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    Possible Terror Attack in Toronto

    Might be a member of the "old geezer who shouldn't be driving" liberation front. Lots of members or "sleeper cells" here at Lakeside.

    Refinishing floor tiles

    Terrazzo, travertino, marble, and concrete floor tiles can be refinished. Glazed floor tiles cannot, especially the rustico ones with an uneven surface. The stone is patched with a special cement, tinted to the correct color, then it is ground with a machine with progressively finer grits (diamond pads these days). It is a professional job requiring specialized equipment. Based on the neglected travertino floors I have seen around here, I doubt if there is anyone offering this service locally. It should have a glass like finish, which as you know, can be very slippery when wet. If you drop an ice cube or spill some water in our house you have to pick it up quickly or someone can end up dead!
  3. There are places you are looking for at that price range between San Juan Cosala and Jocotepec. Jocotepec is also where the Lakeside public hospital is, there is a fairly large general store there, a good public market, a beautiful malecon. You will most likely be living in a very Mexican neighbourhood, which is not necessarily a bad thing at all. Taxis are also much less expensive there than Ajijic or Chapala. There are maybe 100 to 150 expat families living in or near Jocotepec. Many go to the town square for coffee in the mornings - that is where you have to ask about rentals. Also bear in mind, there is a national Mexican election on July 1st, and the left wing candidate is widely favoured to win. This has already caused the peso value to drop. So look for rent in pesos - that is the law in any case.

    Beautiful Popcorn

    Here is another item that local farmers could grow for the market. https://gardenerd.com/blog/harvesting-glass-gem-popping-corn/

    quarter inch wood dowels

    I know this will sound unbeivable, but I used to own a dowel making factory, using Pacific Northwest birch. The main function was to make stock for my wooden golf tee factory. So I have to tell you that 1/4 inch dowels are extraordinary difficult to produce. You might be better off looking at Bamboo, of which we have a large, unwanted grove. Wear good boots and pick anything you need. You will need some serious clipping shears, but I have those too. German steel baby!

    Squash seeds - pepitas

    Sorry old chap, its Tuxpan Squash. 12 foot vines - yikes !!! https://www.rareseeds.com/pipian-from-tuxpan-squash/submit-review/

    Squash seeds - pepitas

    Here is a good article about the squash seeds. They are sometimes called Tuxco Squash, because some of the seedsaver and heritage seed people travelled to Tuxco, Veracruz to get seeds. As you will see, they are very distinctive. https://gardenerd.com/blog/harvesting-silver-edge-pumpkin-seeds/

    Lead free spray paint

    I scoured that Ecos website but it is very evasive. I think they are talking about mineral paint, as pioneered by Kiem in Germany. Very watery,unless they they thicken with amorphous silica (also natural). Requires alkaline resistant pigments, of which I have A large selection

    quarter inch wood dowels

    There is no way wooden dowels are safe for handrails. Your easiest, but a little expensive are Hilti chemical anchors, available at the Hilti store in Guadalajara. Buy the rated weight you want. RV is right about soft brick in older homes but newer ones seem to prefer concrete bricks.

    Squash seeds - pepitas

    Some squash plants taking off like a house on fire. These are the silver edged squash, a Mexican heirloom variety. They have a large and are easy to crack seed open by hand. I like the idea of roasting them with the hull on. When I am a proper computer (i can't seem to link on kindle fire) I will post to a website which has recipes for salty roasted, ginger orange roasted, cinnamon sugar roasted, and spicy roasted. Has anyone anything like that offered here? Could be a good opportunity for local farmer. The local bars and restaurants would like something like this for low cost table or drink snacks. To dehull a large quantity, making the green pepitas requires boiling or expensive equipment.

    Cornmeal for Polenta

    More Liana you have done a lot more research than I have. I know Mexico imports a lot of corn from the U.S.A., so much so that American farmers would take a big hit it a trade dispute develops. I have tried to nixtamalize dent corn without success. It definitely is tastier than white corn, but because you have include the skins in the grind so it is kind of grainy, with lots of fibre. There is a brand is tostadas from CDMX that seems that way. The best experiment I had with masa was mixing some sourdough corn mash I was always making for home distilling sour mash whiskey (bourbon). I had to add some wheat flour for gluten. The tortillas were paper thin and you could definitely taste the corn mash. I wonder why Southern US states like their grits made with white corn? It might be the same issue with dehulling. Southern grits do not taste like polenta or masa.
  12. There was a post from an amiga de jabonera who took over her recipes and had found a retail outlet for peppermint foot cream. Any body know? The interns at the hospital love this stuff-:36 hour shifts, 110 hours per week - ouch!
  13. I had good success with Pale Moon. I notice they have a linux version. It is free www.palemoon.org as is Linux Mint which greatly improve your speed if you are on an older computer. In June Linux Mint will release its new mini box 2. Incredible speed, state of the art graphics, all with no moving parts and about the size of a coffee cup. $299 u.s.

    Still Denied...

    Not joking - just reading headlines without examining details. Sorry about that.

    First rainbirds

    I'm with computer guy on this - the rainbird topic is right up there with "well the rain is good for the Lake" and "Welcome to another day in paradise! "