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  1. Hotel Oasis in Matehuala?

  2. Garafon water deliveries

    Where is "Pirineo's in Riberas" ?
  3. What Would You Do?

    Go to a local locksmith. Tell him you lost YOUR keys. He will have the door open in no time at minimal cost. If no one is home and everything looks inorder, lock the door when you leave. If there is a problem, common sense will tell you what to do next.
  4. South American Palm Tree Weevil Google Photos
  5. Anyone Lose a Car

    What app?
  6. Looking for a tour guide in Guadalajara

    When we took the double decker a couple of years ago, you had your choice of earphones in English or Spanish. If you sit up top - open air - wear a hat !
  7. Monarch Butterflies

  8. no workers

    Rumour (from a gardener) is that there are different workers for each stage of production. The foundation workers are finished and the next stage workers are finishing up another project and will appear soon. I know..... mañana
  9. Shriners Ribfest

    Tickets available from any Shriner, Diane Pearl's, O&A Investments, or call David at 331 017 1724 or Perry @ 376 763 5126. Last year we sold out at 600 and this year tickets are limited to 500. Get them while they are still available.
  10. Is there a Mardi Gras parade in Ajijic this year? If so, when ?
  11. Sirens on the Caratera

    We were near the Ajijic Hospital when the numerous emergency responders went westbound.... well west of Walmart.
  12. Vehicle foto infraccion

    Where can I find the webpage to check online ? "So online it says my vehicle was photographed somewhere last October speeding"
  13. RFC ?

    When I put in the RFC number on my registration I get this message: "Inferred RFC key". Any idea what that means? Google translate doesn't help.
  14. RFC ?

    Am I correct to assume then, that the RFC number on my new 2018 Mexican car registration is “official” and correct ?
  15. RFC ?

    There has been lots of talk about RFC's lately. When a person gets an RFC, is it issued to the person or the document? Specifically, when I see my RFC number on my Mexican car registration, can I use that on other official documents in the future? Spencer ?