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  1. Mexican investments questions

    My 5 year experience with Actinver was unsatisfactory. My recent experience with Multiva has been excellent. Just my 2 pesos worth.
  2. Ajijic Charro Ring last two sundays

    The last time I attended a rodeo there I left after 5 minutes due to the extremely loud speakers that hurt my ears...sad because I really wanted to watch the riders and the horses...๐Ÿ™‰
  3. Need pet sitter in our home 4 days

    It would be helpful if you list the days you need someone, and where.
  4. As always, many thanks to EZPZ for posting the goings on in this village. I've learned so much from her postings and background information. A lot of folks don't get around to experiencing some of these events in person, and your postings make it all come to life. So bravo!
  5. https://www.rt.com/business/408333-mexico-tourism-cartel-war/
  6. I would like to hear from anyone who has lived in Oaxaca, and what they liked about it and what they didn't like about it. I'm still looking for a place to live. Thanks to the replies I got about Alamos, Sonora, I crossed it off my list..(although I would still like to visit there one day.) I've visited Oaxaca several times in the past, and will be returning in February for a re-visit. Thank you for any information you care to provide me by way of a PM.
  7. Rocky from La Perico Missing!!!

  8. Survey-Expats in Mexico, what's the attraction

    Yes I understand that. Which is why I am surprised that no one mentioned it. I have a number of friends who moved SOB for the very same reasons I did.
  9. Survey-Expats in Mexico, what's the attraction

    I'm surprised they didn't mention moving to Mexico in order to leave the politics of the USA behind. It's one of my main reasons...that AND the weather.
  10. New Direct Flights to-from Canada

    If you can avoid the USA TSA kudos to you!
  11. Mexico is number one

    Mexico may be the most corrupt nation in the world, but at least it does not claim to be the leader of the free world.
  12. Good that you're coming in Dec. to check it out...
  13. Oh..REAL towels....I thought you meant PAPER towels...๐Ÿ˜‰... Good for you!! ๐Ÿ˜€
  14. I have serious doubts about the quality of care if it's run by Santiago Hernandez.
  15. New residents driving tips

    New resident tips: take a taxi, ride the bus, or walk...