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  1. Unlock IPhone 6s

    Seen a few of the telcel stores near the plaza say they unblock. Maybe rueben at computerland ?
  2. Toilet paper flushing

    Nice packaging but it just wont go a way.
  3. Toilet paper flushing

    Izal have to think about that. British humor and far too complicated to try and translate for our American cousins.
  4. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Possibly joco ! But my first language is English so I could be confused.
  5. Toilet paper flushing

    We are on a roll here!
  6. Think crazy dog is pretty accurate. However i have noticed quite a few younger faces and families around over the past year or so and that can only be good for this area.
  7. Pickleball

    Thats great. Am pleased you understood what i meant . Will give it a go monday.
  8. Canadian butter tarts

    Not heard of any butter tart before never mind canadian.
  9. Canadian butter tarts

    According to the other thread bagels look to be a sure fire winner...
  10. If you go into ajijic all the new works are on the south side. Maybe someone screwed up and they will have to start again..
  11. Suely would make more sense for them to join forces and lets have one with all facilities.
  12. Pickleball

    They are called table tennis bats in uk and most other english speaking countries.
  13. Will the other hospital have cat scans etc ?
  14. That lake city project was not only a scam but not even feasible for so many reasons. At least this project has credibility and a director who is a local G P.
  15. Somebody at the reporter definitely got confused.