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  1. it is a couple miles from Clinica Ajijic so exactly where is it..
  2. Ken, I really am a lousy painter but a great photographer.  I would love to meet you an your students.  When you get back, email me at  I am trying to reach out to as many people as I can so that I can develop a network of friends.  I hope that eventually, this network will be able to join many lonely people on the North Shore.  I am attaching a picture of me.  I am female, but I do not look it.


  3. i have had the yummy calzone from the Italo Hotel
  4. alo
  5. Yes I have tried Hotel Italo yummy calzone
  6. I went to the airport early , but was unneccessary there were no protester and only minor construction ...yesterday at 3pm
  7. What kind of business and location, I know of a great person
  8. Amanda, I would like to meet you too, I would love for you to come and paint watercolor with my 18 students, as my guest, We are the No Stress School of Art, and have lots of fun, I talked to everyone, and they are interested in meeting You, I am going away tomorrow, will be back July 4th, PM me...Ken
  9. Do you pay inside at checkout
  10. The dollar store on Ajijic Plaza has a lot of their product, they also have store in west Ajijic
  11. Yes They have a doggie menue, Chicka had a small waffle with bacon on top, and she let me have the supreme combo, with nutella, no more for me for awhile, not on my diet, I also love the décor, Cant wait to go back..
  12. I also have some plants to donate
  13. There are not any that accept pets...
  14. I will bring you a thousand pesos and some more books today Ken Gosh
  15. Never heard of them, get references and call and check them