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  1. CFE Burn Out

    Without a proper ground on your ac outlets a surge protector won´t work. Some homes have no ground wire or the ground is not real ground potential they have it connected to. The quality of your surge protector bars also are a factor in protecting appliances efficiently.
  2. Changing name on CFE account?

    I changed the name on a CFE account to my name. I needed the "escritura" in my name to do it [that was the only thing they would accept at that time at that office] and brought the original and a copy for them to keep but they didn´t want it, only to see the "escritura". My wife originally had the CFE account put in my name when we built our new house and she did not need to show the "escritura" only apply for the new connection with my CURP card and my photo ID when I was back in San Diego. So I guess it depends on where and who you talk to. Some landlords won´t let a renter with a lease change their account to the renters name so I presume CFE knows this or is helping the landlords out [capital gains tax considerations]. I have heard of renters getting the CFE account changed to their name by bringing in a lease and a notarized letter from the owner stating this was OK to do but can´t confirm it. Possibly without a CURP your heir can´t get the account in their name, I suspect.
  3. Governors gone wild: MX’s corrupt leaders

    http://www.asf.gob.mx/Default/Index Google Translation: "Today, through the modification of our legal framework that allows us to make partial deliveries of reports Individual, the anti-corruption reform is crystallized in the area of the superior audit, while we Provision, with greater opportunity, reliable information regarding the performance of the Mexican governmental apparatus. This element is part of the framework that makes ASF's work the central pillar of the anti-corruption strategy Which has been undertaken. In effect, by providing the supervisory institution with new powers that extend and Deepen their action and impact, the Chamber of Deputies will have references that will assist in the work Legislative and will help to give a greater technical basis to the discussions on the establishment of the budget federal. Although the total number of audits scheduled for Public Account 2016 is 1,836; In this first installment, We are presenting to this sovereignty a total of 502, that is, 27 percent. It should be noted that, according to current regulations, a significant portion of individual audits will be The last business day of October, and that the remainder will be completed no later than February 20, 2018; this last Delivery shall be accompanied by an Executive General Report, the content of which is determined by Law. It is illustrative to give a quantitative analysis of the work carried out in the first six months: I will allow myself to give you the numeralia of this delivery. Message from the CPC. Juan M. Portal Senior Auditor of the Federation June 30, 2017, Mexico City D.F. Of the 502 audits performed, 430 refer to financial compliance reviews and 72 to performance audits. It should be noted that the first group includes 154 reviews covering the verification of the achievement of goals and objectives, so they are classified as financial audits with a performance approach." This is a 10 to 12 year old Federal Auditors Department [ASF] getting all the latest embezzlers through audits of Federal Money handed over to the various states as part of tax revenue sharing. The money all has certified deposits for various payments due in each state and are deposited after the certificate is approved by the federal controlers office [Secretaria de Contraloria General de la Federación - (SECOGEF) ] and as of now it is easy to follow the paper trail where these individual deposits end up. These Governors in the article and their accomplices are fools to think impunity exists these days. You are obviously going to see more news of this sort at all levels of civil services and I feel it is, starting for several years now, reporting the iceburg and not the tip of the iceburg as it was 10 years ago and before. IMO
  4. Mercadolibre

    I think what has happened is MercadoLibre isn´t using MercadoPago anymore and that is why there is no MercadoPago on top of the form now or a barcode. Last ítem I paid cash at OXXO was in January. Possibly they need some maintenance on their system. with the OXXO cash payment option.
  5. Mercadolibre

    MercadoLibre - Donde compras y vendes de todo Ayuda Paga $ 4,489.00 en la tienda OXXO más cercana Díctale este código al cajero y listo. 9700002486124466 Acreditación inmediata. Concepto Compraste Motorola Moto G4 Plus Dualsim 5.5pg 16+5mp 32+2ram Negro $ 4,489.00 (No incluye la comisión por operación de OXXO) Ver mapa de tiendas Imprimir Copyright © 1999-2017 MercadoLibre S.R.L. Términos y condiciones Políticas de privacidad Ayuda You go to the bottom of the page you are on select "Imprimir" and it will print out the form exactly like I always do with no problems.
  6. Mercadolibre

    If you would have gone to a bank ATM and withdrew the pesos and then paid at OXXO you would have done what I do with no problem. You are paying Mercadopago and they are insured, or sort of, and can refund the payment if the ítem doesn´t arrive. In MercadoLibre with Mercadopago with the OXXO option gives you a 48 hour PDF you print out and that form has a barcode OXXO scans to retreive the payment information already in their system. If you waited more than 48 or maybe 72 hours, I forget exactly, it will expire and not go through. Giving them the 16 digit code without the PDF printed out form with the barcode might be your problem.
  7. Pueblo Mágico impossible?

    People seem to forget the Municipality of Chapala racked up a huge debt a little more than several years ago and I presume they are still paying it off. This debt won´t disappear like some of the the money did when it was first borrowed. The alloted money each municipality gets from the state and federal governments in other debt free [or low debt] municipalities will be available for current projects.
  8. Need advice / Notary Public

    I had a document notarized by the American Consulate in Guadalajara and the fee was $50.00 USDs or the peso equivalent. I have read right here from other posters in the past it is $50.00 USDs there at the LCS also.
  9. Need advice / Notary Public

    A Notario/a also verifies signatures on documents in Mexico for about $400.00 pesos per document. We have had it done many times here but only for Mexican documents, They also write wills and here [SLP] in Sept. and Nov. they all give 50% off wills. In some states the 50% off is only in Sept. A will otherwise usually costs about $11,000 to $14,000 pesos.
  10. Laredo Bus Station

    http://www.hoytamaulipas.net/notas/262848/Inauguran-en-Nuevo-Laredo-nueva-terminal-de-autobuses .html I presume you meant to say Nuevo Laredo, MX. not Laredo Tx.
  11. 6 month passport rule

    https://www.inm.gob.mx/fmme/publico/solicitud.html Google Translation: "General requirements The applicant of the FMM must have a passport or passport card valid and valid in accordance with the rules of international law. In case the nationality requires it must present valid and valid Visa. The applicant knows that the Passport Card can be used at border crossings only and visit the border zone; Can not be used to travel to the interior of the Mexican Republic or use it for international air travel. The applicant must enter the information required in the FMM application, as it appears in his passport. The applicant accepts, in protest of truthfulness, that the information and documentation provided is true, so that it becomes aware that in case of falsifying information, it could be punished in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. Conditions of the Multiple Migratory Form obtained electronically: The Multiple Migratory Form can be obtained electronically through the Institute's web portal, foreigners who enter via land to the country, for places destined to the international transit of people. The applicant accepts that the condition of stay that will be obtained when entering the information will be the one of visitor without permission to carry out remunerated activities. The applicant is aware that the FMM has a maximum validity of 180 calendar days and may use it for a single visit. The applicant is informed that the validity of the FMM will be counted from the stamp of the immigration seal, as long as it accredits the requirements to enter Mexico. The applicant will print the FMM and must present it in the place destined to the international transit of people for which it intends to enter. The applicant becomes aware that the payment of the right to obtain the status of stay, does not guarantee his entry to Mexico. The applicant must present a valid passport or valid passport card, as well as the FMM at the time of requesting admission." It states in the rules "a valid passport or passport card [the USA has passport cards] " but not that it has to be valid for 6 more months; just valid at the time you enter Mexico so I presume it is up to the Immigration Offical screening you to give you a180 day FMM tourist card or only the number of days until your passport expires or turn you away. Who knows what will happen for sure.
  12. When we go into a large city on a trip I stop when first entering the place and let my wife drive the whole time there. This way I don´t have to listen to or follow her directions which I usually don´t agree with. Works every time and I don´t annoy her at all and get to people watch and see the place.
  13. dichosalocura: "I love Zacatecas, San Miguel, Guanajuato, and Queretero , all are amazing wonderful colonial places but they are high altitude desert areas basically and dry and brown much of the year. Queretero I would rate as the most affordable and livable out of that group." You missed the best of all in the high plateau semi-arid Bajio region - San Luis Potosí. SLP. IMO. Almost as large as Querétaro but much more middle to upper middle class than Querétaro and the Historic Center is several times larger than Querétaro´s and much more open and the ciy has more gardens and small parks and 2 large parks in town [one is a 1,115 acre park ] and cleaner and much less traffic congestion. Zacatecas is much smaller with a small Historic Center just like Guanaujato and SMA. Querétaro is more statigically located than SLP. SLP is about 200 klms north of Querétaro. We can drive 2 hours to get to any of the 4 cities you mentioned.
  14. Telling Time in Mexico

    Funny talking about "in a short time" he never mentions: "al rato" or "un rato". It is the same as what he is talking about. Possibly means even less time than "ahorita". Maybe he is not that familiar with Spanish expressions?
  15. Robbery Prevention

    If you have a Smart Phone get the free WhatsApp and use it, Most Mexicans I know use it and respond quickly, even business people. E-Mails and phone calls seem to be a thing of the past here. Even my wife´s and my own Telcel voice mails are not activated even though you can leave a voice message we will not hear it.