always rent that casita...
  9. We are going to put an RV in South Texas for the purpose of medical visits and some road trips. Texas has this PIA inspection that I'd just as soon not deal with since the coach will be garaged except when being used. Can we still get SD plates from Clay County and what is the current contact information? Thanks!
  10. The problem here is Ajijic is a tourist town and one with very poor municipal services. Riberas is a complete stepchild to this municipio. The rest get minimal attention at best. Most all of our tax dollars are spent in Chapala. That's simply the reality here. PV is overrun with tourists too but the municipal workers are very much in evidence keeping things clean. Away from the Malecon, many of the homes are rentals or weekend houses neither of whose owners are likely to pay much attention to keeping their street clean. In fact I'd have to say that most of the Mexican towns I visit on my moto are cleaner than Ajijic these days and most have far better maintained streets than Riberas.
  11. I think they mean the part between Lopez Mateos and Chapala highway will open next. The rest is not quite as far along.
  12. For a while we had a water taxi crossing to the south shore from the Ajijic pier. It was a very cool ride but they had serious problems with the dropping water level on this side where the lake bottom is more flat and the water is shallow. It sure was fun while it lasted.
  13. Yup, he does. Actually I'm following a development that could complete change the equation for solar and remove that problem of when the sun doesn't shine. Progress is being made on direct solar cracking of water into hydrogen and oxygen (what we've traditionally seen done with electrolysis) resulting in a transportable fuel that can be used to generate power when and where needed and produce no NOx or CO2 or any of that other bad stuff. Coal electrical generation has declined in the U.S. simply because, for the moment, NG is so cheap and the power plants that use it are so cheap that coal can't compete. Question is, how long will the NG last? Another question is the wisdom of using a highly transportable energy source that is perfect for heating buildings to make power. IMO if solar and wind have a future it is not as a direct baseline source to electrical grids. Certainly in places that have a ton of sunshine and don't require a lot of heating or cooling, solar MIGHT make it possible to go off grid comfortably providing at some point we get much better batteries than are available now. For example, probably no more than a dozen more panels at our place plus good batteries would make that possible for us and we do have the roof space for them. It has been in the back of my mind to make this conversion if the storage technology shows up.
  14. Out there in that isthmus of Mexico next to Guatemala there are hundreds and hundreds of these things and they were putting up more when we went through there. I wonder what it has done to the bird population there.