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  1. Emergency Preparedness SCAM

    The bottom line is that someone you don't know is offering something you don't need and wants contact information or will send something to open on your computer. Trying to establish a personal connection with you. Why would you say yes? If you want any info on preparedness, google for it. The world is your oyster. Protect yourself by being suspicious.
  2. Good luck. Personally I call Mike (Computer guy), before whatever computer, telephone or TV drives me nuts. Then we can both pretend that I understand whatever the heck it is and he just fixes it or sets it up or digs a deep hole in the ground and gives it a proper funeral (when required). Strongly recommend you do the same.
  3. Speedtest is often used. http://beta.speedtest.net/
  4. It's the fee. I used a Mexican card. There would have been no reason to display an USD exchange rate.
  5. Does anyone have a cook?

    So your point is that we overly fastidious become ill on tainted food and you can prove it? I'm outta this discussion.
  6. Does anyone have a cook?

    All of the home cooked food that I bought that made me ill was heated in the microwave before eating. I did a quick google to confirm that microwaving isn't a fix for tainted food. One is that the toxins already produced might be heat resistant, the other that microwaving does not heat uniformly. There are hot and cold spots. There may be other problems, but these are major. "Cooking to temperatures above 60℃ will kill most bugs known to cause food-borne illness, but the toxins produced by them may be heat-tolerant. If the food is already contaminated with bugs that produce toxins, microwaving might kill the toxin-producing bug but not destroy the toxins, despite the correct temperature and time combination. This can also apply to other cooking methods. Appropriate food storage is the key to minimizing such risks."
  7. Does anyone have a cook?

    I read your earlier post, weeks ago now, about proper treatment of prepared food to kill bacteria. When I started paying attention, I realized that I was getting mild food poisoning at least one a week with bigger flare ups maybe monthly. It was such a constant condition, I stopped thinking of it as unusual. Sometimes it was only headaches with minor gastric symptoms, but just all the time. It was a complete mystery to me, because I've never had these issues. I used to be a huge consumer of the frozen home cooked, or restaurant prepared, food at Superlake and the local organic markets. I went cold turkey and just stopped buying anything home made. It's been months.. well, however long since you wrote the detailed post, I haven't had one instance of food poisoning. I've talked to a few friends who have had similar problems. Just an alert to pay attention and be careful.
  8. New Shaw Direct Receiver

    Thanks for the info. I am a current customer so went through the rigamarole and have the Canadian address and all. I've just never dealt directly with Shaw. There's an intermediary in Canada. Who I will check with. Thanks again.
  9. New Shaw Direct Receiver

    So, when I get a new receiver, do I need the company I originally bought the system from here to install it? Is it plug and play or is there a code to let Shaw Direct know it's my account? Somehow... Maybe a secret handshake. Or a decoder ring.
  10. They send their email last evening. phone 333 446 2289 email lakeside.shopping@gmail.com
  11. New Shaw Direct Receiver

    Out of curiosity, what is the issue with dual receiver that makes it undesirable?
  12. CCleaner news: bad.

    Thanks, CG. I've switched to malwarebytes for the last few years, but used to use CCleaner and considered it a resource. Great information.
  13. There have been poisonings recently. If you look at how widespread the poisonings were, it's unlikely to have been one person with one motivation. Thanks for the warning. Taaffe. Extra alertness can never hurt.
  14. Can't answer your money market question. I have a Ameriprise account with no problem. All, or most US issued credit cards, require permission from you for using in foreign countries. That includes travel and using a card here. Call your card company and give approval for use in Mexico. If you're here permanently, insist that that your approval is permanent. If you've already done and the card was refused, call the card company and straighten it out.
  15. Two story houses are nice, because the ground floor is automatically cooled with very little cross ventilation effort. Screens on windows are not automatic here. Add them. There is a convention (or legality) that if your house is on the property line, you can't put windows on that side because it infringes on privacy of your neighbors. I have no windows running the length of the house for that reason. So the advice would be to set back the house from the property line. I don't know how much.