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  1. Renewing Drivers License Today

    I guess there are some services etc best done in Guadalajara...regardless of local officials intentions
  2. Upscale Resale

    Wow intrigue after intrigue, great topic for discussion at the next cocktail party...
  3. Changes at IMSS?

    Yes it is amazing as Alan clearly stated their manual clearly state no hips...which surprised me I wonder if Xena friend used the IMSS facilities to have the procedure done "privately"
  4. Changes at IMSS?

    Amazing, two comments completely opersite observations. I guess Xena friend proves hip replacements happen!!!
  5. Where to get Documents Printed?

    Mail Boxes, ie IHop in SAT
  6. Keep a copy in your bag and leave the passport in a safe place..In fact keep copies of all your "documents" and credit cards etc., and only carry what is needed.
  7. Changes at IMSS?

    Maybe it would help if you posted facts rather than speculative rumblings..really
  8. Heard that La Mision restaurant has been sold?

    I thought that the original concept was to train Mexicans into the correct hospitality industry....and there was some pay back to the trainees...but alas Methinks that programme got lost in favour of the normal restaurant operation ...or not ??
  9. Waffle House

    But I have never seen Tapatios line up outside, And the prices at FDL are more reaso able for real not comfort food
  10. Fat Tuesday Parade, Start time

    There seemed to be no shortage of floor strewn along the streets
  11. Care-Giver Required Immediately

    Maybe a short term stay in one of the many local nursing homes
  12. Tour of Chapala neighborhoods.

    Maybe any local Real Estate office
  13. So what is the "rate" to employ these special care givers
  14. Waffle House

    I have this friend who whenever I suggest we go out for breakfast always chooses the Waffle House. This happens 1 or 2 a year....(I keep forgetting what my reasons are for avoiding the place.) What a horrible experience (again). This morning a "guitarist " turned up and proceeded to ""vocalize ". What a dreadful noise, only tobe compounded by a blender going crazy in the kitchen. Any reasonable conversation was out of the question. After a short respite another group of 4/5 proceeded to serenad the captured audience...sometimes being drowned out by the trucks outside using their exhaust brakes. What a terrible location and intrusive din from wannabe musicians . But when you look at the waiting masses lined up at the weekend you would think they giving the food away.