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  1. warm air or steam vaporizer needed

    I would try the Guadalajara Pharmacy first.
  2. Printer Problem

    I just printed a form from the IRS web site. It came out perfect. My printer on "page setup" was actually set to 95% but on the next tab "options" it is set to Ignore Scaling and Shrink to Fit Page" If I can help by downloading the pdf forms for you, I would be happy to do so.
  3. Printer Problem

    Have you checked the settings for your printer to make sure the scaling is set @ 100%.
  4. Documents for Permanente for Laredo

    You make your appointment online. The instructions are on Sonia's website.
  5. Sending mail NOB

    Doesn't the American Legion in Chapala also offer this service - to anyone?
  6. Is there any parking at the bus station for a few days or couple of weeks?
  7. What are the qualifications or training of the person teaching the class?
  8. Threading for eyebrows

    New Look Studio - ad in current American Legion magazine - 376 766 6000 www.salonajijic.com Hwy Chapala Jocotepec #136
  9. Immigration

    Lots of information @ http://www.soniadiaz.mx/
  10. Quail eggs - where to purchase?

    Duck Eggs - I saw them recently at the Mercado in Chapala - at the first place on the right as you walk in from the plaza.
  11. Cost of living increases for maids & gardeners

    Actually minimum wage for wait staff in the U.S. varies from state to state and in Washington state is the same minimum wage for all - something close to $10/hour USD.
  12. Libre Office

    There is a Libre Office MAC OS X version. Apache Open Office which is very similar also has a MAC OS X version. Also free.
  13. Best Consulates to apply for Permanente

    Flying to/from Nuevo Laredo is quite painless. You do go through Mexico City, but I had a good connection. It was about 1/3 of the cost of flying to Laredo! And I think it was 50 pesos for a taxi to the bridge and walk across.
  14. Libre Office

    I use Libre Office. I have not used Word for years. Libre Office is much more friendly. It will work with Word documents. It is also a alternative to Excel. Another option is Open Office. It works the same as Libre Office.
  15. CFE

    I get my bill electronically and printed it from the CFE website and paid it at Santander.