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  1. Healthcare- insurance

    Some are much cheaper, some much more expensive, and some not available at all. Congrats to Cincy's wife.
  2. Moving to a different house

    Haha, because it's Mexico? Quien sabe.
  3. Golf Cart Warning

    Well said.
  4. El Tuito, Jal. 1 hour south of Puerto Vallarta. Elevation 2000' and 30 minutes from the beach at Boca de Tomatlan http://www.puertovallarta.net/espanol/que-hacer/boca-de-tomatlan-jalisco.php and 40 minutes via the new paved road to the beaches at Cabo Corrientes. Think Mayto and Tejua. http://tierraaltatuito.com/ Haven't been to this development yet but will be checking it out. Our condo handyman's mother was from El Tuito and he says he has seen it and it is nice. Not much to do there but quiet and nice people, no gringos to speak of. Zip down to the Hotel Mayto on a gorgeous deserted beach. Be very careful swimming, it's open ocean here. Never stayed there but checked it out and it looks perfect. http://www.hotelmayto.com/ A 10 minute drive takes you to Tejua where I would suggest you have lunch, super fresh seafood at reasonable prices and a more protected beach. All an easy day trip from El Tuito. (What am I waiting for?) http://www.puertovallarta.net/what_to_do/tehuamixtle-jalisco.php
  5. Pots without steam vents in the lid

    Yeah, that was me until some kid in SJC thought our candy treats were too lousy and threw it back and almost took out my eye. That's when I realized the locals were getting much like the kids NOB. We all (3) spent mucho dinero to buy all that stuff we gave away. It was Tom's idea to do it on 3 King's Day (Jan. 6) to try and lessen the influence of Santa Claus on the Mexican kids. Worked well for a few years and then greed snuck in.
  6. Pots without steam vents in the lid

    I hear dat, CG. We got a very good set that has stood the test of time. Yes, we paid more than if we had gotten it in the US but much less than a trip to the US to buy cookware. We have never paid the listed price at BB or actually anything even close to the listed price. BB completely furnished the condo we now own in PV including almost everything in here. They delivered, set up, all at a price we felt was very reasonable. Many of our friends feel exactly as you do. Maybe because I was one of the "Kings" with Tom and Stuart I get a break? Who knows.
  7. Robbery Prevention

    Don't ever let the firemen in your home unless you want to be robbed. Same with the policia.
  8. Pots without steam vents in the lid

    We found ours some years ago at Bazar de Barbara. If you don't see what you want ask Ricardo or one of the guys. They usually have more in the back or in storage at one of their bodegas.
  9. cost of cremation ??

    So you would use them again if the need arose?
  10. cost of cremation ??

    Were you happy with their service?
  11. Robbery Prevention

    Agree with that!
  12. Robbery Prevention

    In that case it's a burglary.
  13. pool builders (again)

    OK, I need to remember that one!