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  1. FMM sample filled Out Forms

    I had to supply a letter explainng why I wanted to become a RP after 2 years on a RT which I got locally in SLP because I am married to a Mexican National and we live in Mexico. My wife wrote it for me and was a formal business style not like the sample above by Cronopio. I have helped several others going from RT to RP and all needing this letter. I feel the 6 month preapproved RT visa in a US or Canadian or foreign passport should preempt the letter as you have already given your reasons for wanting to live in Mexico at a Mx. Consulate and have been approved, at least for 1 year and If a RP then you have been approved to live in Mexico permanently by a Mx. Consulate. I feel from my experiences INM takes applying for a RP more seriously than applying for a RT as it does not have a renewal date.
  2. No don´t start a new thread. I was responding to RV´s incorrect answer. In your case yes the spouse with a 180 day tourist FMM card cannot apply for a RP but can apply for a RT for 1,2,3 or 4 years and after 2 years can then apply for a RP which would is your current status.
  3. If a Residente Permanente´s spouse applies under the "Vinculo Familiar" law inside Mexico with a 180 day tourist FMM card they are only offered a 1,2,3,or 4 year Residente Temporal visa/card and have to be on a 2 year RT visa/card before they can apply for a RP card. They cannot apply for the same status as their spouse as RV mentioned.
  4. The Five Year Plan

    They might be bitching about "the local [raised and educated in Florida] Rednecks and Evangelists."
  5. The Five Year Plan

    Solid upper middle class in Mexico is not what you might think. A house alone would cost you about $7,000,000 to $15,000,000 pesos or a mínimum of $400,000 USDs plus newer vehicles, vacations, socializing, nicer restaurants etc. about another $35,000 to $45,000 USDs per year. A modest retirement income from the US or Canada would put you into middle class or upper working class depending if you have thousands in savings to buy a house etc. Around $2,500 to $3,500 USDs per month retirement income only and renting would be comfortable at the moment but not be upper middle class anymore here. IMO

    I would guess about $1,500 pesos per week, now a days.
  7. Immigration Travel Permission Letters

    "CÉDULA DE CARACTERÍSTICAS SOCIOECONÓMICAS DEL HOGAR 1:33:06 pm 1115000001 36970 1 GUANAJUATO ABASOLO *1115000001* 15-Abr-2015 02-Ene-2015 JOSE LOPEZ PORTILLO 111 , COLONIA TAMAZULA, C.P. 36970, TAMAZULA, ABASOLO, GUANAJUATO FEC. NACIMIENTO CURP PARENTESCO ESTADO CIVIL SEXO LENGUA INDÍGENA DISCAPACIDAD TRABAJO ACTUAL ¿CÓMO? NIVEL DE ESTUDIOS ESTUDIA ESTADO: MÓDULO: 17-Jul-1996 GUGR960717HGTVRF00 TITULAR SOLTERA(O) HOMBRE NINGUNA NO NINGUNA PROFESIONAL 1 AÑO SI 1 GUEVARA GRANADOS JOSE RAFAEL III. CONDICIONES Y CARACTERÍSTICAS DE LA VIVIENDA. LA VIVIENDA QUE HABITA ES: ESTA VIVIENDA ES: LA MAYOR PARTE DEL PISO DE ESTA VIVIENDA ES: EL TOTAL DE CUARTOS DE LA VIVIENDA (SIN CONTAR BAÑO NI COCINA) ES: EXCUSADO, BAÑO O LETRINA: CASA INDEPENDIENTE BIENES: PRESTADA O LA ESTA CUIDANDO CEMENTO 3 1 "ESTE PROGRAMA ES PÚBLICO, AJENO A CUALQUIER PARTIDO POLÍTICO. QUEDA PROHIBIDO EL USO PARA FINES DISTINTOS A LOS ESTABLECIDOS EN EL PROGRAMA" Firma del Titular Los datos personales recabados serán protegidos, incorporados y tratados en el Sistema de Administración del Padrón, con fundamento en el artículo 77 Bis 5, inciso A, fracción X e inciso B, fracción II de la Ley General de Salud, artículos 49, 50 y 51 del Reglamento de la Ley General de Salud en Materia de Protección Social en Salud y Capítulo VII, numerales 1 y 15 de los Lineamientos para la afiliación, operación, integración del Padrón Nacional de Beneficiarios y determinación de la cuota familiar del Sistema de Protección Social en Salud, cuya finalidad es contar con un padrón nominal que contenga la relación de familias afiliadas al Sistema de Protección Social en Salud, incluida la información socioeconómica derivada de su incorporación, el cual fue registrado en el listado de Sistemas de Datos Personales ante el Instituto Federal de Acceso a Información Pública (www.ifai.org.mx), mismo que de igual forma podrán ser transmitidos a otras dependencias e instituciones de salud, con la finalidad de realizar el cotejo de padrones a que se refiere el artículo 77 Bis 5, inciso A, fracción XI de la Ley General de Salud, además de otras transmisiones previstas en la Ley. La unidad administrativa responsable del Sistema de Administración del Padrón es la Comisión Nacional de Protección Social en Salud; la dirección donde el interesado podrá ejercer los derechos de acceso y corrección en términos del último párrafo del artículo 66 del Reglamento de la Ley Federal de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información Pública Gubernamental es en el domicilio de la Unidad de Enlace que se ubica en Gustavo E. Campa, No. 54, planta baja, Colonia Guadalupe Inn, C.P. 01020 Delegación Álvaro Obregón, México, D.F., así como en el Módulo de Afiliación y Orientación señalado en la Póliza. Lo anterior se" Goggle Translation: "CHARACTERISTICS DOCUMENT SOCIOECONOMICS OF THE HOUSEHOLD: 1:33:06 pm 1115000001 36970 1 GUANAJUATO ABASOLO * 1115000001 * Apr 15, 2015 02-Jan-2015 JOSE LOPEZ PORTILLO 111, COLONIA TAMAZULA, C.P. 36970, TAMAZULA, ABASOLO, GUANAJUATO FEC. BIRTH CURP RELATIONSHIP CIVIL STATUS SEX INDIGENOUS LANGUAGE DISABILITY CURRENT WORK HOW? LEVEL OF STUDIES [EDUCATION] STATE: MODULE: 17-Jul-1996 GUGR960717HGTVRF00 SINGLE HOLDER (O) MAN NO NONE PROFESSIONAL 1 YEAR YES 1 GUEVARA GRANADOS JOSE RAFAEL III. CONDITIONS AND CHARACTERISTICS OF THE HOUSING. THE LIVING HOUSE IS: THIS HOUSING IS: THE MOST PART OF THE FLOOR OF THIS HOUSING IS: THE TOTAL ROOMS OF THE HOUSING (WITHOUT BATHROOM AND KITCHEN) ARE: TOILET, BATHROOM OR OUTHOUSE: INDEPENDENT HOUSE PROPERTY: PAYING [RENTING] OR IS IT PAID OFF CEMENT 3 1 "THIS PROGRAM IS PUBLIC, EXCEPT ANY POLITICAL PARTY. THE USE FOR PURPOSES IS PROHIBITED OTHER THAN THOSE ESTABLISHED IN THE PROGRAM " Signature of the holder The personal data collected will be protected, incorporated and treated in the System of Administration of the Padron, based on article 77 Bis 5, section A, fraction X and section B, fraction II of the General Health Law, articles 49, 50 and 51 of the Regulation of the General Law of Health in Matter of Social Protection in Health and Chapter VII, paragraphs 1 and 15 of the Guidelines for the affiliation, operation, integration of the National Register of Beneficiaries and determination of the family quota of the Social Protection System in Health, whose purpose is to have a nominal register that contains the list of families affiliated to the Social Protection System in Health, including the socioeconomic information derived from its incorporation, which was registered in the list of Personal Data Systems before the Federal Institute of Access to Public Information (www.ifai.org. mx), same as Likewise, they may be transmitted to other health facilities and institutions, in order to carry out the comparison of the standards referred to in Article 77 Bis 5, subsection A, section XI of the General Health Law, in addition to other transmissions provided for in the Law. The administrative unit responsible for the System of Administration of the Register is the National Commission of Social Protection in Health; the address where the interested party may exercise the rights of access and correction in terms of the last paragraph of article 66 of the Regulations of the Federal Law of Transparency and Access to Governmental Public Information is in the address of the Liaison Unit located in Gustavo E. Campa, No. 54, ground floor, Colonia Guadalupe Inn, C.P. 01020 Delegation Álvaro Obregón, Mexico, D.F., as well as in the Afiliac Module
  8. Has the winter flu bug started yet

    I have had that happen several times and it ended up being food posioning the Dr. told me. Fever was only about 100F, not high, high. Antibiotics or Daxon were prescribed. I usually felt normal again in about 5 days.
  9. If it is in a busy city many "No Tell Motels" only rent you a room for 4 hours on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays I have found. Generally they are fancier than a standard motel.
  10. Taxes on Rental Income

    We have 1 furnished apartment and 2 consultorios in medical towers we lease out. The accountant we use charges $300 pesos every 3 months to file everything for us and has access to our SAT account or uses her account in our name, I don´t know, and then sends a SAT document by E-Mail that we print out and take to any bank to pay the IVA and income taxes which are about $2,500 pesos total for 3 months. We send her a copy of the bank rental deposits in a seperate bank account for the 3 rentals. It could be anyone bringing in the payment to a bank and is easy and cheap.
  11. How does one hang a picture????

    If you choose to use cement nails don´t hammer them in at an angle. Hammer them in straight or you will chip a 1 inch piece out of the cement plaster.
  12. Landlord Access

    24 hours notice is reguired, I think. I also have heard 3 days notice.
  13. Seguro Popular

    All large clinics and all Seguro Popular hospitals have Affiliation and Orientation Modules and when you get your contract they print out the location of the nearest clinic to you to go to to get your appointment booklet and there between 8AM and 10AM Mon. to Fri. you make an appointment to see a GP Doctor usually the next day or 2. Before you go in to see the Dr. you go to the nurse´s station or in some clinics a desk in the waiting área where they open your file and ask you questions about your previous operations, list off about 25 to 30 medical questions you answer yes or no to [examples: did any of your family have cáncer or heart attacks, if yes who, did you ever have mumps, did you ever have tuberculosis, etc.] , and what your current medical conditions are, what medications you are on, your vitals, weight and height and if you didn´t eat anything take your blood sugar level. Take all your prescriptions and medicines if you want to continue getting them without being diagnosed by Seguro Popular specialists to the Dr.. I helped my buddy get his enrollment changed from SLP to Puerto Vallarta in June. They gave him a new 3 year contract instead of changing his address. We got him an appointmet the next morning and we had him set up and the GP gave him prescriptions for all his medicines [prescriptions from a US Doctor and in vials with the doses and instructions on them from the US] at that first appointment without requiring him to be diagnosed by SP specialists. She only carefully looked at the vials and wrote prescriptions based on that information. Once she entered al this information in his file she will be able to continue writing his perscriptions every month by looking at that information. If you need to be diagnosed by a SP specialist it might take 3 months or more before it is over and he sends a letter authorizing your GP to write perscriptions that he gave you. I have done this for 7 people in the last 7 years at the SP and 3 times at IMSS. I belong to the ISSSTE. I take my wife´s ageing relatives and some of our friends family to their specialists appointments at all 3 of these socialized medicine hospitals as I am now noted for getting them in and out fast and have a car. The SP is much more lenient, IMSS is not as much and ISSSTE is hard a**ed when following rules. I don´t even think ISSSTE would give prescritions without their specialists diagnosing you all over again and filing their paperwork into their system.
  14. Seguro Popular

    To join the Seguro Popular you need to be a legal resident of Mexico. [the passport mentioned above is for Mexican citizens, not foreigners] They ask you questions about your living conditions and property you own. If you rent or do not own a vehicle it is feee and if you have a certain amount of assets and own a house and vehicle they might charge you and your family a yearly fee to join on a scale according to the amount of assets you have. If you qualify for free the contract is for 3 years and if you need to pay a fee the contract is for 1 year. Upon renewing you will be asked the same questions to evaluate your current circumstances. Only about 2% of Seguro Popular members and their families pay an annual fee. After waiting your turn and bringing in the originals and copies of what they ask for you will have a contract in about 25 to 30 minutes.
  15. Seguro Popular

    "Procedure for affiliation: • The holder of the families eligible for incorporation will attend an MAO (Affiliation and Orientation Module) to express their willingness to join the System, which may also be carried out before the brigades of affiliation and re-affiliation that for the purpose are constituted. • The MAO's staff will ask the interested party to provide the necessary information to request the CECASOEH (Certificate of Socio-Economic Characteristics of the Home). [This is done verbably] • The MAO staff or the affiliation employees will apply the CECASOEH. Once signed by the holder of the family, it will be considered as the request of affiliation of the families to the System. • The holder must provide a simple copy of the following documents: • Official ID (Elector's credential, current driver's license, Military Ticket, valid passport, INM card). ◦CURP (Single Code of Population Register) of each of the members. ◦ Domicile Proof (Receipt of water or RECENT light). • The information obtained in CECASOEH and the documentation indicated in the previous point will be handled in a confidential way. • Cover the family quota, except for families that due to their socio-economic status enter the non-contributory regime. • The MAO or staff will provide the Letter of Rights and Obligations and will issue the Affiliation Policy indicating the holder, the beneficiaries of the family, the validity of their rights, the annual family fee and the medical unit Health) that corresponds to them."