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    I have a wide variety of interests, but I am a computer geek. Let me know if you have a computer problem and you need some help!
  1. There is one at Lopez Mateos, near Periferico Sur. It is on the corner of L. Mateos and Camino Iteso. It is as big as the new one in Tlaquepaque.
  2. Could you be more specific? Is your computer/tv connected to each other? What have you done to try to remedy it? And eclipse did not cause this problem.
  3. Dude! I'll take it. When are you doing your next hamburger / geek parts run?
  4. Do you have a Kindle for sale? I have a friend who is interested in a Kindle. She only needs the "basic" Kindle. In other words - no "Fire", or touch. Just a Kindle to read books. Thanks!
  5. I just found out some interesting information this week. I am a Telcel Amigo customer. I normally buy 200 pesos at a time at the local OXXO. With that, you only get a pitiful 1MB of data. When I needed more data, I would do what Johanson recommended: send a text message to convert it. It is expensive, and the data credit expires really quickly. A friend of mine showed me that when you go OXXO, instead of buying the credit through the cash register/terminal, ask for a card. Specifically, ask for a 300MB card. Scratch off the code and call the number and enter the code. Voila! 300MB of data, and plenty of minutes for talking and texting. For me, it was the best way to get data without a plan.
  6. I got mine at Walmart.
  7. Very good info. Thank you phxfunguy. Just curious...what is a normal dosage/daily regimen of acyclovir? 200mg daily?
  8. I LOVE this idea! Make sure you watch the video!!!
  9. Magnicharter. New planes and cheap prices.
  10. WITHOUT A DOUBT, Khan Academy is the best way to learn. I will include links below. Basically, it is a very simple way of learning by watching videos and doing the problems, etc. The Bill Gates foundation has donated millions to the effort of Sal Khan and his online site. There is a WIDE variety of lessons there. You can start at the most basic math and work up past differential calculus, etc. Best part is - all you need is an internet connection to have access to complete, thorough and INTERESTING lessons. I just searched and there are Spanish translations found here. I recommend to all people to check out this video of Sal speaking at a TED conference a few years ago. He explains the origins of the site and how it is changing the learning process. The actual Khan Academy is located here. Hope that helps!!!
  11. Hi everyone. In early Fall I am thinking of going to Vallarta for a few days, and would like to rent a small villa or condo. What is the best resource for finding a place to stay? Thanks in advance.
  12. Plaza de la Tecnologia on Lopez Cotilla in downtown GDL. There are several kiosks in there that will have what you need. Or, you could just ask HelperGuy here on the forum and he can get it for you (I think).
  13. Well, seeing that this board is used by buyers AND sellers - I will post a bit more information about this netbook. - You can get a similar netbook in GDL Centro for around 3000-3200. I know. I bought one. - This particular model has a 3-cell battery (out of a possible 6-cells). In other words, battery life with actual real-world usage would be 3-5 hours. You can buy an upgraded battery if you need the extra juice. - This model has 1gb ram, but can be upgraded to 2gb with a purchase at GDL centro for around 450 pesos (guesstimate). - This model is discontinued and is no longer for sale online. So, I agree with Mad_Max that the asking price is above market value. Yes, I understand it isn't a money-making venture, but used electronics really never are.
  14. Mad Max - yes. I should have put it under Mexico General. Sorry. I typically only read this forum and as a result, I forgot about the general one.