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  1. Telmex Infinitum Modem

    I have used a U.S. Mastercard on Mercado Libre several times. No problem at all.
  2. I recently used Uber to go to/from the airport - or tried to. I ordered an Uber well in advance for pickup to the airport. Wait time was 18 minutes. It was longer. I could see his car on my phone - he was about a block away. He sat there and sat there and then canceled my trip. I requested Uber again, got the same driver and he was here within a few minutes and drove very fast to the airport. When I returned, I requested Uber at the airport. Wait time was about 8 minutes. I was at the Oxxo. I waited and waited - I could see the car on my phone - traffic was bad. He cancelled my trip. I got charged a cancellation fee. No fee on the first cancellation to the airport. Anyway, I reported to Uber that it was the driver that canceled and they refunded the fee and put a block on my account so that driver could never "pick me up" again. I really really like Uber. Have used them in various places in various countries. But this waiting for a ride and than having it canceled - especially to the airport, is a problem.
  3. Water heater explanation?

    I have the type of water heater that you have described that is for sale. I have not yet exactly figured it out but think it is an on demand. How mine works: when I turn on the hot water I get some right away - then I hear the tank fire up - then I get cooler water - then it gets hot like I want. This is what I think is happening. The hot water at the beginning is just what the pilot light has been heating. When that is used up, the cooler water starts because the "on demand" has not had a chance to heat anything up yet. So I have learned to turn down the flow of water when the water cools down and then turn it back up again when the water heats up. Personally, I find it very frustrating. The heater is just outside the bathroom so I experience the most severe fluctuation when taking a shower. It seems less in the kitchen which is on the other end of the apartment. Don't understand that either. I would guess my "tank" is about 5-10 gallons.
  4. One Minute Park @ airport

    Has anyone used the One Minute Park on the highway before you turn into the airport? Sign says 99 pesos/day and 24 hour shuttle. website: http://oneminutepark.com/ Thanks.
  5. I neeed a new computer technician

    I had good luck at Computerland in Riberas a bit east of 7-11.
  6. Thanks for the tip about Opera. I have been looking for a VPN that works and is easy to set up and use - mainly to stream music from Pandora. Super easy to set up and it works! and its free .... doesn't have a lot of choices for countries though so no TV from England or Australia - oh well - it streams my music!
  7. I use Santander in Chapala with a chipped card from the U.S. Not a problem. Santander allows you to put in your own amount for withdrawal but I don't know if there is a limit.
  8. How long does it take?

    I recently did the drive. I spent 3 nights in hotels in Mexico because there was so much road construction some days were not very productive in terms of distance driven. So there are a lot of variables that can affect the length of the trip.
  9. Rental Size. Wife and I disagree.

    Bedrooms here can be what are called dens in the U.S.. A bedroom here does not necessarily have a closet. Or a window. And the door may lead into another room, not a hallway. My condo is listed as a 3 bedroom but it really is a 2 bedroom with a den. According to U.S. definitions, that is. I recently looked at a house that is listed as a 4 bedroom, but 3 of the bedrooms are joined by doorways, and the one in the middle only opens onto the room on either side. And they were just rooms. No closets. And one did not have a window either. So keep in mind that definitions are just different at Lakeside.
  10. RENTAL

    I believe you can do the entire rental agreement remotely. I did once through VRBO. Suggest you contact various rental offices and ask them their best time frame. Each office is different. Some won't contract on a property until it is already vacant as they say they don't know if the current residents are staying or not. But then, other agents have shown properties to me that are occupied but they know the people are leaving. Good luck. Just remember, each rental office will have drastically different policies.

    Where is Lakeside P. Church?
  12. Traveling to France

    Avoid going through the U.S. if you can. The security you have to go through just to stop in that country is ridiculous.
  13. Definition of the word "condo".

    That is correct.
  14. Spotify service?

    Answered my own question, yes it does!
  15. Spotify service?

    I just registered for a free account. I went to the Spotify /us/ web page so I could read it in English. It did not ask me for an address, not yet anyway. Does anyone know if Spotify works with Sonos like Pandora does?