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  1. WideSky

    Bulk chocolate

    Yes Que Ganga is near Ancla
  2. WideSky

    Clothes pin bag

    Google "diy clothespin bag"; there are some pretty cool ideas that wouldn't take much effort even a duct tape clothespin bag. OR wear an apron and put the pins in it.
  3. WideSky

    Private Insurance

    FYI it could take up to a week to be approved. As Congodog said, there is a waiting period for some conditions, however do ask about emergencies.
  4. WideSky

    Bulk chocolate

    For bulk MX chocolate you may want to ask at one of the local MX chocolatiers; There was one in Ajijic (I think on Colon) and another next to Que Ganga bazar. Bulk chocolate can be found at Mama Conejo near the abastos in GDL. Rony will have quality belgian chocolate. If you are making chocolates I have used a mixture of milk chocolate and semi sweet with a little paraffin added to slow the melt in your hand.
  5. WideSky

    Alex's Pasta Bar

    Found this on FB - To celebrate our anniversary as Tripadvisor’s NUMBER ONE restaurant in Ajijic, ALEX’S PASTA BAR is happy to announce the debut of our fresh new menu when we reopen May 10.
  6. I believe the drivers license 'local event' is today (Saw May 2 mentioned in other posts). Others have mentioned the 2nd floor in the Municipal building to check when and what docs are required.
  7. Why don't you go to the office on Degollado (you know where you renew your vehicle plates) and ask if your ATV is classified as a motorcycle. If it is then you need a motorcycle license. Since licensing and renewals are done sporadically here you either have to wait until next time or go to GDL.
  8. WideSky

    Shaw TV

    Contact Michael Merryman at Ajijic Electronics or there is a place in GDL (but can't remember the name atm). Read the threads here and TOB on Shaw service. Shaw seems to be clamping down on out of Canada service. Oh and you posted this request a number of times so you might want to delete the others.
  9. WideSky

    help needed

    Perhaps this dog does need surgery. Perhaps this individual really has no money HOWEVER there are some inconsistencies in their story - " One of my dogs (rescued one)" then changes to "Is my first dog and I really do not know much about dogs". Too many times I have heard stories of people complaining or warning others about being bilked out of funds because they were doing, in their minds, the right thing. Never give the person money, if you must, give it to the vet AFTER the surgery takes place to cover the bill. Fatty tumors do not just appear overnight, it could have started months ago and I would question - Why is it a crisis now? I have had dogs for most of my life and they get ailments like we do and if you pay attention you realize what causes the dog distress. I suspect that it bothers the person more than the dog.
  10. I've spotted jaguarundi close to where I live several times over the past 3 years. I've talked to the wildlife rescue people and they are VERY rare and the population is VERY small. With there was a way to protect habitat for them. Was also told by a local that there used to be a small herd of deer in the same area but a local farmer didn't want them on his land so he shot them.
  11. WideSky

    flea products

    1 large lemon6” sprig of rosemary1 quart hot, near boiling, water Slice lemon into paper thin slices. Remove leaves from rosemary and mince. Place lemon and rosemary in a large bowl or jar and cover with hot water. Let steep overnight. Strain and put in a large spray bottle. Makes 1 quartPreparation time: 10 minutes, then overnight
  12. WideSky


    I and my spouse are joint on our Intercam account; friends also have a joint account; although in both instances the wife is the primary and husband secondary - just so you know who handles the purse strings.......
  13. WideSky

    Translator required

    I will pm you the details.
  14. We are in need of a licensed english/spanish translator to go with us to Cuidad de Guzman on March 22, likely for the day. I'm not having any luck finding one so if you know of one please let me know ASAP.
  15. We've been told by Dr. Briseno to NEVER send him an email, he is busy and gets tooooo many to answer (only so many hours in a day). AND would you expect your specialist NOB to answer an email giving free medical advice? heck you can barely get a receptionist to confirm/make an appointment NOB. As for Dr. Pascual I have no information.
  16. I realize I miswrote or oldster fingers. Try this link - https://www.facebook.com/groups/LAKESIDEADVOCATESFOR/search/?query=Yaretzi Siordia‎
  17. Found this on Lakeside friends of the Animal FB today by Yaretzi Siordia‎
  18. Yep that's Rod and Al Young 765-6387; Al was machining something while I was getting an oil change one day.
  19. WideSky


    We are in the Haciendas and I took checked with neighbors - yep felt that one. https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/#{"autoUpdate"%3A["autoUpdate"]%2C"basemap"%3A"grayscale"%2C"feed"%3A"1day_m25"%2C"listFormat"%3A"default"%2C"mapposition"%3A[[18.291949733550336%2C-105.71044921875]%2C[20.52993312517078%2C-102.45849609375]]%2C"overlays"%3A["plates"]%2C"restrictListToMap"%3A["restrictListToMap"]%2C"search"%3Anull%2C"sort"%3A"newest"%2C"timezone"%3A"utc"%2C"viewModes"%3A["list"%2C"map"]%2C"event"%3Anull}
  20. 2 Written test yes but as I understand (and confirm this with Luzma) if you are over 60 then no driving test. I have heard there may be an age limit on obtaining or renewing drivers licenses but again, ask Luzma, especially if you are 'older than dirt'. 4 & 5 - send an email to Luzma Grande - ajijicconcierge@gmail.com She is a facilitator, likes to take small groups (2 or 3 people) in to GDL for their licenses so she can give personal assistance. Been doing this for a while and regularly so she will have all the current requirements and prices.
  21. Lots of vets (almost as prevalent as pharmacies and dentists); There are quite a few pet sitters/house sitters in the area and they are busy but until you develop a cliente it may be tough. The spay and neuter clinics always need volunteers (groomers, someone to do ears, toenails, tattoos and shots). Also check out HousesitMexico - https://www.housesitmexico.com/
  22. If you are really irked with dogs barking - this if from Ecologia Barking Dogs Procedure Talk to Secretary of Ecologia in Chapala. She gave us the steps to follow when a dog is too noisy and/or attacks: · Call to report it 7658025 (no English speaking, you will need a translator). · Provide the address where the dog is located. · They will go and inspect the address and leave a 1st subpoena, a second and a third one. After the third one if they do not show up at court then the Judge will fine them, or even give the order to take the dog away. · You have the option of collecting signatures from neighbors and present it at the Ecologia Office when making the report: Francisco y Madero # 202 Second Floor Monday - Friday 9am-3pm
  23. Search for car emissions; but here is the link - you may have to zoom in but the place seems to be north of Ixtlahuacan, http://siga.jalisco.gob.mx/talleres/
  24. WideSky

    RFC ?

    Look at the number - it should have 4 letters, then your birthdate (y/m/d), 2 more letters and a number; the first 4 letters will be the first 2 letters of your last name, possibly an X and the first letter of your first name OR first 2 letters of your middle name and the first 2 letter of your first name (I've see it both ways) If that is the information that RFC # has then I would assume it is correct.
  25. WideSky

    RFC ?

    Think of an RFC as a tax #. Like your CURP, the number is specific to YOU, the person. If you have a medical insurance claim you need to have an RFC number in order to get a factura. So Yes you can use your RFC everytime you are asked for it.