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  1. every gas company in the area
  2. I have their streaming service with 3 download in SAT and it works OK. Write an email and you will get the technicians who can help you.
  3. Hot Rod upstairs in Bugambillia Palza. One 60 peso burrito will feed two easily.
  4. No basa for me. I always make sure. Of course, the waiter may not know or you may be lied to. Give me tilapia out of our lake rather than basa.
  5. I'm sure there is info with Google for the US and possibly for Mexico just like for people (humans).
  6. I just used the link I posted and donated thru PayPal with no problems.
  7. Here's a link to donate with credit card or PayPal: http://www. See below for updated and/or changed webpage address Change per request shown below Mod 5
  8. The animals of Anita’s sanctuary in San Juan Cosala desperately need your help. Many of you may be familiar with Anita’s Animals which is a dog and cat rescue located on the mountainside of SJC. Anita, the founder has spent most of her life rescuing animals in the Lake Chapala area. Anita’s health now prevents her from attending to her life’s work and she has left Mexico. I am part of a transition team who is working on saving the 70+ dogs and 80+ cats that reside at the sanctuary. The team’s goal is to restructure the organization, build its finances and overhaul the premises so that the homeless and helpless animals of Lakeside can thrive and find safe and loving homes. This will take several months or longer to accomplish. In the meantime, the animals are in desperate need of food and vet care. The transition team will be at the Wednesday Tianguis in Ajijic to accept donations of food and money and will have a volunteer sign up sheet. Please spread the word. Wednesday June 7th we are collecting donations of food and money to save the animals living at Anita’s Sanctuary. Your help is so greatly appreciated.
  9. I believe Juergen is an electrical engineer.
  10. I don't buy dairy products from SL anymore. My milk was expiring (spoiled smell) at or before the expiration date. They shut off their coolers at night. I buy milk, etc. at OXXO where they are open 24 hr. and keep their chillers on.
  11. Señor Google is your friend.
  12. Shoes are confiscated if the package is opened or is obvious. Shoe manufacturing is big business in Mexico and they don't want any competition.
  13. Don't order shoes to come over the border--not allowed.
  14. Brucelosis is common here and found in unpasteurized milk and cheese. That "natural" raw milk will make you very sick and if not caught in time it's incurable. You might give your milk choices another look-see.