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  1. There is a produce shop across from my Gallery on Guadalupe Victoria that sells the best...also fresh produce they buy at Abasto every other day
  2. water park

    Just fabulous, how do you get there I want to go...
  3. You should inform your ticket sellers of the change to buffet, Diane Pearl says it is not a buffet today, which is it...
  4. According to Diane Pearl, this event is not a buffet, which is it, if it is buffet , you should inform your ticket sellers...
  5. We were there this morning at nine thirty, not open for breakfast
  6. Diane Pearl did not have tickets, so we will be three thanx Ken Gosh
  7. We will be three, will go to Diane Pearl to get tickets
  8. I will give you some paintings that you can hang and sell , all monies will go to your great cause,,Ken Gosh
  9. If I would have had the dates when announced, I would have come with my gang, too bad as we are now going to another benefit, I think you need to be a little more organized when you plan a benefit
  10. That number is not working, I have his correct home phone and cell, they are not answering either..
  11. I own five of his oil paintings which are on loan to Nelson museum in Kansas City, I am not interested in buying prints...
  12. I need a computer guy who makes house calls, I have been using Alberto for years, he now has become impossible to reach, and I have problems with my computer
  13. She is not answering her mail, does anyone have her phone number..
  14. help
  15. I need to renew my IMSS and do not have her current phone number and email address, she has renewed for for me in past..