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  1. Greyhound mix needs home

    Male or Female?

    I totally get that. Same thing happened to me twice down here. |I have spinal stenosis and was told I would be in a wheelchair if I didn't get a 3 level spinal fusion immediately!! I ran (well, limped) away as fast as I could. Now, after a year of continual physical therapy and daily exercise I am still "not in a wheel chair!" Guess we will always be "the wallets" here. Arghhh.

    To have a doctor as qualified as Dr. Santiago answer so many questions and offer so many medical opinions is of great value. Why would anyone object? Thanks Dr. Santiago for your help. And, I do not use Dr. Santiago services but do appreciate his dedication. Wookie, do you feel the same when Spencer McMillan posts?? Just wondering!
  4. We are looking to hire a reliable, steady gardener. Prefer Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Large property but easy to maintain. Good pay, good working environment. Approx. 12 hours per week. Prefer some english if possible. Hoping to find someone who enjoys their job. Please pm me if you might have a great gardener who needs more work. Our gardener of 7 yrs recently retired. thanks in advance for your recommendations!

    Can this be done to help with spinal stenosis?

    What about this proceedure for spinal issues? Anybody know?
  7. dog sitter

    Julieta, do you have a list of local references that you are able to supply?
  8. Guiness sent you pm.

  9. Seguro Popular Changes ?

    Excuse me but why would any visitor or temporal think they should be able to obtain any kind of funded medical here? Wouldn't that be up to the travelling expat to obtain their own insurance coverage while out of their home country? And for the permanente's - I would have thought that almost everybody would be caring their own private medical insurance coverage? We have a private policy thru Healthcare International Inc. (out of the UK) - they offer excellent coverage for a very affordable price. They are expat -insurance experts. Google to find their website. You can even obtain a quote right on the website. Many choices layed out for you to see. PM me if you want more info. Personally, I wouldn't want to count on SP for anything and I think IMSS could be close to becoming the same problem. Food for thought.
  10. Explosion in Chapala ????

    Thunder and lightening. In Chapala Haciendas - very loud and bright.
  11. Local Banks

    We are going to open an account here - we live in Chapala. Can anybody tell me if HSBC has english speaking tellers? We would like to stay clear of Ajijic if possible. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  12. Bruce will have a fantastic Christmas this year! Thanks to all at the Ranch for the great work you all continue to do for our doggie community!!
  13. Ixtlahuacan Market day?

    Sundays. 10 am - ? It is a lovely market with lots of good fresh veggies and fruits. We go there often.
  14. Superlake

    So much gossip...........Stop it already.
  15. Acrylic Nails

    Great nails at New Look Studio - next to Super Lake plaza. Ask for Ali - the best job here IMO.