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  1. For tranquilzers and sleep aids you buy them over the counter. No need for a prescription in Mexico.
  2. Once they accept your application to go from RT to RP they give you a form with your NUT [numero unico de tramite] which is your temporary immigration document which you carry and is proof of you being in Mexico legally.With this it dosen´t matter how long the processing takes.It can be a month or more and you are covered, No 30 day limit to complete your processing. You will need to write a business type letter explaining why you want to go from RT to RP.
  3. I can see why most newbies get on an Expat site and question posters what is the normal thing to do when ... ? If your clients had done that they would have got an ear full and subsequently searched the area for the Banjercito and INM booths for several hours or even all day to find them before heading on down south.
  4. In your situation without a legal written in Spanish lease it appears you have to pay the $7,000 per month or move.
  5. A quick search of federal law has this about residential leases. It doesn´t mention the term length of a lease. It does state the lease amount has to be in pesos. "Federal Civil Code: Article 2448-C. The minimum duration of any lease of urban properties for the room/house/apartment shall be one year for the lessor and lessee, unless otherwise agreed. Article 2448-D. For the purposes of this Chapter, the rent must be stipulated in national currency Article 2448-F. For the purposes of this Chapter, the lease must be given in writing, the lack of this formality will be imputed to the lessor. The contract must contain at least the following stipulations: ◾ Names of lessor and lessee. ◾The location of the property. ◾ Detailed description of the property object of the contract and of the facilities and accessories with which it counts for the use and enjoyment of the same, as well as the state that they keep. ◾The amount of the rent. ◾ The guarantee, if any. ◾The express mention of the residential destination of the leased property. ◾The term of the contract. ◾The obligations that the lessor and lessee contract in addition to those established in the Law. Article 2448-G. The lessor must register the lease to the competent authority of the Department of the Federal District. Once this requirement is fulfilled, it will deliver to the lessee a registered copy of the contract. The lessee will have action to demand the registration mentioned and the delivery of the copy of the contract. Likewise the lessee will have the right to register his copy of lease contract before the competent authority of the Department of the Federal District. Back to top Back to index ◾Article 2448-H. The leasing of urban properties for the room does not end with the death of the lessor or the lessee, but only for the reasons established in the laws. To the exclusion of any other person, the spouse, the spouse, the concubine, the children, the in-line ancestors or by affinity of the deceased tenant shall be subrogated to the rights and obligations of the deceased tenant, under the same terms of the contract, Real and permanently inhabited the property in the lessee's life. The provisions of the preceding paragraph are not applicable to persons who occupy the property as sub-recipients, assigns or other similar title other than the situation provided for in this article. Back to top Back to index ◾Article 2448-I. (Repeals). Back to top Back to index ◾Article 2448-J. In the event that the owner of the leased property decides to alienate it, the tenant (s) shall have the right to be preferred to any third party in the following terms: ◾ In all cases, the owner must give written notice to the tenant of his desire to sell the property, specifying the price, terms, conditions and modalities of the purchase and sale; The tenant (s) shall have fifteen days to give written notice to the lessor of their will to exercise the right of preference set forth in this article in the terms and conditions of the offer, exhibiting the amounts due at the time of the Acceptance of the offer, conforms to the conditions indicated therein; ◾ In the event that the landlord changes any of the terms of the initial offer, he / she will be required to give a new written notice to the tenant, who will then have a new term of fifteen days. If the change refers to the price, the lessor will only be obliged to give this new notice when the increase or decrease of the same is more than ten percent; ◾ When dealing with property subject to the regime of ownership in condominium, the provisions of the law of the subject will be applied; Y ◾ The purchase and sale made in contravention of the provisions of this article will grant the lessee the right to claim damages, without the compensation for such items being less than 50% of the rent paid by the lessee in the last twelve Months. The aforementioned action will prescribe sixty days after the tenant becomes aware of the realization of the respective sale. In case the lessee does not comply with the conditions established in fractions II or III of this article, he will preclude his right."
  6. The groceries were not paid for only her bag from the pharmacy was paid for and in the cart. You are correct, no one with paid for bagged up groceries would be careless enough to leave a cart full unattended as anyone anywhere in the World, as you state, could simply roll it out the door, no questiones asked. My post above ---- the groceries where not bagged and paid for --- just sitting in my cart. Also when I have to pee I don´t know when it might be but when it comes time I do know it is right now, not 10 minutes later.
  7. Commercial leases are not the same as residential leases which used to be restricted to 2 years, I don´t know if it changed [probably not] or different in different states or what. Commericial leases can be as long as 50 years. Some commercial leases are for the exclusive use of the land only - the lessees build their own structures. This is common in our city. It might even be common in Mexico in general.
  8. I also have lost a 1/2 full shopping cart in about five minutes several times in large supermarkets when outside the main shopping área doing something nearby to empoyees who automatically think it is an abandoned cart because it is not near any shelves full of products. I notice many smaller supermarkets have dozens of employees working hard but the very large supermarkets also have older women and men bagging groceries in groups of 12 or more and they seem to be the ones moving shopping carts around most of the time. They still don´t get it that leaving eggs and bread unbagged leaves you with only one ítem is your hand but simply bagging them you then can hold six bags in one hand - less trips into the house. I have been explaining this to them.
  9. Wait until you need it so the date is correct to make things easier for INM and yourself.
  10. "AUDITOR SUPERIOR OF THE FEDERATION [ AUDITORÍA SUPERIOR DE LA FEDERACIÓN - ASF ] "Frequently Asked Questions Based on the interest expressed by the citizens over the years on the ASF, a list of concrete and precise answers that correspond to the main concerns that have been registered is presented. This format offers the central information of the institution in a concise manner, as a useful and easily consulted instrument. 1. What is ASF? It is the technical organ of the Chamber of Deputies that supervises and elaborates the Report of Revision of the Public Account that is presented to the Legislative Power. Based on technical criteria, the ASF reviews the results of the financial management of the government apparatus as a whole that handles federal resources, verifies that the Public Account has adjusted to the guidelines indicated by the budget and notes the fulfillment of the objectives and the Goals contained in government programs. 2. What does the term "superior audit" refer to? 3. What is the Public Account? 4. What is the audit period of the ASF and when does it present its results? 5. What does the ASF audit, review or control? The federal resources granted to the Powers of the Union, to the state governments, to the municipalities, to the Government of the Federal District, to the constitutionally autonomous entities, and even to individuals who receive and make use of public resources from the Budget of Expenditures Of the Federation 6. Are all operations audited where federal resources are used? Given the magnitude of the Expenditure Budget of the Federation and the complexity of the governmental functions carried out in the country over a year, it is impossible to review in detail the total operations for the delivery of the Review Report Of the Public Account. Current international practice and audit standards recommend determining a representative sample of the universe of operations 7. How does the ASF decide which audits to carry out? 8. What is the difference between the ASF and the Civil Service Secretariat? 9. What is the difference between ASF and state audits? The ASF has the power to review the resources of the Federation received by the states of the Republic. This surveillance can be carried out directly or through state control bodies, for which cooperation agreements are signed. State audits depend on their respective Congresses from the states of the Republic and their mission is to review the use of state resources." Someone in a previous locked thread mentioned the news reporting embezzlement and illegal enrichment in the news all the time and about 15 years ago this federal auditing department didn´t exist. It takes sometimes up to 3 years to audit federal money already given out but they are catching embezzlers by the dozens every year. Expect more frequent news reports in this clamping down on how and why these thieves are getting caught. It is not a cake walk like many governors thought it was to get away with it as it was in the past, obviously, a decade or more ago. The news might be reporting the iceburg now not the tip of the iceburg as before. The actually criminal charges will not hold up in some cases due to errors in judicial proceedings but hopefully that will change soon. Of the 11 Governors under arrest up until 2014 only 4 did any time in prison. The follow-up news articles seldom report that most charged don´t get back their siezed money or properties unless they prove it was not government money that paid for them. This is why many stories have dates of 2 or 3 years ago when the actual embezzling was going on. It might be a warning to current politicians to curve their enthusiasm. It is not only top politicians that are getting caught and prosecuted but some federal agency employees in every state and CDMX and states employees because they audit some of the expeditures coming from federal funds and these rarely get into the national news but get into local news at times. States and municipalities have their own auditors also. If a discrepancy seems likely or if anyone reports irregularities in government finances, which can be done anonymously, they obviously would check into it
  11. Facebook Baja group posts like this post might have an influence on others reading this type of obviously made up to get attention stuff. Nobody with about $550 USD worth of pesos in their purse would ever be so stupid or lazy to let this happen and drive away and then later, "O Look! I´m missing my money! " "22 hours Just outside of Loreto at the military stop apparently when he went thru my purse he helped himself to about $10,000p, I guess he thought He needed it more than us. My fault! "
  12. $500.00 USD exemption of duty on international flights. Total up your receipts on the Mexican Customs declaration form and keep them handy.
  13. Newest FMM form as described in above post by bdlngton
  14. There are 6 month, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 month waiting periods for some pre-existing medical conditions and exclusión to enrol for other pre-existing medical conditions. Exclusión to enrol include: Advanced diabetes, advanced COPD, HIV positive, mental illness, advanced liver disease, kidney failure [or advanced kidney disease] , drug or alcohol addiction, advanced heart disease, hepatitis c, and more I can´t remember. Seguro Popular has no waiting period or exclusions to enrol for pre-existing medical conditions and for patients and their families only about 2% pay an anual fee, the rest pay nothing. The ones paying a fee get a 1 year contract.; the families paying no fee get a 3 year contract.
  15. When leaving Mexico at the airport did you give INM officails your Residente Permanente card along with your passport and filled out FMM card? When returning to Mexico by air did you also give the INM officials the same documents? If you didn´t give them your Residente Permanente card it might be a problem but if you did maybe they automatically didn´t process the larger top portion as a tourist FMM card and add 180 days before stamping it and keeping it when entering Mexico at the airport. That would most likely be the portion to cause you to become a tourist, I suspect. The smaller actually FMM 180 tourist card is randomly dropped off at INM offices at border crossing and only airlines vigilantly collect them and hand them into the INM office at airports, I suspect. Possibly the top larger portion is what INM enters in their data system [and is more important to them] as positive proof a tourist entering Mexico at this port of entery on this date and recieved 180 days etc.. The smaller bottom portion [much less important to them] might only be entered into their system if the top larger portion is already there to confirm the card was returned. Don´t forget each FMM card on both parts has a barcode with a unique number. If Expats are using one FMM form to exit and another to enter there will be no statisitics usuable to them. They might simply want to separate tourists entering Mexico from legal foreign residents entering for statistical purposes. So many millions of tourists visited Mexico this year etc.. After all it states RP and RT visa card holder only need to fill them out and hand them in: "Only for Statistical Purposes". The INM rules have no sanctions for not doing it and the law doesn´t even mention doing it.