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  1. Car emission test locations

    OMG. We are not talking about a unofficial sticker, but from a "unofficial " garage Let me suggest that the OP or other newbies should be more concerned about using a faciltor for obtaining your IMSS, SP or INM papers
  2. Gas Stove Problem

    If you're talking about the oven, most are manual lighted ALSO THE GLASS COVERING THE TOP BURNERS MUST BE UP, OTHERWISE NO GAS TO OVEN
  3. Toilet paper flushing

    Pete it would take a week for any down stream problem to back up into you 1st floor loo, meantime the peon's living "down town " ...loo's are overflowing
  4. Toilet paper flushing

    Let's restate your "people adjust "...a few people may but I would suggest the majority do not. A disgusting special feature your real estate agent will not share
  5. Car emission test locations

    Gosh , why are we beating this issue to death If it looks like a official sticker, and feels like a official and issued by Jalisco Transito Dept etc.,then it must be a Official Sticker. Debating if this or that station is "official" is academic...I would suggest that an issue between the Licencing Bureau and the testing station. There is obviously a question of "Trust" that enters into to the process..The Licencing Dept assumes the mechanic will test the car correctly and not give you a free pass. We assume that the mechanic will not be dishonest and charge for doing work that is not required. On second thoughts the process sounds like everyone is swimming across a pond of alligators!!!!!! How many of you wonder what your "facilitator" is doing when they process your , IMSS, SP or immigration papers... TRUST
  6. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    Officials at the Chapala branch of the state tax office report that they are no longer issuing license tags for golf carts which are not contemplated in Jalisco’s traffic laws. Owners who have been able to obtain plates elsewhere in Jalisco or out of state may escape the long arm of the law by driving only on back streets. I think paragraph suggest you cannot license the cart so catch 22..or I am wrong
  7. Car emission test locations

    Since when has going the wrong way be a problem!!! You gotta do what you have to do
  8. Pelicans are back

    Took my walk to the lake this morning and noticed that the pelicans have returned...
  9. The Five Year Plan

    I wonder why so many people are giving this OP so much time, he seems to be a know it all
  10. Car emission test locations

    Pete SS is on the same side as Car City. I am not saying the closest legal testing station...but check out CC

    You may wish to consider having a daily help who will do so some house cleaning and cooking etc , and keep an eye on Mum. These treasures do exist for say 500 pesos a day or less than 1000USD a month Many nursing homes charge more for folks with Dementia because they wander. I think the NH in San Juan Cosalary, O'HARA? will be your least expensive Good luck I am sure something will work out for you
  12. Car emission test locations

    I think they use this local garage as a branch of the main place in Guadalajara. As a matter of interest does your list include the Guadalajara operation as a legal testing place?
  13. Car emission test locations

    Check out Car City in Riberas
  14. Chair Glides....Where to Buy?

    Hardware store in Chapala, first block Northside after you have gone through lights
  15. Robitussin

    How quickly we move to fixing animal ills..who thought Robitussin has these wonderful side uses ....maybe some use in the kitchen etc etc