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  1. Social Security US

    Oh heavenly day! You have the email address for sending the scan! Brilliant! Would you care to share it??

    Santander. Primary and secondary like BMH at her banks.
  3. I did exactly this last year on the tiled wall of my shower. Easily done, inexpensive, it`s very secure, will last forever. It has taken all the stress I have tried to put on it, just to test and possibly prepare for when I might start to fall and have to grab it. I am very happy with it and feel totally secure it will be there when I might need it. It takes up almost no room, does not interfere with my movements in my small shower at all. I love it!
  4. Lakeside increased population?

    You must have been at a community clinic in north Chapala or the one in Joco or do you mean the Ajijic clinic? You get a card when you apply for SG and have to show that for SG clinics.
  5. Lakeside increased population?

    Not quite, one must have temporal or permanente for SG. Tourist visa holders don`t qualify.
  6. I want to move to Lake Chapala

    Was that NOB or here?
  7. I want to move to Lake Chapala

    I wasn`t, I did not mean to shock, just trying to give the lay of the land, realistically, for someone in Lisa`s father`s situation. This is not Canada or the US!
  8. I want to move to Lake Chapala

    Lisa, this is the Wild West. There are no standards, no government agencies monitoring the retirement facilities and human nature being what it is, as would be true anywhere, there are unscrupulous people taking advantage of those who cannot keep their full wits about them at all times. The stories are rife, everyone here knows them. This is a "community" where thousands of rich people (certainly in the eyes of the people who have lived here for hundreds of years) have settled into an area where some do not even have enough food to eat (and I`m including Ajijic in this). Without you here to stay on top of your father and everyone he deals with, chances of him being robbed blind within a month are, let`s say, high enough to give one pause. A smile here can simply be the practiced raising of the corners of one`s mouth and have nothing to do with a beneficent nature. It takes more than several months (even years) to get to know the culture here, how things are, what can happen. It can be paradise for those who are still fully functional and can navigate dangerous cobblestone streets and uneven sidewalks, can get out any time they want unaided, appraise those who approach them, navigate the complicated health scene; walk about, bus about and drive about to get what they need, visit friends and see the sights. But for those not fully functional it can be hell and very frightening. For all first timers, it takes a good long while to fully appreciate this is a very different country and culture and that people operate very differently. To learn to operate in this sphere takes a long time. For those without full cognitive abilities? It is possible this would simply be a living hell without you constantly with him.
  9. Anyone see any cut down ficus trees?

    Oh, good idea! I will call him.
  10. Need fairly freshcut ficus tree part for a project. Thanks!
  11. Lakeside increased population?

    Agreed. I`ve never understood the chronic complainers. Why would you choose to stay unhappy about things you can`t change? We`re just here for a little while and have no real right to anything. So, if the sun is shining, you have good clean food, air and water, the weather is perfect most of the year, people greet you all day with good will in their hearts, you have the largest fresh water lake mere blocks away, and a teeth cleaning costs $15, and your response is not to practically melt with happiness, perhaps the problem is looking at you in the mirror!
  12. Lakeside increased population?

    Right, that`s Ajijic, rather unlivable now I would say for the reasons you stated. I moved out a year ago. Most other pueblos in the area are cleaner, better maintained, have better streets, quieter, have less traffic, and are less expensive - La Floresta (though not a pueblo), San Antonio, Chapala, Joco.
  13. Still looking, Lexy? If so, I`ll ask my excellent mujer de casa of 5 years if she wants another client.
  14. Lakeside increased population?

    Okay, back to the topic? Y`all have been talking about Ajijic but for me Chapala is just fine and I`m a`stayin`. San Antonio seems fine for the moment but it`s gonna get busy pretty soon, I reckon. Next up for fillin` up would be Riberas. But it seems kinda nice for now. Still nice and quiet-like. Some nice amenities coming in. Joco is just fine. Ajijic is too busy and noisy to live in for me and the traffic is unbearable but now that I`m living in Chapala, it`s a nice place to visit for a couple of hours. Now, Chapala may fill up in a year or two and if it does, I`m gonna high-tail it to Joco or over the hill to Ixtlahuacan.
  15. Mercado?

    Herman, Chapala has a nice mercado on its town plaza. Many places inside and on periphery to eat in.