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  1. San Juan Cosala museum

    I tried going there three times in last month and not open
  2. Bike Lane Completed

    On my street bicycles are using sidewalk in front of my gallery, one three hour period last Saturday I counted 15 bikes using side walk and not the bike lane , I stopped one and asked why and he said no barricades so tooo dangerous to ride there...
  3. I bought orange at Home Depot in Mex City they also had two shades of green and brown
  4. Goshas

    I had the macaroni and cheese with shrimp last night, it was outstanding, with six tender large shrimps,the flavor was cheesy, not bland like Bruno’s, also the beet salad could be shared by two, they have now three different white wines and a good pour, at 45 a glass...
  5. Tent

    I need a new canvas roof on my garden tent, anyone lakeside can do it...
  6. Goshas

    Our group had dinner there last night, we got the last table , the place was packed. The fried salmon was superb served with asparagus and great rice, the service was impeccable considering the crowd...a keeper..
  7. IMSS

    Is Lucy Velez at LCS still doing renewals
  8. A new strain of cockroach, I have them too but as soon as they hit my floors they die as I fumigate monthly
  9. Changes at IMSS?

    My neighbor is doing dialysis at IMSS
  10. Lots of flights and buses to GDL
  11. U. S. Passport re-newal

    I went yesterday to Banamex to get check for payment, there were five others there too, a rep came out and gave us a page that has to be filled out by consulate before they can do check, I am seeing consul tomorrow, I was wondering if I could pay with my US check..
  12. need housing

    Would you be interested in house sitting the month of May for me. Ajijic Centro. PM me
  13. Old timers fav restaurant

    For breakfast. David’s on Hidalgo, Ajijic Centro. The best Eggs Benny...and Cinamon roll French toast
  14. Goofy cell phone question!

    Neither one will open for me I get message in Spanish not available service
  15. Will they be selling on plaza Sabado...