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  1. REC

    Layover from USA in GDL

    For your long layover in GDL there are several restaurants where you could kill some time. I agree that you will need to claim your bags and go through immigration and customs at GDL as your "first port of entry" in Mexico. Going back I "think" you will be able to check your bags through to your "first port of entry" in the U.S.
  2. REC

    Lost Visitor Visa - what to do?

    A friend of ours did the same thing on a visit. Easily taken care of the airport and in her case on the day of her flight. She just went to the immigration window with her passport and was issued a new document. I think the fee was just a bit over $300 pesos but could have gone up. And of course be prepared to pay in cash in pesos. As Maincoons says you could go to the airport before your departure date but it seem practical to arrive early before your flight and do it on the same day. Go to the immigration window before going to the airline counter for check in.
  3. We used Lake Chapala Moving and were very happy with their service. 376-766-5008 http://www.lakechapalamoving.com/
  4. REC

    Ilox Subscription Update

    My apologies - especially to Ted who has done us all a great favor by taking on this initiative. I definitely expressed some opinions rather than stating facts and I should have known better. I guess my frustration is that this shouldn't even be close. As I understand it almost 500 people said they would pay in advance and as of the last update I saw only around 100 had actually done so. In the absence of an update I made assumptions and that was definitely a mistake and very unfair to Ted - and Ilox. Ted - thanks again for your efforts on our behalf. I do agree with Ted that it is not appropriate to criticize the way Ilox has handled this as they did not come to us. We (actually Ted) went to them. That is a separate issue and I bundled that in with some other issues. Also, I definitely take responsibility for my comments about Telmex and Telecable not making significant investments here. I definitely don't have any inside information but made assumptions based on what they have done previously, what I have been told and knowing how budget decisions for this type of capital expenditures are often made based on having been responsible for those types of decisions in a previous life. But I don't have inside information and should have made it clear that I was expressing what I still think is a reasonable assumption but I should have said it more elegantly. My last comment on all this is that I do reject the idea that because the infrastructure was not very advanced when I moved here that I shouldn't want an improvement. Or that I should move rather than wanting anything to get better. Sorry - I don't understand that argument but that is not important and I should have ignored those comments. And I will do so going forward. Again, my thanks, apologies and admiration to Ted for starting all this and sticking with it. I am very happy to hear that things are moving forward. THANKS Ted!
  5. REC

    Ilox Subscription Update

    I completely understand that some folks just can't take the leap of faith that is required to make the ILOX deal have a chance of going forward. I really do understand that perspective as well as the reality that some folks just can't afford the upfront cost. There is definitely some risk involved and everyone has to do that risk/return assessment on their own. Makes sense to me but I understand that others just can't get there. The reality is that ILOX put forward a proposal and not enough folks have agreed to that proposal so it won't go forward. Absolutely no problem with ILOX's proposal OR with anyone's response to that proposal. However, saying that ILOX should do this differently is really a moot point. They get to say what they will/won't do and we all get to agree - or not. Just like the pricing and terms/conditions of any other product or service - Superlake, restuarants, cabs/car service, and a ton of others that are debated over and over. So the one thing that is absolutely certain as a result of the response ILOX has received is that we will not have any options that could be described as "high speed internet" anytime in the near future. Telmex and Izzy/Telecable are clearly not going to make the investment needed to really change anything here. In fact, as more people come to our area, the actual reliability, quality and speed available to us is more likely to get worse rather than better. We have lost the one real chance we had for that to change for a long time. I understand - I REALLY do. I am just disappointed. I REALLY want higher speed but am obviously getting by with what is available. My only observation is that we shouldn't gripe about Telmex or Telecable since we passed on a chance at an alternative. Just like ILOX they have made business decisions and we have to live with what they have decided. The only thing less effective than debating how ILOX should have handled this is expecting things to get better with Telmex or Telecable. All the posts about workarounds to try pick up very small increases in speed are sort of funny.
  6. REC

    new ride service

    I wish them well. Options are always good. I'm sure they will figure out where their pricing needs to be in order to be competitive but also to be profitable. All businesses have to figure out this balance. When businesses try to compete solely on price it is very hard to sustain - but I am certain they know that without us telling them. I admire anyone who takes on this type of a challenge and hope that they are successful. Stella and Rene - welcome to the community and best of luck.
  7. REC

    Shaw TV

    I think there are two issues - getting signed up with Shaw for access and obtaining/installing the necessary equipment. If you are Canadian and have a legitimate Canadian residential address you have some options as far as signing up for service including signing up directly with Shaw yourself. Do not mention Mexico in any of your communication with Shaw - VERY important. If you don't have that option you will definitely need help getting signed up. Ajijic Satellite & CP Electronics can help. You might also find someone that can add you to their account but I personally would not do so. This is not something you want to get wrong as Shaw seems to be paying more attention to verifying "legitimate" users. Just my opinion. For the equipment those two companies can provide you with the dish and box(es) you need. The equipment is not cheap to start with and when those folks import the equipment including shipping and duty the cost can only go up. It is possible to buy the equipment yourself and I have even found an online resource that will ship to the U.S. - but not to Mexico. As mentioned you might find someone selling equipment that could save you some money. My suggestions are that you make sure to buy up to date boxes - 600 or 800 series and not the older 300 or 500 models. Also I have heard of a few folks that bought used boxes that had previously been activated where they ran into problems reactivating them under a different name. For the dish it doesn't really make sense to try to have one shipped. Size and shipping cost would be at least somewhat problematic. Probably best to buy at least the dish from one of the local providers and then have them install & align it. I guess you could bring a dish down if you were driving. I have brought more than one box down in my airline carry-on luggage - but never considered bringing down a dish. Be prepared for a little "cost shock" upfront but once you are up and running you should be happy with the available content. I don't think you can go wrong with either of the recommended options. I use Ajijic Satellites in part because they are "local" but I have heard good things about CP too.
  8. REC

    Ilox Subscription Update

    Sounds like some tinkering will be required. At a minimum an MPEG-4 receiver ($$$) and access to all three satellites including the new one that may not provide decent reception for those of us outside of Shaw's intended service area. Shaw will not "go away" but it may become a less viable option for those of us down here do at least in part to the footprint of the new satellite. That could happen at any time and almost certainly way before 7 years. Shaw could also take other steps that may affect those of down here that don't affect subscribers who are actually in Canada. I doubt they are going to do much to actively deteriorate our service down here but they certainly aren't going to do anything to make things better for us. Shaw in Toronto versus Shaw at lakeside are very different issues. Just sayin'. Also, contacting Shaw directly in any way is a really bad idea if you are not Canadian, don't have a "real" Canadian physical address, and didn't set up your Shaw account yourself while in Canada. Even if you have your own completely legitimate Canadian account, contacting Shaw from down here in any way is unlikely to turn out well. If even a hint of "Mexico" comes up during such a contact things will probably become difficult very quickly. And I agree with RVGringo - as is pretty much always the case. Neither Telmex or Telecable is going to make much of an investment in our small primarily residential market. ILOX was willing to consider doing so but if I were them I would have all the information I need and would run away as fast as possible.
  9. REC

    Ilox Subscription Update

    I am sure there are others but Todd TV has the U.S. networks from a bunch of markets/cities.
  10. REC

    Ilox Subscription Update

    Long response and this won't be at all interesting or useful for a lot of folks but here is what I am doing. Amazon sells a number of Android TV boxes that are fairly inexpensive, fairly easy to setup and can be shipped directly to Mexico. Some are available from Amazon Mexico but I just ordered this one from Amazon USA and had it shipped directly to my house in Ajijic. Paid the shipping and duty but it arrived in about a week. This is the one I bought but there are lots of others including some that are close to 1/2 the price of this one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B94S68Y/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 For content I am using several services but one that provides tons of content is Todd TV. Todd TV even sells Android boxes with their app already installed. Don't know about having those boxes shipped to Mexico since I bought mine from Amazon and installed Todd TV myself. http://www.toddtv.org/index.html It didn't seem too difficult to set up either the box or the app but again I was able to handle the technical challenges. There will be changes somewhere down the line but that will happen with anything - Sky, DirectTV, Shaw, Telecable. Change is unavoidable. I think the problem with the folks that are "about to be run out of town" are that they didn't set expectations very well or that people are sort of ignoring those expectations. It seems like those folks are "reselling a product" rather than "providing a service" - at least in my opinion. On the Todd TV site you can even find details about "buying credits" that you can then "resell". Again, just my opinion but that is a major distinction. We all want easy, cheap, reliable, intuitive and consistent options in most parts of our lives. Unfortunately we can't get all of those features very often. The only problem I have had with my setup is due to internet speed. And then a slight annoyance with Todd TV is "navigation". There are something like 2000 channels so it is going to be a little difficult to find what you want in a seamless, intuitive way. But that is a function of having 2000 channels - so good news and bad news. The night I got my setup running I watched Rugby 7s from Hong Kong, a snooker tournament from Singapore, cricket from India and Australian rules football from Sydney - just because I could. My only problem was stuttering/buffering due to internet speed. I also use Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Acorn TV and other resources on my smart tv, a Roku box on another older tv, my laptop, my iPad and even on my phone. i use a VPN for access to some of those resources. However, for Netflix I am pretty happy with the options I get using my USA Netflix account down here without using my VPN all the time. I am binging on a couple of series from Amazon Prime Video on my phone over WiFi most nights without any problems. I does take some tinkering and I am technical enough to do all that for myself. I definitely understand that others can't, won't or don't want to bother with all that. I can also understand folks not wanting to be in the position of providing "service" for these options. But if any of us wants lots of options and lots of content then a ton of stuff is available. Again, there is no doubt that all this is practical for me since I can handle the technical issues. The only barrier for me is fast, reliable internet service. In my opinion we are not ever going to get that from Telmex or Telecable/Izzy. Megacable is not going to come to lakeside. ILOX was our best option but we as a community have pretty much killed that opportunity. "If" we had high speed internet it could make sense for someone to provide a service to deal with all this and really make it come to life. Without high speed internet it is a mute point. Good to hear that we absolutely for sure will have Shaw for 7 more years. I am not positive that is accurate but if so I will be very happy. But I still want Netflix, Amazon Prime, sports, etc. and the best option for all that seems to be streaming. I would be happy to answer questions or to discuss what I am doing. However, I don't want to make house calls, write a "how to guide", teach a class or anything like that. But I am happy to answer questions.
  11. REC

    Ilox Subscription Update

    Hi there. "Passionate advocate" here. And here is another of my rants. I don't think it is an absolute certainty that Shaw will disappear in two years but I think it is inaccurate to say that is not a possibility. In fact, it is possible that Shaw could disappear at any time. Even those of us that are not account sharing or doing something else that deprives Shaw of the money they are due are at a minimum stretching Shaw's terms and conditions.I fully acknowledge that I am "guilty" of that but rationalize it by taking the steps to pay Shaw 100% of the fees they are due. Sooner or later technical, business and/or regulatory issues will remove Shaw from our list of options. However, I do believe that Shaw will almost certainly cease to be an option at some point and for me it makes sense to take the necessary steps to have an alternative in place before that happens. In my opinion, streaming is the most viable long term option. I think that is where technology is headed. And that requires reliable, consistent, high speed internet access. We have streaming options now - but don't yet have the internet structure available to make those options viable. So I am "all in" on ILOX. I never thought that ILOX was "keen" to provide this service to the lakeside area - but they have been "willing" to do so within parameters that work for them. They didn't approach us - some incredibly generous volunteers from our community approached them and asked what it would take for ILOX to come to lakeside. MANY thanks for all that work. I am very humbled by your efforts on our behalf. I am a "recovering techie" having built and managed networks for a good bit of my working life. I have done my own research and have become comfortable with ILOX's business practices, financial strength and goals. As I have said in previous posts I think we are seeing that their market research was right on target. Nearly double the required number of people "said" they would pay in advance but right at half the required number have actually done so (4 to 1 ratio for "said" versus "did"). I can't imagine that ILOX will waste any more time on us. They have all the information they need. Just my opinion - and my disappointment that it looks like we won't be getting access to this service. A loss for all us! Now we can all go back to being mad at Telmex.
  12. REC

    Fiber optics

    I think pretty much everything that can be said has been said - but here I am again. I was talking with someone in the past few days - an actual person to person conversation - who knew that was even possible anymore? The topic of "why didn't ILOX do market research" came up. After some discussion we both came to the conclusion that ILOX actually did the most effective job of market research possible. They asked how many people would be willing to pay in advance - and then strangely enough asked people to actually do just that. 100% accurate feedback rather than opinions or "maybes". Again, no one has to agree as to what constitutes "market research" but I can't imagine a more effective approach. They determined exactly what people would or would not do rather than what they might do - or what they said they would probably do. We also discussed the "interest free loan" topic. I guess that as a matter if principle some folks will be philosophically opposed to entering into any agreement that they see as that type of arrangement. I'm not worried about that but I guess I can sort of understand that view as a matter of principle. But here is the math - Let's say that for round numbers we send them $15,000 pesos, it takes a year before we get "return on investment" for that money, and we "could" have earned 10% on that money during that time. I think 10% is perhaps optimistic and $15,000 is a bit above the highest amount but let's go with that. So for a year that $1,500 pesos that we are "losing" breaks down to about $4.11 pesos a day (1500 / 365) . Even if I was concerned about the "right or wrong" principle of this "interest free loan", $4 pesos a day doesn't seem too material. Warning - tacky comment to follow. Those of us that have sent in our money are not only giving ILOX all this money for free, we are making it possible for others that want the service but are unwilling to pay in advance to be able to get the service at all. We are subsidizing your access to this opportunity. You're welcome! Sorry - I warned you it would be tacky but I couldn't help myself. I really do understand that others just won't do this. Really, I do. I hope I am finished with this topic as I have probably (definitely) gotten too far into the weeds on this - but I am not all that smart so can't guarantee I won't have other comments. Just ask my wife about how often I know when to shut up.
  13. REC

    Roberto's Terrace

    It is the "Real Bobby" and I am sure he will do a great job. He is really excited and motivated - and an excited and motivated "Real Bobby" is something to look forward to. Here are a few links that address high end/modern Mexican food. I love good ole Mexican street food but there a lot of places around the world that are "kicking it up a notch". http://www.rickbayless.com/recipes-from-chef-rick-bayless/ http://www.emmasmexgrill.com/ https://www.yelp.com/biz/teocintle-ajijic https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2016/04/mexican-food-enters-the-fine-dining-realm/478341/ And Rigo and Joel at The Cocktail Bar are discussing putting together a nice menu of "upscale" Mexican dishes - perhaps a once a week event and perhaps some special events to include special drinks and wine pairings. Still in the discussion stage but he will be posting to his Facebook account as he works on developing the idea. I'm looking forward to what Rigo and Joel come up with and am REALLY excited to see what Bobby does in his new place.
  14. I am struck by how different our experiences with employees has been compared to others' experiences. We just haven't had these kinds of problems except in one case when we first got here. Had to get rid of our first gardener but it was very simple and painless. We had a lawyer do the paperwork and paid what was due without any problems. We have had the same housekeeper the entire time and the same gardener since replacing that first one. No problems at all. Maybe we are just lucky.
  15. REC

    Fiber optics

    Clearly everyone can decide to sign up and pay - or not. And we can all agree with and understand how ILOX has chosen to structure this - or not. As I understand it ILOX is primarily interested in and focused on large commercial connections - not so much on individual retail clients. This seems to be their business plan as mentioned in a number of sources. They are willing to consider deviating from their general approach by considering providing direct retail connections to the relatively small lakeside market. As has been said they are a very large organization with lots of resources so we are small potatoes to them. Like any other organization they have to make decisions about how to direct those resources - including bank loans and lines of credit. In order for them to deviate from their preferred market for a relatively small amount of business they have come up with what I think is a pretty creative way to make that attractive to them and their investors/shareholders. In my opinion they are thinking "outside the box" and in some ways doing us a favor. I definitely understand that others don't see it that way. I for one appreciate what they are doing. Since the opportunity to have dramatically better internet speed is important to me I am willing to accept their offer and pay in advance. In doing so I am actually making this available to others who decide to wait. I am subsidizing those of you who definitely want the service but don't want to do it the way ILOX is willing to do it. I'm fine with that. I agree with Gringal that most of us understood what internet services were available when we made the decision to move here. However, as new opportunities have become available many of us have taken advantage of those new options. I respectfully disagree that just because we were okay with what was available when we moved here we shouldn't be thrilled when something significantly better comes along. Some of us were here when dial-up was the primary option but I sure was happy when other options became available. The ILOX deal is a major upgrade in speed - and hopefully reliability. Things change. That's a good thing - at least in my opinion. This is really not much different than a GoFundMe/KickStarter campaign. I have signed up and paid but completely understand that others see it differently. I am really looking forward to taking my ILOX connection out for a spin when it becomes available.