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  1. Costco Hearing Aids

    Are Costco hearing aids any good? Any reviews or personal experiences? Thanks.
  2. Copper topped furniture

    Why not just stay put here and go to Robert in Ajijic. His crew of expert carpenters and craftsmen make wonderful copper topped furniture. We have several cherished pieces of his group's work in our home here lakeside and in our home in La Manzanilla. I can't find his phone number right now, but he is near the first light as one enters Ajijic from Chapala, up above the carreterra near the Sushi restaurant sign. He is on the right. He has signs out for custom furniture. Prices are fair and the quality is good to great. I'll post his phone when I find it.
  3. My wife asked me to inquire whether anyone knows where one can purchase comforters and comforter covers (duvets) around these parts. No polyester allowed, only cotton. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  4. New Italica 180cc Cuatrimoto (Quad) for Sale

    Thanks for doing so. I didn´t know where to put it.
  5. I bought this quad a few months ago but I hurt my back unrelated to the quad. It has been driven for under two hours total and is still on it´s first almost full tank of gas. I paid, on sale, $34,000 pesos for it. It runs great! I will sell for $24,000 pesos with all original paperwork. After hurting my back, I was knocked over by a dog that had been let loose on my dog. This resulted in a broken tail bone. So I´m giving up on the Quad for now. Let me know on this forum if you are interested. You can also try to use the Envelope at the head of this post to contact me. We live in San Antonio Tlyacapan. Hoping that it is OK to post this ad on this forum. Sorry, I had to move your post to the classified section Mod5
  6. My wife used to be able to buy Victorinox Swiss Army Knife parts at a local hardware store lakeside. That store no longer supplies the parts. Does anyone out there know where we could go, preferably locally, to find parts. She needs to replace the long metal ¨spring¨ that animates the scissor. She has replaced this part before, so she knows that it is available and that installation is simple. Thanks in advance for any information.
  7. Repair guitar

    Good look up. I hope that they are very good. Get a quote and please ask them to explain in detail what they propose to do. If the price sounds really expensive, get another quote to take back to them. Get recommendations from other Martin owners from them as well. Don't let your Martin down. I'll never forget my 1968 D18 made in January, so it sounded like a 1967 still. Great guitar...great guitars. Good luck!
  8. New B

    The snakes are very large and very frightening to behold. They swim with their heads held a couple of feet above the water and they look mean.
  9. UHD Streaming Using Telmex?

    But does anyone have any experience here buying an Ultra High Definition TV and trying live streaming, like with Netflix, on the new hi def TV? They are selling them at Walmart and at Soriana, but when buyers get them home, can they actually use the capabilities of these otherwise wonderful new hi-tech TVs?
  10. UHD Streaming Using Telmex?

    I would like to purchase an Ultra High Def TV, aka 4K TV, but my research on the Internet says that one needs a download speed of 15 to 20Mbps for live streaming in HD or UHD. I just got a result of 2.9Mbps from Telmex on an Ookla Speed Test. I have the $300 something pesos a month plan. Any positive experiences out there? Any advice? If I upgrade with Telmex, should I expect sufficient performance? Or go to Telecable? Thanks in advance for any good ideas.
  11. I have a Registered letter awaiting me at the Chapala Post Office, but I don´t know where it is anymore. Help!
  12. Since when does one´s politics NoB have anything to do with whether you deserve to receive a ticket in Mexico? And if the cop gives the ticket to a ¨hard liberal,¨ then it is all the more deserved? This isn´t a political statement by me, but it sure looks like one by you.
  13. Sturdy plastic box needed...

    That would be great! But I´m sorry, we´ve only lived here for 12 plus years and I don´t know what LFA is. I know the Animal Shelter in Riberas but not LFA. Where is it? I´ll come as soon as you can deliver. And thank you very much for your helping out!
  14. Sturdy plastic box needed...

    That's it to perfection!!!! But where to get one?
  15. Sturdy plastic box needed...

    Í went to Walmart based on your information. They don´t have anything like what I´m looking for which is actually more like a crate with no top than a box. They do indeed have many sizes and shapes, however. Thanks for the tip.