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  1. The Lake level

    The lake level is not higher because of the local rain, which is about 20 inches less than last year, but because the upstream dams on the Lerma released a lot of water this year. Hope they held back enough for their agricultural needs this winter. Their irrigation methods waste a lot of water.
  2. I'll wait and see. Highly doubtful a consortium would be flush enough to built a hospital after the announcement of the other one in San Antonio. It would be financial suicide.
  3. Drivers license

    Yes, go to Guad or Ocotlan and take the test and pay again.
  4. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    Next to Isabella at the Ajijic pier.
  5. Get reservations NOW as many places are full. Señor Google can help you find a place.
  6. The Bagel Place upstairs in Bougainvillea Plaza
  7. There is the Vienna a couple of miles before the airport. Also Hampton Inn on the other side of the airport.
  8. Flickr opened for me without a password. Good reminder that nothing here is static.
  9. According to the Poultry guys, where did he come from?
  10. You can stay on the ship and continue to Barcelona, too.
  11. Expats in Mexico

    You really trust the Mexican census?
  12. You are asking a question that we would all like answered because for many, streaming is the pits. But the simple truth is that there is Telmex; and depending on where you live your download speed could be awful or pretty good (1 to 10 down). Telecable, now Izzi, is sort of fast but unreliable. The infrastructure here is lousy and not likely to get much better anytime soon.
  13. I bought a phone line and sold it years ago for $100US as Telmex brokered the deal and told me what the line was worth. Yes, there is a shortage of phone lines. This has been a continuing problem for years. The number usually stays with the house/address but can be transferred to a different address; the line doesn't go anywhere in this case, it stays with the house but the number changes.
  14. I was just art Integrity today and they are still collecting donations. Don't know when she is leaving but she is also recruiting docs from her clinic to go down with her and help people with general medical care.
  15. UHD Streaming Using Telmex?

    Your speed with Telmex will depend solely on your location, no matter how much speed you buy. Some people with the 389 peso package get 1 others get 5 and with the higher speed package others get 10.