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  1. I also needed to be able to receive an SMS sent to a US number here in Mexico to be able to subscribe to the video streaming service Philo. The way I solved it was to order a SIM from a company called Sim4globe (google it). For I think US $14 they supplied me with a chip and a US phone number. I inserted it into an older cel I was not using and after a bit of fiddling was able to connect to the Movistar network and "roam" here in Mexico. It also included I think a $6 credit to make calls or send texts anywhere. Expensive, I think like .75 a text and maybe .50 per minute to call but what I really needed was to be able to receive a text and then enter that code and it's working perfectly for that. I do have to take the phone outside because Movistar signal is weak even here in the middle of PV. I think you need to use or top up once a year but seems like a $5 topup will keep your number active once a year so no big deal. You do, I think, need a US address to have the SIM sent to so if you use a mail forwarding service like we do or a friend it shouldn't be a problem. Perhaps not what you were hoping for but after researching it quite a bit I decided it was my best solution. If anyone has figured out how to get a Google Voice number here in Mexico as suggested by an above poster please share. I was not able to use my Ooma VOIP number to do so, Google correctly flagged it as a VOIP number and said, sorry.
  2. First rainbirds

    Jajaja, yeah it was definitely "tongue in cheek".
  3. Any word on Laura Perez, Mi Casa?

    There are many upsides to renting...this is one of the downsides. Best of luck finding what you need.
  4. After 9/11 the government updated their data base on mail forwarding services. The USPS has a complete list of all such legit businesses and anyone or company can purchase the list to see if a client is using a legitimate residential address. Most banks, DMV's, etc. use that to one extent or another. If they really want to check up on you it's very easy.
  5. Traffic light at Superlake is gone

    Hmmm................Is Pancho a suspect?
  6. First rainbirds

    Quick, someone start a contest.
  7. Federales

    Nothing to be concerned about. Middle of the month, possibly hurrying to get paid......not by their official employers.
  8. About Adoption in Mexico

    Yeah, it wasn't too long ago that an adoption controversy engulfed lakeside. Lots of folks from Ireland coming and many of them stayed in El Parque if I recall correctly. What was the final outcome of that if anyone knows?
  9. Shaw trouble?

    That's funny, I saw a picture of the sun a couple of days ago on the internet. The caption was something to the effect of the sun looking like a cue ball: no sunspots and the least solar activity in many years. The story said some scientists are beginning to think the sun may enter what they called a Maunder Minimum. If they are right earth's temperatures may be similar to the last one for much of the 1600"s which is considered the last Little Ice Age. Vamos a ver.
  10. Roberto's Terrace

    But will all the folks "on a budget" support a place like that? Which TV series are we talking about, sounds interesting?
  11. I'll bet if you and Spenser got together you could tell stories for hours.....and maybe even be able to laugh about some of them. Time heals all. Thanks to both of you for all the work and advice you have given.

    Let's see....PM a Mod, become a Mod or start your own board and bar Dr. Santiago. Simple.
  13. TIP for cars from USA

    Well one thing is for sure: You will get lots of amateur opinions on your legal question posted here on a chat board. Print them all out and then throw a dart and that's your correct answer.
  14. Well I wasn't complaining, just stating the facts. I totally respect how any board owner chooses to run it. If I don't like it, as you say, I can go elsewhere or start my own. Sure wish governments everywhere would adopt that philosophy and let owners of everything do as they please.
  15. The folks you describe would never, by me, be considered community activists. I think you know the type of people I am referring to but the constraints placed on this board do not make for a free discussion. I respect your POV as well as Ned's.