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  1. barcelonaman

    Hollister stoma paste

    I have two new tubes of hollister karaya5 stoma paste .purchased two months ago in original packaging.500 pesos for both.
  2. barcelonaman

    Help for a newbie

    Just for information.. https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Asesinan-a-chofer-de-Uber-en-carretera-a-Chapala-20180805-0051.html
  3. barcelonaman

    Where to sign up for Seguro Popular

    How did chillin resolve this problem?
  4. barcelonaman

    Peso free fall

    Tanking=turkish lira.crisis.
  5. barcelonaman


    Just use their app and have it on your phone.no need for printed boarding pass.
  6. barcelonaman

    TelCel Internet speed

    It's 150 gigas per month.
  7. barcelonaman

    Medical supplies needed

    Send me a pm if interested.
  8. barcelonaman

    Medical supplies needed

    with the help of a fellow poster colostomy supplies from hollister can be bought from moravi group in guadalajara..they are wholesalers who sell to the public. CONTACT DETAILS Av. Inglaterra 5330 Col. Guadalajara Technology Park Carretera a Nogales Km 13 CP. 45010 Zapopan, Jal Tel. (33) 3777 – 1320 Fax (33) 3777 – 1321 in general half the price of lydia. maybe we can organize a car share trip or someone takes orders every now and again if they are going up. i will probably be going in the next 10 days or so.
  9. barcelonaman

    Mexican Debit Cards

    Here are some easy suggestions. https://themazatlanpost.com/2018/07/08/online-banks-in-mexico-what-are-the-alternatives-and-which-is-the-best/
  10. barcelonaman

    Chemo at lakeside

    Does anyone know if chemo is available here? I heard that a doctor at maskaras does injections of chemo any have any more information?
  11. barcelonaman

    China to Mexico

    Be careful. I ordered something from gearbest cost appx 200 usd. Arrived faulty.told me to pay mexican post to send it back registered and they would refund it.(appx 40 usd)told them mex post is unreliable but they insisted. Item didnt arrive back. After many emails they eventually give me a refund of 70 usd ! Loss of 170 usd and three months of arguing. Never again.
  12. barcelonaman

    Shipping within Mexico

    Estafeta good.FedEx dhl bit more expensive. Do not use redpack !
  13. barcelonaman

    Sony 22 inch hd tv

    Sony bravia 22 inch tv. 720 hd hdmi and usb ports. Lightly used. 1700 pesos
  14. Asus tf 300 t 10.1 inch tablet with detachable keyboard to give upto 12 hours battery life. Leather like case. Original charger. Comes with two apps for free live u.s. and uk mainstream tv and one for free movies.not kodi. Good condition 2300 pesos. Price reduced to1800 pesos.now 1500 pesos.an ideal way to watch live tv.movies and tv shows on the move or as a second tv.
  15. barcelonaman

    Cruz Roja ambulance cost to Guad from Lakeside

    What is the number to call for the ambulance?