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  1. Canadian butter tarts

    from the Toronto Sun " Still, if there's one food that establishes our national identity - I'd have to say it's the butter tart! It's certainly part of our heritage and as Canadian as you can get. With just a handful of ingredients you get what many call one of this country's most quintessential desserts. It's ooey and gooey and sweet and sexy. And beyond delicious. Runny or firm, plain or with raisins or currents, butter or - dare I say it? - lard-based crust, when you think of a defining Canadian staple, its gotta be this darling. " OR Food Network " Known around the world as a uniquely Canadian dessert, butter tarts are one of the tastiest things to come out of the True North. Nothing beats the flaky pastry filled with a perfectly sticky-sweet centre. Whether you prefer them plain, studded with raisins or turned into a cheesecake" My dad likes his with currants, frozen (otherwise he will eat them all in one sitting), microwave for 30secs then he calls them 'steamers', micro them toooo long and there is a whole lotta swearing goin - damn that's hot.
  2. Sunbrella

    Cadillac furniture sells Sunbrella fabric too;
  3. Toilet paper flushing

    CCW you also need to take into account whether the house has it's own septic tank or is part of the municipal system. How high is the water table where the house is? No such thing as septic fields or two part tanks. So it's just easier DON"T FLUSH PAPER.
  4. Electric chair, non-prison variety

    Talk to Omar at Cadillac Furniture (across from the BIG new construction in Ajijic on the carratera) he may be able to make you one. He has built recliners for people lakeside.
  5. Dog food, I believe, is one of those regulated items and if the manufacturer of the product does not get the appropriate approvals here in MX then you can't get it. I've been waiting for a cdn made food for 3+ years and nothing. SO>>>> you can try at Lakeside Friends of the Animals in Riberas. If they can get it the price may be very high. Nutro products seems to be available in Mx but I would call Lakeside Friends and ask if they can get it. http://lfachapala.wixsite.com/cat-shelter/pet-store Although we have some of the similar pet stores here the products lines are different and some things just aren't available.

    Don't forget to get the paperwork done for when y'all die HERE it is different that NOB.
  7. Any recommendations for legal representation?

    If your talking about IMS there are several lawyers/firms lakeside that provide this service for a fee, of course. I guess it comes down to trust of the individual(s) you hire. Same trust you would need to have with a NOB lawyer. Dealing with IMS can be, for some easy; for others not so easy. For the most part it is a paper shuffling exercise but it does involve some running around - hand in your application/paper work to IMS, go to the bank and pay, back to IMS to provide proof of payment, wait, wait, wait, go and get photos, wait, wait, get fingerprinted at IMS, wait, wait, wait some more, go pick up your status card. This process can take a couple of months. So unless you are very hands on and check the website regularly for updates. No point getting antsy IMS works at it's own pace. Not sure where the 'sending money' piece comes from in conjunction with IMS. You have to be in country to apply at immigration.
  8. Considering that is peak season here (Oct thru April) and lots of stuff is booked from year to year. Perhaps a trip in the summer (June/July) would be in order.
  9. I think you need to put a 1 in front of 331 How to call a mobile number in Mexico from Canada: Given below is how you call an international call to a mobile phone number in Mexico from Canada • 011 + 52 + 1??? ??? ????
  10. https://www.cruisetimetables.com/cruisesoncelebrityconstellation-apr2018.html Looks like it could be a combination of 2 cruises; only one where the dates noted fit.
  11. Consulate Notary

    http://lakechapalasociety.com/weebly/us-consulate.php Check this page, it's all there; you may need to contact them for current price, looks like it may vary. They are in town tomorrow otherwise not again until November.
  12. Geez I get PO'd when people resurrect threads from a YEARS ago. Check the LCS website http://lakechapalasociety.com/weebly/us-consulate.php
  13. These should keep you busy : MEXICO EARTHQUAKE RELIEF .... The Chapala Sunrise Rotary Club is collecting needed items for the earthquake victims and will be driving them down to Mexico City and ensuring the items go to the people and not the politicians or the criminals. What they need at this point is flashlights, batteries and lanterns, bandages, antiseptic, aspirin and Tylenol, and antihistamines for allergies. (They said No More Water, Thank You, due to the generous response from the public and vendors.) You can leave the lanterns, flashlights and new batteries as well as medicines, seeping bags, and dog food at Manix in Ajijic and enjoy a good meal too!! Don't worry about all the collections everywhere you go - the items are all going to the same people and places. And it will take months before many people will be returning to their homes, so the need for flashlights, canned goods, hygiene products, medicines, cleaning products and sleeping bags will continue through the rest of the year if not longer. And remember the thousands of animals now homeless Thank you for the outstanding response from Lakeside !! BOMBEROS TAKING EARTHQUAKE DONATIONS The Chapala Firefighters are receiving donations 24 hours daily at their station (via Libramiento). Digging tools, lanterns, flashlights, sleeping bags ... Canned foods with pop tops (stew, vegetables, spaghetti, soup ) ... Hygiene items (soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste, foot powder, toilet paper, diapers) ... Medicine (Tylenol, Advil, Pepto Bismol, Benedryl), bandages, bandaids, antiseptic cream, cough and cold medicine, vitamins) ... Dog & Cat food. Those donations will be taken to the small towns which also were affected by the earthquakes and still have not received much help. Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------ I would check to see if this one is still needed: Was chatting with Dra. Lupita Cevallos last evening and asked her what she is in need of for her next trip to Morelos. Her reply: The most that the people need is shoes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo and food! I would think they would need personal soap also. These items are pretty easy to get and are not exorbitant in cost. All items can be delivered to Integrity Clinic on the carretera close to TelMex. It will be a long time for these small villages to recover from the floods and other destruction. Please help...🤗 Thanks... ---------------------------------------------------------
  14. Mariza Gomez Rocha is feeling grateful. 10 mins · Chapala · Blessed God appeared Aspen. I just got called and I just picked it up. They called me some very humble people and they sheltered him. There are more good people than bad people. Blessed God and all of you who supported me in sharing, in calling, in joining the search brigade, the municipal authorities, the local authorities, and my Santito San Gregorio de la Ribera
  15. Found this on FB - Mariza Gomez Rocha is feeling grateful. 10 mins · Chapala · Blessed God appeared Aspen. I just got called and I just picked it up. They called me some very humble people and they sheltered him. There are more good people than bad people. Blessed God and all of you who supported me in sharing, in calling, in joining the search brigade, the municipal authorities, the local authorities, and my Santito San Gregorio de la Ribera
  16. Artist wanted

    Are you on Facebook - specifically Gringos Ajijic & Lakeside; so a search for murals; someone asked for recommendations on March 7 and got several responses. The individual later posted the finished product.
  17. Costco delivery

    People have mentioned that Costco delivered beds and appliances. A couch shouldn't be much different. Can't say from experience. Lots of local furniture stores to get things from.
  18. Walking your dog

    Lemon Juice is less toxic than ammonia and easier to come by.
  19. Physiotherapy recommendation

    There is Clinica de Rehabilitacion Integral - Dra Justina Jimenez Lopez 376-766-5563
  20. Maybe talk to a physiotherapist, they could likely give some information based on patients they have seen. A lot may depend on your age, physical health, bone health and your abilities. You may need a walker initially for stability and maybe a stool in the shower, then perhaps a cane. Sometimes you can find medical equipment at the bazaars.
  21. Paint Cans

    the lake ......
  22. Paint Cans

    Try these people - www.pocoapocosanpedro.com they are helping a small community past Mezcala they have been doing a lot so painting might be a possibility.
  23. Texas Holdem Poker

    Go to insidelakeside.com and search for poker; there was a group in March looking for players, maybe they are still active.
  24. The OP posed this question in FEBRUARY stating that they had a proposed visit in the SUMMER with potential moving in 2018. Unless the OP chimes in with renewed interest, this post is 7 months old. Here goes my rant again - Look at the date of the original post, chances are the OP has been & gone. Resurrecting old posts is like dredging up bad childhood memories, no matter how many times you hear/read it, it just doesn't get any different/better. Stop, focus and jump start the brain.
  25. Globos

    Lawn chair or the like too, there are few bleachers and it gets crowded. We usually sit on the field closer to the walls and things get a bit hectic. Often teams will set up along the outside edges so just be aware. They usually are slowed down by light drizzle. Take an umbrella and make sure your camera is fully charged or you bring extra batteries. Beer is cheap and there have been several food vendors (look for the biggest lineups).