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  1. How much does it cost to get a taxi from the airport these days?
  2. bdmowers

    Dowels... in Home Depot

    Thanks, Ferret, that is quite a nice selection.
  3. Anyone know a place that will do laser cutting on a band of metal?
  4. You were told these things by someone you spoke with or you looked up Mexican law? I`ve never heard of anyone who pays "vacation pay" to houseworkers or gardeners.
  5. Probably won`t do that, so if anyone else wants them, let me know and we`ll make a time for you to drop by.
  6. bdmowers

    Rug /Oriental Carpet Cleaner

    Best to drape it over a wall, soak it, brush it with soapy water, rinse it and let dry.
  7. bdmowers

    store that sells MiracleGro

  8. I mistakenly bought 2 3" x 21" 120 grit sanding belts. Don`t want to throw them away. They`re yours for the taking. I`m in Chapala.
  9. Anyone know where to buy MiracleGro lakeside, not Guad? Please, do not post opinions about MiracleGro, I am only looking for places that sell it. Thanks.
  10. bdmowers

    just sold my home up in usa..

    Because you`ll be owning pesos, you may potentially lose a large portion of your money. Keep your US account and withdraw pesos when you need them.
  11. bdmowers

    Art Supplies

    Much easier to go to the huge, 2 story art store in Guad called Lumex that has everything you could want. It is 3-4 blocks from the cathedral in Centro. Look it up in Google. You can take a bus from the Chapala bus station on Miguel Martinez that goes to the central Guad bus station. Then you take a taxi to Lumen if the driver knows the place or to the cathedral.
  12. bdmowers

    Passport Renewal

    When you to Banamex to pay for your check to give to the consulate person, they ask for a second ID (other than the expired passport). But they will not tell you which other kind of ID they will accept. It was simpler for me to go to Spencer McMullin, give him my passport photo and have him do everything.
  13. bdmowers


    I`ve taken in many male garments to the cooperative on Ramon Corona kitty corner from LCS and had them made beautifully.
  14. bdmowers

    Rainy season kicking off this weeknd

    Or is the rainy season due to a particular weather formation (El Nino?) that comes this time of year and that sticks with us until late September/early October?