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  1. SuperLake Pricing

    I use H:E:B: at my casa in San Pedro Garza Garcia as it is two blocks to house, It is just like Superama or other upscale grocery stores
  2. Google Chrome

    Mine is also working fine both on computer and cell phone...
  3. Framing

    Her name is Isabelle Gonzales
  4. Fogon De Charlotte

    Our last two times there, we had problems with the service, we sat half hour before Lori took our drink order, 25 minutes later they came, then she took our food order, we did not get out of there for two hours, The food is great but the service stinks--
  5. bad knees

    I did it with a local quack, not available to people he does know...
  6. bad knees

    Yes I have had them over a period of 18 months, My knees are back to my 20,s Now I have to work on the rest of my body to conform to great new knees
  7. Renting Oxygen tank

    I had to buy mine I am looking for a portable machine that makes oxygen I want to buy it, I can not think of the name of it, Senior Moment... maybe available at one of the thrift shops
  8. How to cancel Sky TV

    Just do not pay, and they will cancel you, that is what I did, after many calls and they never answered my messages...
  9. Sazon Restaurant

    They close at 5, I was there at three and everything we got was great and the usual friendly service
  10. Salva Vidas DUI La Floresa

    Do not drive around town on weekends, they are stopping everyone...
  11. translater

    I need some spanish documents translated to English, anyone Lakeside who can help me with this...
  12. Why do you even post ASA here if you are not going to answer questions
  13. Why dont you just tell me when the show is here
  14. I did not recieve an email from you Ken
  15. Just tell me when it is, if I am not in Monterrey casa, I will enter