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  1. Shaw Direct TV News

    ExpressVPN works great for us 99% of the time and when there is a problem live chat is available 24/7. We have it installed on our Archer C7 router and are able to watch all streaming services, with a subscription, of course.
  2. TV Program Guide

    Not trying to argue the point, it's pretty obvious they are pirating the content and reselling it until they get sued and closed down like so many others. Just one small hint: Why would they offer all that content for $14.99/Mo. when every legitimate streaming site charges 3 times that for fewer channels? I don't care if anyone signs up but it's nice to be aware of what you are buying. How about just buying a KODI box and then there is NO monthly charge. Again, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. I'm done, have a great day.
  3. TV Program Guide

    If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. Another pirate site that may be gone tomorrow. The best part is you can subscribe for a month at a time so limit how much you can get burned for. Go for it, but I wouldn't touch the yearly plan.
  4. TV Program Guide

    I found this site that has a nice and easy to use guide for what's on TV. It is designed for folks who stream their TV but anyone could use it to see what's on. Seems to not include the nets but I haven't looked at every page. If you use a VPN and subscribe to Sling, Hulu Live, Philo, etc., etc. you know that seeing what is upcoming is sometimes near impossible. This lets you select what plan you are subscribing to and it then just shows those channels that are included. If you use cable or satellite it could still be useful when you just want to check on your computer without turning on the TV. For me, one of the best features is the program description which includes the original air date so you can see if it's new or not. I'm currently trying a free trial of Philo which has 37 channels for $16/ Mo. No sports and no nets. A&E, Animal Planet, Discovery, DIY, HGTV and others with a DVR with no limit for 30 days. https://www.philo.com You need a US cell phone to sign up for the free trial and I solved that by getting a SIM from sim4globe that gives me a US number but roams in Mexico with Movistar. Very expensive to call or text the US but incoming is free and it worked with Philo. Cost $14.99 on Amazon US and includes an $8 credit that won't expire as long as you make an outgoing call or text once a year. A short text to my sister was $.48 so I won't be using it like Whatsapp but it does give family and friends an easy, cheap number to call or text us on. Try the guide and you may like it, or maybe not! http://www.streamingtvguides.com Edit Forgot to mention for any fans of the long running, E R, Hulu announced today that all 330 episodes are now streaming.
  5. Tony's Take Out... next to the Deli 8

    El Pechugon puts pineapple but not raisins in their coleslaw and we like it. Raisins would be a put off. I don't think theirs is from a can as it is not overly sweet.
  6. Hearing aids

    Nor Mactavishs
  7. Donate old cell phone

    Yes, it must be charged.
  8. Donate old cell phone

    Angus is correct. A Telcel SIM will expire and the number given to someone else unless some minimum amount of money is recharged and every so often. It used to be 6 months but I think it is now 1 year but don't quote me on that part.
  9. Mexican Citizenship

    I'm with Al.
  10. Canadian Travel Advisory

    Hahaha,....yup, we have plenty of them right now here in PV. If that's your cup 'o tea, now's the time! PS Like your handle
  11. Game of Thrones

    Is this our "Famous Denise" who was enthralled with GOT? The one who was banned and moved to the coast? Hopefully a different Denise.
  12. Second home internet connection?

    I would search this forum for posts regarding the Telcel hotspots that some have posted about. If I remember, most said they work great but cost is much higher than land-based connections. If she is not doing heavy video streaming it might be the ticket. Good luck.
  13. Canadian Travel Advisory

    Sayula is not a beach town. Think knives.
  14. PVR to Montreal with 1 hr layover then NS. Air Canada
  15. Where do I find

    Check at the tiangus in Ajijic on Wednesday. Another thread somewhere mentions Tonio is there with a crossing guard vest helping people cross. Ask him where to source.