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  1. New construction next to coca cola

    It's mostly developers who fail to hitch their wagons to the real source of funding here in Mexico that seem to have problems. (hint, hint, Chapo, et al). There are at least 5 condo projects going at the same time here in Old Town PV and they seem to do a building of 6 floors in about a year or less. Almost never have I seen a non-completed building. Do I have personal knowledge of that funding, no. Is it common perception that's where the money comes from, yes.
  2. San Ysidro Border Crossing Closing...

    I think it has "cluster" in it!
  3. New construction next to coca cola

    But the biggest question is: Will they rent in Pesos?
  4. New Lakeside Hospital

    Sounds like you would prefer a King (as long as He subscribed to your way of thinking).
  5. New Lakeside Hospital

    Healthcare is actually not very complicated. Who gets it, at what cost, and who pays the bills is what gets complicated.
  6. New Lakeside Hospital

    That's always the tough job for an actuary. Price it low enough to attract enough of the "right" people but high enough to make a profit. Not as easy as it might seem.
  7. New Lakeside Hospital

    The basic problem with that and many other types of plans with a similar idea is that of adverse selection. Folks with preexisting conditions and/or suspicions they will need that service flock to sign up. Others tend to wait and see and sign up in much fewer numbers. So the provider ends up with a high percentage of enrolees using the service and not enough well people to make a profitable mix. Other types of insurance, such as homeowners or auto, don't have that problem as most people don't expect to have a fire or auto accident and those with a greater risk can be charged a higher premium. People with a history of cancer or heart disease can't really be charged enough to offset what their costs will likely be. Exactly why Obamacare is having financial problems. Perhaps require ALL newly turned 18 year olds to buy health insurance and keep it in force or face the prospect of being turned away from care if they have no insurance or can't pay? It's the only answer from a purely "insurance" standpoint but would never be acceptable to society as a whole. As with any commodity that is in finite supply, in this case health care, some way must be devised to determine who gets it.
  8. Water heater explanation?

    You'll NEVER be on the "bad boy list" Pete. You're the Original "good guy".
  9. tv on smartphone

    If you sign up for ExpressVPN you can then subscribe to several streaming services in the US. Not sure where Jeopardy airs. I can watch Fubo live on my phone and I subscribe to the Hulu "on demand" service, also on my phone. Sling is also available. Fubo has many channels, not just soccer as it used to be but for soccer fans there are a TON of matches on every day.
  10. Water heater explanation?

    Since when does an electric water heater have a pilot? "and has a push button pilot ignition. But I am confused about the "del paso" part."
  11. New construction next to coca cola

    Wow, cheap! You could probably buy one and flip it for a nice profit before construction is complete.
  12. How long does it take?

    Wait, aren't you the joker who had to add this? "Depends. How much of the driving are the cats doing?"
  13. Earthquake mexico city

  14. Road work starting in Ajijic?

    Jonny's old place?
  15. New Lakeside Hospital

    There goes the neighborhood!