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  1. We will know when the GDL Costco's will be getting gas when we see construction equipment in the parking lot.
  2. In Back of the shops just west of the closed Casino, Marisa bakery, etc. And that is just west of El Torito. There are white metal gates in front of the shops.
  3. Imported food goods tend to wax and wane.
  4. I had written this on my calendar after reading something a month or more ago in the GR. Now I can't recall what exactly it was. Anyone?
  5. So Columbia Bridge is the only option for Laredo? Wonder if they will change the limited hours.
  6. Talk to Raphael at the pool supply store just west of where El Serape used to be.
  7. Tio Sam's has the Weber 210 Spirit grill for $12,149. 2 burners with 24,000 btu total. That is a good price.
  8. Is this Guadalajara?
  9. Talk to Aaron at Escellera. He has a a/c technician from Guadalajara, I think on Friday's. Couple years ago, our Rav4 needed to have the compressor rebuilt as it had a bad seal.
  10. In the US west, there are always forest fires in the dry summer and the smoke issues abound. Same is true here, both forest fires and intentional burns. Only 10-20 more days!
  11. Never looked for them but Liverpool?
  12. Go get some new ones at Costco?
  13. Many Medicare Part B supplements pay 80% of claims outside the US.