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  1. Upscale Resale

    Thank you traderspoc this is what I heard also just today.
  2. Upscale Resale

    I would rather support good charities bazars like Hope House then a Bazzar for profit that pays a employe. No explanation?? I'm sure there was at least one.
  3. Metal working shop with lathe

    No. Metal. For wood-working it would be the Have Hammer school/shop where they have the largest selection of machines around including laths and most are nearly new in Ribaras next to S / S auto. Phone 766-4830 for student involvement in your custom carpentry job.
  4. Metal working shop with lathe

    Yes! Monica is correct. I've seen a1930s car there being rebuilt from the ground up and they specialize in VWs. They also have a plasma cutting machine. If that is the right name for it. They know their stuff alright.
  5. Looking for the time and place of upcoming Have Hammers annual fundraiser. Anyone know??
  6. It's my understanding that Have Hammers mission was not to flood the market with carpenters, but to teach all the students LIFE SKILLS to carry with them for a life TIME no matter what line of work they might pursue. In that light I think Have Hammers is doing a remarkable job. The city of Ocoatlan is a major furniture manufacturing center in this part of the country and I know of one student who got a job there on his own and possibly his sidekick also. How many others find their own carpentry jobs I do not know. All of us older guys probably had shop classes in school which we remember until today and the items we made. Did we all become carpenter, metal makers or electricians, NOPE, but I for one learned a lot and was always grateful for the opportunity. HEY!! Don't you guys at H.H. have a fundraiser coming up, when and where. We would like to know. Hopefully Luis be there. Good Luck on a continued great project you are providing for our kids here at lakeside.
  7. I'm with you Mainecoon. I think I would have lied to donate, but I definitely would not look 65, although I'm in excellent A1 health. All though just having surgery and a great lost of blood I decided now was not a good time for me to be the friend to Jerry that I would like to have been at his time of need. Can't wait for more of his and the group to keep on keeping on with that good ole music that I love. Best wishes for a quick recovery and get back on the stage. We are waiting. HEAR!!!
  8. Have Hammers will travel

    Annabell, If you go line Google "cat scratchers" you will see many. Print some you like and they will match it and a LOT less expensive. One I can remember was a condominium type for something like $ 400usd to $500usd and it was completed for under $4,000 PESOS then, maybe $6,000 pesos now with where the peso is ,but many, many are by far are less expensive all the way down to a simple post. Depends who is dominant in the household. LOL
  9. Annabell and all cat lovers. Have Hammers Carpentry School has made many cat scratchers, for folks will one ,two or more cats, even a condominium for multi cats to scratch, climb,swing or just lay in. Call then at 766-4830, same as the thrift store.
  10. Practice using pesos

    Used to vacation in Acapulco ever year during the years of 1973 10 to 1 thru into the 80s 7,000 to 1, I think, so I made out a exchange rate card that showed USD in one column ( one dollar, 3 5, 10, 20, 30 40, 50 across in another was the peso equivalent. Worked perfect and easy to have with you at all times. The peso was moving so fast the merchants started to print than and give then out to all us Gringos It works well, Give it a try or convert it on you Ipad or phone.
  11. Chimney

    Yes a " cold chimney" is the problem regardless of the cause either the chimney being to short above the roof or to much % of the chimney above the roof besides partial blockage. Height of chimney must be 2 ft. above the HIGHEST point of the entire roof. As an example, with a hip or gable roof the chimney exposure above the roof might be, not 2 ft. ,but 4 to 10 ft. or more, hence more possibility of a cold chimney, also let us not forget if the chimney roof exit is too close to a neighboring building that is taller than your roof line and fairly close to your home, same thing, downdraft causing the dreaded COLD CHIMNEY. Hope this will help with some insight as to most of the potential problems you are experiencing. Oh yea one last possible culprit that would add to your problem that I also have not seen here is a chimney liner again a cause of the COLD chimney. Hope this helps you. Good Luck
  12. Chimney

    bmh is correct the chimney should be a min. of 2 ft. above the highest pick of the house. When shorter you may have a downdraft over powering the needed updraft created by the heat. You have what is called spillage of carbon monoxide into the house. BAD, BAD. Have to tell you, don't use it until fixed.
  13. Chimney

    Also I have yet to see a shelf built into a chimney here. If you are looking up the chimney and see all 4 sides of the walls going straight up then you don't have one. Get an expert out'
  14. Chimney

    Sounds like you haven't much of an updraft in your chimney. Check for chimney blockage first using a mirror and shining a flashlight on the mirror to view the interior of the chimney all the way to the top. A blockage could be caused by nests or chimney material having came loose. Few chimneys here have liners which can be a reason also.
  15. drive time

    Is the drive time to Manzanillo still shorter then to PV. By how much??