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  1. This intermittent so-called service has been a problem for me here in Lower La Floresta forever. It happens in the morning; it happens in the afternoon; it happens in the evening. We, the users, care! Telemex, the so-called providers, don't care! We. the users, waste our time trying to restart either or both our computer or the modem. Usually to no avail. We call Telemex witch is like wrestling with a tar baby. We post out complaints here to no avail cuz bitchin' to one another is useless. Though CG's suggestions help once in a while. Internet is a service which we all have come to rely on, and the two local providers just don't give a shit as long as they're the only game in town. Hopefully, we'll get some competition here soon, but I'm more hoping than I am optimistic.
  2. Perhaps I should wait for Tom Kessler to post this since he is the one doing all the work, but ... Tom just spoke with Jessica at Ilox and got an update. 100 of the 480 signups have either paid in or been returned contracts successfully and are processing payments.. -The other 380 have been a mixture of a barrage of questions, spam and returned emails, missing data, etc. Today they are starting to send out individual follow ups and I'll do a posting on facebook. If you know anyone who has sent in their data and not received a contract please have them resend their info to info@tvrey.com.mx . It's a question of getting the process clarified. Let's get this thing done. You all have to be as tired of having streaming interrupted as I am.
  3. Fiber optics

    I sen the stuff Feb 12; asked again the following week; no response; contacted them again today thru Tom. Got immediate response and paid. Hope this isn't going to be a harbinger of future service.
  4. I'll call HD in GDL and check. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I saw that one, but was looking for alternatives, particularly color.
  6. Suggestions for local or Guad purchase. Estimated price per meter? Thanks!
  7. Love in Action Bazar

    i'll take those letters where are you located so i can pick them up this afternoon?
  8. Fiber optics

    I get a kick out of all you guys. All the info has posted. At this point, each of us should be able to make up our own mind without understanding why others have decided as they did. I have decided what I will do. You don't need to know something that should not be of concern to you. To quote Rhett Butler: "Frankly,
  9. Russell Kveton

    DOB 12JULY1947 RIP
  10. Shaw Direct TV News

    The USA President sez you are wrong Computer Guy! Just because one does not understand the physics of the universe does mean it doesn't exist if one denies it often enough and loud enough. If anyone doubts this, all they have to do is read many of the posts here arguing the same thing. Let's see if anyone can 'trump' this!
  11. i use chrome; have never, ever in all the years there has been a volaris booked a trip on-line without problems
  12. Now, if Volaris can only fix their webpage!
  13. Ignored Users

    I suspect your 'numbnuts' is the same 'numbnuts' as my 'numbnuts.'
  14. Ignored Users

    But, the fact that they posted and their face still appear. That's not 'ignore.' That's telling that they still exist out there!