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  1. Snow situation at the Colima volcanoes?

    There is now. https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Fotogaleria-Caen-primeras-nevadas-en-el-Volcan-de-Colima-20171216-0064.html
  2. Invisible Bras for autos

    Do they have knickers to protect the sensitive parts below?
  3. Dry wood

    Thanks all. Will put a stock in for next year.
  4. Dry wood

    Any chance of buying any wood that will burn and not smoulder from anywhere? Bought some from guy on libramiento but i assume its newly cut and just smokes. Tia.
  5. He is back on the 20th. Then early new year to laredo.
  6. Cardiologist Recommendation?

    Yes hector briseno helped me out a couple of times. Well recommended.
  7. Fire logs

    Superlake has them. About twice costco price .60 plus pesos each. If anyone is going i would buy a full pack and pay towards gas costs.
  8. Bed in a Box

    Wendy seem to make these and are availble in different sizes on mercsdolibre. articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-588782972-colchon-king-size-modelo-xpand-wendy-_JM
  9. You mean something like this? https://www.amazon.com/Enervex-Fan-Chimney-RS-9-12/dp/B00NU9EWEI Could get it shipped by alex peterson. Not sure how i could install the switch control. But my chimney has been better now its got warmer and using the breezing newspaper method.
  10. Would help my problem as well.
  11. Chimney

    Thanks hammerhead.used the newspaper trick and so far draught seems better.Although of course paper caught alight !! My chimney is very close to neigboures higher house so that not helping.still fancy a enclosed fireplace.
  12. Practice using pesos

    Just think of pesos as cheap dollares and cents.
  13. Chimney

    Appreciate all your comments.. Chimney does have a shelf so i cant see up it.only had four or five fires in 5 years. Chimney is about a metre from top of the roof.been burning those fake logs where apparently arent killers but still smoke. Maybe because chimney was cold the updraft wasnt clever.i remember putting news paper to breeze it years ago. Might try that but will try and find luis romero for advice. Still would like a enclosed fire though. Very small fire place maybe 20 inches wide.
  14. Chimney

    Thinking of putting glass doors into existing fireplace any ideas who can do it? Smoke comes back into room with the slightest breeze.
  15. Cost of root canal and crown

    Tooth fairies