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  1. Handy Mail does not accept or ship out packages.
  2. SAT 6 days a week and green stuff goes along with regular garbage. I'd be happy with twice a week.
  3. East side of SAT down 2.8 Mbps up .33 Mbps this is just about normal but was around 1Mbps down last year
  4. Remember when the airboats were here? They didn't last long because of the excessive noise.
  5. Google positions to use for this. None of them can hurt you and I have found them to very successful. The worst that can happen is you throw up while trying to assume a position.
  6. I believe the primary reason restaurants don't succeed beyond a month or two is under-capitalization. The owner should have several months of operating expenses put away and not take anything out of the business for for several months. But if the owner is relying on a cash draw for his own living expenses from the first day's sales, he won't make it.
  7. It means that the father is not around or the couple is not married. Otherwise, it would say the the child was legal.
  8. I agree with ComputerGuy. I used the same installer he did and I'm very happy. And no increase in the electric bill.
  9. I have a friend who's tank lid has been broken for years. A replacement is not to be found anywhere. Now's the time to get a new toilet.
  10. No to Costco unless it's their CC card or AMEX. Ask at local stores. All else is OK.
  11. There are at least two or three English speakers there all the time.
  12. Hybrid teas of course but nothing really special or out of the ordinary. In the US I grew moss roses from stock from the 1600s. No chance of finding them here.
  13. I've never seen a Bourbon rose in any nursery here.
  14. No need to treat veggies that you are going to cook--only if eaten raw. If you got the potatoes at Super Lake, the little red ones are not red potatoes but some kind of white potato dyed to look red. If the skin was a bit green that would account for the bitter taste as noted above.
  15. SeƱor Google is your friend.