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    Thanks all.
  3. barcelonaman

    Streaming services/ VPN's

    Glws. These are real easy download click. Install.ready to go. Same as terrarium.
  4. barcelonaman

    Streaming services/ VPN's

    Try these free ones first. Just google them and download or download filelinked use code 38525488. Mobdro. Taptv Hqstreamz Livenet (Some ad free) 5 download is sufficient. Not tried spex but imagine benefits will be no ads and programme guide.
  5. barcelonaman


    Need surgeon for colon.is dr. Valenzuela recommended or any other suggestions greatfully recieved.
  6. barcelonaman

    Telcel text messaging

    You added a 1 before your number? E.g. 0052 1 then your Mexican number
  7. barcelonaman

    Blocking phone numbers?

    Been getting annoying texts fron unotele and others. To stop them send message to 2222 and write baja.
  8. barcelonaman

    Texting in the UK

    Our country code to canada is 001. Then your canadian number.
  9. barcelonaman

    Private health insurance

    Yes i see that now rony but also says covers a standard private room in hospitals such a puerto hierra etc. . Might be worth double checking. Edit. The more i read it i think it means to cover daily costs for food in hospital.
  10. barcelonaman

    Private health insurance

    Just for info. I just checked.you need to be under 64 .max payout is 5million pesos per event. Pm me for phone number.
  11. barcelonaman

    Private health insurance

    You could check this out. I got a quote of around 10,000 pesos annualy and i am much older than you. I havent gone ahead with it yet but might be an option. I have the agents phone number if you want to pm me. Quote was easy and over the phone. I have no experience with how they settle claims . www.esferaproteccionfamiliar.mx
  12. barcelonaman

    ATT Internet

    Clearly says UPTO 5 or 10mbs depending on your package and after 150 gb might go to 2 mbs. Also you have to pay for their modem. Either one payment of 1200 pesos or monthly. Will be interesting to see if it is available here and 10mbs is achievable consistantly.
  13. barcelonaman

    ROKU/Amazon Fire Stick Help?

    Sent you pm.
  14. barcelonaman

    Ilox Subscription Update

    The two i mentioned have all these and many many more.history. discovery. Nbc . Fox, fox sports ,bein sports etc . If in doubt p.m.me.
  15. barcelonaman

    Ilox Subscription Update

    Its obvious computer guy and his"hundreds" of customers have not tried these apps. If you are afraid of box issues use amazon fire stick or tv.i believe they are quite a reputable company. You are denying these "hundreds " of customers the chance of free tv with your ridiculous comments. All info is freely available on youtube and search engines. Try it yourself then, comment... End of!