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  1. I was in Guadalajara for Semana Santa and saw 2 models of Android Smart internet TV boxes in a well stocked electronics store on Simon Corona 1 1/2 blocks from the Cathedral 2 doors from the Chata Restaurant for $365.00 and $450.00 pesos already loaded with KODI and many addons. They are very hard to keep running properly and a long learning curve to get the most out of them. IMO I bought a new one with more memory and Android 6.0.1 and a better graphics card and installed the latest KODI 17.1 recently from Mercado Libre and it cost $1995 pesos, well worth the upgrade from my other cheaper box, which died after 6 months of heavy use. This one runs with no freezes so far.The other one froze and locked up many many times. My almost constant Telmex download speed is 10 Meg and upload is close to 1 meg.
  2. This thread above explains what the INM officials were saying at the meeting last week. Click on "Entering/Leaving Mexico" in blue. No need to fill out any part of a FMM when leaving Mexico by land or air. Only fill out the larger top portion of the FMM when entering Mexico by land or air. They keep the top larger portion and throw away the bottom smaller portion as it is only for tourists. Your recent experience proves this which probably was a recent INM memo sent to all INM officials at land crossings and airports. In the video the INM officials didn´t even mention the need to have passports stamped in or out of Mexico for Residente Temporales or Residente Permanentes. I presume airline personnel will have to stop asking departing legal residents for the bottom smaller portion of FMM cards soon as they are not necessary and only given to tourists. Your resident card should be sufficient to board your international flight as you never needed this card when entering or living in Mexico as proof of being in Mexico legally unlike foreigners that entered as tourists for so many days and need to prove they left the country before the days granted on the tourist FMM card upon entering are up. This makes perfect sense to me. Just skip going to the INM desk in airports and their office at border crossings - it appears to be a waste of time unless you are planning to become a naturalized Mexican citizen and in that case should have your passport stamped out when leaving and stamped in when returning plus fill out the larger top portion of a FMM card when entering as instructed in the video for 3 years before you apply. They only allow máximum 180 days out of the country in those 3 years to be eligible.
  3. "I know a Notario here is a lawyer but a notary to notarize documents [in the USA/Canada] is different" - is correct. If you meant what you wrote a Notary to notarized signatures in Mexico is differernt is incorrect. A Notario/a is a specialized lawyer - the same Notario/a that does transfering of property titles and the writting of wills also notarizes signatures.
  4. Shower and laundry floor drains have barrel traps that don´t hold very much wáter and if no wáter is added for a few weeks from non use it will evaporate enough and let drain gas into your house. I take a small bucket of wáter and pour it down the drain in the laundry room and in the linen closet with a floor sink for mopping upstairs turn on the tap everytime it starts to smell and in the extra bathrooms I turn on the showers for a minute and it´s gone until next time. Putting rubber over these types of floor drains helps keep the wáter from evaporating fast when left open. Many people keep rubber on the floor drains to keep the cockroaches out also.Some hotels and houses have floor drains in the bathroom floor.
  5. Millionaire or not Mexicans or any other foreigners, including Canadians, have to marry a US citizen or marry a legal Permanant Resident to immigrate to the US. No shortcuts in US immigration laws like some countries have. A foreigner can visit the US for 182 days in a 12 month period only. Similar to Canadian immigration law and possibly all industrialized nations. My friend´s daughter is married to an Austrialian and she is being sponsored by her daughter, a natrualized Australian citizen, and has to wait 5 years to get a visa to immigrate to Australia, exactly the same as US immigration law. Children that are US citizens under 18 cannot sponsor their parent/s and if 18 or over can sponsor them and they have to prove financial support for them and the parent/s have to wait outside of the US for 5 years to get a visa, if approved, to immigrate. See why no non documented parents of American citizen children can file for immigration status in the USA and stay there and cannot file at all until the child is 18. The US immigration law is contrary to what Fox News, etc. reports what the laws are, unfortunately. Any legal resident immigrant cannot apply for any social assistance programs, except federal food stamps, until they have been legal for 5 years, also contrary to what Fox News etc. reports. Children that are citizens can´t apply either until they are 18 or over, except for federal food stamps, and undocumented immigrants can´t apply ever. Fox News etc. has a habit of stating they all can get it when in fact they can´t all get it.
  6. A spouse of a Residente Permanente under the "Vinculo Familia" law still has to be on a Residente Temporal for 2 years before applying for RP. The only way to become RP right away is showing financial solvency. Showing financial solvency inside Mexico has different amounts and from different sources and a higher amount than at a Mexican Consulate, if I remember correctly from a thread Intercasa posted awhile back. Here´s his post.
  7. walmart

    They do use a yellow seed for feed which when translated into English is marigold but it is really a marble sized seed related to the marigold family but not the flower marigold we know. All the yellow color comes from this feed seed. The largest poultry producer in Mexico Bachoco uses it but the 2nd and 3rd largest do not. "The leading chicken companies in the world: Mexico: Bachoco • Head office: Celaya • Products: chicken, eggs, pork, balanced food and turkeys • Production level: 840 million chickens per year Pilgrim's Pride from Mexico • Head office: Querétaro • Products: chicken • Production level: 400 million chickens per year Tyson of Mexico • Head office: Gómez Palacio • Products: chicken, processed products • Production level: 168 million chickens per year"
  8. After watching the video it appears INM doesn´t need or care about residents ever needing or need to get the bottom smaller portion of a FMM card to give when they are leaving Mexico, only the airlines seem to want this when boarding an international flight. It appears if you are a resident the airlines should not request the bottom portion from you and you can only show them your resident card and that you are not a tourist leaving Mexico and if this is the case you do not need to stop by the INM desk at all when flying or driving/walking out of Mexico. This makes sense to me because if you are a legal resident you are allowed to leave whenever you like. The airlines automatically treat you as a tourist when IMN doesn´t see it that way, I feel. The video only emphasized filling out the top, larger, portion when entering Mexico and I assume it would be the same entering Mexico by air or by land. They don´t want legal residents to mark "Tourism" in the "Purpose of your trip" portion but want you to mark "Other" and write Residente Permanante or Residente Temporal on the top of the top, larger portion when entering Mexico and that is it. There is also a box for RT or RP that you or the INM official should mark on the top portion under the heading "Only for statistical effects/purposes". The INM official seemed confused when the man asked the question about retaining the smaller bottom portion and have it stamped and handed into the airlines when leaving and she said eventulaly to keep it if you want, but I presume it is of no importance and not needed by INM at all. The INM officials didn´t mention what to do when leaving Mexico by air or land. I presume you simply leave and then when returning fill out the larger top portion when INM officials screen you and you get a new top portion to fill out everytime you enter and have no need to stamp your passport in or out. The people who are considering citizenship are the only ones who need to have a record of their exits and entrances for several years as there is a 180 day limit out of the country and should ask INM officials to stamp their passport in and out, not other legal residents. In the video a woman and then a man ask about filling out a FMM card when leaving on an international flight and the INM officials seem to only be talking about filling out the larger top portion ONLY when entering Mexico. They continue to say don´t fill out the bottom smaller portion that is only for tourists obviously still talking about entering Mexico not leaving Mexico. If they want you to fill out any portion of a FMM card when flying out or driving/walking out they surely did no even mention that. The woman asking the question first didn´t state at the airport flying out, she just stated at the airport, helped to confuse the INM officials, but the man taking the microphone from her can be heard saying when flying out at the airport, which obviously the INM officials didn´t hear because they were busy translating the woman´s question. In conclusión the 2 people asking their question did not get answered directly except the man was told not to fill out the bottom smaller portion because this is only for tourists, or in other words, don´t do anything and don´t give the airlines the tourist bottom portion filled out but seem to think they still need to stop by the INM desk at the airports in Mexico and fill out the larger top portion of a FMM card when they don´t need to because they are leaving not entering Mexico. Simply show the airlines your RT or RP card. The larger top portion is asking specifically: "Purpose of your trip" to/into/while in Mexico nothing to do with leaving Mexico. They stamp it upon your entry and enter the data into their system that you a RT or RP with your NUT number on the form [your immigration number] entered Mexico on this date etc. for statistical purposes. They keep it and you get nothing. The smaller bottom portion isn´t used because it in not relevant to any RT or RP because they do not need approval for so many days to be in Mexico or proof of beng in Mexico legally, they have their RT or RP card for that. The INM officials never mentioned needing to stamp passports either.
  9. I spent 4 years 2 hours per day learning to read Spanish from 2008 to 2012/13. It took that long to become very good and I can write somewhat and I was concentrating and not screwing around.
  10. I have always marked "other" in the boxes on both halves. Maybe that is why they always give me the correct halves each time, after all they have my RP card in front of them, but It might confuse them if you mark "tourism" on both halves. They might give you a tourist status. Who knows? The point is the FMM is a Mexican Immigration questionaire as to why you are going into Mexico, not a USA Immigration questionaire why are going into the USA or any other country. It is not to tour, or to do business, but to live in Mexico as a RT or RP so "other" would be the "Purpose of your trip" to Mexico.
  11. See the above; FMM sample filled Out Forms link Box 9 : Purpose of trip: mark other Bottom box on the top half: mark Residente Permanente card or Residente Temporal card Box 7 of the bottom half: mark other again On the last box on the bottom half: mark RT card or RP card Fill it out and give it to the INM officer - get both halves stamped and take the bottom smaller half to the airline checkin desk and give it to them or at the departure gate. Keep the larger top half and when returning hand it to the INM officer.
  12. Farmacias don´t have to have a Dr. on duty but need to have a Dr. registered and no farmacias have a Dr. there. The Drs. in the free or almost free consultorios are not the Dr. registered for the pharmacy legally giving the pharmacy it´s license. A pharmacist is not the same here in Mexico as NOB. The ones described on this thread are simply pharmacy clerks and only need to pass a state or federal exam which is all about knowing the names of medicines. That is why all medicines in Mexico are packaged in individual boxes and not in large bottles where they are counted and relabled by pharmacists like NOB. There are pharmacists with university degrees but they are not the people you see selling medicines in local farmacias. It is a whole different system. Also medicines in Mexico are price controlled by the federal government. If you look closely on the boxes you will see a embossed máximum price for that box of medicine. Some farmacias put a sticker over it but they cannot change that price because it is imprinted into the cardboard.
  13. You will basically do everything you did when applying for the RT. Go online to the INM website and fill out their "tramite" form [process change of stay from RT to stay RP] and print it out and take it with you. Do this maximun 30 calender days before the RT card expiration date. Fill out another "formato básico" again. Write a letter explaining why you want to go from RT to RP. 3 more photos. 2 bank payments. Copies and present original of your: passport, spouse´s IFE card, hand in your RT card and the letter and wait to be called in to be fingerprinted and leave the photos and make the 2nd. payment at any bank and return with the bank reciept.
  14. RV the newest FMM form has printed right on it with a box to check: Residente Permanente, Residente Temporal, but as you stated you also need to mark the box beside "Other".
  15. This is not correct as far as re-entering Mexico by plane. You do not fill out a new FMM form. You can if you loose the top half of the FMM or the INM offical only gave you one half and not both or airline personnel screwed up and gave you the bottom half to keep or you gave the airline personnel the top half by mistake etc. - no big deal to do this and not against the rules or law.You retain the top half you were given leaving Mexico to hand in when re-entering Mexico. The IMN officer does not fill out the FMM form leaving Mexico so he could not process it as a tourist FMM unless you didn´t mark the box other and then the box either Residente Permanente or Residente Temporal. People who don´t recieve the top, larger half, from the INM official need to speak up and tell them that you get the top half because I need this when returning to Mexico. Also the way the article is written it is explaining the 2011 INM law and rules very poorly . It insinuates you will loose your legal resident status if the above is not done correctly - wrong and not true. You will only loose your legal resident status if you re-enter Mexico and give the INM official a filled out 180 day FMM tourist card and they stamp it and accept that your are in deed a tourist and not a legal resident of Mexico. Not leaving by air but by land most legal residents don´t ask for FMM cards [to much trouble to park and walk back to the INM office which is usually close to the car lanes entering Mexico] and retaining the top half when returning to Mexico except some of those re-entering by air. There is no real danger getting caught doing this as the INM law and rules have no sanction for it. The INM law actually states legal residents are advised to do this for statistical purposes and also those wishing to apply for citizenship need proof of their exits and re-enters from/to Mexico for several year before applying because there is a 180 total days out of Mexico limit in 3 years to qualify. Printed on bordered box on the FMM card where you X the small box for either Residente Permanent or the box for Residente Temporal it states "Únicamente Para Efectos Estadisticos" [ Only For Statistical Effects [Purposes] ].