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  1. Local Banks

    We are going to open an account here - we live in Chapala. Can anybody tell me if HSBC has english speaking tellers? We would like to stay clear of Ajijic if possible. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  2. Bruce will have a fantastic Christmas this year! Thanks to all at the Ranch for the great work you all continue to do for our doggie community!!
  3. Ixtlahuacan Market day?

    Sundays. 10 am - ? It is a lovely market with lots of good fresh veggies and fruits. We go there often.
  4. Superlake

    So much gossip...........Stop it already.
  5. Acrylic Nails

    Great nails at New Look Studio - next to Super Lake plaza. Ask for Ali - the best job here IMO.
  6. Easy solution..........come on out to Chapala Haciendas......centrally located, and so quiet, all we hear are the birds..........
  7. La Valentia Assisted Living Home

    Thanks to those who actually replied to my question. I appreciate your information and your personal comments on your personal experiences. I will keep your comments private. Much appreciated.
  8. I am looking for info on La Valentina Assisted Living Home in West Ajijic. My parents are both in their 80's - both with Parkinsons. I am looking to bring them down here to have them close to me. I am also looking at Mi Casita in San Antonio. I would appreciate all comments that come from direct knowledge about both places. Thanks everybody for your help.
  9. Walking your dog

    It's been our experience that the majority of the "street dogs" pose very little issue. The larger issue are the ex-pats who feel they have the right to walk their dogs off leash. Many of them are not well socialized and do attack smaller dogs. Just take a walk down the mailcon in Ajijic - far too many being walked off leash.
  10. Kudos to Dr. Candy

    Baby not due until mid March. Maybe she is taking a well deserved vacation?
  11. I have just completed having 4 dental implants done - with Dr. Candy. She is an amazing Dentist - she did an amazing and perfect professional job. I am thrilled with the results and her professionalism. The entire process was pain free and I am so grateful to have such and wonderfully talented lady here to serve our community. If you have not seen Dr. Candy yet, go meet her - you will not be disappointed. We wouldn't trust anybody else with our dental care.
  12. Globos

    Just come as you are and enjoy the show. It is the biggest gathering of both expats and Mexican Nationals all gathering in a happy and fun event. For the first timer, be prepared to be amazed on many levels. I think it is the best event of the entire year here. Saturday, come soon! Enjoy!
  13. DUI checkpoint

    Love it. Keep these checkpoints coming! Nobody tolerated drunk driving NOB , why are we not all clapping hands and supporting this effort here. Too many lives have been lost to this. Make the penalties as high as possible I say! Viva Mexico!! Set em up all over Lakeside every weekend all weekend and maybe we will get less "party crowds from the city" on weekends. We all need to support and encourage this effort. Well done Jalicso!!!!
  14. Thank you for taking these beauties into your care. There are angels everywhere here at Lakeside. See you at the next "Roberto's meeting" .................. G&L