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  1. lakeside7

    Lakeside Real Estate

    Why not go to a Realtor and see for yourself the slim pickings and the increasing price
  2. lakeside7

    just sold my home up in usa..

    For Gods sake do not change funds into Pesos.....When you have found a house the Realtor can help you with advise and or talk with a local bank..with the Pesos in near free fall you will lose big time..hang on to the dollars until actually needed .
  3. lakeside7

    Pancho's Market

    Amazing that he should think of keeping two places...I would think the rent from the Riberias location will suck up any and all his profits..or not. Most of these small stores and restaurants only survive because they or family member own the property.
  4. lakeside7

    Dna testing

    agree with you 100% , spend your money on a good dinner...or give it to me!!
  5. lakeside7

    Peso Rate Alert

    Interestingly, if I were a Canadian I would be unhappy as to why the Loonie is in the pits, living in Mexico for them is 25%-30% higher vis the folks from the USA
  6. lakeside7

    Retirement homes

    Interestingly, many of them would welcome visitors who would give them some quality time and big hugs....make a resolution, adopt a Lonely Senior, bring some cookies or maybe some other small gift. For example The Lakeside Singers make regular visits to many of the homes and the owners etc are very appreciative.
  7. By all means check out Abbeyfield, but it is an indepentant living place. I also understand it has a long waiting list and accommodation cost 8,000 to 18,000pesos all Inclusive
  8. lakeside7

    New Auto Insurance agent

    To avoid confusion..Who was double.......
  9. lakeside7

    New Auto Insurance agent

    Interestingly I was in Miami a couple of weeks back and there are still many homes awaiting roofs and fences to be repaired after the last hurricane in Sept?17 More locally, friends in Guadalajara are sending me recent photos of horrible flooding experiences, I hope they have flood insurance!!!
  10. lakeside7

    New Auto Insurance agent

    Your post hit the nail on the head and brought smiles to my face....and so another day in Paradise begins
  11. Any places, bars restaurants etc., around that will be showing the game on Sunday 17th
  12. I would suggest that there a few seniors living under the radar in the many nursing facilities at Lakeside. The downside is that they can not enroll in IMSS and or SP and must be prepared to pay as you go for medical care. Why not talk directly with the NH mangers and find out the options. Do you really think the INN will track you down if you over stay your tourist visa!!! How many do you see sitting on the bench in Chapala Plaza!!!! Let me make a general statement on all the nursing facilities. Most provided tender loving care , some in new premises , others in converted old and some newer splendid homes. Some (most) have minal qualified staff. Hence all the staff do not get paid a Nurse pay because they are not. Many are Maids working as aides and are paid accordingly. Prices vary from the care needed and the quality of the premises etc., ballpark range $850 to $1800 usd It is unfair to compare NOB cost vis Mexico , because MX does not have the same regulations etc, but most can and do provide good care. Please pay a personal visit to the homes and what you see is what you get (or less). Many have rooms which are shared. Depending on your Mothers condition she may like that.Many do not have ensuite bathrooms but seem to get by by using a commode. Interestingly what you think maybe good for your Mum many not be the facility she will love. Good luck
  13. lakeside7

    Peso Rate Alert

    Maybe he is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...and its a big fat CP party....Liberals took at big beating in yesterdays Ontario elections
  14. lakeside7

    Orthopedic Consult?

    Always good to hear alternative locations are available etc...Would you care to share the cost of this procedure, PM me if you wish
  15. lakeside7

    Pemex Station To Avoid, You Tell Me.

    What if he pumped Premium and not Maga Regular, would that come close to what you were charged