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  1. Auto Emissions Test

    Thank you Angus Mactavish for your quick response.
  2. I'm trying to find the chart that sets out the months that the test is required based on the last number of the license plate. Thanks in advance. (I've tried searching without success.)
  3. DavidRC: I'm sending you a PM (private message).
  4. Doctor recomendations for hip replacement

    Happy 80th Birthday, RVG! You're amazing!
  5. Best Motel/Closest to GDL Airport

    I'd vote for the Hampton Inn. We've stayed there and it was excellent. They also had a free shuttle to the airport if it's more convenient for you to pick them up there.
  6. If you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, there is a Contact Us. Click on there and fill in a report.
  7. I was under the impression that the carretera is under the jurisdiction of the state government and that the local government does not have any authority regarding bike path, etc.
  8. Lost trailer title & registration

    Well, that's the best news, Vickie!
  9. New Indian Restaurant

    Do you know where you can buy moong dal (split yellow mung bean) locally? Recipe sounds great! Thanks for sharing it.
  10. When my doctor in Guadalajara prescribed an antibiotic (by email to me), I went to Farmacias Benavides located just before you drive into Soriana parking lot in Chapala, paid $60 pesos and the doctor there wrote out a prescription for me based on the email on my phone. I was able to buy the antibiotic at the Farmacias Benavides - easy peasy!
  11. Scan and print forms

    I recently used Trinidad Copy Centre to have four X-rays scanned.
  12. Translation Assistance

    Both translations were ready Thursday night. Now I have a medical report that I can understand. Also, I have the relevant pages of my microwave manual translated. Alex did a great job and I would highly recommend him for your translation needs.
  13. Mexican Drivers Licence

    Did you have to do a driving test? My husband has a current driver's license from North of the border and wonders if that would make a difference.
  14. Translation Assistance

    I've just given Alex a two page CT scan report and he'll have it ready tomorrow for me. Also, I gave Alex a part of my new microwave booklet to translate. He's a delightful young man and well worth supporting if you have anything you want to be translated.
  15. betty 7 - perhaps you just haven't found the right doctor at Lakeside.