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  1. We were going to come there for New Years Eve , but we are only two people, so will have to go elsewhere...
  2. Can propane tanks be painted?

    The hardware store next to Farmacia Guadalajara is where I bought mine
  3. Tuesday Market

    Friends of mine went today and Deena was not there, they were told she is no longer there,, she has been with them since they started, has She gone elsewhere...
  4. Shortcake disaster

    I bought some in different flavors at Costco yesterday
  5. IMSS Renewal

    Can the girls at the LCS still do renewal for you
  6. Want to buy a new IPad

    I bought mine at telecel in laguna mall also got their service I noticed Walmart has Apple products too...
  7. Want to buy a new IPad

    I bought mine at telecel in laguna mall also got their service
  8. Restaurants and lobsters

    Goshas on hiway in Ajijic is now open evenings and has lobster on th menu
  9. Multiva

    Are their ATM machines functional again...
  10. Alert

    Seven of the local morning dogs are gone from Ajijic Plaza..
  11. Copper topped furniture

    There will be copper artisans showing this weekend at the FĂ©ria in Chapala at the yacht club..
  12. Multiva

    The ATM at their bank is broken, someone said they have others elsewhere, anyone know where they are...
  13. Searching for candied ginger lakeside...

    The store next to Gossips has it.
  14. Benno

    I need benno cell phone number. Do they make house calls..