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  1. I hadn't heard that Alex changed his email. He may be staying at a place that doesn't have broadband. One time he had to go to town which he only did occasionally. I think this is the same place.
  2. I get 3 down when Telmex is good. Check out the other thread on paying to run high speed fiber optic. We're not hoping to do that for kicks.
  3. Nasty email on Prodigy

    Oxford: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/phishing
  4. French's crispy fried onions

    Yup. They are usually at Superlake and the price went up recently.
  5. Have the card right here. 333 953 7583 julieywayne@yahoo.com
  6. I'm using Julie and Wayne Hensley for the first time. So impressed by the service. They come out to the house and basically everything is taken care of from then on out.
  7. Curious why we'd think that a local club of customers would make demands, or rules for perfomance with a utility that would supercede whatever contracts it has with the government or its normal performance commitments. All we're really doing is the equivalent of paying to run a line where service doesn't exist. After that, we pay for our monthly sub, like all other customers.
  8. Two things. Adding my huge thanks again to you for tackling this project. Second, cannot express how excited I am about this. Literally a life changer for us who deal with the slowest speeds that Telmex offers.
  9. Tom, do you have any kind of rough, very rough time frame in which you expect a project like this to complete? Note how careful I am there... I don't know if we're looking at 2 years or 5.
  10. Date Palm Dying

    I had the same thing. A larva looking bug in the heart of the palm. It's quite distressing to lose a large, apparently healthy tree this way. Get help, but it's likely that if the problem is so far advanced, you won't be able to save it.
  11. Superlake

    Yesterday, I marveled and dithered over the choice of three brands of lemon curd. I fear that type of indecision is what we'll lose.
  12. Butternut Squash

    For Philistines only: There were a couple cans... yes, cans... of butternut squash at Superlake this morning. They are back on the Thanksgiving display, next to the cans of mushed pumpkin. Bottom shelf. I'm trying to provide a public service here. I refuse to allow myself to be flamed over the merits, or lack of same, of canned squash.
  13. something odd in my red wine

    Approaching it logically, there can't be that many naturally occurring odd globular substances in wine. I didn't see pictures, but people described it as globular. Good luck.

    They've been closed for a couple of months. At first there was a sign that there were issues with service that needed to be worked out. Then that paper came down and it's been closed and dark ever since. One of the few great ones around here bites the dust.
  15. something odd in my red wine

    I used to work at a winery supply and hadn't heard of this, so googled... "globs in wine". Yeah. It exists. Here is one article about tartrate crystals. http://tablascreek.typepad.com/tablas/2011/05/whats-in-my-wine-tartrate-crystals.html