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  1. Engraving a small plaque

    I have a small metal plaque that will go on a clock that needs engraving. Does anybody know a person that does engraving, preferably in Chapala. Thanks.
  2. Bird Seed

    According to the owner, this seed store will be relocating to Miguel Martinez next Monday. They keep raising the rent on her.
  3. Bird Seed

    Most seed stores or semillas y cereales also sell bird seed down here. If you want something of higher quality you can go to a pet store. There are two on the carretera both on the lake side. Next to Soriana there is one. In Chapala on Zaragoza St. opposite the Carmelite Chapel there is another pet store.
  4. Construction on the libriamento

    Imagine having a Trader Joe's or a Mega or perhaps a Fresko.
  5. Laminating document

    If you are in Chapala as your name implies I would say go to Papeleria del Lago on Degollado street across the street from the wedding and quinceanera dress store, about half a block from Madero St. I say there, because I know for sure they do it. But honestly, many of the larger papelerias around Chapala offer this service.
  6. Mistakes I've made while living in Mexico

    Yes, naco is the Mexican version of hill billy or redneck. Of course Mexican nacos are somewhat different than their redneck counterparts but both nacos and rednecks can be a bit tacky.
  7. Visiting Chapala Area

    The Chapala train station which serves as the cultural center gave art classes for children at one time. Whether or not they still do, I´m not sure.
  8. English language FM radio is back on

    I know somebody that might be interested in putting up a small FM repeater internet based English station for Chapala. Does anybody know the laws and regulations to do this?
  9. English language FM radio is back on

    I always thought he lived in lake side of La Floresta.
  10. Nick Names

    Perhaps Alfonso..............and don´t forget about Chuy, everybody knows at least one Chuy here, it is short for Jesús. Chela is also very common, but at the moment I forget which names it stands for (there are several I've heard.) I also know a Chela who is an alcoholic, so go figure.......
  11. Looking for Cheap Rentals

    Sorry it was my mistake, I misspelled his name, it is not Ronnie but instead Rony and he posted above how to find him and his list of renters in Chapala.
  12. Looking for Cheap Rentals

    Come check out the bigger town of Chapala. We are just 10 mins down the road by bus and things are much cheaper here. More than likely you will find Chapala to be much more livable. Wider and smoother side walks, much flatter, more open areas. The only benefit of living in Ajijic I can see is that the town is better painted with murals and artwork. And has more gringos with more international cuisine options available there. Think of Monterey and Carmel (but in a more humble Mexican way) Chapala is Monterey and Ajijic is Carmel, the little rich bohemian and artistic neighbor down the road. There is a Belgium guy here in Chapala named Ronnie, who makes excellent chocolates and sells a list of rentals for 10 pesos or so (to cover the xerox charges) Rentals he checked out himself.
  13. I think you mean Parque La Milagrosa or Miraculous Park.
  14. Butternut Squash

    We bought one at Super Lake two weeks ago. Hopefully, they will get more in soon.
  15. Guadalajara/Chapala Highway

    Wrong! The correct answer is ...... It's Jalisco! Jalisco is notorious for having some of the worst roads in the Republic. Think Virginia or Arkansas vs North Carolina and Georgia. The carreteras libres or free roads are atrocious in Jalisco. Go over to other states, even much poorer ones, and the roads are much much better.