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  1. Astronomy Club Lakeside

    Astronomy is fascinating, but urban environments like the Chapala area are not quite suitable to see the stars that good. Too many lights. Our elevation and dry weather here in Jalisco is a major plus but the sky is much more visible out in the country away from the city lights.
  2. Engraving a small plaque

    Thanks Cedros!
  3. Engraving a small plaque

    Does anybody have Daniel Jacksons contact information? And thanks for the replys.
  4. San Juan Cosala museum

    Could the little museum in the Chapala train station use your donations?
  5. Lakeside increased population?

    Honestly, Lake Chapala is not for everybody. There are many more beautiful and nicer areas. Mexico is huge and full of gorgeous areas. The only difference is here we have a vibrant expat community already developed and decent businesses selling gringo products and comfort items. With a large English speaking community and all that that entails. I am mostly fluent in Spanish, I could live anywhere, if I were looking for a place to settle down in Mexico, today, after having lived in Lake Chapala, it would probably be on of these cities in this order mas o menos....Morelia, Patzcuaro, Queretaro, Orizaba-Cordoba area, or Cuernavaca. But Mexico has so many wonderful options really. Don't feel confined to the expat enclaves if you truly desire to experience the best Mexico has to offer!
  6. Lakeside increased population?

    I agree, this area is far from perfect or paradise. The carretera is in a horrendous shape and the highway to Guadalajara is worse. Jalisco is notorious for having the worst roads in Mexico. Trash collection is not so great. We need those compacting new trash trucks Sonia was talking about. Mexico is a large country with many amazing cities and towns. Many are far cleaner and nicer than this area. This area has a heavy concentration of expats for some reason or another. But I don't see this area as being so terrible as some on this board has suggested. Has it changed over 20 years, yes! What area hasn't? The sky isn't falling here. Things will work themselves out. This area will continue being one of the best expat havens in the world. Life here is still great and getting better for many people here!
  7. Lakeside increased population?

    I have been following this thread for awhile now and admit that life at Lake Chapala is far from perfect. But what place isn't, really? One must come to terms with the reality that Mexico is still a developing country and at this time in its history it cannot be compared to the level of modernity and high standards that is enjoyed in parts of Canada, US, and Europe, not yet anyways. I see Mexico progressing in many ways, poco a poquito, but I prefer to focus on the positives. Many of the complainers, I have noticed, tend to live in the environs of in and around Ajijic. Us that live in Chapala, I've found, tend to be more complacent and accepting of the changes. I realize that mobility can be an issue for many people, but if you are still able to walk, the double parked cars on Madero Ave or on the malecon are rarely an issue for us. In Chapala we can walk everywhere and on mostly flat, mostly smooth, and wide-ish sidewalks. We rarely drive to Ajijic, just perhaps once a week to stock up at Walmart. But most of the basic needs can be met at our many aborrotes grocery stores and markets. Kevin mentioned the smell of raw sewage and the roads being torn up and resurfaced. That is only temporary, Chapala is resurfacing many of its central streets and placing in new piping and wiring. Placing in nice smooth, wheel chair friendly cross walks. I see that as a temporary inconveniance but in the long run, Chapala is making many neccesary improvements to our local infrastructure, which is a wonderful thing. In Chapala, some money is being wasted on bad ideas (like the bridge to the Fisherman Statue) and some things have been poorly built like Cristiana ave in front of the park. But as a whole, I think Chapala is really starting to shine, and we count each day here as a true blessing. And to top it off, the lake is now fuller, cleaner, and looking better than ever! And another nice thing about Chapala that I really like is that they are starting to add more parisian style outdoor seating on the avenues at the many restaurants. Several near the San Francisco Church and also on Ramon Corona facing the malecon. Things here are starting to look really nice here in my opinion.
  8. Building a Boveda Catalana roof who is the best?

    Thank you so much for your recomendations. We had each one come over and give us a quote and then we picked one to do the job. We chose Gustavo, his quote seemed more reasonable and we liked his knowledgeable answers to our questions. Thanks again.
  9. My father has been seeing Dr Hector Briseno for several years now. But the problem is that apparently Dr Briseno is just too busy, everytime my father emails him about questions and problems,time and time again, he is ignored (he even calls him to tell him to check his email.) My father needs a cardiologist he can count on. Also, Dr. Briseno changed his medicine around so much he feels terrrible all the time, much much worse than how he felt before he began seeing Briseno. Each time he mentions this to Dr. Briseno, he tells him that his body will soon adjust. In two years it hasn't yet. So now he wants to try a new cardiologist. Has anybody been to the Cardiology Center with Dr. Jose Pascual Salas Llamas, and what were your experiences? They are on the carretera near Ajijic, I'm surprised I have never seen anybody mention them before.
  10. What you see listed on the internet sites will be limited and much more expensive than what you will see while on the ground. Most people here always recommend people to come down and stay at a b&b or an economical hotel for a week or two while they are scouting out the various neighborhoods and towns looking for that perfect rental. Many rentals never appear on the internet, you must be here on the ground for the best insight. Those that do show up on the internet usually are the higher end rentals. Also take into consideration that this is our high-season and this season I think may have been one of our busiest seasons in years. It is slowly nearing its end, usually ending in and around Easter Holy Week. I am sure that by now many of the angry dissilusioned first timers have already left the area by now, so hopefully, finding a rental at this moment might not be that difficult. I am sure many good opinions will follow.
  11. We want to build a boveda catalana roof over our porch. Who is the best brick mason to do this task? We have already used more than 3 different teams to build our house. We now want to try using a different group. Who is the best for construction in this area. Maybe we will go with a contractor. Who is the best contractor in the area. Thanks
  12. Where to get postcards of the area

    Super Lake in San Antonio usually has Chapala and Guadalajara post cards.
  13. Pelicans in Petatan

    I could be mistaken, but I always thought they feed them only on the weekends.
  14. Engraving a small plaque

    I have a small metal plaque that will go on a clock that needs engraving. Does anybody know a person that does engraving, preferably in Chapala. Thanks.
  15. Bird Seed

    According to the owner, this seed store will be relocating to Miguel Martinez next Monday. They keep raising the rent on her.