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  1. If it's one of your children that's the owner, maybe OK. Otherwise.......................
  2. pappysmarket

    Fido in Restaurants

    You speak the truth cedros. The world is full of folks who think laws are just suggestions and are to be broken whenever they find it convenient. Human nature ain't gonna change anytime soon.
  3. pappysmarket

    More car questions

    Hahaha.......................Amen to that sol
  4. pappysmarket

    Fido in Restaurants

    Why don't they all host "pot lucks" for all that have separation anxiety from Fido? ........And please record and post on YouTube
  5. pappysmarket

    Housing Needed

    When we lived in San Antonio, many years ago, the guy right next to us had a horse that lived in his carport. When we visited last month I noticed there still is a horse in the same locale. Closer than San Nicholas.
  6. pappysmarket

    Fido in Restaurants

    Yeah, that's too easy for some geniuses. They want to reinvent the wheel.
  7. pappysmarket


    Normally if someone "catches up" with EVPN at worst you are down for a day. Get into chat with them and most of the time they will simply tell you which server to change to. Sometimes they do need to do a complete fix and that is almost always less than a day. In 90 days since I have been using the flashed router for whole house coverage I have not had one instance where anything was blocked, but as I said, I don't subscribe to Netflix. Back when I did Netflix was #2 most likely to block with Hulu Live #1 and (fingers crossed) Hulu has never been blocked. YMMV
  8. pappysmarket


    Haha.......unless you have both how would you know? In my case I don't subscribe to Netflix so I can't even testify on Express VPN. Amazon Prime, Hulu Live, Philo and CBS All Access all work fine for me and I'm lucky when I get 10 down. YMMV
  9. pappysmarket


    They like to refer to it as a "flashed" router and in my case I "flashed" it to Express VPN and unless I could figure out how to undo things, it is now permanently "set" to those settings. Which is fine since it does exactly what John describes.
  10. pappysmarket

    More car questions

    Well whoever it was obviously is not a good source. The best advice comes from a lawyer. The next best type of advice comes from someone who says "Here's how we did it, but things may have changed, etc., etc." That's what we used to tell people staying in our BnB, especially when they said "Well Karen Blue said xxx or Judy King said yyy". We and they were probably all accurately describing how we did something. As you well remember, Mexico likes to change "how you do things" on a regular basis, lol. You will see lots of changes from 2008, not the least of which will be the folks who now call lakeside home. Not better, not worse but definitely different. Oh, and if you're wondering.....the answer is yes.
  11. pappysmarket

    More car questions

    Stop listening to that "someone" and remember the limitations for this and any chat board to deliver reliable legal info.
  12. pappysmarket

    More car questions

    What year CR-V if it's not too personal of a question.
  13. Have you tried the agency or agent you bought the property through? I would think they would have a suggestion or two. Ignore this advice if you bought FSBO.
  14. pappysmarket

    Quality Auto & Home Insurance

    Agents, as the name implies, work on a commission basis for the companies they have contracts with. Attorneys can be hired to represent your interest. A good agent will project the idea he/she works "for you" but in reality that is not the case. A good agent will always try to explain to you what is/isn't covered at the time a policy is being considered. Once a claim is made the agent has no control over whether it is paid or rejected. A good agent will try and explain to the insured why a claim was not covered so the insured does not feel they were cheated. Not all insureds are wise enough to understand a legal contract and even if they are, their egos sometimes get in the way of accepting that they aren't right. "I've been paying in for years and now one small claim and they refuse to pay me" is something I have heard many times. Not all agents are good honest, trustworthy people who try their best to explain a 6 page legal contract in 2 minutes to folks who don't deal with 6 page legal contracts on a daily basis. Best of luck finding the person you're looking for.
  15. Haha, I agree 100%. Our only disagreement is where the starting line is. Nice to have a civil discussion even if we disagree. If I only saw "my" point of view here it would be very boring.