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  1. anyone flying to Canada?

    But depending on where it is mailed in Canada it could still take 10+ days so.....
  2. Need advice / Notary Public

    A Notario IS NOT A Lawyer in Mexico. Separate professions in Mexico. Okay - I stand corrected - I considered them separate professions due to the hierarchy and the number of lawyers in a notario's office with the lawyer's preparing the documents and the Notario authenticating, etc. The US Consulate notarizes documents. I believe people have also used an online notary service, but not all states accept it. Use the search function for notary
  3. Speeding and drunk driving controls

    Here is the poster that has been issued outlining infractions and penalties. Since narcotics are harder to test for at a checkpoint perhaps they are erring on the side of caution.
  4. Speeding and drunk driving controls

    Geez you should see her 'take aways' on this incident. People are recommending she write an article regarding her shoddy treatment. Who cares how much she drank and what she blew. You Drink, You Drive, You Suffer the Consequences. I believe she has been in MX for about 10 years ya think it would have kicked in - Youse ain't in Kansas no more toto!! "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"
  5. Bilingual Job opportunities?

    Yes but still check with Bellon, speak to Andre (senior) they may have other positions.
  6. Zig zag up the mountain?

    If you pay attention coming down the libramiento there is a new billboard advertising something to do with the hill; I'm usually driving so just noticed that it changed. Think it either sale or rental in the two places on the mountainside.
  7. Gluten Free bread

    Superlake has GF bread in the frozen section; there is a woman with a FB page Lake Chapala Gluten Free; looks like you can order https://www.facebook.com/LakeChapalaGlutenFree/ Tuesday market at La Huerta or maybe Tuesday market at Sunrise may have vendors
  8. Sr. Julio C Gurrola

    Maybe it's too early in the morning but if I'm reading this correctly - Julio C. Gurrola is to contact Julio C. Gurrola??? I realize father's give their son's their name but this is a heck of a way to make contact.
  9. TT = transition team???
  10. Wanted patio umbrella

    Join these 2 facebook groups; you may have better luck finding stuff there. Not to mention all the bazaars in Riberas and West Ajijic https://www.facebook.com/groups/785666514831385/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/397945103600106/
  11. Flood prone areas in Lakeside

    Flood prone areas lakeside - Have you been here? We live in the mountains, when it rains water flows downhill, which can bring all kinds of sh*&^t with it. The streets can really flow during a heavy downpour and there are certain 'paths' the water takes. Easy to tell after an overnight shower and people are shoveling sand, gravel, garbage out of the way. Yes the water table gets pretty high particularly closer to the lake. Check out the rainfall chart on http://www.chapalaweather.net/ You can see we get quite a bit of rain in a short period of time (8.69" so far in July) Soil here has a lot of clay in it, so lots of water retention. If you are thinking flood plains, like NOB, then no ComputerGuy and I think alike but he just types faster than I do.
  12. Robbery Prevention

    Check with SOSE security; I think that they are in or in back of Cerrajeria Aragon in Chapala (locksmiths) on Morelos.
  13. I sent her a message on FB to check this webboard.
  14. Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

    This question gets asked a lot - perhaps use the search function
  15. Exterminating Supplies

    We go to the Garden shop in Riberas (near the 7/11); Found stuff to kill the beetles that burrow in the lawn and eat the roots. Guess it will depend on what and how much you need/want.