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  1. When I start noticing how bad the food is in a hospital I know I should have discharged myself the day before.
  2. Alert

    Oh man, you're really asking for it, LOL!
  3. Where to go to buy a computer printer

    We are also having very good luck with Amazon Mexico and signed up at a very cheap price for Prime. I'm betting with the new huge warehouse they are building near MX they will be stocking a whole lot more items in the future. Of course, if NAFTA goes away Amazon may wish they never built it. Vamos a ver.
  4. Doctor recomendations for hip replacement

    Well the NHS says at any age if they smoke or are obese.
  5. Package from Estafeta

    Stay home all day tomorrow, they will most likely make another attempt. If you use the Chrome browser you can have it translate their website for you. If all else fails, have a Spanish speaking amigo call and find out where they are holding it. Don't wait too long or they will return it. Even with no Spanish you should be able to track it and see when it is in "entrega" or something similar. Unless it is a "hotshot" delivery all you can do is stay and wait. Sometimes even after 6:00 PM. "Mexican time". There is no "local" number to call, they don't want to be bothered by a million "where's my package" calls. They have one main number and they get lots of calls so be patient. Ask the driver, when he finally comes, if that is his route and if he will be making any future deliveries. If yes, tip him nicely and ask for his cel number and for permission to call him on a day when you see they will be delivering. Chances are he will be happy to do that and let you know about what time he will be around. make sure you always reward him. Works like a charm for me.
  6. Doctor recomendations for hip replacement

    Funny, I just read yesterday that the NHS (in Great Britain) has moved in that same direction, banning smokers and the obese from getting surgery unless it is imperative. Healthcare is not unlimited so if not rationed by the laws of supply and demand in a capitalistic fashion, somehow another method of deciding who gets and who doesn't has to be devised. Love it or hate it, here it comes: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/17/nhs-provokes-fury-indefinite-surgery-ban-smokers-obese/
  7. Happy Birthday, RVGRINGO!

    Couldn't say it better! Happy Birthday RV!
  8. advice for TV service

    I'm starting to think the future of TV reception is streaming over the internet rather than cable or satellite. I don't have a crystal ball (like CG was supposed to have according to one newbie ), so just MO. But, if correct I can understand the reluctance to sink a bunch of money in the equivalent of buggy whips and contracting blacksmiths. Of course there also does not seem to be any rush to upgrade much of Mexico's woeful internet as many prospective new residents have lamented. Hard to work remotely or stream video with the poor internet in so many locations.
  9. Uber drivers can cancel your ride

    Perhaps the regular taxi drivers are signing up for Uber and then purposely wreaking havoc.
  10. Airline Tourism Tax Rebate

    Sounds like a good government in action. Make it really difficult and then a certain percentage of people will just give up. I'm sure your "win" in online resolution resulted in them notifying all agents, right?...............NOT! Will be interesting to read what the OP posts after their phone conversation with Air Canada. I'm not holding my breath. I'm assuming each government other than Mexico gets a "cut" for collecting the tax. Maybe not.
  11. Best Motel/Closest to GDL Airport

    After having several guests at our B&B complain that the directions (in Spanish) that we sent to them were not accurate (according to their taxi drivers), we visited our Spanish teacher in SA. Lupita looked them over and said they were perfect. Do they speak a different Spanish in Guadalajara we asked? No, but why would you assume every taxi driver knows how to read was her answer. Do you think said driver would admit that to a passenger? Aha, mystery solved. Maybe nowadays that is not so prevalent as it was 10-15 years ago.
  12. The Five Year Plan

    I can believe that, hahaha.
  13. The Five Year Plan

    So you wanted a Mexican wife, eh..........................
  14. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Been shaking down folks for as long as I can remember.
  15. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Stay on the back streets, drive carefully and cheerfully, wave pedestrians across with a smile..............and make sure you have some small bills easily accessible, Christmas isn't that far away (at least according to Costco).
  16. The Five Year Plan

    Many Mexicans who can afford it, especially those with children, choose to live in gated communities as they feel safer. YMMV
  17. New Vialidad Boss

    I heard she prefers PayPal.
  18. advice for TV service

    If you like sports programming and also want Fox News, I would suggest you consider streaming fubo. If for some reason you don't care to use Roku to do so you can also use Amazon Fire stick or Apple TV. Big10 Network, more soccer than you can shake a stick at, FS1 and 2, etc. You'll need a VPN but with Expressvpn on our router my biggest problem is which game to watch. CNN, MSNBC History, Nat Geo, Travel, A&E, NBCSN, CBSSN, NBA TV, NFL net, Golf ch, PAC 12, HGTV, fyi, Hallmark, and many more. So far, very few streaming issues and i usually have 7-10 mb down. https://www.fubo.tv/
  19. My Telmex wifi is down

    Telmex giveth........and Telmex taketh. Welcome to Mexico, you learn to roll with everything or you get frustrated and leave.
  20. T-Mobile roaming coverage in Lakeside

    Or possibly a realization that providing the necessary bandwidth to those who must be constantly streaming video on their phones is not helpful in keeping down costs for the "average" customer. We avoid all-inclusive resorts for a similar reason: there are simply way too many people making sure they get "their money's worth". Many of our lakeside friends used to come down to the beach on those Thanksgiving trips. Most if not all have quit that, citing exactly that reason. Next time you're in an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant take a look at the size of the average patron and notice how many trips they make, LOL. Then just be glad you're not stuck in the middle seat between 2 of them on a plane......or maybe you have been!
  21. Uber drivers can cancel your ride

    Hmmm.....maybe the difference between Mexico City and the countryside?
  22. Uber drivers can cancel your ride

    Give Uber a try. The worst that can happen is they will kick you out halfway to lakeside. Remember the old days when we then knew how to stick out our thumbs?
  23. Need current license plates to cross border?

    Agree with Rick. South Dakota is easy and cheap as long as you have a way to get the plates SOB. PS Not sure if it still holds but Clay County SD plates always began with 19........ If you see a plate with some other numbers chances are they are REALLY from SD.
  24. Any recommendations for legal representation?

    Not familiar with what "IMS" is. Are we talking IMSS health plan or Migraciaon?