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  1. Where is it?
  2. Yum......I'll be there.
  3. Have taken several groups there for lunch and they can serve 10 folks efficiently and deliciously. It's even better if you let them know you're bringing a group.
  4. I'm interested in more info about the ultra lite aircraft. Please PM me if you have phone or e mail contact info.
  5. Mine is OK today.
  6. Thanks for the directions.
  7. Where is Dr. Barragan's new office? Is the phone # the same as Simpsca posted?
  8. I had shingles 1 1/2 years ago. It lasted about 3 months. Was painful beyond words. I took Lyrica which handled the pain, (once I started it) and Vit B complex shots frequently. Had slight residual pain for about a year. Continuing the Vit B complex shots. I got a shingles shot in USA for $200. a year after it had completely cleared up. Sure don't want to ever get that again.
  9. Thanks for the info.
  10. Thank you Vern and Lori for protecting and the wildlife. Just wish you could protect the ecosystem so the wildlife could stay viable.
  11. Maria Barbosa in Joco will help you get your DIF/INAPAM cards. Her office is on Juarez.
  12. I can think of 4 people who have sciatica right now and have had it for months. They have tried exercises, acupuncture, chiropractors, massage, Naprocxin and other NSAIDs and 'herbal teas'.......each had limited relief with one or more of these fixes. Some have even gone to surgeons and had MRI's etc. Some of them have gotten relief some are still hobbling around grabbing their sore muscles in thigh and butt.....Just keep asking folks for what helps them...maybe you'll find something. The sooner the better. I know what you're experiencing, had it a couple of times through the years.
  13. Thanks Fred and Barbara!
  14. Casadelsol Can you be a bit more explicit on the directions for the fp man on Colon.
  15. Fred, What did you have to take for the car tax? What time did you go to Hacienda to pay?