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  1. We were very pleased with Chapala movers. His quote was about $1,000 less than the competition, his men were meticulous packers, had great personalities, and everything arrived without any breakage or loss. I had asked for some "pre-packing" days so there wouldn't be a crunch on moving day, and Winston was quite pleased to oblige. Everything went like clockwork. We were notified when the truck cleared US customs, and the same trailer that was loaded in Mexico showed up in our driveway. The unpacking crew arrived a couple days later. Nothing broken!!! I recommend these guys!
  2. We were very pleased with Chapala Movers. Winston's quote was about $1,000 US lower than the other guys, and his men were meticulous packers. The truck was loaded very carefully, such that items would not shift during the long drive to the US. A couple weeks later the very same truck showed up in our driveway and the contents were unloaded a couple days after that. Everything arrived without breakage or loss. Winston gives you updates by e-mail too.
  3. We used Spencer's services as well and were pleased with the turn around time.
  4. Thanks for all your help Spencer. You are the best.
  5. For those of you who have not yet started the process of obtaining visas, use Spencer. He'll give you a good overview of the process, the timeline, and decent status reports.
  6. I found a place where the streets are wide and open, the parking is free, the shopping is wonderful, and there are no speed bumps to break your teeth. There are restaurants everywhere, the people are friendly and we don't have to fend off the car-washers or the guy selling wiper blades in front of MBE . There are no burned out traffic lights here, and driving, once again, is a pleasure instead of being dangerous. The installation of parking meters in downtown Chapala was the beginning of the end. It made me focus on all the things we used ot have in the States, and one day, I just picked up the phone and called a realtor in Florida. We never drove back to Chapala unless we absolutely had to.
  7. I have to hand it to Telecable tech support. This is for real. I walked into their office and said my Internet was down since 7:30 the previous evening. To my surprise, the tech followed me back to my house, switched out the modem, and when it didn't come up, he retrieved a cable tester and flunked his own line. Within 2 hours of my initial visit they had traced the problem to a loose connector and I was back up and running. I was very much impressed by Sergio and the other techs that converged on the house. Wow!
  8. Camila is a beautiful, 6 month old Golden Retriever that needs a good home in the Riberas area or beyond. Her owner, a devoted dog owner and lover of animals, says that she has outgrown their apartment and he can't spend as much time with her as he would like. She likes to play fetch and would make a great companion for someone in the area. Everyone that sees her says she is beautiful. If you would like for me to put you in touch with Sergio, please send an e-mail to Thank you, Ron
  9. UPDATE: SUNDAY: OUR FRIENDS changed their minds and WANT THE RIFLES, SO THEY ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE! If they become available again, I will let you know. Sorry for the inconvenience./Ron
  10. I now have a paper shredder. Thank you very much everyone!! :-)
  11. It will have to live through about 1000 sheets of paper shredding and not cost too much. Please contact me at otherwise, I will have to use that time honored Mexican tradition of burning stuff :-)
  12. The lady in the check out line before me caught an overcharge in the 20 peso range. I wonder how many have slid past me? When I give them a 500 pesos note I typically hold it up to the light and pretend I'm checking for a phony bill, laugh and hand it to them. Maybe the big show works. As for Walmart in general, too much of their merchandise poorly manufactured (hoses that kink, paint brushes that throw bristles into a fresh coat of paint, shower heads that crack, bags that rip, compact fluorescents that burn out in 3 months) so I stick to brand names and products made in China. I'm going to check my receipts after purchases from now on. Thanks everybody for posting.
  13. I can't find the delete button! This car is sold. Thanks
  14. No Problemo! I do that all the time!/ Ron
  15. Hi, We're moving back to the states and have a Ford Eco-sport for sale. Here are the specs: Year : 2004. Color is dark green : Picture of car is at http://abbeyfield-aj...Eco-Sport-S.jpg Description: Mileage: about 35,000 miles Economical four cylinder engine Air Conditioned Tinted windows Transmission: 5 speed manual Chrome Wheels Four door Rear seats fold forward for extra storage Spare 12 volt lighter socket in rear Roof Rack with ornamental quad driving lights. Radio: AM/FM with CD/DVD player with audio input for iPod. Entertainment: DVD player in ceiling for rear passengers. Steel Nose protection One key fob for remote lock/unlock Spare Tire and jack Blue accent LED’s across the nose Steering wheel cover There are no oil or antifreeze leaks. Mexican Plates Air bags up front on driver and passenger side Inspections: The car has a valid emissions sticker. There are no unpaid fines, etc. All taxes are paid General Condition: The car starts right up. It’s been decent to us. It’s accelerates very well with no ‘dead spots’ in the curve. I’ve changed the oil every 5,000 miles (twice in two years, because its owned by a little old retired couple that doesn’t drive very much) We purchased this car from our contractor’s brother who owned several cars. It has good lineage. This car has high clearance which is perfect for the roads around here. It also is small enough to maneuver through the rear streets of Ajijic. Tires: I’m guessing the tires have another 20,000 miles on them. Paint Job: The car comes complete with scratches on driver's side so you never have to worry about getting any. Good if you own a dog. Rust: None Previous Repairs: The only repairs I’ve done are 1)New Clutch about 9 months ago and 2) New battery about 20 months ago and 3) replace a tail light. Repairs that are needed: The panic button doesn’t blow the horn. I suspect it’s a relay. The passenger side rear wheel molding should be replaced. If you’re a car person, you might consider a new paint job, but it really doesn’t need it The roof antenna needs to be replaced. The price. $6,500 in US dollars. A bank wire works. Confirmation of receipt of funds will be required before I hand over the keys. (sorry about that) Make me an offer! Picture of car is at http://abbeyfield-aj...Eco-Sport-S.jpg Thank you! Ron respond to