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  1. BrianInMexico

    Financial Management

    Check the Efficient Wealth Management ad in the Ojo del Lago.
  2. BrianInMexico

    Cataract surgery

    I would strongly recommend Dr. Ricardo Acosta at Puerta de Hierro 333-848-4040. He specializes only in cataracts and lasik, rather than any eye treatment that you will pay for, as is common practice at Lakeside. Suggest that you get a couple of estimates as well to avoid lakeside gringo price gouging.
  3. Check out the Chapala.com classifieds for high quality furniture, artwork and other treasures for less than replacement value. Have been renting unfurnished and now moving to furnished, so everything for sale at less than replacement value.
  4. BrianInMexico

    Driving mexican plated car to Canada

    I think some people are missing the point of my reply, The issue is whether you are a Canadian "resident" or a "non-resident". A Non-Resident can indeed drive their Mexican plated car into Canada with absolutely NO problem. As long as you say that your permanent home is in Mexico, you will get through. They can ask strange questions (eg. proof) but normally just take you at your word. However, a Canadian resident cannot legally bring a Mexican plated car into Canada without importing it, and this is no longer easy. Rules for US plated cars (or any car that was ever US plated, even if converted to Mexican plate) are completely different and their is no problem taking them into Canada (even rentals) no matter what your residency status. Also, I was told by the Transport Canada official (they ARE the officials in this regard) that the Mexican plated vehicle (2014 Honda) would require major mods to pass the import test and once modified would not likely pass anyways, thereby making importing it a no-go.
  5. BrianInMexico

    Driving mexican plated car to Canada

    I have recently been discussing with Transport Canada and Border staff the issue of importing a Mexican plated vehicle into Canada. First, if you are a Resident of Canada, you CANNOT bring your car into Canada on a temporary basis but must import it through the proper process. Second, no car purchased in Mexico will meet the necessary requirements for importation unless you specifically had the dealer provide a vehicle that is compliant with Canadian specifications, and this request is very unusual, to say the least. So, the answer is simple: If you are a Canadian Resident you cannot legally take your Mexican car across the border into Canada!! Non-residents, however have absolutely no difficulty to bring the vehicle into Canada temporarily, with no paperwork required. Having said that, when asked at entry "where do you live", people do lie/misdirect at customs locations when entering Canada and say that they live in Mexico (implying non-resident) and may even flash their Mexican Perm Res card as "proof". You, as a "non-resident", are then allowed to bring their vehicles into Canada and I am not sure that there is any way for the Customs official to actually check the status. I am very much not suggesting that you lie, but you need to understand the rules. If they follow up with the actual "are you a non-resident" question, you may be in a real pickle for your previous answer. If you say you are a Canadian Resident, no matter how long you have been out of the country, your vehicle is denied entry. Not sure if you are always asked about "where you live", but they are not used to seeing any foreign cars other than US, so expect them to ask.
  6. There are no restrictions on trading with Schwab International or TD Ameritrade accts. I have financial planning clients who use both of these firms with Mexican addresses. I have also heard that there Is no problem with Interactive Brokers either, though I do not have any clients who currently use their services.
  7. The Banamex USA situation was very different as Citibank, the most recent owner, was closing those particular branches and did not provide a vehicle for transferring these branches accts to different branches. Clients were therefore required to find a different US bank to deal with instead of Banamex USA.
  8. The wording in this article is unnecessarily inflammatory, possibly to get you to come to the "Info Session" and sign up. This is also NOT new news and has been going on for years. Not all brokerage companies take this attitude of dropping low balance, non-resident, clients because they don't want the hassle of Govt reporting when they already have relatively small margins of profits on these few clients. Other brokers, such as TD Ameritrade, are happy to take you as a client with no hassle even if you have a Mexican address and no US (eg. Laredo or family) mailing address. I have helped 2 people set up accts with TD Ameritrade in the last 3 weeks. I also have a client who has just this month changed his address from US to Mexico and therefore changed his Schwab acct from US to International. There may be other brokerage houses that also are happy to have Mexican resident US persons as their clients but I have not researched it because I have been extremely happy with TD Ameritrade.
  9. Had the same problem this week. Replaced regulator on propane tank. Pilots on fireplaces now working great!
  10. BrianInMexico

    US 800 numbers

    Note that long distance calls to US & Canada are toll free EXCEPT for the above "toll free" numbers!!! You will pay handsomely if you use them!! Better to find the local number when possible and call it free!!
  11. BrianInMexico

    Shopping at Costco Online

    I have ordered lamps from Costco.MX because they were not available in the store. Delivery was only 3 days and no hastle or cost to Lakeside. One caveat, not only do you need a Costco card (no surprise) but I needed a Mexican credit card to successfully complete the order.
  12. BrianInMexico

    US Tax Advice Locally

    See my ad "Efficient Wealth Management" - page 17 in the July 2015 Ojo del Lago magazine. I have lived here fulltime for 14 years and do individual US taxes and tax returns for Canadian Residents and Canadian Non-Residents. Also, independent financial planning for Americans and Canadians fulltime from here in Mexico.
  13. BrianInMexico

    US Tax Advice Locally

    Call Brian at 766-2230
  14. BrianInMexico

    Repairman for Treadmill

    Thanks Mainecoons for the info. I will give them a call if no one is recommended in Lakeside.
  15. BrianInMexico

    USA Tax Preparer in Ajijic

    See Efficient Wealth Management ad in the Ojo del Lago each month.