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    Robert please delete your duplicate thread. As the thread starter you can do it. Just open it and delete it.
  2. You have now posted this three times in the wrong section and been told twice there is already a thread on it in La Cocina. No mas!
  3. Bring in a crated 250cc motorcycle

    No question Hondas are better than Italikas. they are well designed and made. Honda motos readily available here. Suzuki also very popular.
  4. Lakeside increased population?

    Try Venezuela.
  5. Lake Chapala Crime Watch Facebook Page

    I posted this as a FYI. I am not involved in it other than requesting membership. Given the concern often expressed here we can't report crimes on this board I wanted to let you all know of this as a possible alternative. That's all.
  6. Lake Chapala Crime Watch Facebook Page

    The reason is to keep the focus locally and discourage out of area trolls.
  7. Lake Chapala Crime Watch Facebook Page

    The first question they ask is about where you live. The second question is whether you've been a victim of a crime here. I'm sure the CIA has a whole bunch of well paid spies in D.C. worrying about a small town of expats in Mexico who are sharing local information.
  8. Lake Chapala Crime Watch Facebook Page

    Exactly. If you don't like Facebook ignore this heads up. I'm going to give it a try and see if it is factual and useful.
  9. As this board doesn't permit crime reporting there is now a facebook page specifically for this purpose: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=lake chapala crime watch%2Fvigilancia en la ribera de chapala It is titled: Lake Chapala Crime Watch in case the link doesn't work. It will come up readily on a Facebook search.
  10. Bike Lane Completed

    This government that can't pick up the trash reliably always needs more money. I suppose having increased the payroll at City Hall by 50 percent that might account for the fact Ajijic had become a Pueblo Trashico with a bike path to nowhere.
  11. Bring in a crated 250cc motorcycle

    Generally not worth importing this as the cost is more than the bike is worth. There are lots of these smaller displacement motos around here that can be bought. That's the cheapest alternative.
  12. No it has resumed. As far as I know, no legal actions against it. In the case of La Floresta no reversal of the stop orders, the builders in cahoots with the Chapala government are simply flouting the law. Hopefully this time the very experienced Mexican legal team fighting this project will get someone sent to jail for deliberately ignoring judicial orders.
  13. Mercado?

    The comment about the local Tianquis is true and I suspect about all of them as well except maybe some of the stuff at the Tuesday Market is actually locally grown. It's pretty obvious the stuff comes from the Abastos. Still I notice these are well attended by the local Mexican populace so they must see some value there. Let's knock off the personal commentary so it won't be necessary to close the thread.
  14. Salvador's closing April 1?

    Our hands down favorite for breakfast is closing April 1 and the future is unclear? I am shocked. This place has been there so long it is an institution!. Both the Mexican and expat communities pack the place for breakfast on the weekends. IMO hands down the best value for good old straight ahead U.S. style artery clogging breakfast in town. What happened?
  15. This story in Mexico News Daily serves to illustrate this point: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/for-blue-jays-pitcher-el-chapo-is-a-hero/ This is how things are seen at ground level and goes a long ways to explain how these cartels often are more popular than the government. And speaking of the latter I see our own rogue government has allowed that noxious high rise in La Floresta to resume construction in defiance of both court orders and the wishes of the community.