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  1. Yes and the transformer was located in front of my house. Three explosions and a huge ball of fire that totally burned out my ground wire. CFE just left after repairing the wires.
  2. Have you found your dog?
  3. Wow! I hope it actually happens.
  4. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know where to find Dr. Bonners soap in the Ajijic area? Thank you.
  6. Uh,oh.....there goes the neighborhood.
  7. Is there anyone "off the grid" here? I'd be interested in learning more about that possibility.
  8. Southland asked about cost. Would someone address that? Thanks.
  9. Yves....and they have a lovely fireplace. Indoors.
  10. I ate meatloaf at a well known restaurant and got e-coli. I was so sick I hoped I would die. Was under a doctor's care for 3 days before I could lift my head from the toilet. I never eat hamburger in Mexico.
  11. Art Hess 766 3580
  12. Art Hess 766 3580
  13. I subscribe to the on line edition of the Guadalajara Reporter because I don't live near one of its circulation spots and I don't have as car. The on line addition is uploaded willy nilly. It does not follow a regular schedule and this weeks edition was not uploaded until early afternoon Saturday. I know this is a petty annoyance but nevertheless, it does annoy me. Does it bother anyone else?
  14. Your lament is the same as mine. No matter how many times I have talked with Telmex it does not make a difference. The folks at Telmex are very nice but there is never a result. It seems it does not matter what speed you pay for because all you can get is what they give you and they are unable to say why. The overall service is poor at best. Service in West Ajijic is a disgrace.
  15. Farmacia Christina near Salvadors and Toritos had it the last time I bought coconut oil. Can't remember what I paid or it.