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  1. New Construction

    The GR article says Tres Canadas.
  2. New Construction

    Nice looking rendition. What are the chances of it ever being built?
  3. The Snowbirds are back

    I hope he tangles with someone who puts him in his place. He's a disgrace to disabled vets and parents of gay children. I am both so am doubly offended.
  4. The Snowbirds are back

    Yeah Rick I do think you're right. It looked like he crossed it out but now I see he just likes a really long right side of the "Y". Gracias
  5. Black Friday at WalMart

    At noon the Costco in PV was a madhouse of newly arrived snowbirds stocking up on the usual fare and many Mexicans buying electronics and appliances. With it being a 3 day weekend it was crazy. Got the bottled water I needed and a couple of other things and got out of there. They were sold out of the excellent cranberry sauce I got last week. Fresh, in the refrigerated section large and with whole berries, $139. If you see it and you like cranberry give it a try.
  6. The streaming services generally do not have the rights to streaming outside the US, much as Shaw cannot legally sell to anyone outside Canada. So illegal? Probably not but outside their terms of service. Suggest you consult Sr. Google for "best vpn to stream xxxxxxx" and be guided by the results you see.
  7. The Snowbirds are back

    Actually I think he wrote "gal" and then crossed it out. He is sensitive to sexual bad behavior but not normal human behavior. Guess he didn't want to be called sexist.
  8. The Snowbirds are back

    The person whose garage was blocked was much more polite than I would have been. Just east of maskaras there is a garage door with the sign "Se Ponchen Llantas Gratis". That may not be perfect Spanish but I never saw anyone dare park there. A good ice pick to back up that threat would be a wise investment. I could care less how disabled someone is, parking in front of a driveway is never acceptable. OK, if there was a trail of blood leading to a hospital I might consider an exception. Some people just feel entitled and if it were me, I would have that person's placa memorized for future use. If you want to be a little more subtle, order these stickers to slap on an offending vehicle. Applied properly they are a bugger to scrape off. Probably would never pull that again in front of your driveway. https://www.amazon.com/10-VIOLATION-PARKING-Sticker-stickers/dp/B012Y809OM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1510945330&sr=8-2&keywords=no+parking+stickers+hard+to+r PS If you "broke his handle" good for you.
  9. Uber in Puerto Vallarta

    Our car is in the shop so today we took a cab downtown and then walked to the Mercado to do some shopping before heading home. The owner of the cremeria where we always shop mentioned we ought to get Uber to go home. I said we usually grab a cab outside when needed but today no hay. He whips out his phone,taps a few keys and says 2 minutes. Estimate was $37 and sure enough in 2 minutes a nice clean car pulls up and the driver grabs our stuff and put it in the trunk. He was not familiar with our condo building but his directions seemed to be getting us there so I just kept quiet. A/C car and a comfortable ride. Taxi is $50 or $60 depending on the driver and I always just pay $60 and never been hassled. The driver gave me his phone # and encouraged me to also put the Uber app on my phone which i have. I asked him if there were still problems with the taxi drivers and he said yes but they are slowly going away. I gave him $50 and he was happy. I just asked for an estimate to Costco and it said $42-55. Taxi always at least $80 but compared to lakeside that itself is much cheaper. I'll be trying this out but for anyone coming down it may well be a viable option now.
  10. The Snowbirds are back

    Went to dinner with 2 snowbird couples staying at our BnB some years ago. We went to Tony's and both other couples had exactly the same orders. The bill came and one was 1 peso less than the other when totaled up. "Hey, how can this be, you charged us more than them"? The quick thinking waiter grabbed both checks, stared at them, and then raised the one up a peso to be even. I tried but could not contain my mirth. The snowbirds did not have the ability to also laugh like heck at what was obviously a big ado about nothing.

    My wife and I both have BLU phones and are very happy also.
  12. Yeah ML, I just decided not to point that out. It carries much more weight coming from you.
  13. Meeting with Transito

    Turn east out of Walmart, proceed to SL parking lot. Shop at SL, Paz and get lunch at any of the restaurants there. Exit the parking lot and you can make your left turn safely at the light. What's the problem?