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  1. Oatsie

    just sold my home up in usa..

    I just read somewhere that Mexico won't cash a NOB check until after the Mexican elections in 2 weeks. Something about money laundering to politicians. Sorry, I don't recall anymore about it since it didn't apply to me. It may have been on the Mexico News Daily web page but you should check with your financial institution first...
  2. Oatsie

    Hector Espana's Wedding

    San Andrea's in Ajijic.... 1 PM tomorrow (June 16)
  3. Oatsie

    Luau Party

    Does this work ?
  4. Oatsie

    Roberto's Terrace

    What is his "Facebook page" so we can "follow" him????
  5. Oatsie

    Automobile Electric Shop

    It's a bit further than Riberas, but the best auto electric guy (IMHO) is Jaime HERNANDEZ in SAT. Turn south between Fenex Real Estate and the Coke warehouse - Jaime is 1/2 block south on the left side.... just past the Vivero. Speaks English.
  6. Oatsie

    Austin bypass

  7. Pete.... Who are you using now-a-days?
  8. Oatsie

    The white building is gone?

    16 or 17 years ago when we started to drive here, people told us how difficult it was to find the place(s) to get our proper permits if crossing "downtown" in Laredo.. It was suggested that we cross at Colombia/Solidarity. We did for the next 10 years. Sounds like that suggestion is still valid today.
  9. Oatsie

    Hotel Oasis in Matehuala?

  10. Oatsie

    Garafon water deliveries

    Where is "Pirineo's in Riberas" ?
  11. Oatsie

    What Would You Do?

    Go to a local locksmith. Tell him you lost YOUR keys. He will have the door open in no time at minimal cost. If no one is home and everything looks inorder, lock the door when you leave. If there is a problem, common sense will tell you what to do next.
  12. South American Palm Tree Weevil Google Photos
  13. Oatsie

    Anyone Lose a Car

    What app?
  14. Oatsie

    Looking for a tour guide in Guadalajara

    When we took the double decker a couple of years ago, you had your choice of earphones in English or Spanish. If you sit up top - open air - wear a hat !
  15. Oatsie

    Monarch Butterflies