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  1. Volaris reviews

    Had no problems but flew a route with 3 times a week service so the plane was FULL and they dared not cancel it.
  2. Last Will and Testament

    Wait until Sept when wills are half price.
  3. I've never had a problem with no tell motels. Every one has been extraordinarily clean with nothing-fancy decor and plenty of hot water. Some are by the hour or 4 hour time periods, but I just go elsewhere until I find one that wants to rent by the whole night, which is most of them. Especially nice if you have belongings in your car that you want to keep safe.
  4. The no tell motel is just north of Matehuala at the turn off to Real de Catorce; orange building on the southwest corner of the intersection. Nice, clean rooms with a garage for the safety of your car and belongings and they take dogs.
  5. Dr. Lowell Stephen Birch

    I have used chiropractic successfully for years for different problems. But I wouldn't see Dr. Birch because he doesn't hold a license in Mexico. He hasn't done his service to the community/country and won't get my support. I want someone who has done things legally and done his service period like an honest person.
  6. Curing salt

    I think I saw some at Super Lake down on the bottom shelf of the salt department.
  7. Many drug manufacturing problems in Joco.
  8. Proof of Address

    Usually the places that want your proof of address don't care if the bill is in your name, only that it's your address. I think they figure that if you have access to the bill, you must live there.
  9. Turtles at the Beach

    Someone was advertising for a soon-to-be-had trip to south of Manzanillo to the turtle refuge. Try the travelagency in MontaƱa center. So it must be soon.
  10. My advise is: don't build unless you plan to be onsite every day.
  11. Basa from Walmart

    I don't buy anything that I don't the area or country of origin.
  12. I understand they were detaining anyone, gringo or Mexican, they found in violation of the law. See above: they have been doing this for several years in Guad. where they detain mostly Mexican nationals.
  13. Zig zag up the mountain?

  14. Yes, and he's a very competent and loving vet.
  15. Cruising into Mexico

    Usually the cruise line gets all the passenger's paperwork done for them before the immigration officials come on board at each destination. Immigration looks everything over (perhaps random inspection) of paperwork and usually approves the entire passenger list for disembarkation. If your paperwork shows you as a tourist into Mexico you are screwed. Be sure to write to the cruise line before your trip and then speak with the purser (I think) about the problem when you are on board. You must stay on top of this.