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  1. https://www.howtogeek.com/164896/htg-explains-what-is-net-neutrality/
  2. Thanks for input. I'd rather have in a book exchange than donate to be sold. But if donate it is, I'll stick with LCS.
  3. besides LCS and The Legion? I have a fair sized quantity (100 or so, mostly general fiction) to donate either to LCS or other.
  4. Car Inspection

    thanks, widesky and tom
  5. Unreachable as Zaragoza blocked at both ends. Location in Joco?
  6. TV Repair

    My 2.5 year old Sharp 60" Smart TV went bonkers. The screen is dim, wavy and reddish. Looking on YouTube, it appears that the problem might be fixable. Recommendations for serviceperson?
  7. Interjet error and rip-off

    Interjet still better than Volaris. Volarisis always correct even when they're not. Further, they never make a computer error even when their computers are down and all of their flights are delayed up to seven hours. Once they gave me a $100 USD voucher which could only be redeemed on the telephone where flights are about $75 higher than they are on-line. I never say never, but I do anything I can to never fly on that airline again.
  8. I'm with REC even if there might be some risk. However, I really don't see any. From all that has been said, this appears to be a well established company that didn't quite see the opportunity east of Joco until someone pointed it out to them. For those who disagree, feel free to disagree. And if you promise not to call me an a**, I promise not to call you one either!
  9. Closer to 3 to 3 1/2 hours
  10. Let's give this guy, tkessler, some thanks for taking this on.
  11. tk you seem to have much energy perhaps bulletin board postings at LCS and the larger restaurants alex's. mel's number 4, etc. continued success
  12. I try my best not to comment on this stuff, but " Governments can't intervene to prop up the value of stocks." was too much even for me. The Fed has been known to increase/decrease the interest rate and/or the money supply with just the end result of just this effect. All of this makes me wonder where all of you earned your Ph.D. in Economics.
  13. Big jump in internet speed

    Now, you know why I hate you guys. I have spent much time and several pesos trying to get 'up to speed,' all to no avail. I'm located in 'lower,' lower LaFloresta.