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  1. Salvador's closing April 1?

    Would dogs be allowed in?
  2. Tipping Disagreement

    600 seems a lot to the airport. I pay 550/600 to the new bus station . No tip to quoted prices .
  3. Shaw Direct

    I agree zippy.i use free apks and have helped people loading them onto android boxes or fire tv here. I also use free vpn and is ok for streaming.can get bbc iplayer etc. In 720 hd! Its not 100 percent substitute for tv but i would say95%.and free. As you say not many canadian channels but all main u.s uk and many other countries available including mexico. Couple of very good apps just out which has hd but really need 10 download to avoid buffering. For standard def 5 download is fine.
  4. Telcel question

    Can be easily downloaded and installed on iphone and most smart phones for free.
  5. Barbara Schermer Dies in Ajijic

    Although very sad it was 4 years ago !
  6. Heat wave coming

    Expect 35 deg to 40 deg c in jalisco and 40 to 45 in other parts. Seems very early for these high temps. www.informador.mx/mexico/Pronostican-temperaturas-de-hasta-45-grados-en-11-estados-del-pais-20180316-0073.html
  7. Fiber optics

    Are telmex aware of this plan? Was the meeting that was cancelled a few weeks ago ever rescheduled?
  8. Bike Lane Completed

    Indeed pappy. Will help enormously with the pueblo magico project.. Question for all bikers using the bike lane. Heading east to chapala, at the colon lights do you obey the red light or imperiously ignore it ? When exiting colon mountainside its impossible to see bikers coming from the west.very dangerous.
  9. Chapala Med

    Just cant see enough demand for two new hospitals.coincidence we have been waiting years for one then suddenly two appear, bit like buses !! Is it possible to get insurance to pay for a consultation?? Some are ridiculously high and advice can be laughable at times,if not insulting. Theres one for your imagination....
  10. Also saw workers on raddisson blue site yesterday..thought that had also been stopped.
  11. Young folks lakeside?

    Certainly el barco. Maybe iron horse and cameleon weekends. Also infierno after about 9 pm New place in sat. Funky finns.might be worth a try. Wings army get a big young crowd think its friday night. Not much happening during the week.
  12. Superlake prices

    Somebody is doing a weekly minibus trip to costco. 300 pesos. No membership required.facebook.
  13. Superlake prices

    Been happening too long and too frequently. Its called taking the p...!
  14. Superlake going downhill??

    Agree.prices shotup.i buy mamas deli stuff there quiche was 50 pesos per slice.now smaller and 65 pesos.wether thats mamas descion or sl I dont know. Many tinned products suddenly more expensive as well.cant blame peso dollar fx for that at the moment. However I prefer it to panchos for the small amount I buy.
  15. Ride to Airport for 5AM Flight

    Someone posted on behalf of alex not to order stuff about 6 weeks ago, after a border problem.so i think he has stopped that service.