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  1. Grand Finale for Fiestas in Chapala

    It will be held in Chapala in front of their large parish Church. It is the biggest celebration of the year in Chapala.
  2. The night of Wednesday is the grand finale for the Fiestas Patronales de San Francisco in Chapala. At around 10:30 to 11:00 will be the burning of the Castillo or Catherine's wheel. They usually burn 3 castillos on the last night. It will be epic! Anybody up for an awesome party come out to Chapala tonight to celebrate Saint Francis.
  3. The night of Wednesday is the grand finale for the Fiestas Patronales de San Francisco in Chapala. At around 10:30 to 11:00 will be the burning of the Castillo or Catherine's wheel. They usually burn 3 castillos on the last night. It will be epic! Anybody up for an awesome party come out to Chapala tonight to celebrate Saint Francis.
  4. Ajijic pronunciation

    Como siempre More Liana tiene razón! She is always right! After watching a few travel youtube documentaries I can clearly hear that for Tlayacapan, Morelos, they are saying tlah-yah-CAH-pahn in the Spanish language videos and not tla-yah-cah-PAHN. I am not sure why I thought they may have pronounced it differently. Maybe, after watching a couple of Tepoztlán and Tlayacapan travel videos, since they are right near by each other, their pronunciation began to blend together in my head......
  5. Ajijic pronunciation

    Ok for Tlayacapan it is mostly pronounced by the locals of our area as tlah yah KAH pahn. But in the state of Morelos there is a pueblo magico town called Tlayacapan and there it is pronounced tlah yah kah PAHN. So sometimes you may hear the latter pronunciation among Spanish speakers here, but mostly the people native to this region will pronounce it as suggested in the first example. And the Nahuatl or Aztec TLA is pronounced as written, like saying the Spanish La but with pronouncing the letter in T in front. It is a weird sound for an English speaker and also for a Spanish speaker (one who is not familiar with Nahuatl place names), but it is not very difficult to say if you practice for 5 minutes rehursing it first. Good Luck!
  6. Ajijic pronunciation

    ees tlah wah KAHN or it can be pronounced with more of a slight sh sound eesh tlah wah KAHN. Ajijic is pronounced just like More Liana says. ah hee HEEK. Usually the finally k or hard c sound is not pronounced as hard in Spanish as an English speaker would want to pronounce it. When it is said in Spanish it is said much softer, less harsh and abrasive, and is not as noticeable but is usually present to a degree. Often times in rapid conversation the final hard sound can get slightly swallowed.
  7. Looking for Set of Dishes

    Check on Amazon usa and then check if Amazon mexico carries the same product.
  8. Two more hurricanes forming that may join Irma

    Mudgirl, excellent point! Scientists preaching about the dangers of man made climate change have absolutely nothing to gain except encouraging Americans and the world to search for and adopt cleaner renewable energy sources. But the evil lobbying mega corporations have everything to gain when they convince the public that there is nothing to worry about and to just sit back and allow them to continue fracking, polluting, destroying entire mountains and whatever. Drill baby drill! Let them get filthy rich while everything goes to Hades around the world. Maybe just maybe we are not the entire cause of our climate changing. But please open your eyes, study the evidence, and recognize we are doing great harm to this planet regardless. The giantic island of Sumatra famous for its rain forests and the only place where tigers, elephants and rhinos coexist in the world just recently, mostly in the past ten years has had nearly all of their forest burned down to build palm tree oil farms. Only about 10% of their forest remains. Now they are eyeing Borneo to do the same. Wake up please and recognize that things cannot continue as they are!
  9. Arepas at Deli Cafè

    My Venezuelan host mom would cook the lunch and my job to help would be to make the drink which could be any number tropical jugos freshly squeezed or blended or just make the agua panela. We usually had a small mini picture or bowl and we placed the panela raw sugar block in it with water over night so it would dissolve into a dark syrup. Then I would fill a large picture up with COLD water and sqeeze several large limes into it. Then I would place a strainer over the picture and pour an amount of panela syrup into the picture straining out the honey bees who would often times get mummied in the panela blocks, pouring until the lemonade reached the right dark color and tasted sweet enough. It looked like sweet iced tea but tasted like lemonade sweeted with dark brown sugar and a touch of molasses. So refreshing!
  10. Arepas at Deli Cafè

    I tried the arepas today. They were deliciosisimos. For anybody that knows about arepas, you will also know that each region has its on type. Las arepas costenas are usually doughy and deepfried. Her arepas are the andean variety from San Cristobal de Estado Tachira. Her arepas are not thick and doughy but thin and crispy and so much better than any gordita in my opinion. Try the arepas de perico which are arepas with scrabbled eggs with onion and tomatoe, they are the most common in Tachira. She said she can't list them on the menu because in Mexico perico is slang for cocaine and it confuses the Mexicans. I once lived in San Cristobal for a long time and learned my Spanish there. After meeting Duendy from Cafe Verde I learned that she is from the same village that my Venezuelan host mother is from and they are related. What a small world it is! Agua de panela is served all over Venezuela and it is just lemonade sweetened with blocks of panela which is just raw unrefined dark brown sugar sold in blocks similar in taste to piloncillo cones.
  11. Celery Root?

    I don't anything about celery root, but I do know that chayote root is widely available here in the markets and tianguis. I wonder if it could be a substitute.
  12. ÜBER

    In the Chapala plaza today there is a group of people that are wearing Uber t-shirts and have a table set up. I didn't stop by it or anything but it appeared to me, from a far, that they were possibly looking to sign up new drivers. I bet it is infuriating the taxi drivers.
  13. According to Accuweather there are two more hurricanes forming in and around the mid atlantic that could potentially merge with Irma or just follow after her. Their names are hurricane Jose and hurricane Katia. Since my meterological knowledge is bare minimum, maybe some experts could chime in for what is happening and if it will affect us much. And what is happening down here in Jalisco? Maincoons mentioned that a tropical storm was about to come across Mexico, I guess that is what is happening right now, but I don't see any mention of it on accuweather. On the map it shows storm clouds on both coasts of Mexico but no mention of a tropical storm.
  14. Ajijic/Chapala subdivisions

    What I recommend you do is come down and stay a week or so in a hotel and get to know the area a little better. But February may be a difficult month to find that perfect rental since that is considered high season here. And if the winter is anything like this summer has been like we may very well see a dramatic increase of visitors and newbies. It seems like so many people, of lately, are curiously trying to get out of Dodge for some reason.
  15. What happened to summer?

    Climate change has always been cyclical. It changes through the centuries. But still you would have to be a complete moron to believe that our modern lifestyle and our insatiable greed for raw materials is not harming the planet. That pesticides, fracking and petro extraction tar sands are not harming the planet. During the past 50 years we have been destroying the planet at unprecedented speeds never before seen in the history of the world. But on a side note, I have heard it suggested that global warming could potentially create an ice age. Once the Earth's temperature rises to a certain degree and enough water evaporates into cloud cover, it will blot out the sun and create an instant cooling effect, which eventually, possibly, will terminate in an ice age. For all those people that think everything now is great and that we should continue in the direction we are going in raping this planet to extract as much raw materials as possible, I think you should watch Leo DiCaprio's new documentary called Before the Flood. Then you can tell us what you think.