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  1. Where to buy unbaked pie crust at lakeside

    Easy enough to make: for 2 crusts 2 1/2 C flour 1 T sugar 20 T fat, I use 12 T butter and 8 T butter flavored crisco (butter cold in refer and crisco in freezer) 1/2t salt Blend with pasty cutter or use food processor. Add ice water and stir with knife until all incorporated. Divide in two and roll out. No wait in refer.
  2. THUN financial

    Never heard of them. In my 30 years with major US financial firms, all of the cases of fraud or misappropriation of client assets occurs at solo practices that are outside of mainstream client protections.
  3. Fiber optics

    Ilox is asking for copies of ID and proof of address. Where do I send it?
  4. Salvador's closing April 1?

    Pete, Let me know where the one I know of will be meeting.
  5. corn beef for saturday

    Talk to Pancho at his new store just west of the Pemex in the El Barco location. He ordered 2 for me to pick up today after 1pm. Might check if he is getting more than 2.
  6. High Speed Internet Proposal

    I got an email from them yesterday asking for my contact info. I used my Garmin to determine my exact coordinates and gave that to them along with my physical address here in Ajijic.
  7. Social Security US

    I don't recall receiving this. I did get a mailing early in Jan with new 2018 amounts. I would suggest going onto their site and looking up the forms.
  8. Superlake going downhill??

    Tues Mkt quality is good but it doesn't have everything and if you don't happen to be there at 10:01 am when the assembled crowd storms the place, most stuff is already bought.
  9. Air Conditioning

    I bought a 18,000 btu Whirlpool mini-split from Tio Sams and they set up the electrician who ran a 220v line up to the mirador and a Whirlpool tech who installed the unit. It was about $18,000p total for all.
  10. Superlake going downhill??

    First off, Walmart (perish the idea) has the best produce. Superlake had good dirty potatoes, small potatoes and yellow onions. When I have to shop, I stop eastbound on the Carretera and hit Pancho's. He is starting to have more and more of the stuff on my list, btw. Yesterday I stopped in and asked about Cornbeef and he said he would order 2 for me to pickup Thurs. Then I hit Walmart and then SuperLake and neighboring stores like Tony's and the fish place for the remainder of my list. Works for me anyway. BTW, the peppers were iffy at SuperLake long before Pancho left!
  11. Ride to Airport for 5AM Flight

    We have always used Miramontes but these days for early morning departures, I get really nervous waiting for a taxi at 3:30 am and for trips of 8 days or less, I would just as prefer driving and parking on the mirador of the airport parking garage at $119p per 24 hr period.
  12. Anyone having this CFE problem?

    We have had a surplus since late 2010 and have had it carried over till now.
  13. Young folks lakeside?

    El Barco at 5 pm tonight for music. Adelita's tomorrow at 7 pm for music.
  14. Just wondering if the policy of not allowing smart phone boarding passes is still the case?
  15. PV Bars & Restaurants