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  1. Chain saw wanted

    borrow, rent or buy
  2. Big jump in internet speed

    Now, you know why I hate you guys. I have spent much time and several pesos trying to get 'up to speed,' all to no avail. I'm located in 'lower,' lower LaFloresta.
  3. Kodi

    Hoosier Mex In the afternoon, try downloading to Thumb Drive what you want to watch that evening. You don't care if it takes 4 hours to download a 2 hour movie. Then, play at night.
  4. Kodi

    Check this out: https://addonhq.com/ with tvaddons down (well 'up' but much more limited, https://addonhq.com/ seems to be the go-to URL
  5. Volaris reviews

    If they are the only airline flying nonstop, I use them (Chicago) only if absolutely necessary. Even a cheapskate like me will pay more to avoid them. Mainecoons is correct when he says, "Just another cattle car airline." But, they are WORSE!!! They never make a mistake. Everything is your fault. Flying today is bad enough, but more often than not, this airline makes a bad experience horrible.
  6. Stem Cell Therapy

    Inquire of Pedro Loco!
  7. local Uber

    It is not really Uber, but she would like to be when it happens. Try Veronica 331-159-3486
  8. What would make my life more enjoyable here or elsewhere is for people to stop doing what they think is best for them and start doing what I know is best for me. It's a horrible world when people are allowed to make their own choices.
  9. spanish teacher wanted

    martha is the best ever $200 MX per hour 3767664377
  10. I have a 2;35 PM flight this afternoon. Anyone have first hand information about traffic and demonstration?
  11. http://www.airtransat.com/en-US/americas?search=flight&flightType=RT&pax=1-0-0-0 is a Canadian Airline!
  12. Any attempt to circumvent the laws that were designed to protect employees in order to cheat them out of legally earned income is wrong , morally if not legally. However, I don't think the OP did that, though maybe that was the OP's original intent. "We had a legal contract drawn up by an attorney for our maid and gardener. They are contract labor and NOT employees. When we had to get rid of a maid with sticky fingers, we did not renew her contract and it saved us big time. We did not have to pay her off to get rid of her." The issue here is not just the 'contract,' but also the 'sticky fingers.'
  13. Dog Walkers?

    I live in Lower LaFloresta. Door bell rang; answered door expecting someone; said they lived in neighborhood and were dog walkers; like a dummy, I said we don't have a dog. Hope they weren't casing the joint.
  14. Lost on Hidalgo Sunday,May 28

    as you approach chapala from the west, you will see, on the lake side, one block before main intersection, podologico. Spencer's office is 50 meters east of that sign, lakeside.
  15. Amazon.com

    I ordered a router a couple of months ago. Free global shipping made it about 10 days til delivery. Today, I received a refund of ALL import duties. So, price shown on site was exactly what I paid.