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  1. End of Chapala weather (sad)

    I especially loved the rain history and lake levels per year. Thanks, Steve, for your service. It was fun going to your site especially during the rainy season. I am sorry to see it go. It is like a friend passing.
  2. Colonoscopy questions

    Naw, the "spin-off" topic could be as lively, and anecdotal and snarky, as the participants would care to make it. The original topic would be easy to get information from, as intended.
  3. Colonoscopy questions

    Al Berca made a request for specific information. He received 4 replies fitting his request. All the rest of the posts are off topic to his specific request. The board would function much better if those wanting to talk about other things would start a different topic. Perhaps those of us who would like this kind of efficiency could repeatedly remind others. Perhaps, then, it would eventually become de rigeur.

    No one here builds them to sell, only for themselves. If furniture is placed out from the curving walls, no need for custom making or fitting.
  5. The basuleros busily (man, do they work hard!) dig through our trash bags to separate out plastic, aluminum, paper, cardboard and sell these to The basuleros busily (man, do they work hard!) dig through our trash bags to separate out plastic, aluminum, paper, cardboard and sell these to supplement their dismal pay from the municipality. But they have to take these things all the way to Guadalajara to sell them (down bumpy old Highway 15) which keeps many of the trucks in the shop at any given time. Putting recyclables in separate bags would help them financially as well as keeping the 20% of recyclables or so the basuleros cannot retrieve out of the dump. Local community-run recycling operation, anyone? I helped run the last attempt at a for-profit operation in Riberas for a year and we helped not only the basuleros but hundreds of local people who brought in their 10 kilo bags of plastic bottles they picked up off the roadside and lakeside. Not viable as a for-profit business, we found, but as a non-profit would be one of the most community-beneficial things that could be made. Along with turning our local green waste into compost. That could possibly be a for-profit business.

    Chavo "Dude" can build them.
  7. There used to be a few small local operations taking in or picking up recyclables. Anyone know of any at the current time?
  8. buy mole negro

    Dona Maria comes through at Soriana. Thanks, CG.
  9. buy mole negro

    Yes, but not mole negro.
  10. buy mole negro

    Other than contacting a restaurant, does anyone know where to buy a quantity of mole negro, ready to put over chicken or whatever?
  11. spray adhesive lakeside?

  12. spray adhesive lakeside?

  13. The crosswalks simply show where it is best for pedestrians to walk. Otherwise, the two things have no correlation with each other. There is no pedestrian right of way in Mexico. What someone may choose to write in a driving test has little to do with traditional, l-o-n-g - standing culture in Mexico. To do well in Mexico I would suggest deep observation of the culture and practices and knowledge of the language rather than paying attention to things that may look like what you are you used to in the States.
  14. I`m looking for a spray adhesive for paper lakeside. Anyone seen anything like this lakeside?
  15. According to the settings for the camera in Win 8.1, this is what it says: "You can change some options for your camera in Settings, like showing grid lines to help you compose a photo, or including location info in your photos." That`s it, how disappointing! Nothing relating to quality, light, etc. The Acer website had no webcam software. But I just found that indeed Skype has many adjustments and they stick with the onboard camera. Thanks, ComputerGuy! The Acer website has no software for the camera, only many questions about this from people. .