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  1. Visiting Chapala Area

    The Lake Chapala Society has a children's art progra m on Saturdays.
  2. I fully agree with Mt. Mama. I only hope that someone will step up and open another dog shelter. Since Anita's closed there is an unfilled void. When Theresa Jasper and her ilk criticized and tried to go around the govt. set limits, I suggested that they open a shelter. She has been gone quite a while and I see no shelter that is so desperately needed. I only hope people "rescuing" pets and then expecting someone else to take care of them will think about the animal and not how good about themselves they feel. Perhaps the answer is to foster in place if a needful dog is seen.
  3. Carpeting

    They used to have a sort of industrial carpeting but not regular wall-to-wall. I've seen one house with it in 12 years but no stores that carry it.
  4. Pregnant Maid

    6weeks before and 6weeks after the birth leave with fill pay.
  5. Car Inspection

    Check to see if Car City has the authorization to do the smog check. Last year it was only at the place on Zaragoza.
  6. need driving advice

    And it will only get worse before the money is finally released in February to fix it. Who would want to come to Chapala from Guad for the weekend and put up with all the potholes? I was sorry I didn't come home through Joco tonight.
  7. TR requirements leaving Mexico

    I agree. The INM folks don't care as long as they get a FMM filled out properly. I was only trying to warn folks that if they have filled out a FMM and still have one part of it to turn in when they return to Mexico, DON'T fill out a new one (unless of course you mark across the top your visa status).
  8. TR requirements leaving Mexico

    You check out with INM to the right of the last airline check in desks. Fill out the form and hand it to the INM guy with your passport. Make sure it is marked across the top of each half of the form Residente Temporal or Permanente. Take that with you to check in at your airline. Either there or as you board the plane 1/2 the form goes to the airline official. When you return to Mexico, hand your visa and then your FMM form and passport to the INM officer. Make sure they mark you as a Residente and not a Tourist. DO NOT fill out the INM form given to you one the plane. The FMM form you have is in place of the one they try to give you on the plane--very important!
  9. It has turned cold now and many Mexican folks heat their homes with wood. I can even smell it in my neighborhood. Not counting cooking with wood. EVERYWHERE you go in Mexico, all year, you will see smoke in the air. Sometimes more or less depedning on the local economy and the season.
  10. I think you have the wrong info if you are using the Guia Paisano. It's for Mexican citizens.
  11. Seeking a hip surgeon

    Vote for Gonzalez!
  12. Oaxaca for Christmas

    The Radish (Rabano) Festival is the 23rd and well worth making sure you are there for it. Check Trip Advisor and get your reservations NOW. Try to stay close to the zocolo.
  13. Cannon/fireworks in Ajijic.

    The cohetes are to scare away the evil spirits. Kind of a left over from pre-Hispanic days.
  14. Need a Package from US

    Check FaceBook for Mexican Mule forum.
  15. Good chiropractor at Lakeside

    Erin Dixon is not a chiropractor nor a physical therapist.