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  1. $100 Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish - book - softcover - some pencil markings, book is in very good condition $150 DESTINOS textbook and workbook - for a PBS series that is still available online - might be some pencil markings - both books complete $50 each Spanish/English English/Spanish dictionaries – lots of info other than translations – used but complete $200 Pimsleur Quick & Simple Spanish – 6 lessons - CD copies - one complete set $1500 Pimsleur Language Course – Spanish – Levels I-IV – CDs (copies – only one set) 30 lessons each level $80 Live Better South of the Border in Mexico – an older version but still lots of great information about cities and areas in Mexico $200 Rosetta Stone v 3.4.7 – purchased in Ajijic a few years ago – worked great on my laptop – install instructions are on a CD (included)
  2. Flu Shot

    Just add him to your "ignore" list and you won't see his comments - just that he posted something.
  3. Eyeglass Frames

    I have gone by an optometrist/eyeglass shop in Chapala several time and as I recall they have a descent selection of frames. I believe it is on Degollado several blocks east from Madero on the north side of the street I am thinking in the block(s) between DIF and the post office. Please excuse any incorrect terminology.
  4. Yoga mat for sale?

    I have one extra I will sell. 100p San Antonio If you are in Ajijic, the Dollar Store used to have them in the back where all the bins are in the center "aisle"
  5. Xoom

    Most of the money transfer services that say "no fees" get their fees by giving an unfavorable exchange rate. I have checked into a lot of them and what I have found is that "free" usually costs a lot more than paying a fee somewhere else. I am not saying Chase is doing this, but it is worth checking their international rates before using the "free" service.
  6. Had any one Way airline ticket problems recently?

    I have traveled extensively in the last seven years between the US, Mexico, and Africa, and almost always with a one way ticket. Various airlines. And yes, often it will say that a roundtrip ticket is required. But I have never been questioned or required to purchase an exit ticket.
  7. Paprika

    Super Laura (sp?) has spices. Some of them are not marked so I ask at the counter for what I want - en espanol - pimenton - they come in little bags and are not very expensive.
  8. Amazon MX - Impressive!

    I have only been here for six months, have made no special arrangements with any seller, have ordered directly on the ML web site, and every delivery has come FedEx.
  9. Amazon MX - Impressive!

    Everything I have ever ordered from Mercado Libre has been delivered by Fed Ex. And it has worked perfectly.
  10. Earthquake ?

    At the east end of San Antonio, heard/felt a big boom but nothing rattled.
  11. warm air or steam vaporizer needed

    I would try the Guadalajara Pharmacy first.
  12. Printer Problem

    I just printed a form from the IRS web site. It came out perfect. My printer on "page setup" was actually set to 95% but on the next tab "options" it is set to Ignore Scaling and Shrink to Fit Page" If I can help by downloading the pdf forms for you, I would be happy to do so.
  13. Printer Problem

    Have you checked the settings for your printer to make sure the scaling is set @ 100%.
  14. Documents for Permanente for Laredo

    You make your appointment online. The instructions are on Sonia's website.
  15. Sending mail NOB

    Doesn't the American Legion in Chapala also offer this service - to anyone?