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  1. Sunbrella

    Guadalajara or here at Lakeside?
  2. Berry Sellers At LCS

    The man in front of Guadalajara Pharmacy is there every day and his prices are good.
  3. Best place to meet Guadalajara Airport?

    Park in garage. Go inside and stand near Burger King & Starbucks. This is where people emerge after clearing customs.
  4. Wonderful new deli

    Stopped by yesterday. Delicious patty melt on real rye bread.
  5. Toilet paper flushing

    If houses are newer and have pvc pipes, then ok to flush paper. It is the older homes with clay pipes that can't flush paper.
  6. New residents driving tips

    Traveling east, at the traffic light at the Liberamento, the left land is for people turning left and the right lane is for people proceeding east. Do not proceed east from the left lane. Also do not exit Walmart by the AutoZone if you want to go west. Do that at the east exit.
  7. Tall propane cylinder

    A month ago it was $450 from Z Gas.
  8. Car emission test locations

    What is, is. Jocotepec or on the way to airport in town by exit to Cajititlan.
  9. Uber drivers can cancel your ride

    It is still on the learning curve here at Lakeside.
  10. Car emission test locations

    If you click on the Mapa link, it will show a map of all the locations in Jalisco. http://semadet.jalisco.gob.mx/medio-ambiente/calidad-del-aire/control-de-emisiones-vehiculares
  11. Instant Hot Water Heater service guy

    Jose is who we used when he serviced ours a year ago: 331-152-1369
  12. hotels/B&Bs with good extended stay rates

    There are 2 "motor court" motels on the Carretera just west of Juarez. The western most one is nice and has a back door opening on Zaragoza. It can be had for under $15/night on Airbnb.
  13. all my cards are chipped and have no problems using them anywhere.
  14. Morelia restaurant recommendations?

    Ditto Lu in the Hotel Casino.