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    Don't get your hopes up.

    This is an amazing demonstration of your continued confusing what is apparently going on in your head with what I post. Please, please learn to respond to only what is written. Astounding you posted this after directly quoting my post which does not mention this. Also, I did not state the ZF family is planning to move. Once again, you are reading something that isn't there and then responding to it. Considering it or looking at it is not the same as PLANNING to do it. If you are unclear as to the meaning of these words, please look them up and get clear about the difference between considering or looking at versus actually formulating a plan to do so. Since you chose to raise the question of where you are located on this thread, let me just say that I do read your posts carefully and it appears to me that all of them have been coming from out of this area for quite some time. So I have a simple question: The trash mess got rolling here in Ajijic back in February. Since that time have you spent more than a few days here or is my impression that you have been in San Cristobal or other location and not here. I will be very happy to apologize if I have misread your posts and you have been here and hopefully out in the streets helping your neighbors pick up the near daily mess that has ensued as I have. Finally, I recommend a new Facebook site: Chapala Noticias. Thanks.

    Given the influx of Guadalajarans these days one could argue we are a suburb of that town now. So you may be mistaken to a degree. Their community standards are increasingly relevant to ours. Certainly much more so than Oaxaca, San Cristobal or other points far to the east of here. The Oaxacan artisan was cited to illustrate my point that Oaxaca has drastically different community standards and a party there has little relevance to this discussion about local noise issues and standards. I stand by that suggestion. And no, the artisan family aren't planning to relocate to Ajijic, I didn't suggest that either. Once again, please stop reading things into my posts that aren't there. I posted they are considering "moving out of state." That means Oaxaca state. I did not say anything about them moving here. Thank you Oh and also thank you for the Spanish spelling correction. I freely admit because of hearing and cognitive issues and just being too darned old when trying to learn I will never be very fluent in the language despite many hours of effort. However you can rest easy as I am not a competitor in the "More Mexican Than You" local competition and I gladly cede the game to those who are.
  4. drinking and driving again--checkpoint alert

    OK, I'm a little confused. Some of them blew below the "take to jail" level didn't they? Were those people taken to jail? Reading the guidelines it looks like they should have been ticketed and released. Were they?

    That sounds like a lot of fun. However as a Mexican expert I'm sure you know that different communities have different standards. This thread started with a discussion of what is going on in an equally Mexican community, Guadalajara. Earlier, similar crackdowns in Zopopan have been reported by the Mexican press. All of this being pushed and carried out by the Mexicans who live in those communities. Somehow I doubt the party you went to would have happened there these days. So what is the relevance to this area or this thread? And why is it always that when people express different views that you have they are "complaining?" BTW, I have a family of Zapotec artisans from Oaxaca right now staying with us and they are looking to relocate their business out of the state because it is so lawless and corrupt and all the "manefestacions" and "bloqueos" have basically destroyed tourism there.
  6. INM in Chapala is where you go locally to get CURP. My friend's son needed one for his driver's license, it was easy and quick to get it there. One you have it you can print multiple copies of the CURP card as you need them right off that web site.
  7. Pueblo Mágico impossible?

    I'm not going to get into a debate with Chapala residents, full (you) or part time about an issue that affects full time residents of Ajijic, me, my spouse and neighbors. I'm sure you think that about the local government since most of everyone's pesos (not dollars) go where you live but most of the money comes from where I live and the other communities of the Municipio. As I said, you are welcome to that opinion. Over here, it doesn't hold up to reality too well. I just look at the facts as they are being reported and as we are experiencing things HERE and the facts are that services have declined drastically where I live and I don't know anyone where I live including me who thinks the money from Pueblo Magico will suffer any different fate. We are concerned we will have still more congestion, more trashy potholed streets and noise and the money meant to deal with those things will "magically" disappear like our money does now. Let's leave it at that.
  8. Pueblo Mágico impossible?

    No problem, quote the post you think I cut and pasted. Also, my post was responding to bmh, not you. I am confident in his/her ability to respond unaided. bmh is not here full time. We are. And the same suggestion applies to you--if you don't like the topic, threads or poster it is easy to ignore all here. You are welcome to continue to be an apologist for the local government and we are equally welcome to not share your opinion on same.
  9. Pueblo Mágico impossible?

    bmh, you don't live here. This board is a local board here and you should expect that local issues will be discussed here. As others have been advised, it is very easy to ignore threads, posts or people on this board if you are not interested or don't agree. What you label as "complaining" from afar is to us affairs that affect our every day life here. I used "gringo" in the broader sense. When we were in San Cristobal, the streets downtown were crowded with Europeans. Reminded me of Playa del Carmen, pricey and packed with young foreigners. I'm glad you like it there. We were not impressed as it appeared to us as a small old town core surrounded by a lot of graffiti covered slums. The general level of prosperity in Jalisco is a lot higher, hence many more resources are theoretically available to provide services, and it is reasonable for those of us paying for those services to expect to receive them. When one visits the tourism oriented towns around us that are similarly prosperous, one sees clean and repaired streets and sidewalks and modern trash pick up services, indicating that this is not an unreasonable expectation for THIS area. It is ironic that of the many local Mexicans i know and interact with here regularly, none of whom are on the local government feedbag, the opinion of the local government from Gardener right on up to Doctor is a great deal harsher than you see expressed here. I wouldn't presume to pass judgment on what you find important in San Cristobal, please accord the same respect here. What you label as "complaining" from afar is to us affairs that affect our every day life here. We have a very real basis for believing that a "Pueblo Magico" designation for Ajijic would simply result in more congestion and tourism and most of the money for improvements would magically disappear without results as most of our tax dollars do now.
  10. Last Will and Testament

    Did ours as well, excellent job. For Notario, Luis Enrique is our go to guy. Some of you may not be aware he is putting in a lot of time as a major player helping fight those high rises in La Floresta. He's also quite an expert on water law.
  11. Volaris reviews

    After booking flight to Chicago for my wife, and a few days before the trip, AeroMexico changed her flights to red eyes with no warning. She cancelled the trip as people up there couldn't meet the crazy schedules. They did refund the ticket price after several calls. Face it, flying sucks.
  12. San Blas Questions

    San Blas has some of the best body surfing I have ever experienced in my life, at the beach just south of the town. And, yes, it is buggy as all get out. There are a couple of decent restaurants right on the beach. I am told there are some small hotels in the town. Apparently there is some sort of swampy area in the vicinity which is the cause of the bug problem. When I went there during the day they were not bad but we were out of there by 4PM.
  13. Pueblo Mágico impossible?

    We don't forget at all. That debt was wracked up with little to show for it by the brother of the current "Presidente." Also, are you forgetting it was reported the current regime increased the city hall payroll by 50%? Not a great strategy for paying off debt. I wouldn't presume anything is getting paid off except the cronies. You figure it out.
  14. Volaris reviews

    Just another cattle car airline like the rest these days. No better or worse.
  15. Pueblo Mágico impossible?

    I get out of town a lot and I'll agree that there are a lot of pitiful towns in parts of Mexico, like Chiapas or Michocan for example, but not so much in Jalisco, Colima or San Luis Potosi. What I see in those places are towns that are clean, with repaired and almost trash free streets. You see a lot from the seat of a moto. Exactly what you are describing is what we saw as soon as we walked a few blocks outside of the tourist areas of San Cristobal, for example It was obvious there that most people aren't benefiting from the small zone of tourista glitz. It impressed us as a euro gringo ghetto surrounded by a lot of serious poverty. Our standard of comparison is not the poverty stricken states of Mexico lany more than a U.S. resident would use Mississippi as a bench mark for comparison there. By Mexican standards, Jalisco is one of the richest states in the country but you'd never know it to drive on most of the "free" roads or the level that services locally have sunk to. Don't assume we don't travel, a lot of us do. That's why we know a place like this with the rich tax base it has should be a lot better kept than it is and it actually used to be. A short trip from here to either Tapalpa or Mazamitla, similar very affluent tourist towns, makes this very plain.