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  1. Chili cook off - is it free?

    Thanks...none of the posters mentioned an entrance fee....
  2. Does anyone know if there is an entrance fee to attend the chili cook off? And if so, what it is? Thanks...
  3. Great cell phone deal

    This post is 2 years old....so...is the info still accurate?
  4. Where to get postcards of the area

    Guadalajara Pharmacy in Ajijic

    Thanks again EZPZ for sharing this with us!
  6. Where can I find Valentine cards?

    "It's the thought that counts" ...😍...
  7. Where can I find Valentine cards?

    For the personal touch...why not make your own? 💞💘💖💟
  8. Old timers fav restaurant

    Breakfast burritos at Salvador's and Francisco's barbacoa tacos for lunch...both on the carretera...🍴
  9. Feliz Dia de La Constitucion!

    Does anyone know if there are any planned activities at the plaza today or tonight?
  10. Disinfecting fruits and. vegetables

    In the 7 years I have lived here, I never 'treated' anything I bought here, and the only time I got sick was at a local popular restaurant...
  11. Maria Isabel Kayak trail to the west

    What happened to the kayak rental business in Ajijic? Some of us don't own kayaks but would like to join you....
  12. Buy Your Hat Today!

    ...probably meant 'sexist'..... But I saw men wearing them last year as well...
  13. The money the government had was spent on Chapala...not Ajijic.....😵
  14. Jimmy Barto

    Thank you...I went to La Bodega this evening, got to listen to Jimmy Barto and had a great time!
  15. Jimmy Barto

    Does anyone know if Jimmy is still performing in the area? And if so, where and when? Thanks.