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  1. Terbetta

    I am trying to contact Jeanette and Dan TERBETTA. Please PM me if you know them.
  2. Viva Mexico

    Would someone please update me on the hours that Viva Mexico is open? Also, what day(s) if any that they are closed
  3. Direct quote from Dr. Tony PINTO: "Yes, we will have paella to go"
  4. I would presume so, but I'll confirm it with Dr Tony and post the answer.


    Ajijic Charlie & Gringal..... Both of you are quite right. My apologies to everyone. I'm asking the mod for advice as to whether I should delete it or will he.
  7. What times are they there ?
  8. Canadian Travel Advisory

    I'm not sure where you read about the travel advisory but here is the latest one... No mention on Colima area: https://travel.gc.ca/destinations/mexico
  9. Free fish

    If all else fails, Min Wah may take them for their pond at their front door.
  10. Here is a Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce web page with information about "Global Money Transfers": https://www.cibc.com/en/personal-banking/ways-to-bank/how-to/global-money-transfer.html I'm sure you have to be a CIBC customer. Most Canadian banks also have a FREE Interac e-transfer. Canadians can transfer up to $3000 a day to another customer of a MAJOR Canadian Bank via email. Someone could transfer funds from their Canadian bank to a Canadian living in Mexico's Canadian bank account and then the friend in Mexico could withdraw the amount in Pesos.
  11. FRAT

    We have always gone to Roberto at Hernandez - right next to Tony's Restaurant. Speaks great English... is extremely honest and if he can't do it, he knows where to get it done and will arrange to have it done.
  12. Can propane tanks be painted?

    In Ontario it is illegal to refill a tank that it over 10 years old - unless it has been refitted with fire and explosion prevention. Much earlier in my life I watched a training film of a propane railway car that exploded while a firefighter on an extended aerial ladder sprayed water on it. The explosion VAPOURIZED to Firefighter and the end of the ladder. He was a half mile away. The training video went on to say that a 20 lb - 9 Kg tank (BBQ size) could blow up a house. Are you really sure it's worth using an old tank ?
  13. This comment is NOT for Permanente residents leaving & returning but for FMM (Tourist) applicants coming to Mexico for 180 days or less. When we flew into Guadalajara at the end of October, the airline didn't have any blank FMM forms to hand out onboard. When we got to the Immigration part of the arrivals area, they didn't have enough forms for everyone. Once they handed out more, we had to fill out the forms without anything firm to write on and also having to shuffle along in the long line with our carry on luggage. Some people didn't have a pen with them and had to borrow from other travellers. All in all... it was very time consuming. We are returning to Canada for Christmas and I have just filled out the online form and printed it off. No more of that problem the next time.
  14. Watch repairs

    I have the same minor problem and dropped it off with the watch guy at the Ajijic Tiangis this morning. He will fix it or remove it and give the watch the "once over" and I'll pick it up next week. There are 2 watch guys.... I took it to the 2nd one on the left from the top of the market, but the first one can probably do it too...