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  1. Thanks Al! I knew the area that Natasha detailed but that really nailed it. Just stop by there on the way to Costco!
  2. Timeframe in advance of renewal date?
  3. Crossing later in the day, there was only one car ahead of us going into the US and only one ahead on the return. It is open until Midnight I think but opens at 8am in the morning.
  4. Columbia Bridge, 1 hr N of Laredo
  5. Why not just use Mexican heroin. Seriously is this a question with all the focus on opiad abuse??
  6. Hovercrafts can go over dry land, door to door!
  7. JRM, US not headed into recession.
  8. We have a friend who is bringing his new Hovercraft here.
  9. My Garmin couldn't get me thru Aguascaliente. AND much of the new cuota is 2 lane. Look at the new thread of Bypass Aguasclientas.
  10. Get a Garmin GPS that has lifetime map updates and has maps of "North America" pre-loaded. is a good store and call them and make sure the maps are of all North America including Mexico. Put Matehuala as your first destination out of the border so you don't get the Zacatecas route and once near matehuala, put Ajijic as your destination. If you hit Columbia Bridge at 8am when they open, you should be here by 7pm, stopping only for gas and restroom.
  11. There is updated 2017 info on the Customs and Immigration thread.
  12. These stickers are on new cars since when I don't really know. We have a 2016 and it is on ours. It isn't the kind of thing you have to have.
  13. If you take that bypass just N of the airport exit and proceed north and exit at the Zapotlanejo exit and go east on that highway about 2 km and it will be on your right.
  14. www dot cobreelporton dot com click on Muebles
  15. Might not be a good idea for 10 people to go anywhere. Some of you remember a poster here, Newinajijic, who used to post a lot of restaurant reviews when his group of 14 or 16 would descend on a restaurant. Most of his reviews were bad. Wonder why! I know a number of restaurants NOB that will not seat more than 6 at a table.