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  1. dichosalocura

    Looking for an electric range

    Well, in all honesty, I have adapted (even though I grew up only using an electric) and have grown accustomed to using our gas stove and oven, but certain members of my house hold detest it and won't rest until we get an electric range. So an electric is what we must get. If it were me deciding (which it ain't!) I would get the dual kind that is a gas stove top but an electric oven. I prefer cooking with gas for all the reasons stated above but prefer baking with electricity. Mexican gas ovens are a constant battle to use. They don't have a thermostat to regulate tempetatures nor a seal to maintain temperatures. You slowly turn down the flame and begin baking something and often times later you discover you accidentally turned the dang thing off and you have start all over again! Another thing that shocked us was how the cheap plastic knobs on the front started to melt and crinkle after just 6 months of using the oven. And it was one of the more expensive quality ones available at Tio Sams at the time.
  2. dichosalocura

    Looking for an electric range

    To answer my own question, after spending over half the day, scanning online department stores, making phone calls to Sears Mexico, and Liverpool and several others. And then almost coming to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to find an old fashioned, normal electric stove with the traditional coil burners. I am a firm believer that the fancier and more sophisticated it is, the more that can go wrong with it or break down on it. And getting parts and having things properly repaired around here, is not always the simplest task. Even on Amazon Mex, they had next to nothing in the way of electric ranges. But, lo and behold, Mercado Libre saved the day, after much exhaustive searching on other sites, we later discovered Mercado Libre had a fair selection of decent electric ranges. So, in the future, if anyone is ever looking for an electric range. Look here: https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/estufa-electrica#D[A:estufa%20electrica] and if you ever find something that piques your interest on Mercado Libre, you can always use the model number to look it up on Amazon to see more details and reviews about the product.
  3. dichosalocura

    Garden clippings in Chapala

    I'm beginning to think the propina is what has caused this mess. Before they would take it most of the time, for many years. Occasionlly, when we would put several bags out at a time we would give them a propina, and from time to time we give them a propina when we would have just one bag. Now they won't take it at all without a propina. I think the propinas spoiled them. Just they come so early on my street, sometimes close to 7 in the morning, we aren't always awake and dressed at that hour.
  4. dichosalocura

    Garden clippings in Chapala

    Well, we live on a privada street, so we get the small truck coming down our street. For years, before, they would generally take it. But now for the past 6 months or so, they are not wanting to take it.
  5. We are having trouble getting rid of our garden clippings in downtown Chapala. Sometimes the trash truck takes it, but most days they just leave sitting there for days. We bag our clippings up in the heavy duty, large, black trash bags we buy at the candy stores here. We have been living at this house for over seven years and this is a relatively new phenomenon for us. Is there a certain day that garden clippings are collected in Chapala like they do in Ajijic? Is it a different truck or is it the same truck that collects the garbage? Thanks.
  6. We will soon be installing solar panels, and after that we will be looking for an electric stove and oven. We want the old fashioned kind with the metal coils. Most places that we have seeen so far seem to have a very limited selection and only carry the flat top and convection types. People that have purchased electric ranges, where did you buy them at and who has the best selection? Thanks.
  7. dichosalocura

    Mercadolibre help from Turkey!!!

    Since you are in Turkey and not in Mexico, I am sure you would have much better luck ordering this very same CD on Amazon.com then on mercadolibre.
  8. dichosalocura

    Chapala Hacienda 2

    Just out of curiosity, for bagged up leaves and grass cuttings, what day do they pass in downtown Chapala? Just as of 6 months or so, we are having trouble with having them take the garden refuse. Thanks.
  9. dichosalocura

    Suggestions for small-ish sidewalk tree?

    I guess what most matters is, whether or not you want fruit or flowers. We have a bottle brush tree that has been in our yard for many years and it is basically just a tall shrub or small tree. Most trees can be simply trimmed to stay small, but the roots is where the damage could, in the long haul, stem from..... Here is a guide to give you a few more ideas for smallish trees from San Diego area. Whatever grows there, mostly should be able to grow here. https://www.installitdirect.com/learn/san-diego-trees/ I liked the Crape myrtle here called arból de Júpiter, and the western redbud which I think is a arból de Judas. Another option could be the Euphorbia cotinifolia which is native to Mexico, it has small red leaves and does not get very big at all. They have some planted up and down Madero St. in Chapala. Or for fragrant plants, try the tea olive, they grow much faster down here than back home, but still do not get very big.
  10. dichosalocura

    Computer Keyboard

    I just checked on mercadolibre, and they have quite a few different types of keyboards in English. Just type in teclado ingles for English keyboards.
  11. dichosalocura

    Patio set

    There must be a store in Gdl offering a large to decent selection of patio furniture. We went to the home depot 6 months or so ago and they had a pretty pathetic selection. Perhaps they have more in their catalogue. Perhaps it was just the season. But their has to be a better store in Gdl than what we saw!
  12. dichosalocura

    Sturdy hose racks

    Check mercadolibre, make sure you go to the Mexico version and search for portamanguera. I saw some decent looking ones. They do have a selection of various types and qualities. Use google translate if you can't read the spanish.
  13. Where did the Japanese Nursery move to?

  14. dichosalocura

    Ice and sleet

    We are currently experiencing another heavy heavy monsoon rain and hail storm in Chapala since 7 pm.
  15. dichosalocura


    In Chapala there is a store next to Arbol de Café Coffee shop past Santander Bank on Hidalgo that is a sort of head shop that sells all types of tobacco products and, ahem, tobacco related accessories. I don´t know if they sell cigars yet, but it would be a place to check.