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  1. Fund Raising...Operation Feed

    This is really a great thing you all have started, not only for the families but for the kids also. I feel an excitement you must feel when your kids smile at what they have achieved and their feeling of ( I can do it ), self esteem never felt before. Same as I have experienced with my "our" kids when I founded Have Hammers 10 years ago. The best to all of you and your good works with all of our kids and keep it up. Richard Williams
  2. Chair Glides....Where to Buy?

    Prisa Paint has a large assortment of these kind of things including knobs, handles etc. Enter the paint section on the right and you will find on your left dozens of compartments full of everything that you can look at even without asking for help. Picture is good also.
  3. gyms/trainers/massage/PT/massage

    I've tried the PT behind the AJIJIC Clinic where the cost was $100 pesos less and young girls who knew crap. Came in with lower back pain and MRI, left with severe hip pain and 3 burn spots on my back from the electric therapy machine. Then went to Jorge Ulloa Palma, and thru massage and P.T. I avoided the recomended surgery . 766-0395 cel 333-109-0642. You need to be willing to work with him as he works with you for needed results and good health.
  4. Storage for 2 pieces of luggage

    It was just mention on another thread that La Floresta Storage was totally rented with a waiting list. Perhaps someone with a little extra space might be able to accommodate for one month?
  5. Consignment store trolling

    Good points.
  6. Inversion Table

    Yea! Know what you mean. Back in the 40s early 50s there was a radio program hosted by BOB and RAY where they signed off by saying " Until next time, KEEP HANGING BY YOUR THUMBS " Anyone young enough to remember these two witty comedians??
  7. Consignment store trolling

    True. Have Hammers and St. Andrews Church are partners in Todo Bueno thrift store which is in the next block West (and on the mountain side next the S&S Auto) from where Have Hammers was in partnership with LCS and School (of the deaf ) for special needs children. Now that same corner store across from 7/11 is strictly School for children with special needs. LCS has their own store in West Ajijic. Hope that helps a little.
  8. Paint Cans

    The organization that was removing graffiti was asking for paint donations. Don't know who or if they are still doing it. Might check with the Ajijic Administrator. Also in storing paint,the lid should be on tight and turn the can upside down to eliminate the hard crust from forming.
  9. Wet n Forget

    I always used bleach diluted in water with an old broom to switch it around surface and away it goes. The bleach used for pet areas have no odor, so no mask etc. Available here and cheep, what $50 pesos a gallon. One gallon mixed with water does about 300 to 400 sq. ft. of brick and 600 or 700 sq ft of concrete. That's what good local workers use.
  10. Libramiento speed advice

    I drove the libramiento today and was amazed by the speed signs coming from Chapala to ajijic going from 40 to 30 to 60 to 30 to 50 to 30 to 40 I think. I would have been rear ended several times if I had slowed that fast to comply. Just had to keep up with traffic kind of. Thought we were told to expect speed traps set up on the libramiento shortly. While driving over the set limit in all the speed zones to keep up with traffic I was still being past several times and had to break to allow a passer to break in b/4 oncoming traffic. I use to love dodgem car at the carnivals but this is a little much.
  11. Hacked at 11:40 (9/8/2017 I think

    This is to notify the board of being hacked by the Korean deal again only. Disregard the other posted speed trap/ driving comment.
  12. There are two ways to avoid this problem of getting stop/check and end up with jail time and $5,000 plus pesos for fines and car confiscation. #1 Don't drink and drive, not even one beer. #2 Where there is a problem the solution represents a business opportunity and profit. SO! We need two or more business entrepreneurs who are looking to make mega bucks. Her is how!! Traffic is stop at La Floresta both ways during drinking/driving stops which is the perfect place for it. How does the driver avoid getting thru without jail time and $5,000 pesos. Simple (S.S.) We collect non drinking drivers, pre tested ( 20 to 30 ) to be at the Actinver/Guad. Farmaca parking lots driving West to East and drive the owners vehicle PAST the check zone to the Walmart parking lot. Then the owner can proceed home. Cost $300 peso or so. If stop $600 pesos more or so. If coming East to West the same start at Walmart go thru check point and be drop off at Actinver/Guad. Farmaca. Estimate that 90% of drivers continue thru as the 3 drivers are being checked. This is a DEAL. What do you think!! Need extra details from you to make it work perfect. That's where you come in. How about it. Comment please. I'm ready, are you.
  13. Two more hurricanes forming that may join Irma

    SIMPLE Whoever is paying them the most " grant monies " their reports will read what the payer wants it to read or they don't keep their job. This is nothing new so why be so "surprised". Been going on for ever. DDUUUHHHH!!!
  14. Two more hurricanes forming that may join Irma

    "Of course, 98% of scientists have now verified" YES of course, if not they would no longer be receiving free grant monies, so their reporting has to read that we in North America are responsible for "it all". If indeed North America brought pollutants down to zero they would be out of a job and worldwide pollution would be near the same. Of course we should be picking up after ourselves. A lot of unrest on this issue can be put at the feet of Gore's prediction of about year 2000 and the terrible, terrible, unbelieveable, unlivable condition we were going to be in. Didn't happen and they and all who promote and believe this have lost a lot of credibility. So we don't hear you. Sorry.
  15. DUI checkpoint

    Then it is possible the DUI checkpoint might be here at La Floresta AGAIN this weekend also. Does that person who was going to have drivers to drive a one, two or more drinks driver thru the checkpoint without getting arrested, put in jail for a couple of days, car confiscated and fines all totally $5,000 maybe even up to as much as $10,000 pesos in business NOW! Good to know because I almost always have 1 or 2 drinks while dining out on weekends and $300 pesos or so, for a driver to drive me 1 mile, to me is cheap and comforting to know that I will NOT be spending time in jail etc,etc, like others who are our neighbors who only had One or two drinks and ended up in jail.