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  1. I have HD service and I got more stations with IZZI
  2. Take a jacket as they are freezing cold...
  3. I had a group of Mexican suited men in my gallery this morning, one of them bought a painting, and now their wives are here ooohing over all my orchids...
  4. I have been using Carmen at Fumitec once a month for years, and very happy with no bugs in houses 333 369 3737 I also have a dog and cat, she uses safe for pets..
  5. Will you be doing eggs banedict
  6. My housekeeper, said there will be a drug rehab center there, and a doctor from Ajijic clinic said there will be counciling for un wed mothers there also
  7. It is close to the Tuesday market and Event center...
  8. It is where Monte Christo used to be next to the Tuesday market in West Ajijic, They are doing a special Saint Patricks dinner Friday night
  9. It was giving people the wrong amount money not in the banks favor...
  10. I will be there with 3 of my friends, will call you later today..Ken
  11. We went last night, The pulled pork, with zesty not to sweet BBQ sauce was great, my friend had salmon with crème sauce and pistachio seved with almost Greek salad and potatoes, also bread with salsa and butter, The owners are charming and the service great, also the best tamarind margaritas I have had Lakeside, This place is a keeper, the official opening is today 8 to 8.....
  12. Sounds like over watering or mites...
  13. We will wait and see also
  14. I use Edgar for my Chicka, after a horrible experience with another groomer, Edgar talks to her, she loves him and he now comes once a month, for years now, I would never use anyone else