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  1. Yo1

    Self Rising Flour

    I've seen it at Super Lake--also super expensive.
  2. Yo1

    La Mesa closing.

    I liked their food very much but with poor parking and the entrance not looking very inviting, I understand why they couldn't make it. Another location would be much better if they decided to pursue that.
  3. Yo1

    Bagels anyone?

    They send you a message on Thurs. evening with a 45min--1 hr. window of when they will deliver. They have never failed to show up when promised.
  4. Yo1

    Bagels anyone?

    I just got my second order of bagels and meat mini pies this morning. They are pretty darned good. I was talking with the owner who said he'd taken quite a while to get his bagel recipe just right. Evidently, he can't make them when it's raining because the humidity keeps them from rising. I recommend them, especially the "everything" bagels--lots of garlic.
  5. Yo1


  6. Yo1

    Finding INM at Bridge 2 Nuevo Laredo

    It's open now.
  7. Yo1

    Shipping within Mexico

  8. Yo1

    Mirasol Fracc

    The ficus trees in front of the fracc are not trimmed as often as usual. The sidewalk weeds are appearing where there weren't any before. And holes are appearing in the streets that haven't been fixed as rapidly. The place is going downhill since Chapala took over. And will continue to do so until the fracc takes back ownership.
  9. Yo1

    Salvador's Restaurant

    Long enough to see lots of trees go without permission. And trees that are dangerous ignored.
  10. Yo1

    Salvador's Restaurant

    And they cut down the beautiful trees along the side of the building. And Chapala allowed that?
  11. SAT has a very active cohete brigade too.
  12. Yo1

    What to pay landscaper?

    Here, a landscaper MAKES a garden from scratch. A gardener takes care of an established garden. Average wage seems to be 50-60 pesos an hour. But many "gardeners" are lawn waterers, not gardeners.
  13. Yo1

    Epsom salt

    I have some 1 lb. sacks I brought back from the US. Asking 70 pesos each. PM me.
  14. Yo1

    Golf Carts