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  1. hombre--take out the extra @s and the # and it should be OK. If a regular email address is used on these sites they are usually cut off after the @ and can't be read or used.
  2. The latest NIH standards are not to medicate bronchitis. If it turns into pneumonia, of course it needs to be treated.
  3. Fault lines anywhere near property. Sewer goes where? Water comes from where? Water potable? Flooding during the rainy season? Roof leak? (you can usually see this by the salitre on the ceiling) If fracc, what are fees and for what? Evento place close? Talk with neighbors as you would in the US. How close is nearest Catholic Church? (cohetes).
  4. Sudafed is not legal in Mexico. Guafasenin for chest congestion. Antihistamine or decongestant for head congestion.
  5. Ship your stuff by freight truck to Laredo warehouse and have Redpack or Estafeta deliver it to Lakeside. I shipped a pallet for $400US a few years ago.
  6. Buy it at the gardening center in Riberas, close to the 7-11
  7. There is only one spray here that will kill them--Talstar. No spray allowed in the US will touch them.
  8. Golf carts are not allowed on the carretera; only on the cyclopista and back streets.
  9. NO to airboats of any kind.
  10. It would be really helpful if a donate button was somewhere on this posting. Ya gotta make it easy for people to give.
  11. What, exactly, makes this guy a suspect? Posting his photo without some kind of proof is liable, I would think.
  12. No, CI Banco doesn't do this anymore. Only Banamex.
  13. Notary fees are $50US per signature. Get a peso check at Banamex or Bancomer. Can't remember which one. Someone on here will remember.
  14. Primavera. It is a precursor to the Jacaranda, which will bloom soon.
  15. Facial or body?