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  1. kgreenbury


    They're in the frozen foods section, maybe 2nd or 3rd compartment across from the bread. I saw them again a few days ago and they're down toward the bottom, might be pushed toward the back. I didn't look closely but the first time they had pork and vegetable versions.
  2. kgreenbury


    Chillin, you nailed it. I can vouch for the virtues of Jicama - I use it in my gyoza, diced very small, and in larger slices in all my stir-frys instead of water chestnuts; it works perfectly. Ukiyo, just give us a heads-up when you're coming this way in a few months, and we'll see if we can pull a group of students together for you!
  3. kgreenbury


    Ukiyo - Maybe you'll give us a class on sushi when you come? I'm sure you'd have lots of people interested. I've learned to cook lots of things here out of desperation because they simply weren't available otherwise; still can't get enough good Asian food...
  4. kgreenbury

    Sichaun Cuisine

    Thanks so much for this link; I didn't know about it either. I get hardly any American TV and I've missed seeing these shows. Been in shock all weekend after the news on Friday and the site is overloaded at the moment but I'm hoping to explore it thoroughly when it's quieter. Hopefully they won't suspend or take it down...
  5. kgreenbury


    Thanks, Ukiyo. I've had the Costco ones, and they're good but less accessible. II kind of like mine fried, for a little crunch on the outside. I've been making my own for 35 years but sometimes I just want a few NOW... And FYI, I'm from western Canada so I'm a peirogi fan too. If you're ever ambitious, try sweet potato filling mixed with butter, bacon bits, green onions and a dash of liquid smoke - Fabulous!
  6. kgreenbury


    I noticed Walmart had 2 types of frozen gyozas yesterday - has anyone tried them? I'd love to have that option if they're any good but their frozen foods tend to range from awful to maybe if I'm desperate, of the ones I've tried...
  7. kgreenbury

    Local Dr. for Blood Pressure Issues?

    Thanks to all for the suggestions; some useful information there. And sorry - I thought I was clear that the meds were for my blood pressure and the side effects coming from them, I suspect, after doing some reading. Will definitely have the calibration of my monitor checked; no matter how good the doctor is, no one's going to take as much interest in your health as you would yourself. Need a consultation to start, but I believe in researching and doing what I can at home to manage these things.
  8. Having bad side effects on my current meds and need someone to reassess. Not sure if I need a GP or a specialist - who at Lakeside might be knowledgeable in this area?
  9. kgreenbury

    Music records to CDs?

    Ferret, thanks for the Amazon link. I had no idea these little converters existed and will definitely pick one up with my next Amazon order. I'm excited to try!
  10. kgreenbury

    Music records to CDs?

    I vote for a local service, like the OP was enquiring about. I've been hoping for years to find someone who could transfer my cassette compilations (don't laugh) - I've saved all my favourites `cause I spent hours and hours putting them together. Nothing to play them on anymore though...
  11. kgreenbury

    Is it really 103F in Ajijic right now??

    Sorry, but it feels like 104 - Friday and every day since...
  12. kgreenbury


    I remember them fondly too but haven't been there in ages; the bakery was kind of hidden away. I bought a few dozen bolillos there at one point for a big party and made two trips just so I could get them fresh from the oven. Then the hostess insisted on having them all sliced crossways in rounds; a complete mutilation I still haven't forgiven her for, 17 years later! Must try and get some again, just for me...
  13. kgreenbury


    Just saw that Lakeside Food Delivery has signed up Masayume so you can now have delivered to your door.
  14. Does anyone have an old, non-functioning pedestal fan hanging around? I broke the plastic blade on mine when cleaning it last fall and really could use about now. Mine is a "Merit" brand, probably from Walmart, but can't remember now. Worked perfectly and I'm reluctant to just throw it out.
  15. One pair brown calf-high dress boots, 3 inch heel, small fitting. Ordered from Amazon - tried on but never worn. Nearly $300. new, sell for $150. U.S. or peso equivalent. 2nd pair golden brown ankle boots with zipper, 1 inch heel. Worn to walk about 6 blocks - also thru Amazon, also too small. $60.00 USD or peso equivalent. Problem transferring photos to computer from camera; interested parties please request and I will send direct.