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  1. Earthquake ?

    Nothing on USGS earthquake site - closest one was off the coast of Oaxaca; Likely something else happened;

    You need to fix your ads and put the description and pic of the item in the body of the thread; putting the description in the 'tag' line doesn't get you very far as it is almost unreadable.
  3. Getting out of DAC

    RV - NOT XENA, it's Bedbug that has the massive use. BEDBUG - please let us know WHAT is causing you to be in DAC - old/dirty solar panels? electrified fence? 24/7 security lights? pool pumps that run almost continuously? Lots of older electrical apparatus that are not energy efficient.
  4. Restaurant First Experience

    El Toro Furisio is abiding by the rules - He gave enough information to figure out which restaurant he was referring to. Pulled this from one of the other topic 'rules' 2. If you have a negative experience with a local business or professional, do not post the name of same directly but advise readers to PM you for that information.
  5. Construction on the libriamento

    Location of the excavation/construction is on in the libramiento, below the international school, mountain side near the newer tire shop and food place; Ooooo shall we have a poll????? Home Depot, Costco, Canadian Tire, Rona, Burger King, Princess Auto, Chick-fil-a, Golden Corral, .........
  6. WANTED: Used Jetskis

    Did anyone notice that this thread was started in 2014? Seems like a business solicitation - motos, pool tables, jet skis, "toys" .....
  7. Need a good acupuncturist

    Call Clinica Integral, 766 55 63 and speak with Dr. Justina; her office is in west Ajijic on the lateral close to Dental Express; they do acupuncture.
  8. Property Tax

    2017 taxes should have been paid by the previous owner with you then paying them back the portion of 2017 taxes that you owned the house for. Mill Rate - seriously?? Do the exchange rate, then see if you still are worried about taxes. Paid mine today, no change from last year but with the exchange rate (Cdn) it was about $74.
  9. IMS Acupuncture

    Call Clinica de Rehabilitacion Integral, Dra. Justina Jimenez Lopez, Carretera Poniente #234 D Int., Ajijic, Tel. (376) 766-5563; Office is open from 9-3 M-F; they re-open tomorrow. She has someone who does acupuncture but not sure what style of acupuncture.

    Go to La Huerta Market and speak to the vendors that sell Lamb; you could likely special order it.
  11. Walmart vs Costco

    Mega is owned by Soriana - https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/comercial-mexicana-sells-soriana/
  12. Stomach flu

    Always, always, always wash your hands after handling money, it is probably the worst carrier of icky stuff.
  13. I was there shortly after it changed owners a little over a year ago to Retaceria Hernandez and got a bolt of cotton print and made curtains for my sun room. As for how to get there - head north to GDL, past the access to Ocotlan, there are a couple of small subdivisions and new pedestrian overpasses, at the top of the grade on the left is San Jorge industrial area, on the right you will see signs for Aqualand and Real del Lago el Rodeo. Take the road on the right, the Retaceria is on the left. FYI there is a Surtek and usually a few vehicles for sale on that corner.
  14. So which is it - needs a home or is lost? Tags are confusing.
  15. Natural peanut butter & Greek Yogurt

    Make your own; Greek Yogurt - take regular yogurt (get some good stuff from the Cremeria on Madero) and strain it thru a fine cloth to remove more whey; Peanut Butter: I know Peter Panderia in Centro Laguna carries natural peanut butter; you never know where you might find it; peanut butter is expensive so not really part of a mexicans diet.
  16. Check with Julie Hensley; she posts here; she has been ordering new beds with or without frames in many sizes .
  17. Cardiologist Recommendation?

    Husband uses Dr. Hector Briseno at Quality Care; no procedures done as yet but valves are being regularly monitored. Very thorough - ECG & stress test done in his office. I believe he is in on Thursdays but call the office and make an appointment. There was a thread from 2014 entitled Best Cardiologist lakeside; which may give you some insights
  18. Shortcake disaster

    Talk about a deceptive post - title says SHORTCAKE disaster; I had visions of a shortcake, layered in berries & whipped cream that ended up on the floor and the dog ate just before company showed up = disaster Shortbread, now that is an entirely different item and, for a few, a christmas tradition. Hmmm, personally we like whipped shortbread - melt in your mouth goodness. Never developed a taste for Scotch shortbread.
  19. Car Inspection

    For Vehicle Emissions - Note the pin colors - blue - poco holograms (Joco); purple - sufficient holograms. Here is the map - you can zoom in or out; Chapala or Joco for smog tests only. http://siga.jalisco.gob.mx/talleres/
  20. Wanted -- 2 Queen Size beds

    Check with Julie Hensley; she is getting a shipment this week but they are likley pre-orders.
  21. Buying Assorted Hand Tools

    todo bueno was getting tools today. ¼” Nikota drill electric and chuck With 4 flat / paddle hole cutter bits 400 pesos 24” metal level, metal chalk line, cement trawl 200 pesos ¼ sockets set boxed, box wrenches, open wrenches, combo open/box wrenches 10 sockets plus handles extensions , 7 open, 2 box, and 6 combos 200 pesos House hold/ starter tool set Hammer, 2 saws, 12” wood level/ruler, loose allen wrenches, putty knife, Sliding t square +++ 300 pesos Set of 9 nut driver handled socket set 9/16 to 3/16 150 pesos Metal locking closeable front tool box 7 drawers plus upper storage Key included 400 pesos Pliers and snipers 6 total 150 Pesos Black & Decker 3/8 electric chucked drill Drill has an extra handle for more control. 500 pesos
  22. I too considered the decorative wooden walking canes but they were too short. Although they are not splashy, Lakeside Medical has some very sturdy adjustable canes in different colors. Perhaps then you could get one of the excellent artists to personalize it for your friend with local wildlife or what ever. I believe the cane would need to be about hip height - too low will cause back problems down the line. You should also consider whether a single foot/point cane or a multi-foot (4 points of contact) is required. They may need a walker to start before graduating to a cane, depending on their injury/infirmity. Their stability may change over time as their body adjusts and strengthens.
  23. meat pie

    I think it is solely delivery - here is the post
  24. meat pie

    Williams Burg Pies just advertised "French Canadian Meat Pie" $130 pesos delivery on Friday; email is williamsburgpiepays@gmail.com or 3310156102 FYI their chicken pot pie serves 6 so likely the tourtière would also, but you might ask to be sure.
  25. Driver license test address

    Found this on google - https://semov.jalisco.gob.mx/acerca/ubicacion-y-contacto