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  1. Practical toy for the lake?

    Brrrr -you would have to get some wetsuits or drysuits for that. Besides, it's not a "toy" until it has at least 100 horsepower and can get air time.
  2. So a new El Dorado across from the old El Dorado -converting those gringo dollars into Mexican gold. For those paying attention, this will not be a Tier2 hospital, there will be no advanced anathestesia. Looks like no cat scans or CRT's either. Just another boutique hospital, just like a dozen in Guadalajara, except this is closer to home. If you get real sick ,or they screw up, you will end up in a tier 2 hospital in Guadalajara anyways. If you make it in time.
  3. The Five Year Plan

    Make sure you take a good look at Medellin. Their free medical system is outstanding, their public transportation is among the best in the world. At a population of around 150,000 it has that perfect blend of big city (culture,art, etc) and small town, where people recognize you and say hello. To my ear Colombian Spanish is much easier to learn and understand. If you wander into the outskirts you will find plenty of bargain rentals, especially on the hillsides, which are serviced by low cost gondola rides. I must warn you though, that this based on my research only - i have never traveled or lived there.
  4. Earthquake

    Well I heard the lunch sitting at Heaven#7, will be serving homemade chicken pot pie, fresh sweet corn, buttermilk biscuits out of the oven and sweet tea - so may be you saved some money!
  5. Earthquake

    A friend was in Mexico City for the 1985 earthquake. A terrible stain on the history of Mexico. He was teaching Art & ESL there when it hit. The so called huge "Fabric District" was pancaked. My friend was with the "moles", and still knows many today. They dug beyond human endurance to recover the bodies, but the owners wanted it over, and paid to move all the remaining rubble bulldozed into one pit . The families would come to the factories, "did you find our dear Lupita? she worked here four years?" No, they would say, we have never had anyone working here by that name. Thousands, or at least hundreds, of bodies left under the rubble, and a lot of bad feeling even to this day. Mexico Labour became much more militant after that point, especially in CDMX.
  6. Yes, there are many housing styles. On paper, ours is three bedroom/3bathroom, but this is misleading. One of the bedrooms is an entire suite, with its own entrance, own bathroom/shower, lounge and small kitchen area. I think they would call it a mother in law suite today, but it is closer to full time maid's quarters in its time. The rest of the house is on a massive scale, a real entertainer's house. 30 foot plus ceilings, massive pillars, huge living room/fireplace, walls of glass, lots of parking. The door to the Master bedroom is at least 6 or 7 feet across, mahogany and brass, with three heavy duty bolts. The bedroom is so huge, we have a decorative table and chairs setup in one corner. Huge walkthrough clothes closet. The bathroom is normal size but it is all done up in what would be antique, hand painted tallavera today. Whoever built this house sure loved Puebla Tallavera. So you never know what you are going to find.
  7. (Edited by moderator to remove personal attack.)
  8. In Mexico a condominium regime can mean many things. The primary feature is that they can restrict all traffic, many private fracs are unable to this, because of public road access. The condo I live in has some very large houses, all stand alone and are thousands of sq. ft, covering perhaps three lots. Many of them were built in the late seventies, when they were the big style in US suburbs then. A lot of the history of them is at least a little bit racist as far as I am concerned, the books and books of enforceable rules (what color you can paint your door -say what now!) were to keep these areas unattractive to Blacks and Hispanics. Sorry -but it is true -look it up. In Mexico, HOAs and condo associations have far less power.
  9. Wet n Forget

    Best thing to clean mold and mildew is superheated steam. Kills it right down to the deepest roots, and is completely natural. Lots of machines on the market.
  10. Have a knotty problem here

    My computer/electronics tech is pretty bright. Now he is helping me to build a Raspberry Pi2 based portable WI-FI media server. He has told me in the past that there is no one locally who can repair board level electronics (oscilloscopes, board traces, etc) but there is a genius in Guadalajara. The instruction manual would not be as important as the circuit board layout

    I know many builders of dome type homes. You do realize they are very difficult to sell, and that all cabinet and furniture has to be custom fitted - which in Mexico is a big, expensive deal. Here is a builder near San Miguel Allende with lots of experience: http://www.flyingconcrete.com/
  12. Purpose of the Spam?

    Are you kidding? This forum has been down at least 6 times this year alone. Look at the prices for Invision Community - they are paying top dollar, and not getting their moneys worth (in my opinion). They have to pay a local network tweaker to maintain and update the system/server. I know they have someone, but that person, after ten years, does still not know how to remove a member from the member's list upon a member's request. The member's list alone must take up a huge amount of server/storage, yet many of the names are obviously obscene, offensive or have never been used. It needs to be purged, which is done on other forums all the time. No matter how nice or expensive your car is, you still need a good mechanic to keep an eye on things.
  13. Purpose of the Spam?

    How about getting someone in who actually understands this post about securing your invision community server. I know someone who does, he already manages three or four servers here and speaks excellent Linux. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/416413-how-to-secure-your-forum-server/
  14. Purpose of the Spam?

    Certainly the company supplying the forum software will have a fix for this, if not, bring someone in to twiddle the server. For example, switch to Linux Apache as the server system. Put in some geographical bans, from known spammer countries, who have no interest at all in Lake Chapala. I personally think they are targeting Chapala.com because it looks big enough to have credit card numbers. When they find the cupboard is bare, they will move on.
  15. ÜBER

    Hmm - what I mean is he bought a car model which Uber recommended, he mean't to help out a friend. But the numbers, as I described, didn't work, so he sold that car to someone else. Isn't it like taxis, where the owner gets most of the profit (and paperwork) and then in off times the vehicle is leased, or rented, whatever you want to call it. I thought the big deal about Uber, in the U.S. anyways, was ride sharing. You have to share the ride with strangers but it is very economical - say Chapala to Guadalajara. Maybe computer based dispatch systems make that easy now.