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  1. It is sold right now. Right next to Pranzo in La Floresta on the south side of the carretera, directly east of the Auditorium.
  2. What will your route be? In general, travel only during daylight hours. Stick to toll roads.
  3. Maybe for imported cars?
  4. There's no need to get personal here. The reality is that this area has become a big time weekend spot for GDL's growing middle class and most of them bring their cars and make things very busy, particularly on three day weekends. The history of the area was that it was a big Tapatio recreational area and it certainly appears that it is returning to its "roots" at this point. The advantage of living in any of the centros, particularly Chapala or Ajijic, is that we can walk to most all the usual services or tiendas we need. This is not a great place to be car dependent IMO, it never really was and that was a big part of our personal choice in where to locate. However, if one does rely on the car more a little planning goes a long way. Best time to do anything via car is first thing in the morning on weekdays that are not also holidays. We find we can usually get around well on most weekends by going out first thing on Saturday. For us, on balance, the plusses of local growth outweigh the minuses but I can certainly understand why others might not agree. The change has been very rapid and maybe a bit unnerving simply because of the pace.
  5. Hmm. Have you tried getting through San Juan Cosala on a weekend when the restaurant strip is humming? How about the half mile long backups that occur regularly on Hildalgo from the traffic light in the center of Chapala, stretching back west to the edge of town? How clean would all of our villages be if we had the services here we did just a few years back when, BTW, taxes were a lot lower? How clean would they be if we did't have so many weekend visitors who seem to have no idea what a trash can is for? Since Monday was a holiday I would have thought it prudent to try and check first with the copy center before trying to go there when this area was full of three day weekenders. We find it a great stress saver to apply a little scheduling sense and do our shopping and other errands when the Tapatios aren't here. Like it or not, the Tapatios have returned to this entire area in force and one either learns to live with it or one probably needs to relocate. I suspect neither the Tapatio flood nor the totally inadequate and incompetent response of local and state government to it is going to change. Better get used to it. You're obviously very frustrated by the changes. For us, they are a two edged sword. One now has to plan around holiday times and put up with traffic year round but on the other hand so much more is available here than was the case just 8 short years ago.
  6. Months ago I booked my esposa's flight to Chicago, paying a premium for the nonstop daytime flights that AeroMexico was selling. This weekend we get an email from them changing the schedule and turning the flights in both directions into Red Eye specials. That is not what we booked and paid for. Question is, can we force them to cancel the booking and return our money? She would rather cancel the trip and go later instead of arriving at Chicago O'Hare at 1AM in the morning and leaving there on the return flight about the same time. I'm telling you, air travel just absolutely sucks these days. Friends of our got screwed like this by Volaris on a trip to Florida, had to stay a second night in a hotel, cheapest available was $220 a night and Volaris "generously" gave them a $50 credit towards a future flight that expires in 6 months.
  7. No, I'm suggesting it would be a poor location for this because of noise.
  8. I'll assume you deleted any old cookies related to GDL Reporter. They aren't too swift when it comes to using the internet. One of the more problematic sites I've encountered. But I don't have any trouble logging in at the dot net site. They have an office in Plaza Bugambillias, you may want to stop in there and discuss the problem with them. Maybe ComputerGuy can help also.
  9. GSM is GSM, right? Had no problem with getting TelMex chips for either of our GSM phones, one an IPhone4 the other a generic flip phone. Looking to get an Iphone6s for my spouse, as long as it is factory unlocked and GSM it should work, no? If there is some other specification could you tell me what it is? Thanks.
  10. They had to switch from dot com to dot net. No idea why.
  11. Very good news and thanks to all that made it happen.
  12. Looks like there will be parking in front of it and the driveway will exit in the same place the previous one did, onto the Carretera. Good luck with the last part given the very frequent gridlock in that stretch these days. Can't imagine assisted living in a location that is going to be very noisy from Carretera traffic. The other place on the north side and east of this one is definitely going to be a pawnshop, "FastCash" which I believe is a franchise. The good news is you won't have to go very far to look for your stolen stuff.
  13. How about old CFL lights?
  14. Groan!
  15. Very good information Pappys, thanks for posting it. Could you describe in greater detail just how you do this? Who is Marianna? How does it get from U.S. Global Mail to Estefeta USA and what is the cost of this arrangement including repackaging? Gracias!