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  1. Tuesday Market

    Great description!
  2. As a practical matter.....................the fine for driving with an expired license is probably so insignificant compared to the hassle and expense of trying to rush over there at the last minute that you might want to consider that. Also, after the New Year rush is over you can renew your license for exactly the same amount whether expired or not. Mine was 2 years expired (I had been using my Texas license) and they did not add a fine nor a nasty comment. They directed me to the front of the line and gave me the old codger discount without any card or even asking for it. Puerto Vallarta seems to be more laid back in all this type of stuff. Have only been stopped once, to make sure I was wearing a seatbelt and got an apology, have a nice day, etc. Lots of permanente folks with non-Mexican plates and I've never heard of anyone getting a smog inspection. Just another example of how everything here in Mexico works according to local tradition. Viva Mexico.
  3. Tuesday Market

    Agree, but people were talking about why some vendors are giving up at some of the markets. Too many "customers" are just there to see and be seen, not to buy anything.
  4. Tuesday Market

    Haha, nothing has changed since we first visited the Ajijic tiangus in 2001. Super Lake also, they think they're at a social function.
  5. American notary

    Yes, very true. When we signed up for a mail forwarding service in the US, the provider insisted our signatures be notarized, to protect them from any problems with the USPS. I pointed out that by treaty they had to accept a Mexican Notario. They politely responded that we would have to return to the US or visit the Consulate for the notary service or they would not provide us with an address. Not snotty but very firmly let us know their terms of service. Fortunately we were going back to Houston anyway and had our good friend do it for us. You can stand on principle but the other guy that you want something from has the hammer, as they say.
  6. How to dial US toll free number?

    Very cool site, thanks!
  7. Move to Chapala, rent house in Canada

    Yeah my impression was that the OP had already talked to Revenue Canada and I assumed they are probably like the IRS and the answer he got was not to his liking or perhaps not intelligible. So rather than pay for the advice of someone like "Dave" was hoping to hear the answer on this board he was looking for, thus giving validation to his preferred course of action. This type of thinking seems to be used quite often here. "But I read it on the Chapala board". Good luck with that excuse.
  8. Hotels in Mexico City

    Gracias as always. We'll be flying out of PV and don't want to connect in GDL. Sounds like Toluca is a no-go, thanks for helping avoid an extra 2 hours.
  9. Hotels in Mexico City

    Looking for suggestions of where to stay for an early Feb. visit with the main goal to visit the many churches in the city. Will probably stay 4 nights max and may hire a guide to make things easier. Any ideas most welcome, including which churches, guides, restaurants as well as hotels. TIA
  10. U.S. Notary..electronically

    When we wound down a real estate deal 3 years ago that didn't work out here in PV, the other party wanted our signatures notarized. Fine, you pay and off we went to his Notario. Both signatures needed as well as both of theirs. $5000 EACH his Notario exclaimed. Suddenly it was fine going next door to Office Depot where an employee WITNESSED all signatures for $400. Fine either way with us, we were not concerned.
  11. USA cell phone in Mexico

    I know, I have everything shipped to US Global Mail in Houston and then they consolidate it and Estafeta US sends it here to PV. We have a large box that just arrived in Guadalajara today so will be delivered here tomorrow. Lots of goodies that don't ship to Mexico including a new Roku and some tech goodies from Fry's Electronics and a used Galaxy Note cellphone I won on eBay for $77.. Mariana at Estafeta USA has never said no to anything we wanted to ship and her price includes insurance and any duty that might be charged. They ship by ground through Nuevo Laredo and Customs there has never denied anything. So far, so good, mas tarde quien sabe.
  12. USA cell phone in Mexico

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I think I will get this one from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FTNANIQ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3BZPVUQ39BSYZ&psc=1 Only $14.99 and comes with $8 credit and no monthly charge to keep the US number as long as you use it at least once a year. Perfect for my phone that has space for 2 Sims and gives anyone in the US a US number to text to.
  13. U.S. Notary..electronically

    Good for you, you're braver than we are.
  14. Many Mexican businesses do not accept American credit cards for one simple reason: The card owner can "challenge" any transaction for any reason and that puts a hold on the funds. A real hassle for a Mexican to go through the dispute process with an American bank. Bars and restaurants are the biggest targets, especially when tourists have too much to drink and then try to insist they couldn't possibly have run up that big a bill. It's the old "for every action there is a reaction" principle. Perhaps Pemex is aware some of the employees short people on their gas purchase and don't want any disputes after the fact, LOL.
  15. U.S. Notary..electronically

    I would check first with whoever wants (demands) your signature to be notarized. They might accept that electronic deal even though you don't reside in the US or they might accept a Mexican Notario, the worst they can say is no. Otherwise, getting something "Notarized" by any unlawful method could result in something bad happening, regardless of what the "odds" are of it happening. Penny wise and pound foolish.
  16. USA cell phone in Mexico

    Excellent, gracias!
  17. USA cell phone in Mexico

    Just noticed that today only, Dec. 12, Amazon has Ooma on sale for $63 US. That's on Amazon US. I have no financial interest in Amazon or Ooma, LOL.
  18. USA cell phone in Mexico

    We like our Ooma but they do not support texting. How do I know? I just yesterday had a "chat session" with them and was told they don't and have no plans to do so. More providers of services seem to be using texting a code to your cell phone as the basis of granting you an account. Trying to cancel out being able to use a VPN perhaps? Who knows. Example, Philo a new streaming video service that has 30 something TV channels for $16/ Mo. Of course limited to US residents only but with my VPN I could watch but no way to receive their texted code. Does Skype support texting?
  19. USA cell phone in Mexico

    Fun to try out different things. I tried yesterday to get a Google Voice number and couldn't do it. They want to send you a text with a code to enter on your computer. Since we have a US number on a VOIP service, Ooma, I opted to receive the code via a phone call as you can do. All was well and I actually remembered the six digit number long enough to enter it and then nothing happened. I started the process over and selected the same Voice number and then entered my phone number and got the message that "that number will not work for this service". So they have the ability to detect a VOIP number and don't want us using it to obtain their Voice service. Since I do have a VPN on my router that "places" me in New Jersey I figured I could use it here in Mexico but can't get the number to test out my theory. Someone who has a Google Voice number could test the theory if you have a VPN on your phone at least to "place" you in the US. Download the Google Voice app to your phone and connect your VPN and see if it works. Sounds like MJ is the way to go if you want to be able to receive a text from the US on your Mexican cell using a US phone number. Whew, complicated but fun to give things a try.
  20. Car key cutting

    Yeah, they've been there forever and always great service. If it was more than just one copy of a simple key that's where I always went. Glad to hear they're still there, great folks.
  21. Car key cutting

    Many locksmiths can program the chip also. It's not cheap whoever does it.
  22. IPad Help

    Have you contacted Computer Guy? Seems like a no-brainer to me.
  23. Chimney

    Constructing a fireplace that draws correctly seems to be quite difficult at lakeside. Anyone doing their own construction should confirm with their Maestro that he uses someone who does it right. We used Luis on Zaragoza in Ajijic as he was suggested as one of the few who actually did it right and sure enough, he did. Not sure if he is still there but probably so. Lived west of Juarez on the north side of Zaragoza. Inquire locally, they will know if he's around. OP might possibly be able to find someone who could correct the bad draw but sorry, that's above my knowledge level. Just remembered Luis' last name......Romero
  24. drive time

    Driving from Guayabitos into PV for one hour will not get you very far into town, or at all, unless there happens to be no traffic. Hwy. 200 is slow most of the time with truck traffic. 20 minutes from say Home Depot to Centro is quite normal. Figure 10 minutes to get through Bucerias if you hit the lights right. If your destination is Nuevo you can figure 30-45 minutes quicker.