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  1. Residents using the On-Line FMM on Mexican Departure

    https://www.inm.gob.mx/fmme/publico/en/solicitud.html It is asking you to fill out your information only to enter Mexico and recieve a 180 day tourist FMM card. Why not simply fill out a FMM card the correct way for legal residents of Mexico [not as a tourist] at the airport. It takes about 3 to 5 minutes and guarantees you are not getting screwed around by filling out an enter into Mexico by airplane 180 day tourist FMM online? Does everyone have to do things the online way now instead of the old fashioned way with a pen? You only have to fill out the smaller top portion when leaving and then fill out the larger bottom portion when arriving back in Mexico. You don´t need to fill out the whole FMM card like tourists do when entering Mexico.
  2. U.S. Notary..electronically

    Our notario charges $400.00 peso per signature.
  3. How to dial US toll free number?

    800 numbers are toll free in the USA, For example: If you call from a Mexican landline 880 they will not connect and if you go to the website of the company of government agency they have a regular área code phone number to call for people who are out of the country. MagicJack works, Skype also because they have US numbers. My bank´s 800 number will only connect from my MagicJack not from my Telmex land line using 880 as an example. Maybe some people have had different experiences.
  4. Cost to Build

    http://www.nominax.com/calculadoracuotaimss https://idconline.mx/seguridad/2017/01/09/factores-para-cuotas-y-aportaciones-2017
  5. Practice using pesos

    The problem now for about 1 year is Mexican Banks have reduced the máximum peso withdrawal per transaction per day and possibly from one account. Banamex and Banorte was $8,000 pesos but now is $6,000 pesos. Ban Regio is still $10,000 peso per transaction. The fee is $21 pesos at Ban Regio and $69.00 pesos at Banorte and $31.00 pesos at Banamex. Increasing your US bank daily limit will get you more pesos in one day but you need to do more than 1 withdrawal and possibly go to more than one bank - 2 different Mexican Banks, and pay the US bank fee 2 or 3 times here in Mexico - depending.
  6. Practice using pesos

    When I have a bunch of ATM $500.00 peso notes I go to OXXO and they always give me change even for a 1 liter $16.50 peso Coca Lite.
  7. Pregnant Maid

    You are correct accoding to this news article: "What are the rights of working mothers in Mexico? In Mexico, the rights of working mothers are regulated mainly in the Constitution and in labor and social security laws. According to the regime under which the mother works, it will be the applicable legislation for the case of maternity. That is, if she is a worker in the service of the State, it will be necessary to comply with the provisions of the Law of the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers, ISSSTE. Otherwise, the Mexican Social Security Institute Law, IMSS, will be regulated, as well as social security legislation for the armed forces. Constitutionally, women are protected so that during pregnancy they are not obliged to perform work that requires considerable effort and endangers their health and pregnancy. This protection, known as incapacity for work by maternity, indicates that women must necessarily enjoy a break to take care of themselves in the final stage of pregnancy and to take care of their newborn baby (such rest includes, for the case of workers at the service of the State one month before the birth and two months after it, and, for the other labor regime, it will be six weeks before and six weeks later). During that time they have the right to receive their full salary, two extraordinary breaks of breastfeeding per day, each half an hour and to keep their employment, as well as the rights acquired as a result of the employment relationship (such as seniority in employment, for example). The protection is not only for the pregnant woman, also for the life and health of the unborn child. https://espanol.babycenter.com/a14700010/la-incapacidad-por-maternidad-en-méxico
  8. tip for IShop workers

    Nothing unless they deliver something to your house. Delivery people get tips not clerks or workers inside an office type envirorment. Tip the gas delivery guys, furniture delivery guys when they are at your house and garbage men at Christmas time, grocery baggers, Pemex gas jockeys and taxi drivers only if they haul your stuff from the car to your door, otherwise no tip is normal for them.
  9. Residente Permanente

    https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/montreal/index.php/en/foreigners/visa/278-visa-permanent-resident Foreigners Visa Foreigners who wish to remain in Mexico indefinitely may apply in person for a Permanent Resident Visa at the Consular Office closest to their place of residence. [ Legal Residents it appears not people on a tourist card - read below] Requirements: Visa application form printed on one page, double sided properly completed and signed. Passport or valid travel and identity document, original and a photocopy of the page containing the photograph and personal data. Original and a photocopy of the migratory document accrediting the legal stay in Canada (only for applicants who are not Canadian citizens)." According to Montreal´s Mx. Consulate only Canadians and legal residents of Canada can apply for a Mexican Resident visa there. I have seen his around the world. My friend can´t apply in Manilla. Phillipines at the Mx. Embassy because he is on a tourist visa there. He has to return to the USA to apply. It is in the 2011 SEGOB INM law and on the SEGOB INM website below; https://www.gob.mx/tramites/ficha/visa-de-residencia-permanente/SRE236 Google Translation: "Secretary of Foreign Relations Permanent residence visa It helps you to travel to Mexico, to present yourself in authorized places for international transit of people and your purpose is to remain indefinitely in the country. Necessary documents Required document Presentation Visa application form Original Valid Passport or Identity Document and Travel in accordance with international law Original and Copy 1 Photograph Document proving your economic solvency Original Document proving your legal stay (applies if you are not a national of the country where you apply for the visa) Notes: It is necessary that you consult with the Consular Office of Mexico of your preference the options that you have to prove the economic solvency and your legal stay (in the cases that correspond). All documents must be legible, without deletion or amendment. The photograph must be recent with a maximum of 6 months old, with visible face and without glasses, in color, passport size, whose measurements must be at least 32.0 mm x 26.0 mm and a maximum of 39.0 mm x 31.0 mm, with a background white and front. It is an essential requirement that you present proof of the corresponding payment of fees, consult with the Consular Office of Mexico abroad to know where to do it." You actually copied the bottom part of the same page as I have above but left out the top part. So you seem to have missed the part about being a citizen or legal resident of the country you can apply at a MX. Consulate for a RT or RP 6 month preapproved visa to be pasted into your passport. So the INM website does specfically state what Sonia stated and you were on the correct INM page but missed it.
  10. TR requirements leaving Mexico

    Odd that no one mentioned or didn´t noticed that when you give the INM official when entering Mexico your Mx. Resident visa/card and passport they always hold, in my case a US passport card, under a separate barcode scanner, look at their screen, look at my face and hand it back to me. Then they hold my Residente Permanente card under a different barcode scanner, look at the screen, hit a few keyboard keys and hand it back to me and say thank you. It usually takes about a minute.
  11. RFC #

    To register a vehicle maybe not, but to buy a new vehicle we needed a RFC and could only pay a máximum of $230,000 pesos in cash and the rest by bank transfer and a dedit card. I don´t know how long this federal law has been enforced but it was with us a couple of months ago.
  12. Renting a Vehicle one way from Laredo, TX

    You mean Nuevo Laredo Mx. I presume. One way car rentals don´t really happen here like NOB. The franchises here do not have the same setup as you are used to. If an owner of a franchise happens to have another franchise in a particular city you want to drop off the car it might be cheaper to do then. If not he will sent someone to pick his car up. This will cost you dearly as the mileage and gas to return the car, the empoyee´s expenses, wage and overtime etc. will be your responsibility. The farther away the more you will pay, possibly several hundred USDs in some cases.
  13. Looking for Portable Gas Space Heaters

    I went to your link to order that heater for my buddy and they are out of stock. Too bad as they are good. we have one, and that price was very good. The tanks are $665.00 pesos at Home Depot right now.

    250 KWHs per month in the climatic zone in Central Mx. or 500 KWHs per 2 month billing period. Heavily subsidized rate is for 3000 KWHs per 12 month period in your area and 800 KWHs per 2 month billing period [4800 KWHs subsidized in a 12 month period] in Puerto Vallarta´s climatic zone.
  15. Excessive TELCEL balance

    https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=es&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=es&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.telcel.com%2Fpersonas%2Fservicios%2Fotros%2Fpasatiempo%23&edit-text=&act=url If you have an Amigo, share your balance with another Telcel Amigo throughout Mexico. In order to use PasaTiempo your line must be active and with sufficient balance to make the transfer for the requested amount, plus the cost of the message. Send PasaTiempo You can send from $ 5 to $ 200 to any Amigo Telcel user in all of Mexico. Cost per shipment (SMS) Cost of operation of the service From $ 5 to $ 200 $ 0.00 $ 5.00 In order to use PasaTiempo your line must be active and with enough balance to make the transfer for the amount requested, plus commission. The charge for sending a PassTime, through any of the available modalities, is $ 5.00 including VAT and deducted from your Amigo Balance. For example: if you want to send $ 200, $ 205 will be deducted from your Amigo Balance. The charge for the user who receives the PassTime is $ 0.00. For example: if you send $ 200 as PasaTiempo, you are paid $ 200 of Balance Amigo. Check the Terms and Conditions. If you want to send a Pass Time, verify that your available balance adds up to the amount of balance you want to share plus the $ 5.00 charge. For example, if you want to send $ 200, you must have at least $ 205 of Amigo Balance. Check your available balance by sending an SMS with the word CONSULTATION to the dial 7373, or in the PasaTiempo app. Share your balance through any of the following means: 1.- Send an SMS to the dialing 7373 Write the Amigo number of Telcel to which you wish to send the PassTime, leave a blank space and indicate the amount without pesos you wish to send. Example: