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  1. Glad the fireworks look great from your distance. From mine, the cohetes torture people and animals for hours. Enduring it is an option, getting used to it isn't so much, unless you're deaf.
  2. Sea

    Telmex wifi down??

    Odd. I'm in SAT too, south near the lake. No interruption in Telmex this morning.
  3. That is fairly standard advice for handling GERD. It all helps. Make sure you are clear on instructions from your doctor regarding the drugs he is prescribing for you. There is a lot of info on the internet, and this forum, about these OTC drugs that will not be applicable to you. Example, if you're placed permanently on omeprazole, the OTC usage instructions (don't use permanently) don't apply to you. The doctor has made the determination on the severity of your GERD vs long term usage and can explain it to you.
  4. Sea

    Mexican Restaurant - Los 5 Potrillos

    One of the problems is they just don't have much food. So item after item on the menu as you go down it.. unavailable, including drinks. They don't seem to be able to pay suppliers. It doesn't get the crowds on the weekends like it did years ago, so there just isn't much left. My friends in Ixtlahuacán who were determined to support the family as long as possible finally had to move on to other restaurants in the town. Mainly lack of food and uncaring service.
  5. Sea

    Mexican Restaurant - Los 5 Potrillos

    The restaurant is barely functional at this point. Adjust your expectations. Why was this ancient thread resuscitated?
  6. Sea

    Fountain Pens

    Rodney Dutro... His website is https://www.fineartturnings.com/contact Good luck. His work was beautiful.
  7. Sea

    Clothes pin bag

    I made mine out of a pillowcase. Twisted on the ends and hung with clothes pins. Some one clever and crafty could probably add a clothes hanger to the open end.
  8. Sea

    Infinitum Fiber Optic

    Fiber optic, telephone lines, power, etc, can all physically share the same poles. Now what's going on here? No idea. My guess on the truck sign is they didn't design a "Two Tin Cans and A String" logo for our area.
  9. Looks like you're on to something else. I looked up Speedify and it does combine ISP for faster service. I got 7 mbps a few times, before Izzy started failing. Excerpt. "The Speedify app then works in tandem with the Speed Server to intelligently divide your Internet traffic and deliver the combined speed of all available Internet connections. " https://support.speedify.com/article/273-how-does-speedify-work
  10. Sea

    Ilox Subscription Update

    I bought my house when Telmex was dial-up, so missed the memo on how intelligent people do their research for moving into an area with high speed internet service. Thanks for the instruction on how to spot hostility though. I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  11. That makes a lot of sense. The explanation from Speedify on how it works is a little soft. And I'm combining two notoriously bad ISPs. As you say, YMMV.
  12. Speedify does work as a VPN. I don't know the answer to your question about 2 VPNs. The reason I don't recommend it strongly, is I don't see a straight linear improvement like I expected. Izzy is 5 mbps tops. Telmex is 3. So you'd think, combine them and see 7 or 8. Well worth the $5 a month. No, not for me. Izzy fades away, comes and goes from 5 to nothing. Telmex is 3 on a good day, whatever the heck on weekends when people are streaming. I'm getting disconnects again weekend evenings. Now, if I got 5 regularly I'd be pleased, but I don't. My short answer, if you check this out and can't get it work, not a huge thing.
  13. Sea

    Hot water heater repair

    My plumber/electrician handles repairs and adjustments to the water heater. No special water heater service person required. If you're not a talented DIY person, you probably already have someone you use.
  14. Sea

    Ilox Subscription Update

    You keep saying that people move here with full knowledge of lack of facilities. Perhaps you're unaware that there is a huge variance in the quality of internet speed from one neighborhood to the next, or even parts of the same town, from street to street. I am not "whining" when I complain about the poor 3 mbps download speed at my house. I will continue to do it. I won't move to Guad to get better broadband, as has been suggested. The hostility of some posts on the subject of trying to get good internet service is kind of amazing.
  15. Sea

    Bad water odor

    Thanks for the info. I'll refer this anode rod to my plumber. I never heard of it before. I live in SAT also. Sulfur smell roughly 2 weeks or so. Ajibe is clean and filtered.