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  1. Wondered why my antique flip phone wasn't working.
  2. Oh that sounds great for the free day! Will try and remember to do this. Next step is to get the approval of the Big Boss to sign up. One week until she returns from the U.K. I recall you posting there are some REAL Chinese food restaurants there. This is a must!
  3. Arturo speaks good English also. I've never had a problem getting him on the phone or having him show up. He's a good plumber and can fix this problem for you quickly.
  4. Real Triscuits and Fritos should be declared controlled substances and kept under lock and key in my presence! Costco butter works great for us and we are grateful to be able to buy it here.
  5. Very informative, thanks! So is it possible to take an otherwise very good laptop like this dead HP I have and put some new guts in it and get a functioning updated machine? If so anyone doing this locally or in GDL? Is it cost effective?
  6. Once we get the lay of the land we might DIY on a second trip but the first time we just want to sit back and leave the arranging to someone else. Thanks to all of you for your feedback!
  7. Thanks again Tom. My adopted grandson needs to get his first DL. He'll have to take the written and driver's tests. Can he do this at Plaza Torres? Sounds like it would be easier than going to the main office which was absolutely crazy the last time I was there. Also, are there best days/times to go?
  8. Can one replace a LOST license at Plaza de Torres? This is a really informative thread, nice work Tom and Mata!
  9. So Anita's is going from a no-kill shelter to only those animals which are highly adoptable will live? Anita dedicated her whole being to saving the dogs and cats no matter what their condition only to have it end like this. Such a shame. How you got that from what jaraschko posted to your statement honestly baffles me. Jraschko was updating us on conditions and squashing rumors the animals were going to be put down. All I'm suggesting is that folks give these volunteers some breathing room, help out if you can and avoid being harsh armchair critics from behind keyboards. It is common knowledge that Anita had her hands full out there and conditions were less than optimal for the animals. Today is Friday, hopefully we'll see an update soon. Meanwhile, all our best wishes go to Anita for a successful outcome.
  10. Had the same thing happen with an HP. Dead video chip. Benno fixed it once, lasted about a year, same thing again. Turns out this is a common problem with that series of HP, caused by too much heat. Got a cheap Dell. Has lasted for years. Getting another one next trip north as a backup.
  11. Ate there this evening. Did a small salad and build it yourself small pizza. Both just simply excellent. Loved the crust. The so called small pizza was so generous I brought half of it home. Sat out back, definitely the best tables there. No, there's no disco. It was quiet and pleasant. Nicely decorated restaurant. My new favorite pizza place!
  12. Ditto to that. Harry is one of the people who steps up and makes a real difference in this community. Best wishes for a fast recovery Harry!
  13. We and our host country are affected however. And if you don't find the topic relevant, simply ignore it.
  14. Good point, I know someone who bought one and it was a good buy and a good car. Tomgates, that wouldn't surprise me a bit. But it was a great place to see a lot of cars and prices in a hurry.
  15. We're thinking of doing Mexico City over the holidays with the Charter Club Christmas tour. This is a 9 day mostly inclusive tour. The tour hotel is the Sheraton downtown. It isn't cheap but seems to really hit the must see sites. Current U.S. dollar equivalent is about $3100 for two people. If you've done this particular tour or if you have other options we should consider please post your observations here. We don't want to attempt to do this visit on our own, just not comfortable with the idea at our ages. Thanks very much!