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  1. I understand calling on my Telcel phone by dialing 011-52-+ the 10 digit number and that worked fine, I was trying to get unlimited international long distance by first dialing a Telcel number 58-58-*** that they told me dial just once for activation of the 21 days while out of Mexico which it did but only worked when calling Mexico or my wife calling me in the US unlimited. I coudn´t get the phone to call US numbers unlimited for the 21 days was the problem.
  2. "Can I use the Telcel Unlimited* International Plan to make calls from any state in the U.S.? Yes. 1. You can use the Telcel Unlimited** International Plan to call from any state. Dial the access number 1-415-655-0992 or 443-453-0031, if you have a Home Phone. 2. When prompted, enter the 0 1 1 + the country code + city code and the destination number, followed by the # key. For example: 0 1 1 + 5 2 + 7 4 4 + 6 5 8 4 7 5 4 + #. 3. Talk and enjoy the Telcel Unlimited** International Plan! 4. For added convenience, store your access number in your Telcel phone's speed dial. App for direct calling:Call your destination number directly and forget about dialing access numbers! You can download our free app Telcel Direct, available at Google Play or iTunes. It offers you a simple and easy way to make international calls." Do you have a Telcel plan or do you have the Amigo pay as you go?
  3. Same thing happend to me I do not have a Telcel plan and use OXXO recharges and when I went to the Telcel office they told me with a $100.00 peso recharge or over I call this number they gave me to get 21 days of unlimited international calls while in the US. I understand if you have the less expensive $199.00 peso Telcel plan you can adde $50.00 pesos to it and get international unlimited calls and can call US numbers while in the US.
  4. I had this Telcel pre-pay plan last time I was in the US and yes I could call Mexico and my wife could call me from home in Mexico unlimited for 21 days BUT I could not call any of my friends in the US. When I wanted to get in touch with them I had to use my friends´ where I was staying cell phones and they had to call these cell phones to get in touch with me.
  5. Baggers at grocery stores in Mexico are not employees of the company but the store lets then bag groceries there for tips. If you tip them about a peso per bag they usually will not rip you off. If you don´t know enough to tip them then they might rip you off. IMO
  6. ... and a fanny pack.
  7. It is not a handwritten password on your NUT form. It is called a "contraseña" and is printed there somewhere to enter your "tramite" processing steps. It is a 5 digit number. The "pieza numero" is on the form also and is not your NUT number. Select your nut number when it advances to that webpage for your processing notes.
  8. Volaris site has Portland to Guadalajara right now for $2,710 pesos on several dates in July and August. Some for $2,377 pesos. About $150.00 USD. Volaris usually beats Interjet if you are not in a hurry to travel and check daily for the seat sales. My friend went from CDMX to LAX, Los Angeles´ main airport, return last month for $150.00 USD on Volaris.
  9. Volaris has seat sales several times a month. if you are not in a hurry to leave check their website daily until a sale comes along and save about 30% on average..
  10. I have read several times the rate is given at the time of withdrawal that either Mastercard or Visa has set.
  11. No. You need to be on a 2 year RT first and then apply for a RP under the "vinculo familiar" law. To get a RP now you must go to a Mexican Consulate and show proof of deposits for 6 monhs sometimes a year into an account or a large investment account with the minimum balance required for financial solvency for a RP.
  12. Here in Mexico because of the heat and humidity in many areas trash smells very bad in a couple of days so they collect it more often. Most people can´t afford black garbage bags is another problem. Also feral dogs and cats can get at it if left outside even in black trash bags. They know what they are doing collecting it often.
  13. The cauldron [your cauldron not others hopefully] is that once a person is approved at a Mexican Embassy or Mx. Consulate they are given a 6 month pre-approval for either a Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente visa in their passport. This is non negotiable once you enter Mexico legally by getting this visa stamped when entering Mexico and request a 30 day "canje" FMM card. In otherwords the Mexican Embassy or Mx. Consulate has completed step 1 in the processing of you immigrating to Mexico. The local INM office only is responsible to process step 2. The local INM office does not question the Mexican Embassy´s or Mx. Consulate´s requirements to recieve the visa in your passport. They only process the visa and when in Mexico swap [exchange] the "canje" FMM card [your now legal immigration document to be in Mexico legally] to the status you are already pre-approved for outside Mexico for the actual RT or RP visa/card. As long as you follow the rules this is how it works. As far as you not following the discussion on how Mexican government Institutes actually sometimes do things as compared to what you are used to there is a fairly long learning curve involved but once you settle in you will eventually understand what we are talking about from first hand experience and experiences of those whom you get to know down here. Notice in my previous post I used the word "should" [follow the rules] and not "will". Mexican government institutes and their employees seem to like a little autonomy at times.
  14. The SEGOB INM website might not have the financial solvency numbers for Residente Temporal and Residente Permanente but the 2011 Ley de Migración [2011 Immigration Law] certainly does and I have read it several times. Here are the updated financial solvency requirements: All Mexican Embassies and Mexican Consulates Worldwide should be using these numbers.
  15. They just found a job for another employee/s to be administrators in the área you live in because they need to be trained by the Seguro Popular to do paperwork correctly. The office is most likey a "Módulo de Afiliación y Orientación" [Affiliation and Orientation Module] to sign up local families who haven´t joined yet. Very typical of SP/Secretaria de Salud to find more jobs for more people. How else does their empire grow to be the largest in all of Mexco next to Pemex and CFE.