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  1. Practice using pesos

    Used to vacation in Acapulco ever year during the years of 1973 10 to 1 thru into the 80s 7,000 to 1, I think, so I made out a exchange rate card that showed USD in one column ( one dollar, 3 5, 10, 20, 30 40, 50 across in another was the peso equivalent. Worked perfect and easy to have with you at all times. The peso was moving so fast the merchants started to print than and give then out to all us Gringos It works well, Give it a try or convert it on you Ipad or phone.
  2. Chimney

    Yes a " cold chimney" is the problem regardless of the cause either the chimney being to short above the roof or to much % of the chimney above the roof besides partial blockage. Height of chimney must be 2 ft. above the HIGHEST point of the entire roof. As an example, with a hip or gable roof the chimney exposure above the roof might be, not 2 ft. ,but 4 to 10 ft. or more, hence more possibility of a cold chimney, also let us not forget if the chimney roof exit is too close to a neighboring building that is taller than your roof line and fairly close to your home, same thing, downdraft causing the dreaded COLD CHIMNEY. Hope this will help with some insight as to most of the potential problems you are experiencing. Oh yea one last possible culprit that would add to your problem that I also have not seen here is a chimney liner again a cause of the COLD chimney. Hope this helps you. Good Luck
  3. Chimney

    bmh is correct the chimney should be a min. of 2 ft. above the highest pick of the house. When shorter you may have a downdraft over powering the needed updraft created by the heat. You have what is called spillage of carbon monoxide into the house. BAD, BAD. Have to tell you, don't use it until fixed.
  4. Chimney

    Also I have yet to see a shelf built into a chimney here. If you are looking up the chimney and see all 4 sides of the walls going straight up then you don't have one. Get an expert out'
  5. Chimney

    Sounds like you haven't much of an updraft in your chimney. Check for chimney blockage first using a mirror and shining a flashlight on the mirror to view the interior of the chimney all the way to the top. A blockage could be caused by nests or chimney material having came loose. Few chimneys here have liners which can be a reason also.
  6. drive time

    Is the drive time to Manzanillo still shorter then to PV. By how much??
  7. Lakeside landlines are down again

    Upper La Floresta no problem with either internet or landline.
  8. Pickleball

    My friends and I who played table tennis, tennis, racquetball etc called all the paddles bats even back in the 60s in the midwest although it might have been a term used by the higher level tournament players similar to table tennis NOT omg ping pong.lol I too might show up to see if I can still get one over the net after a 40 plus year hiatus. Should be fun and probably even a bit humiliating. So what!
  9. Fund Raising...Operation Feed

    This is really a great thing you all have started, not only for the families but for the kids also. I feel an excitement you must feel when your kids smile at what they have achieved and their feeling of ( I can do it ), self esteem never felt before. Same as I have experienced with my "our" kids when I founded Have Hammers 10 years ago. The best to all of you and your good works with all of our kids and keep it up. Richard Williams
  10. Chair Glides....Where to Buy?

    Prisa Paint has a large assortment of these kind of things including knobs, handles etc. Enter the paint section on the right and you will find on your left dozens of compartments full of everything that you can look at even without asking for help. Picture is good also.
  11. gyms/trainers/massage/PT/massage

    I've tried the PT behind the AJIJIC Clinic where the cost was $100 pesos less and young girls who knew crap. Came in with lower back pain and MRI, left with severe hip pain and 3 burn spots on my back from the electric therapy machine. Then went to Jorge Ulloa Palma, and thru massage and P.T. I avoided the recomended surgery . 766-0395 cel 333-109-0642. You need to be willing to work with him as he works with you for needed results and good health.
  12. Storage for 2 pieces of luggage

    It was just mention on another thread that La Floresta Storage was totally rented with a waiting list. Perhaps someone with a little extra space might be able to accommodate for one month?
  13. Consignment store trolling

    Good points.
  14. Inversion Table

    Yea! Know what you mean. Back in the 40s early 50s there was a radio program hosted by BOB and RAY where they signed off by saying " Until next time, KEEP HANGING BY YOUR THUMBS " Anyone young enough to remember these two witty comedians??
  15. Consignment store trolling

    True. Have Hammers and St. Andrews Church are partners in Todo Bueno thrift store which is in the next block West (and on the mountain side next the S&S Auto) from where Have Hammers was in partnership with LCS and School (of the deaf ) for special needs children. Now that same corner store across from 7/11 is strictly School for children with special needs. LCS has their own store in West Ajijic. Hope that helps a little.