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  1. This a great hobbyist FM radio station equipment from the U.K. I had a 2 watt station and had a lot of fun with it. But when I saw those big Navy frigates patrolling the water front, and a friend who got a fine for flying the Mexican flag lower or equal to the U.S. flag - decided, not a good idea. I think a lot of the legality starts and stops when you accept paid commercials. I linked to their compressor, which is new to me, and important if you are playing a lot of MP3's at different bit rates. A small mixingboard, with a mike, and you are on the air. I used to listen to lot of old time music, no longer published, nor will it ever be again. All that is missing is a tropical moon, and the jellied gin. http://www.veronica-kits.co.uk/limkit.htm
  2. Seguro Popular is more than catastrophic insurance. It officially Mexico's universal Health care system in 2015, when they signed up 50 million plus members. Don't ask me who decides these things. Universal Health Care may not be known to you https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_health_care No -the hospitals are clean, well staffed, and well stocked. The core problem for your husband is that they are almost always Triage based. This is a military battlefield term which has entered mainstream. They have only so much "health cake" to give out for free. Then they get to play God. They argue, debate and discuss where their care pesos are best spent. Mexico is a country of young people, a very different share of demographics than the U.S.A. and Canada. While there are plenty of Mexicans thriving after 80 years old, I would guess this is pretty rare. So when you get triaged for Seguros Popular,don't be surprised by of lack of care and additional fees to pay (still a real bargain though). If I were you, and this is a terrible thing, if your husband has to enter long term care, assisted living, where would you rather be? Some people suck Mexico into their blood, and never want leave. Others think they would do better back home (with no idea of the costs involved).
  3. Looking for Cheap Rentals

    There seems to be two type of rentals here - Mexicans renting to Mexicans, and gringos renting to gringos. The Mexican rentals include some beautiful homes for relatively small prices (under $450 per month) but are often unfurnished. Fortunately there are many dependable renovated appliances on the market, and always a steady stream of quality used furniture from those relocating back North. You have to find/hire a bilingual friend with a pickup truck.The gringo rentals are often predatory or "pie in the sky" as to the desirability (and value) of their properties. If property is rented as furnished, the law of Mexico requires an extra 16% sales tax and you have the right at any time to ask for a special receipt proving the tax was paid. The government is becoming stricter and stricter about collecting this tax - so, in my opinion, this has boosted furnished rental prices by at least 16%. The overvalued rentals are now having even more difficulty to find tenants. So the answer is if you are coming down for a well needed break, maybe the ease of a gringo rental is worth it - no different than renting a condo in Hawaii or Spain. The Mexican homes are often in Mexican neighborhoods (surprise!) and many people assimilate very well, to the point of changing their lives. Others -not so much.
  4. Yes you do need the booklet "CARTILLA NACIONAL DE SALUD" . You need to get copies of your contract "POLIZA DE AFLIACION" across the street is a place to get copies. Then take your original and copies to the window that is on your right just as you enter the building where you will get the booklet. You will then be taken or told to go to the office which is on the right hand side across from the window. If the door is closed just knock and open and go in straight in front of you is the desk where the women will issue you your number and enter you in the system. Every time you go to a clinic or hospital you need to bring copies of your "POLIZA DE AFLIACION" and the booklet "CARTILLA NACIONAL DE SALUD". If you go to say a public hospital and are admitted you will also be given a booklet "TARJETAS DE CITAS" and every time you go to that hospital you must bring all your paperwork and all booklets as well as numerous copies of your"POLIZA DE AFLIACION" as well as copies of your "PERMANENTE VISA". Have been to two hospitals and learning what you need to do each time. So get a plastic holder which the Mexicans do to keep all your paperwork and copies in. Just remember 'DO NOT GIVE YOUR ORIGINAL "POLIZA DE AFLIACION" Good Luck
  5. Insurance- What to get????

    I have to be honest with you and say even the signups have quirks and twists that even Spencer's crew cannot keep up with.Ms Chillin has had good success in signing up some elderly neighbors, but she has been in health administration 45 plus years, the last 5 pretty senior. She does not speak Spanish, but she has an Alpha Dog way about here, knows what papers are needed, and everybody ends up smiling. does she offer this as a service -abosolutely not. There needs to be a real world group to discuss signup and actual using Seguro Popular services.Perhaps including the"medical' Spanish which is not only useful, but may save your life. This group could also recommend - or not recommend helpers, drivers, doctors.
  6. Insurance- What to get????

    Oh yes, Barcelonaman. There are levels of constant paperwork i have never seen before. Once a hospital unit clerk woke me up at 11pm to ask my birthdate! Very few computers, lots of clackety clacks. A bit like that Michael Palin film Brazil. Once you are signed up and registered, go to the Chapala Seguros Popular clinic by 7:30 am.everyone will enter just before 8 - don't worry about the volume, many already have appointments and/or or travelllng as a family 'pack'. At about 8 pm a door, and small lineup will start in the far upper left of the waiting room. The are waiting the see Dra Anna -she is a very good doctor, who also speaks good Engish. The lineup will move quickly, she is giving out appointments for later. I think she is there everyday, but definitely Tuesdays. Mondays are always the worst days for public health facilities.
  7. Insurance- What to get????

    I have had two very recent experiences with Segoro Popular. Both of them very good. The first thing to realiize that SP is now officially Mexico's universal healthcare, by international standards. the y have over 50, milion registrants/customers. My first experience was to be a hernia operation at Jocotepec. But that had to cancel half way through because the aneasthotologist felt a spinal was not safe with low blood platelets. The surgeon was 100% confident it would be O.K. The total cost would have been appr $200US, for the mesh, which I had prepurchased.Second opinion time. I had heard good things about Occidental Hospital, in Guadalajara, and have a friend who works there. This a tier 2 hospital, meaning they have a full gas operating theatre. This is a pubic hospital, which accepts Seguro Popular insurance. In the meantime, I had a heart problem which caused 25-30 kilos of fluid retetention.They want it gone - quickly. First two weeks at home, lost 15 kilos.Last 8 days in hospital (released last night). lost another 10 kilos. This is very different experience from what we are used to in the North. First of all, you have to deal with a social worker who will insist you bring family members to help and support you. That might be a deal breaker right there, but there are people you can hire to help. This should be considered inexpensive when I mention that I stayed there 8 days and and 0 pesos, for drugs, numerous tests, prescriptions, food and all round excellent care. lots of staff there - i think it is a teaching hospital. Now-we have never been asked if we own an auto or a house. EPN has announced for the next three years,anyone over 60 in Jalisco will get free enrollment in SP, even foreign nationals who are in the country legally. If the full blown scheme, comes into effect might require an annual fee but even if you are considered very wealthy, these fees are very low. I believe they are trying to keep the enrollment rates low, so when the time comes they can easily switch employers from IMMS to SP. For those expecting a Marcus Welby/General Hospital experience will be in for a surprise. No one would ever say they 'enjoyed' being in hospital`, but i did learn a lot of Spanish, saw some sights of misery,also great beauty and true compassion (haven't seen a tiny new born baby for years, perhaps never!)
  8. Winebulance

    more appropriate in these parts - "Whinebulance -stay calm, we will listen (or at least pretend to)."
  9. The simple reply to this far too easy, the use of growth hormones and antibiotics is far from illegal. This has been going on for a long time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beef_hormone_controversy To understand the beef, you have to understand the industry, especially locally. Dairy farmers have to breed a cow at least once for her to produce milk. Often (50/50?) they produce bulls/males which are of no use to dairy farmers. They wait a couple of months until the bull is "weaned", this is a natural process. The young bulls are then sold to local farmers who raise them in their fields, no use for hormones (this will not effect the price very much) . The farmers know that fresh, uncrowded pastures will create healthy bulls, without the cost of antibiotics and supplements (which many could barely afford anyways). Then it is time to sell them. What you have at this point is naturally raised beef, but too old to be considered veal. They sell them to the U.S.A. and northern Mexico, which turn them over to feedlots. The sole purpose of a feedlot to fatten an animal as quickly as possible. they are often very crowded and require medicine to prevent infections. Any advantage is sought- legal hormones as listed above, GMO modified and heavily subsidized U.S. sweet corn, waste molasses, you name it and it has been tried. Then the bulls are sold to the meat packers, and comes back to Mexico to Costco as those big fatty chunks of beef so many enjoy. It has traveled a long way to come back to Chapala. Some of the farmers sell their young bulls to local butcher shops. For human consumption all the beef and pork must be inspected and stamped. Locally at the Municipal slaughterhouse down by Soriana in Chapala. There is another one near Guadalajara which specializes in fear free slaughter - apparently some people can taste the adrenalin in a stressed out place. The local carnecerias put the side of beef in their meat lockers and begin selling it within a couple of days. In the U.S and Canada is normal to age beef at least 14 days. The big trend in the U.S. right now is to "dry age" beef for up to 45 days -but this is expensive. So the beef we buy, and enjoy, locally has very little fat content and no hormones etc. The problem is that it is tough, and rather tasteless. You have to adapt to Mexican cooking styles where the beef is sliced very thin and flash broiled or it becomes part of like a stew or chile, cooked a long time. A good place to start is the family run carneceria across from Soriana. Ask for a piece of Filet (which is the thick section attached to Filet Mignon). Ask them to slice it very thin. Then you can flash fry it, or now as we enter the colder months, make a soup and the dip the Filet pieces into the boiling broth until they are pink and tender, usually with chopsticks -but there are no rules. At the end, you add noodles to the soup and serve it in bowls. This is very popular in Asia, especially Japan (Shabu Shabu) and Korea. This carneceria also sells freshly killed chicken, but you have to be fast, it sells out pretty early, because the lady only brings what she can sell for the day, and the local ladies want to get their Caldo de Pollo going for comida. So there you go Zeb -as close as you are going to find chemical free chicken and beef.
  10. Survey-Expats in Mexico, what's the attraction

    I like how you can get things done in this country. Whether it is get out of jail free, or a tract of farmland rezoned as residential, a child molester shot, there is a price to pay, and then you get results. A great country to make a pile of money quickly, rewarding those who helped grease your wheels. My only concern that Obrador (AMLO) will spoil it all with his transparency and accountability campaigns. Oh well, he wouldn't be too long in power before he joins the buffet lineup too -tee hee hee.
  11. O.K., give up. He is already very busy, but he is an excellent foot doctor, who makes housecalls from his clinic in Guadalajara on Mondays. He charges 250 pesos per visit, but may soon be raising his price because of transportation costs. He is a Graduate of Guadajara Medical school, a real doctor, he decided to specialize in foot problems and took out his D.P.M. We call him Dr. Daniel, he is a wonderful caregiver, and has a personality which lights up a room. His cell is the way to reach him (as most younger professionals these days). 33 1197 9322. He is qualified for serious foot problems as well.
  12. Practical toy for the lake?

    Brrrr -you would have to get some wetsuits or drysuits for that. Besides, it's not a "toy" until it has at least 100 horsepower and can get air time.
  13. So a new El Dorado across from the old El Dorado -converting those gringo dollars into Mexican gold. For those paying attention, this will not be a Tier2 hospital, there will be no advanced anathestesia. Looks like no cat scans or CRT's either. Just another boutique hospital, just like a dozen in Guadalajara, except this is closer to home. If you get real sick ,or they screw up, you will end up in a tier 2 hospital in Guadalajara anyways. If you make it in time.
  14. The Five Year Plan

    Make sure you take a good look at Medellin. Their free medical system is outstanding, their public transportation is among the best in the world. At a population of around 150,000 it has that perfect blend of big city (culture,art, etc) and small town, where people recognize you and say hello. To my ear Colombian Spanish is much easier to learn and understand. If you wander into the outskirts you will find plenty of bargain rentals, especially on the hillsides, which are serviced by low cost gondola rides. I must warn you though, that this based on my research only - i have never traveled or lived there.
  15. Earthquake

    Well I heard the lunch sitting at Heaven#7, will be serving homemade chicken pot pie, fresh sweet corn, buttermilk biscuits out of the oven and sweet tea - so may be you saved some money!