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  1. amnesty program?

    Does anyone know if Mexico is extending the amnesty program into 2018?
  2. When we had our place, we did not accept those 2 things. Not sure if things have changed.
  3. first aid kits

    Um, yeah, you`re right. However, none of them are first aid kits.
  4. first aid kits

    Unfortunately, none of these ship to mexico.
  5. first aid kits

    English please?
  6. first aid kits

    Thanks so much, Zeb. However, I still need a place to buy one all put together.
  7. first aid kits

    Does anyone know where to find first aid kits lakeside?
  8. Does anyone know the reason why there are no altars outside across from the presidencia or on Cinco de Mayo in Chapala this year?
  9. Why would someone sign up for a service that doesn`t yet exist? In Mexico??? How is this not a scam?
  10. Lake Chapala Weather Net

    Welcome back! And thanks for returning this wonderful service! I`ve enjoyed it immensely through the years.
  11. A little clarification of the history: Actually, the Feast of the Holy Rosary was not brought to Nueva Espana from Spain until at least 1573, when Pope Gregory XIII changed the title of the "Feast of Our Lady of Victory" to "Feast of the Holy Rosary". More likely it didn`t arrive until 1671 when Pope Clement XI commanded the feast of the Rosary to be celebrated by the universal Church. So, the Feast has nothing to do with the indigenous people of Mexico. It is wholly Catholic. The "Aztec" dancers are a modern addition. Not to take anything away from this local celebration and the colorful costumes and dancing and, particularly, the mariachis! Disfrutar!
  12. End of Chapala weather (sad)

    I especially loved the rain history and lake levels per year. Thanks, Steve, for your service. It was fun going to your site especially during the rainy season. I am sorry to see it go. It is like a friend passing.
  13. Colonoscopy questions

    Naw, the "spin-off" topic could be as lively, and anecdotal and snarky, as the participants would care to make it. The original topic would be easy to get information from, as intended.
  14. Colonoscopy questions

    Al Berca made a request for specific information. He received 4 replies fitting his request. All the rest of the posts are off topic to his specific request. The board would function much better if those wanting to talk about other things would start a different topic. Perhaps those of us who would like this kind of efficiency could repeatedly remind others. Perhaps, then, it would eventually become de rigeur.