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  1. They had monster lobster tails at Costco this weekend, at $699 kg.
  2. Bit more than 7/10" in Ajijic village.
  3. Can you use a normal auto battery charger?
  4. I think they have them at the hardware store east of SuperLake and across the street from iShop Mailbox.
  5. Why don't you just buy the vape thing.
  6. Be careful with the dried ones. I made some chili several years ago and were still hard as rocks after 24 hrs of soaking and cooking...
  7. Where is Juan Pablo?
  8. 4 out of 5 dots just now.
  9. Really??? Seriously???
  10. Miguel with Z-Gas cell is 331-322-4133
  11. How big a tank, 300 lt? If it is a 25Kg 5 foot tall portable cylinder, it is $450p
  12. When I renewed mine this past Monday, I had forgotten to bring my current license, so I said it was lost and had to fill out a form for them to locate my file (helps to know where you got the original license) and took a form to pay $45p.
  13. decent enough. I suggest calling since he is rarely at the store.
  14. The website for printing off a current CURP is: The renewal cost is $469 and half off if over 60. You might not need an Inapam card if you can show you are over 60 (passport?)
  15. These were some comments earlier by someone else. Hours aren't mentioned but you would be safe between 9 & 3. Here were the comments: We did my husband's CHOFER license renewal in February at Plaza de Torres in Guad. Easy location -- exit Lazaro Cardenas at 8 de Julio (IMSS) exit, stay on lateral thru' the traffic light at the intersection, and immediately go into underground parking (on right) for Plaza which is located on NW corner of that intersection. Office is on second floor (stairs only). Guy at far back is first one you have to see, with all documents in hand. He will want current license, proof of address (plus copies of all originals), INAPAM card (front and back) if you have one for 50% discount on price, may or may not ask for blood type lab report (I took it but he didn't care), and original and copy of ID. For us, that meant Mexican IFE (voter) card since we're citizens. For non-citizens, either Residence card or passport (or take both to be sure). If all OK, and IF the payment booth located right there is open, you can take the slip of paper he gives you and proceed to pay on the spot. If closed, or computer is down (was that day), then you have to take the paper to the Banamex bank -- outside to front of mall, turn left and walk one block and then up to bank. ASK GIRLS INSIDE where they hand out "take-a-number" tickets how you can use the ATM machine to do the payment. (Saves waiting in line). In our case she did it for us! Cost without discount 558 pesos --- so 279 with. Once paid, go back upstairs in Plaza, get a copy of the bank receipt (place right there) ,get documents from the man at back and take to the front area (security guard there). He will tell you when to step into turn, and you will be taken in for fingerprints, info, photo etc. License will be spit out of machine promptly and security guy will hand it to you. Easy-peasy.