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  1. BrianInMexico

    Financial Management

    Check the Efficient Wealth Management ad in the Ojo del Lago.
  2. BrianInMexico

    Cataract surgery

    I would strongly recommend Dr. Ricardo Acosta at Puerta de Hierro 333-848-4040. He specializes only in cataracts and lasik, rather than any eye treatment that you will pay for, as is common practice at Lakeside. Suggest that you get a couple of estimates as well to avoid lakeside gringo price gouging.
  3. BrianInMexico

    For Sale: Noritake China Set

    Picture attached. Also more Images available at https://www.google.ca/search?q=noritake+blue+hill&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=ttUR2-F2oYXm_M%3A%2CKm2147UEqpCBGM%2C_&usg=__NZA8Bn5w7-SZj89niCworjNpO6Y%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjVo6vvv6vaAhUm04MKHUbOAoMQ9QEIWzAG#imgrc=ttUR2-F2oYXm_M: All pieces are in mint condition.
  4. BrianInMexico

    For Sale: Bedroom Suite

    Yes, still have chest of drawers. 376-766-4836
  5. Check out the Chapala.com classifieds for high quality furniture, artwork and other treasures for less than replacement value. Have been renting unfurnished and now moving to furnished, so everything for sale at less than replacement value.
  6. BrianInMexico

    For Sale: Woven Reed Chair

    Lacquered Indonesian woven reed occasional chair with upholstered cushions. US$120 or peso equiv. Call 766-4836.
  7. BrianInMexico

    For Sale: Chinese Watercolors

    Two 24"W X 17"H frames each containing 2 watercolours by a Chinese artist in San Francisco. Unique with beautiful water, waterfall, and boat scenes. US$140 or peso equiv for the pair. Call 766-4836.
  8. 23"W X 20"H framed and signed original Enrique Valazquez watercolor painting of fisherman drying his nets on shoreline of Lake Chapala. US$200 or peso equiv. Call 766-4836.
  9. BrianInMexico

    For Sale: Folk Art Hall Tree

    Custom painted (green with cactus flowers) folk art hall tree for hats & coats. US$30 or equiv. Call 766-4836.
  10. BrianInMexico

    For Sale: Oak Blanket Stand

    Custom built oak blanket stand, light brown stain. US$60 or peso equiv. Call 766-4836.
  11. BrianInMexico

    For Sale: Antique Floor Lamp

    57 1/2" high wooden floor lamp with original finial & new shade. US$60 or peso equiv. Call 766-4836.
  12. BrianInMexico

    For Sale: Sofa Table

    50.5"L X 16"W X 29"H chocolate brown wrought iron sofa table with glass top insert. US$80 or peso equiv. Call 766-4836.
  13. BrianInMexico

    For Sale: Glass Top End Table

    18 1/2" diameter wrought iron end table with glass top insert. US$40 or peso equiv. Call 766-4836.
  14. BrianInMexico

    For Sale: Noritake China Set

    Complete Noritake set of china, Blue Hill pattern, 8 place settings plus serving pieces. All in excellent condition with only one teacup missing. US$100 or peso equiv. Call 766-4836.
  15. BrianInMexico

    For sale: Lladro & Nao Figurines

    Collection of Lladro figurines, issue dates 1971-1988: Girl with Dice (#01001176) US$200, Girl with Ball (#01001177) US$200, Shepherdess with Dove (#01004660) US$200, Donkey Reclining (#01004679) US$125, Cow Reclining (#01004680) US$125, Little Boy Thinking (#01004876) US$125, Soccer Player Puppet (#01004967) US$200, Jolie (#01005210) US$150, Evita (#01005212) US$175, Girl with Rooster (#01004677) US$100, Chinese Angel (#01004536) US$100, Angel Reclining(#01004541) US$80, Christmas Bell 1987 Pink (#01015458) US$50, Christmas Bell 1988 Green (#01015525) US$40, NAO Girl with Rabbit on Lap (#02010522) US$25, NAO Boy with Candle (#02010567) US$40, NAO It's My Doll (sorry, slightly chipped) (#02010280) US$40. All are retired from production. No boxes. Mint condition except for "It's My Doll" as noted. You can use the product numbers in the list to compare to current retail online prices. Call 766-4836.