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  1. WideSky

    Sourdough Bread?

    Have found it at SuperLake.
  2. This is from CH2 at 10:48am July 11/18 near lower Codornices
  3. My parents are over 80 and they would NEVER ask such questions, they like to maintain their independence so they go out. Age is not an excuse.
  4. Ohhh it's so much easier to let others do the work for you; don't want to ride your buggy in the rain and risk a ticket; question ranks right up there with the gastroenterologist or was it the proctologist question - should I stay or should I go. There are a number of us that get off our assets and go look for ourselves. Amazing what else you find if you go out your door.
  5. WideSky

    Septic tank cleaners

    Was reading the ojo del lago for July and saw a couple of ads for septic cleaners. You could go online and look at the classified portion; should be in there.
  6. mea culpa y lo siento
  7. I happen to know the poster and her husband so No I'm not a stranger and I can certainly empathize with MtnMama's plight (she knows my situation). MtnMama will understand my comment and likely get a chuckle out of it.
  8. Damn, hope the stubborn so and so will realize, once he is home, that he ain't no spring chicken anymore. We may be super women but at some point we have to say enough is enough.
  9. WideSky

    Renewing Perm. Resident card

    AND were they really immigration officers? I have seen a recent post on a FB page about INM doing spot checks.
  10. Taxi's have always been 300-400 from the airport (at least for the last 4 years); Drivers were used between April/17 and November/17; I doubt that prices have gone up THAT much.
  11. I hired a driver and went to a GDL hospital every day for a month - so 1 hr trip each way + 2 hour visit at the hospital - cost $500 pesos round trip; it wasn't the same driver each time either; Also when follow up appointments were required it was still 500 or 600 pesos/trip.
  12. If you are taking the bus be sure to allow yourself LOTS of time. Clinica Innovare is on the west side of the city off the Periferico Poniente. Could take an hour to get to GDL then an hour+ to get across town - depending on traffic. I would hire a driver, cost would likely be about 500 pesos return.
  13. WideSky

    Furniture Shops

    Don't forget that Omar at Cadillac Furniture has been building furniture too (even recliners); he says if you can give him a picture, he can build it.
  14. Don't know if you are still looking but another popped up today on FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/LAKESIDEADVOCATESFOR/
  15. WideSky

    Retirement homes

    You mean the care homes? probably not, you may need to do your own assessment as needs will vary.