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  1. Ajijic_hiker

    just sold my home up in usa..

    I also want to suggest that you do NOT purchase a home here until you have lived here for a while...as in a year or two....rent and decide where you want to live....so many people are too eager and regret making rash decisions...just a suggestion.
  2. Ajijic_hiker

    Lakeside Physician Recommendation needed

    One I do not recommend, based on my own personal experience, is Santiago Hernandez.
  3. Ajijic_hiker

    Peso Rate Alert

    I was told that the AMLO win would mean the peso would drop to 22 to 1.
  4. I was on another bus this morning, and noticed a sign posted at the front of the bus, with a picture if a cell phone crossed out, and a message to call or email 'servicioaclientes@chapalaplus.com.mx' if you have any concerns about your driver using a cell phone. Ironically as I am writing this info down, I happened to look over at the driver and he was looking at his cell phone while driving through the narrow streets of San Antonio. I've decided to visit the Chapala bus terminal to see if anyone will listen, and to send an email. By the way, the bus in question was #501. I'm not expecting any recourse, but felt that as a frequent bus rider, and after seeing that posted sign, it seems like it's the right thing for me to do.
  5. I took the bus today from Ajijic to SAT, which was overloaded with passengers, and had a difficult time hanging on, as the driver stomped on the brakes, then the gas pedal...causing me and the other standing passengers to come close to landing in someone's lap.Then I looked at the bus driver and saw that he wasn't even looking where he was going because he was busy texting. I had a meltdown, told him in a loud voice, to stop the bus, I was getting off, that texting while driving was both dangerous and illegal, all in Spanish, and then added a few loud Spanish swear words before I got off the bus. I wrote down the bus number, the location and time of day....and in the hot sun, continued to walk home wondering if there is anything I can and or should do to report this driver. So, should I just ignore it, and forego future bus trips? Not sure what to do...probably nothing...but maybe, just maybe, that driver put his phone away...and those passengers arrived safely to their destinations. And maybe a few passengers will speak up next time they see their bus driver texting while driving.... I can only hope.
  6. Ajijic_hiker


    Would have been helpful if CFE made a public statement, to help all this 2nd guessing....
  7. Ajijic_hiker


    Wonder how power outages will effect the 2 new hospitals...😕
  8. Ajijic_hiker


    I'm in San Antonio, and I noticed from the mirador that it's pretty much everywhere I can see from there. It's been going on and off for the past hour or more....weird.
  9. Ajijic_hiker

    Karaoke Party every Tuesday at Funky Finn's!

    It's so great to have Stan the Man back doing karaoke again!.....😀🎤
  10. Ajijic_hiker

    a lakeside "gay scene"

    A good place for information about the gay scene can be found at Wilde's Dildoria...located around the corner of Colon and 16 Septiembre....next to CocinArt Restaurant.
  11. Ajijic_hiker

    Event Center - permit required?

    ...however, a little mordita goes a long way...💰
  12. Ajijic_hiker

    Experience New Ophtalmologist

    This topic is 3 years old! 😱
  13. Ajijic_hiker

    Salvadors, any reopening news

    I sure will miss those breakfast burritos...😨
  14. Mexicans don't like the noise either...but they aren't programmed to do much about it....(like NOB's are...)
  15. not sure what's going on.... but lately, this webboard has been very S-L-O-W.....