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  1. Pregnant Maid

    That sounds a very expensive settlement
  2. Pregnant Maid

    I guess she is working with other people? So check who the others are and share the expense
  3. Jump starting with a newer car

    With respect if you break the continuity on latter model cars you will screw up your computor..so what model car do you drive?
  4. IMSS Renewal

    I wonder how many Mexicans I see before and after my regular appointment have access to a computer or are computer literate, not many I suspect
  5. IMSS Renewal

    Most of what you mentioned is not new, I am over 80 and paid 7,700pesos in Feb 2017 The info that Chapels clinic requires you to make a telephone call is new. However this maybe due to your circumstances , ie, the computer system is not yet load for 2018 appointments, this happened to me last year Thanks for sharing your experience
  6. Car Inspection

    Check out car city in ribberas
  7. New Car Battery Required

    Sorry I push wrong button You mess the car computer system which could mean more bucks to correct
  8. New Car Battery Required

    Take great care when changing batteries on late model cars. If you mess up the continuity of the electric system you s
  9. For your info Cedros, many many years ago when people were more self reliant, in the Raquet Club, Juan the water guy had a long bamboo stick and would go around re setting the "pop out" transformer fuses The "cure" was for the fuses to be replaced but CFE in their wisdom would not do this, even when residents offered to purchase new fuses. Then when "things" became more organized the board stopped Juan. My guess is that a significant amount of the disruption at Lakeside is similar, The CFE prefer to continually come up and swing the old fuse back in place, rather than replace with a new unit
  10. Cost to Build

    Add IMSS payments, building licenses etc at
  11. Why don't you go to the office and ask them the location???? They may also know the cause I think WE all are aware of total irresponsibility of the CFE to take preventive maintenance..Many of us living at Lakeside all suffer from the vulnerable locations etc. Perhaps you can form a committee and present your concerns to CFE
  12. I think you are correct and Simsca is bending the rules of eligibility for Advantage plans!!!
  13. Many of the newspapers and magazines give the impression that medical care "is free" well not really I hope that you will find a package to suit your issues
  14. Wall calendar

    Maybe time to change banks🤣🤣🤣🤣
  15. Are you being adequately covered in the US? It's a misnomer to think you can get a "free lunch" in MX. Yes procedures are less expensive, Your observation about SP and husband's pre existing conditions suggests that Mexico may not be the place for you.