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  1. The kid's carpentry school Have Hammer for sure would love to have them. Thanks! I will have someone from the school contact you.
  2. hammerhead

    Consignment shops--your favorite

    Just another YES for Todo Bueno between Have Hammers and S and S auto after my experience of many items from top to bottom values being sold to my satisfaction. They have a lot of extra storage area for your extra items which I needed. This non- profit supports MANY causes around lakeside which you would recognise at a glance.
  3. hammerhead

    Outside thermometer

    Buy a plain thermostat used for heating or A/C they for sure are available, also at the same time pick up a magnifying glass to cover it with or buy a cheap pair of reading glasses to hang next to the stat.
  4. hammerhead

    Pemex Station To Avoid, You Tell Me.

    Let's see! If the gas price is $20 pesos per lt and I put into my tank 10 lt of gas and stop, the cost should indicate that I owe $200 pesos so far. If it shows more than $200 pesos, then the pump needs calibrating and you are being screwed. Simple and anyone can do it in 15 seconds.
  5. Is there any more room for more players tomorrow, 1pm at Maria Isabel Restaurant
  6. hammerhead

    SUper Lake bean sellers gone?

    We do have a carpentry trade school here called Have Hammer... will travel who I think has students who you can sponsor or a young guy or girl you know that you can sponsor like your maid or gardeners kid.
  7. If your still needing help on the 29th b/4 bingo call me Richard
  8. hammerhead

    Vist from D.I.F. - mozzies

    Well! Everytime I get nervous it ticks me off or I go and get the spray bottle of OFF. Yuck,yuck.
  9. hammerhead

    Moving from Costa Rica to Ajijic

    Not much of a leap at all being as Drew has been coming to Ajijic for the past 5 years looking it over already and ready to move here.
  10. hammerhead

    Moving from Costa Rica to Ajijic

    Also besides the 1st and last months rent paid in advance you might offer to pay the summer months in advance also to close the deal if needed. Good Luck and come on down.
  11. hammerhead

    Moving from Costa Rica to Ajijic

    If you locate a house NOW but not arriving until Sept. try offering the landlord 25 or 30% of the rent for part of May, all of June, July and August. He gets part of the loaf while it would be setting empty anyways and a full loaf from Sept. on and know right now that he has a renter instead of looking for one latter. Sounds like a deal to me.
  12. hammerhead

    Coyote Carving

    If you are handy with tools you might ask at Have Hammers 766-4830 Eloy or Keith to see if you can use their tools and shop on an hourly basis or so ect. I believe they were or are considering something of this nature. That is a beautiful piece of art in the picture, wouldn't it be marvelous if you were the one who hand carved it. WOW!!
  13. hammerhead

    quarter inch wood dowels

    Try Have Hammer Carpentry School next door to S & S Auto and Todo Bien Thrift Store in Ribaris. I know they have had then in the past. 766-4830
  14. hammerhead

    Tinted film on skylites

    We had ours done by Viluma over 10 years ago and still looks perfect.
  15. hammerhead

    Jiggers - looking for one

    I think a shot glass is one ounce and a jigger is 1 1/2 ounces. I read this somewhere, I think in a bar.lol