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  1. California Select American cheese slices at CostCo

    So not so new to this board are you? Harassment of other posters still isn't appreciated here.
  2. Thanks much. I responded a month ago with all of the requested info and heard nothing. Just resent to the addy you provided.
  3. bitcoin

    I don't know your relationship to the OP, but it seems strange to read your comments on someone's else financial business on a public forum.
  4. Fiber optics

    Oh, thanks for that link. I was on another site which led me to believe they were selling groups of smiling families.
  5. Fiber optics

    Thanks. I assumed it did, but wanted to verify. I didn't try hard enough on my first expedition through their website.
  6. Fiber optics

    I wrote back to the sender to ask the difference between the triple plan and the doble. The cheaper doble lists telephone while the triple doesn't. If anyone here has information, please share. As far as barcelonaman's issues with being asked to finance projects, I'm not so concerned about that. I've known several people locally who haven't been able to get Telmex service until they pay for poles and lines to reach their property. I'm just grateful fo the opportunity to get high speed service.
  7. Chicken Wings - where do you go?

    Cooked? or DIY?
  8. I can help you this far. Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos
  9. Please don't lock the thread, because a troll posts offensive material in it. This rewards his behavior.

    You can also google. There is a large website with contact info.
  11. Completely understand. I have experience with a US telcom, so I was thinking getting something this century would be fantastic. There are a lot of logistics and investment on their side that weren't even under consideration before Tom started.
  12. Seems to be people asking when, but they had no new information.
  13. This is not an NGO. It is a telcom coming into a new area. There was one post from a someone who advocated some kind of consumer group to collectively deal with them. If you read the reaction to that, it went no where. Again if you read the thread, one unbelievable persistent community member approached the telcom and got this whole thing in place. We have no fiber optic here yet, so I don't understand the point about online teaching. When Ilox puts in its fiber optic, if you're in an area they cover, you'll have the option of being their customer or Telmex. Or Izzy. Those are the main internet, phone options around here. Rereading your post, I assumed this forum is not the "Digital Community Meeting" you are referring to?
  14. Angus. Why are you trolling this thread? Seriously. You don't understand the content and apparently are disturbed by it. Go somewhere else. This post is vulgar, offensive, and uncalled for.