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  1. new printer

    Walmart or Costco in GDL
  2. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    As for accidents, a month ago a senior citizen rear ended a bus, veared off and hit pedestrians, thankfully no one seriously injured, but driver was 85 years old and had eyesight problems and should not be driving anything, the pólice took the vehicle to the pòund---
  3. Unlock IPhone 6s

    I use the Young man ,number17 at Telcel store, he has been fabulous with all my requests and purchases, and he speaks English So do not Write that store off
  4. Unlock IPhone 6s

    I have a friend who bought a 6s phone in Texas, from a reputable dealer, she took it to Telcel in Laguna Mall as she was going to get service account from them, After looking up code, they found out it was stolen in Oklahoma, and they confiscated the phone, my friend was out 330 dollars...
  5. Alert

    All my favorite morning dogs are still on Ajijic plaza for their morning snack. All those dogs have owners and they all go home mid afternoon
  6. Buying the ones directly from Costco are fresh baked and not that bad considering we are inMexico
  7. Is that the Chapala one, or the fabulous one in Tonala
  8. Telmex

    I am cacelling my account Monday so anyone wanting to buy number needs to contact me now
  9. Apple IPad

    He is a personal friend and not available...sorry
  10. I just received 10 calls from 333 620 4215, when I answer there is no one there...Is there a way to block the number on my cell phone
  11. Fund Raising...Operation Feed

    I only want the largest ones, no smaller than 3 inches Hugz Ken
  12. Apple IPad

    I found an Apple expert who is helping me tomorrow
  13. Telmex

    I will donate the money from sale to Operation Feed Christmas charity
  14. Apple IPad

    I need an apple tech to help me learn how to use my new IPad and download stuff from my computer to it
  15. Telmex

    Last chance