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  1. My wife had a bridge done last year and she still very happy with it.

    WOW! thanks for the tidbits, I feel really bad about the situation. Like Spencer mentioned you got scammed big time.
  3. Mom Died

    Sad to hear, RIP Mom
  4. Lower Riberas - no water - 3rd day

    Eagles100, we had the same problem a few weeks back in Upper Riberra, we call senapa and it took them four days to come over. They blew the lines with compress air. Its not perfect but we will not run out of water now. Bonne chance avec cela.
  5. I would be taking the Quota, fast and easy to follow and most of it SAFE.
  6. Simapa showed up kind of fixed the problem, I have a small steady flow, good enough for now until it stops again. :) life is good in Mexico. :)
  7. Propane Tank

    I was thinking of a BBQ Tank, oops sorry! Yes definitly local hardware and agree get the best price.
  8. Propane Tank

  9. Remove your shut off valve to see if there is dirt impeding the line. It did not work for me as the debris is further down the line.
  10. Granada, I know how you are feeling, the only tip I can get you is remove the valve straight out. Sometimes the dirt is at the valve and by removing the valve will get the flow back into the pipe. In my case, no such luck it is further down the pipe and I need a long snake to poke into the pipe. You need to find some nice neighbour that will let you fill up your aljibe, it takes almost 2 days.
  11. My title should have said upper Riberas:) I still get only trickle going throug my Aljibe, if it was not from some nice people that let me used their supply to fill it up I would still be dried. A friend of mine called 3 times Simapa and they are aware of the problem. They said they wsend worker over on Monday to blow the dirt out of the pipe. Tomorrow is Wednesday so maybe they will show up. :)
  12. Costco

    LOL, that is very funny. There is 2 Costco in Guad and they are not coming to Chapala. That is really funny.
  13. Driving to Laredo

    Have a safe trip back, you should be all right plus you are taking two days to get to Laredo.