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  1. Mainecoons


    Yup, exactly. You nailed it. Just one more reason why you are my favorite restaurant reviewer. Pragmatic and realistic.
  2. Mainecoons


    My impression of Bobby is that he is a bit impulsive. Restaurant here, restaurant there, go to the beach, now back here. Attributing dark motives to him IMO is a real stretch. Bobby bounces around a lot. I think he picked a poor location. We only went to El Serape once and concluded there was just too much street noise for us. I wish he had picked a better place because when he is on his game it is good. But we can't handle the din from the street. As far as the buyers of his previous place being "saps" well just take a look at the chaotic ever changing restaurant scene around here. I wouldn't label all those who come and go so rudely but I think a very large percentage, maybe more than half, suffer from serious inexperience, under capitalization and delusions of grandeur. It has been that way in the now going on 11 years we've been here and I don't expect it to change. For us it is just what is so about living here. Like we used to say about the weather in New Mexico, just wait a little while and it will be a whole lot different. Ditto for the restaurant scene here. The relatively few who know what they are doing and maintain their consistency and quality over time will remain. The rest will provide a constant stream of new material for La Cocina.
  3. Mainecoons

    Dominoe's Pizza & Potholes

    I saw that story and in the comments more than a few suggested they could use Domino's pizza for patching the pot holes. I tend to agree with that idea.
  4. Mainecoons

    Looking for long term rental

    Lexy, Pam is the OP (original poster). My comment was directed to her.
  5. Mainecoons

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Yep that is why we went only once.
  6. Mainecoons

    Looking for long term rental

    To the OP, people can help you more the more detail you provide. Such as area preference, whether or not you'd like some outdoor space for the dogs, number of BRs, BAs, that sort of thing.
  7. Mainecoons

    Mexico 1 Alemania 0

    Germans read their press reviews. Mexicans played their hearts out. Great win!
  8. Mainecoons

    Crossing to the US

    Same as they always have for legal immigrants, residents or visitors. In fact I've noticed in recent years there has been a real effort to be polite and friendly and more efficient. Enjoy your visit to the U.S. If you are entering illegally, the welcome mat has been taken up. Just like in Canada.
  9. Mainecoons

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Variety is the spice of life. This is a pretty health conscious bunch around here but that doesn't mean some of us don't like the occasional non healthy but oh so tasty "bad" food splurge on occasion. Any number of studies have shown that, like the occasional cigar, it won't kill you or have any material impact on your health. OTOH I know a number of people who have gotten quite ill eating uncooked anything. That I avoid.
  10. Thanks for the info. 

  11. If they are only several years old they wouldn't use R12 freon. They would use R134a. Readily available but also if only several years old should not need recharging. You may have a leak. Hopefully someone can recommend a service person who can find and fix and recharge for you.
  12. Mainecoons

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Maybe they are quickly getting their act together. Love the idea of a place that serves real old style American artery clogging chow. Give them a try but be frank about what you find. I'll give it a try soon and report back.
  13. Mainecoons

    just sold my home up in usa..

    Good advice, be aware the rental market isn't as easy as it used to be as there were quite a number of rentals that were being rented because they couldn't be sold into the poor market at that time but now sales are very brisk and rentals are getting tighter all the time. Be prepared to pay more than you want either to rent or to buy. If you are working with a Realtor here, the major ones have bank intermediaries that make it easy to move funds here at reasonable cost. Your U.S. bank transfers to another U.S. bank that is set up for international transfers and then that bank sends the money here. We found that maintaining a legal U.S. address has really made things easier for managing our U.S. accounts and getting the cash we need via ATMs. I'd suggest an account at either Actinver, Intercam or MultiVa also to facilitate money transfers.
  14. The funny part is they could make a ton of money on legitimate traffic stops in this country. For the most part it seems things like stop signs, traffic lights, speed limits, etc. are viewed as "suggestions." I'm in the same boat as Alan here. "He who is without sin...."
  15. Mainecoons

    Fido in Restaurants

    Corrected long ago. See the post with the embedded video.