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    Self Rising Flour

    I have never used raw, natural cocoa. I have always used Dutch processed cocoa (I bought a large quantity from a chocolate factory, and never seemed to run out). There is a big difference and important to note that one uses baking powder, the other needs baking soda, or both.

    Local Social Media Sites

    I don't do Facebook, but I wanted to report there is fox den, with at least three kits, in West Chapala Haciendas One. These are silver foxes, with reddish nose hair. They are sometimes called "fast fox". Anyways, if I remember my biology lessons correctly, there must be a male fox around too. Haven't seen that one, nor have I heard fox screams in the night. They are quite bold - keep your small pets safe and protected. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gray_fox
  3. Aha! The Chinese are on to that too https://www.dhgate.com/wholesale/search.do?act=search&sus=&searchkey=folding+drinking+cups&catalog=#hpsearch1806
  4. Never mind - the Chinese are right on top of this. Personal drinking straws like in South America for Yerba Mate. https://www.dhgate.com/wholesale/search.do?act=search&sus=&searchkey=metal+drinking+straws&catalog=#hpsearch1806


    Antihistamines can definitely raise your blood pressure - enough that you may have difficulty sleeping. The best spray for sinus and inner ear is silver colloid. It is like water, but has elemental silver dissolved in it. I also add a tiny bit of himalayan pink salt, just to make it more naturally saline (shrinking inflamed tissue), and the sulphur content is also good against other bacteria. Silver colloid is one of the few antibiotics which can kill staph infections. 30% of inner ear and sinus infections are caused by this, especially recurrent ones, antibiotic resistant. Also, eye strain and beginning glaucoma can feel like sinus infection, get your eyes checked by Dra Claudia. You are not getting younger. here is the science behind it - but Ferret is probably the only one on this board who can read it! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4740956/ never mind, if you google you will find lots of alternative and mainstream medicine articles.

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    Ha ha - should of made it clear that it is only incoming patients to the wards that have to give up their clothes NOT visitors. Otherwise that would be - interesting!

    Homemade Chicken Sharwarma

    Been craving this for a long time. Doubtful if the original will ever been seen Lakeside, the large skewer of chicken breasts/thighs would last all week. Found an excellent recipe for Sharwarma and super easy to make flatbreads. https://www.recipetineats.com/chicken-sharwama-middle-eastern/ Like she writes, buy frozen chicken thighs, mix in marinade, and then freeze and defrost/marinade when needed. The flatbreads are more like Chappatis, but they are not the dried out nonsense usually sold here as Pita bread. You can also freeze these too. Accompanied by homemade Harissa, also super easy to make, and bursting with flavors https://smittenkitchen.com/2014/10/homemade-harissa/. Then homemade garlic sauce, which I have posted before http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/58789-garlic-sauce/&tab=comments#comment-467252 You have to try all of this - an explosion of flavors - all of them good. Especially good with garden fresh tomatoes.

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    At the Public General Hospital in Guadalajara (one of many) you are not allowed to bring in food, sleeping pads, pillows or blankets. Bottles of water are always welcome because the busy wards do not have time to fill carafes. When you enter the hospital, all your clothing and shoes are placed in a sealed plastic bag. I guess they are (rightfully) concerned about cross contamination, bedbugs and fleas. Sleeping on the floor also creates an obstacle if you require critical care. I found a work around, I bring my mesh diving bag, and stuff it with sweaters, etc., to make a pillow.

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    Sorry RV, I have enough respect for you not to say you are wrong, is that you are out of touch possibly kinder? This system did not really exist when you permanently left Mexico. The situation you describe is untrue, based on my first hand actual experience. The Social Workers are quite flexible on the family member requirement. The only people sleeping on floors are in the emergency room, where families are waiting to hear outcomes. They are only allowed to visit emergency for 10 minutes twice a day. The elderly may "slip away" as you put it, in very respectful palliative care wards. Often though families want their elders in the general wards, because they can see them most any time, and there is always hope for a miracle. The Hospital wants to respect those wishes - even though it means extra work for staff and disruption in the wards. The last time I was in hospital, I saw 4 people die of advanced old age.

    Self Rising Flour

    Wow - this post "takes the cake". Self raising flour is bleached white flour with a bit of baking powder and some salt - what could be easier?


    I use a CPAP machine, making sure to keep the filters clean. I don't have sleep apnea - that is long gone - but the machine forces your sinuses open, filters the air, and prevents snoring. You can buy a new one in Mexico from Resmed, a couple thousand dollars, or a rebuilt one from https://www.secondwindcpap.com/for as low as $250 - plus fresh, never been used masks and tubes.

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    Google will give you lots of words - in English and Spanish. What it doesn't say is there is definitely a learning curve to deal with their unique (to me) procedures and paperwork. They are not there to put people in misery, they are there to focus on medical treatment - not handholding and customer service. Best to speak Spanish, or bring someone with you, in the early stages of a procedure or treatment.

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    Universal healthcare is now well in motion in Mexico, with over 65 million subscribers receiving no cost, low cost, healthcare and prescriptions - all in about 6 years time. Mostly funded by the Federal I.V.A. tax. This trend is likely to continue with the new Presidente. The Public General Hospital that I like to go to in Guadalajara has 245 beds and 45 specialties. It has just built a whole new, 4 story hospital on their property, with 350 plus beds, then they will renovate the old hospital. Seguro Popular might restrict its use to Permanent Residents or Citizens only. It does not do so at this time, although tourists can be covered for emergency treatment.

    exterminator for poisonous spiders

    How do you know they are black widows? There is such a thing as "good" spiders too, and "good" insects killed when you spray toxins.

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    I don,t think you ever will. The Mexican tax collectors still haven,t mastered getting I.V.A. tax on foreign or national owners renting furnished units. I would think that will be their priority before trying to track down mercurial online workers, plus they have option of liens, etc.