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  1. AlanMexicali

    Attorney Referral for Closing

    Kiko stated: "Here is the math, Contract sales price of your first property is $500,000. You transferred $500,000 USD to the notario at closing, but your deed reflects a sales price of 100,000 USD. A few years later you decide to sell your home for 600,000 and the buyer picks Notario B. The sales price recorded on the sale of yourproperty by Notario B is the actual contract sales price that is reflected on the new deed, 600,000 USD. " Kiko thinks a person would't know enough to very closely check the numbers. He is talking about someone so stupid they would never be in the position to buy property. He also has never bought property in Mexico. If he had he would definatly know for sure you never transfer the money for a buy to the Notario/a. You transfer the money to the seller and all is documented. How dumb do you think we are here?
  2. AlanMexicali


    http://www.diputados.gob.mx/LeyesBiblio/pdf/LMigra_120718.pdf "MIGRATION LAW New Law published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on May 25, 2011 CURRENT TEXT Last reform published 12-07-2018 CHAPTER II OF THE STAY OF FOREIGNERS IN THE NATIONAL TERRITORY Article 61. No foreigner may have two conditions of stay simultaneously." This is in the new 2011 INM/SEGOB law, not in the rules. I really don´t know what you should do. The INM official should have let you go to get your husband´s card from his suitcase and let you come back to an Immigration desk and hand it to him as this INM official should know the law. It would have taken you about 20 to 25 minutes to return and your husband could have waited there and entered legally and without being given a 180 day FMM tourist card and breaking this INM law. Looks like you unfortunately got an INM offical that isn´t kind-hearted.
  3. AlanMexicali


    One of the common themes seems to be these senarios: 1. The Mexican government screwed me over. 2. The landlord screwed me over. 3. The renter screwed me over. 4. Walmart or a Walmart employee screwed me over. 5. My cleaning lady or gardener screwed me over. 6. Telmex screwed me over. 7. My bank screwed me over. 8. The Mexican government employee screwed me over. 9. My house is in a zone where the neighbors screwed me over with excessive noise all the time. Music, dogs barking, fireworks etc.. 10. My town screwed me over by not fixing potholes. Etc. You always tell us to not discuss these things in detail and openly but get a lawyer. If nobody didn't make comments it would only be: Where can I find ******* at Lakeside? What hotel is better on route and what route is better and what crossing into Texas is better? Why doesn't Costco sell salted butter? Where and how do I: renew a drivers license, get an INAPAM card, pay a traffic ticket etc.? Etc. Which is more interesting?
  4. AlanMexicali


    Finiquito: Google Translation: "How to calculate my settlement? The settlement corresponds to the payment of the contractual benefits of the Federal Labor Law and is granted upon presentation of a voluntary resignation by the worker before his employer. It is an act in which a worker and an employer validate or approve the termination of the employment relationship. The worker has the right to be covered proportional parts according to the Law such as fifteen days of bonuses, 6 days of vacation - if it is the first year of work -, the holiday bonus and the wages to be covered. The data that must be available to complete a settlement are the date of entry, date of withdrawal, monthly salary and integrated daily salary (Enter here if you want to know how it is calculated). Example: Days worked by the worker until his resignation: 182 days Benefits of law stipulated by the Federal Labor Law: • Daily salary $ 100 • Aguinaldo (15 days) • Holidays (6 days per year) • Vacation bonus (25%)" http://www.fundacionunam.org.mx/humanidades/como-calcular-mi-finiquito/ It appears that when an employee quits a contractual employment, but is unclear if they or the employer initiates the resignation, they ARE by federal labor law entitled to the same amount of severence pay as if they were let go by the employer. I think US labor laws regarding entitlement to unemployment insurance has people buying into the rumor : "IF THE EMPLOYEE QUITS THEY DON'T LEGALLY GET FINIQUITO." If this is in deed the federal labor law then the OP was in a 2 year battle for lack of knowing what she should have legally done when her gardener quit which was pay him his finiquito and have him sign the reciept. Here in my experience maids who quite get it. They also get IMSS pension paid and also will get IMSS medical if their spouse doesn´t have it for her family. UNAM is a good reliable source of information on many subjects. IMO
  5. AlanMexicali


    "IMBALANCE OF POWER re LABOR LAWS" "Pitfalls in the bottomless pit of unjustice" With your conclusion I have to assume you had, in the past, been to court in your own country and know for a fact that their court system works in favor of the defendant when the accuser is lying in court and that your experience here in Mexico is the opposite. You are comparing similar situations here and there or are you simply not experienced in any other court matters except this one you have described as being predjuce against employers and foreigners? To me your above statement I quoted is a far stretch of your imagination and possibly predjuice because you lost and the liar won. I wonder if it only happens this way in Mexico and only to foreigners? Or in reality does it happen everywhere quite often? IMO
  6. AlanMexicali


    I find laws in Mexico are not optional. Maybe you see little evidence to know any different, but I do. ☺️
  7. AlanMexicali


    The 1990 Mexican Immigration Law lasted through 21 years. I feel it will not change. Other laws will.
  8. AlanMexicali


    Angus posted the new 2011 INM Law in his above post.
  9. AlanMexicali


    Mistake - meant to write 47. Articles you dug up were from the 1990 Mexican Immigration Law and were repealed. No longer valid. The site you posted is from March 2011. The new INM law started Nov. 9, 2012 and went into law in about April 2011.
  10. AlanMexicali


    Article 47 and Article 56 were from the1990 Immigration law and were repealed as of April 25 2011 - new Mexican Immigration Law was passed. RV is correct.
  11. AlanMexicali

    New President in Mexico

    Neither Anaya, nor Lopez Obrador, nor Meade, nor Zalava; can change the country, if you: You do not study, You do not get in line, You do not arrive on time, You waste water, You do not do your job well, You treat animals badly, Throw trash anywhere, Mistreat gardens and plants, You do not fulfill the obligations of citizenship, You park badly and in prohibited places, And many, many more etceteras.
  12. AlanMexicali

    New President in Mexico

    Also four weeks paid vacation. Taxes depend on more criteria than income but I presume they would pay a higher percentage than they do in the USA but have wonderful cities and subways that blew my mind when we spent 35 days recently mostly in Spain and took bus tours - one to Paris and London. The first thing I noticed is how far behind the USA is in public works compared to Spain. IMO
  13. AlanMexicali

    Driving to Chapala

    I had one document drawn up and notorized at the US Consulate in Guadalajara that I legally went by 2 names. One with one middle name and the other with two middle names requested by the INM here and I was under the impression by what I was told there documents had to be in English only. I don´t think they notorize Spanish language documents.
  14. AlanMexicali

    Flying Out and Driving Back

    Google Translation: "Internment of foreign persons holding immigration documents National Migración Institute [INM] Internment of foreign persons holding immigration documents Are you a foreigner? Do you have a valid and current immigration document issued by the National Institute of Migration that proves a condition of stay? The National Migration Institute helps you do it! Necessary documents Required document Presentation Passport or valid travel and identity document that is valid under international law Original Residence or visitor card, exit or return permit, valid Original Multiple Migratory Form (FMM) duly completed for statistical purposes * Original In your case, provide the migratory authority with the information that is required Original * This document is physically obtained when entering the country. Costs Concept: Amount Processing: Free Options to carry out your procedure Presential: In the places destined to the international transit of people, which are located in the Terrestrial Internment Points, International Airports and Maritime Ports." The rule states at any port of entry a legal resident must fill out a FMM card when entering Mexico for statistical purposes.
  15. AlanMexicali

    Process for extending TIP

    The TIP isn't "extended" by doing anything. TIPs are automatically extended if your legal immigration status is extended. What notifying ADUANA of your legal immmigration status change is keep your deposit from being forfeited within 15 days of the expiration date ADUANA has on their data base. Example: 30 day FMM; 1 year RT visa/card; 3 year RT card renewal. If you notified ADUANA of these changes in your "legal stay" in Mexico within 15 days your deposit for the TIP wouldn't have been forfeited somewhere along the way.