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  1. Generally baby teeth don't have long roots and can be extracted quite easily. The adult teeth push them aside and make their "hold" weaker by doing so.
  2. Who is Moreno?

    Moreno is the party of AMLO.
  3. Lakeside increased population?

    Absolutely not!! It's just too congested.
  4. Thankfully, Victor is not one of those.
  5. Beware Puerta Arroyo

    The developers of Puerto Arroyo have no obligation to obtain phone lines for the houses they build. The realtor has a moral but no legal obligation to disclose that phone lines are not available currently. Buyer beware everywhere in North America; but especially in Mexico where there are few consumer laws. IMHO the OP did not perform due diligence before moving to Mexico as he should have understood that phone lines are problematic at Lakeside and the non-existent legal obligations of realtors to disclose potential problems .
  6. My appt. was at her office to get my teeth cleaned. I didn't know and wasn't told that someone else would be cleaning my teeth other than her. Or that she wouldn't be checking any abnormalities or problem areas that he found.
  7. Hotel Oasis in Matehuala?

    That's been my experience in Saltillo but never in Matehuala.
  8. The airport INM office seems to care about visa holders coming and going. The border folks couldn't care less. I just skip that part, the long lines and the crapola that some INM agents give you and go directly to the border to check in to the US with my passport.
  9. Dr. Stong isn't getting paid so nobody cares and he's not putting someone out of work. I haven't heard anything recently, but in the past there was talk about volunteers needing work permits but nothing ever came of that issue. As a medical/deep tissue/rehab massage therapist for 17 years in the States I can tell you than in order to get a cedula (license to practice in Mexico) you must work one year where ever the govt. sends you in a govt. facility for small pay. There are some folks here who never did their govt. service work and don't have a cedula. IF ever there was a problem and such a person were turned in to the govt. for not having a cedula, they would be deported immediately. Gotta play by the rules. But you sound like a good fit to work with chiros, PTs and docs and do a lot of good here.
  10. An Apeal from Moonie King

    I didn't ask when I saw him this morning if his son was cremated or buried in a coffin. A coffin would be much more expensive.
  11. If he is the male dentist that I saw at her office 6 months ago, he is waaay to green to be working on patients by himself. He cleaned my teeth, but only on the outer side not the inside toward my tongue. In his exam he said I had cracked tooth and needed a crown. Went to Dental Express about crown as cheaper and much faster and he said my longitudinal crack was normal and didn't need to be repaired. Went to my regular dentist and she said the same thing about the crack but saw that I had cavities just above the crown next to the "cracked" tooth. Got cavities fixed and a root canal and new crown. Very happy--I will never return to Dr. Candy as she didn't examine my teeth after her brother did his work. Perhaps she would have found my other problems but I don't think much of her lack of judgement about the work her brother did under her supervision.
  12. Hotel Oasis in Matehuala?

    I like the no tell motel just north of town at the Real de Catorce turnoff. 400 pesos with a garage for security, really clean but plain.
  13. Car insurance

    It's not Mexicans; it's any insurance company. Same would happen in the US or Canada.
  14. DNA testing

    Why not? DNA is DNA regardless of where one lives. There are folks with Latino blood living all over the world.