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  1. Thanks to all for the feedback so far. Very, very helpful.
  2. Yes, he is a urologist who comes out once a week to the Quality Care clinic.
  3. I'm contemplating having a TURP procedure done by this doctor and would appreciate comments from anyone who has had this procedure performed by him. Thanks in advance.
  4. CharlieG

    U. S. Passport re-newal

    Tried to renew at American Legion in Chapala this morning. What a clusterf**k. Lots of people and they would only accept a Banamex check in the exact amount of $2,090 to renew the book. Nothing less and nothing more. I was advised by the Consulate by email about a week ago that the amount was $2,200 pesos and brought a bank check in that amount. Paid $250 in commission to the bank to get the check. No go even though I showed the consular rep the email. Suggested they just keep the extra $110 and apply it to the National Debt but that didn't work either. Many unhappy people had checks in incorrect amounts and were rejected. Apparently they all headed for Banamex as when I passed there it looked like there were long, long lines of people inside. I may have to try again next month if I can't find a better way to renew. Maybe they'll get their act together by March. Our tax dollars at work, folks. Gotta love the bureaucracy.
  5. CharlieG

    U. S. Passport re-newal

    Just noticed that my passport is expiring on February 10. Can anyone tell me if renewing an expired passport is a problem. I noticed the post saying that the next visit to LCS will be on Feb 20 and wonder if I can wait until then to do my renewal. Thanks....
  6. CharlieG

    TelMex and modems

    When my old modem failed a couple of months ago I contacted Telmex Mexico City and was told I would receive a new one within 3 days. Of course it never showed up and rather than deal further with Telmex I just bought a couple of new, latest model Telmex modems online from Mercado Libre. Around 200 or 300 pesos each delivered and I got them the next day. I bought one each of two different models to make sure one would work. It turned out that they both worked fine so I'm keeping the extra as a spare. Solved my problem.
  7. CharlieG

    More comfortable shoes

    I bought a pair of San Antonio Shoes last year at the SAS store in Plaza del Sol and have found them to be great shoes for walking on cobblestones. I wear a 13 wide which can be very hard to find in Mexico. Nice people at that store too. They had to order the shoes I wanted from their local warehouse and as I didn't feel like driving into Guad again to pick them up I asked them to ship them to me in Ajijic. They couldn't figure out how to do that so one of the salesladies brought them out to me and delivered them personally. I've also bought other SAS shoes on EBay. Often almost new and at less than half the new price. I have those shipped to the U.S. address of a local facilitator who then brings them down to me. These shoes are so good that to me it's worth a little trouble and expense to get something that really works.
  8. CharlieG

    Auto Air Conditioning Repair???

    Thanks to all for the feedback. I appreciate your comments.
  9. The air conditioner on my car is blowing hot air and recharges last about a week. Looks like I need a competent auto air repairman. I've searched on this but all the posts are several years old. I'm wondering if anyone can point me towards a good shop or a mechanic who is expert who in this type of work. Preferably Lakeside as I try to avoid Guadalajara. I'll appreciate any guidance. Thanks.....
  10. CharlieG

    Pepe Massage

    I've been getting a weekly massage from Pepe for the last few months and can't recommend him highly enough. Best masseur I've ever had and a really nice guy. He mentioned to me today that as some of his regular clients are heading back North soon he will be having some openings in his schedule. His schedule is usually full so now might be a good time for anyone interested in a great massage to book an appointment.
  11. CharlieG

    How to get a Phlebotomy?

    Thanks for your input. Looks like a trip to la hematólogo is the best option.
  12. Turns out I'm too old to donate blood here in Mexico but due to an iron overload in my system I want to have a pint of blood drawn every couple of months to reduce my ferritin levels. Has anyone had a phlebotomy done here at Lakeside and if so could you give me some advice as to how to go about it? I know in the U.S. one needs a medical prescription but am wondering if this is the case here in Mexico or if there is just a place I could go and have it done. Thanks......
  13. Dra Claudia Camacho Choza 333 441 5902 Local office located at Bugambillas 17 (So. side of carretera just East of Fit for Life gym) San Antonio Tlalyacapan. I had a cataract removed from my left eye by Dra Claudia a couple of months ago and was so pleased with the service and the result that I had her perform Lasik surgery to correct some refraction and astigmatism in my other eye in July. Both procedures were done very professionally in her family run Clinica Choza in Guadalajara and I am very, very pleased with the result. Dra Claudia speaks perfect English. She is in the San Antonio office Monday, Wednesday and Friday and does surgeries at the Guadalajara clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For my surgeries she arranged to have her husband, Michael, pick me up at my house, drive me in to the Guad clinic and take me home afterward. The procedures were quick and painless and her prices are very competitive. A large, very expensive machine is required for Lasik surgery. Clinica Choza has specialized in these procedures for many years, and has the right equipment. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Dra Claudia and her clinic to anyone looking for Lasik or any other type of eye surgery.